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390901390901B000P54HVSAIZH0RKLZKLZGKenneth0051343347200Tastes great, still like nearly candy but at least naturalI saw these at Big Lots for two bucks a box of six so I bought a few. I'm not one to buy stuff and eat this type of sugary snack on a regular basis (or at least I refuse to see myself as someone who does), but the organic label was interesting so I gave it a try. I suppose it helps me rationalize eating them if they are organic, because the more unhealthy and unnatural contents of the mainstream competitive products, in combination to the calories and sugar for this type of "food," is generally enough to dissuade me from buying them.

I have eaten Pop Tarts before, and these are every bit as good and tasty or better. I haven't eaten enough Pop Tarts to be really familar with the varieties and all that, but I think these Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries are not lacking in any way at all compared to my recollection of the artificial and non-organic/natural conventional products. These were not dry or bland or stale or anything like that. The only drawback at all I could find with them is the calories and sugar content.

The one that I tried is the strawberry frosted style. If I see more at Big Lots, I'll be picking up some more.
390902390902B000P54HVSA2OWR2PL3DLWS4Love to Cook0051342310400Chocolate is excellentFirst, I'd agree with everyone here who says this isn't a "healthy" food. Because it's really not. Lots of sugar in this. But as a snack, it sure beats a lot of the other sugary treats out there, and it tastes good enough, that your kids won't feel deprived if you give them this instead of a twinky. We also like that it's organic, since we have some issues with GMO foods- allergy type issues, not philosophical issues (not that there's anything wrong with philosophical issues, but ours is a true allergy).

And if you want to be really decadent, when you go camping, you can toast marshmallows, and toast these (or not toast them) and use them to make a pretty darn good smore-like creation.
390903390903B000P54HVSA2JKFWLMJY8Z7TA. Tran "happiness makes up in height, for wh...0051340755200Not too sweet, better pop tartWhat I like about this product:

- made with better ingredients
- frosted but not too sweet

Admit it, we all love pop tarts but those things have way too many unnecessary ingredients and sugar. I was so happy Nature's Path provided an alternative. I love the acai flavor; it is not too sweet but still satisfying the need for a sweet tooth.
390904390904B000P54HVSA4YBRLGRLWF46shoppingmom0051337472000Awesome price!This is a great price for a healthy food for my kids! Like the convenience of purchasing and scheduling deliveries when needed.
390905390905B000P54HVSA3ZTL7UCCFS3MConnie D. Biggs0051318982400Delicious!My family LOVED the Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries, Chocolate Flavor. They had the organic whole grain goodness, with the taste of a delicious treat.
390906390906B000P54HVSA4JS8BC0B8Z65umm2_90051316736000Toaster Patries a Winner!I absolutely love these, my kids love them too, lol. All the flavors are good with the exception of those chocolate ones (but I wasn't a chocolate pop tart fan either- but even them weren't bad just better to us cold, not hot). Either way these are one of the best and from one who could live on pop tarts in less healthier times is more content that this is a much better substitute. Not only are they organic, but they dont contain any artificial "icks". Bear in mind these types of foods are not for people who are trying to lose weight. It's not a protein bar it's a toaster pastry. It's good for people on the go, great for kids and those who want a more health conscious snack than their counterpart (not fat free, sugar free, but certainly better) and for parents who have chosen not to give artificially flavored, colored crap this makes me feel good (and their tasty!)
btw, if you love these you'll also go for the frosted apple cinnamon and blueberry :-D
390907390907B000P54HVSA2U51YC70DW9MQnovice reviewer0051302134400natures path reviewI like that this product uses organic and natural ingredients. I like the taste of these a lot too and they don't seem overly sweet. Amazon has a lower price than my local grocers.
390908390908B000P54HVSA1TNUUSBLUSVZFDaKs0041299110400Taste yummy, paltry on the frostingI like these, paltry on the frosting! Can see right through it, not just in one spot, all of it.
390909390909B000P54HVSA2ENEC7HM33A1AChemFreeMom0051298246400A great treatThese (in all their flavors) have been a real hit in our home. We don't eat them all the time, but they are great when you are craving something sweet. Everyone from dad down to the kids love them. No artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup.
390910390910B000P54HVSA2E0VWHD2YY9K1D. Timmons "Food afficionado"0041297814400Not the quantity I expected and expires soonThe description kind of confused me, so I thought I was getting about twice as much. I misunderstood the 6-count boxes to mean that there were 6 packets (with 2 pastries each) per box, but there's only a total of 6 pastries/box. This is still plenty though.
Also, the expiration date was for only 5 months after I received them. So if you're ordering these, make sure they'll be eaten somewhat quickly.
390911390911B000P54HVSA2CPOGQI5S55SJIndianaGuy0051294358400Great taste, better than Pop TartsI read here on Amazon and other sites that these were good so I decided to go ahead and buy the whole case. My wife laughed when she saw how many boxes there were, but I know that I will eat them all because they are really good.

Go ahead, you will be happy with this purchase - and they are organic.
390912390912B000P54HVSA1PMBS291LAGW2jneiser0051291939200Who knew organic tasted so good?I am still kind of new to buying organic and have bought a few things that have been less than tasty to say the least. Not these. They are absolutely delicious!! They seem to be a little heavier than regular toaster pastries therefore more filling too. To sum them up in one word??? YUMMY!!
390913390913B000P54HVSAWC6RMU31978FK. Patten0051288915200Incredibly Good Puts Pop-Tarts to Shame
390914390914B000P54HVSAV6BQVVC1XE4EEric L. Fletcher0051284681600Make poptarts taste like sawdustLove these, organic- with tons or real fruit. Also the pastry portion is much denser and richer than pop-tarts.

Downside pricey at supermarkets.

Solution- buy them at Amazon by the case. Don't worry, they will go quicker than you think.
390915390915B000P54HVSA3M019H9B8HNJ8Brenda C. Hall "Brenda H"0051282521600Great tasting!These are the best toaster pasties we have had. Nature's Path has the best flavors and ingredients and at a good price - a good deal and good for you all around. I purchase them over and over. My husband loves them. Everyone that tries them loves them. And the best part is they are organic too!
390916390916B000P54HVSA72S32GEONGBUluvn' life0051277596800Yummy!Once I stopped shopping in the regular grocery store, because I don't want to eat their chemical-laden crap, I had to find different things to give the kids for breakfast. You can only eat so much cereal! My kids had been big Pop Tart fans for years, so I wasn't sure if these would fly or not. But, they loved them and never said a word about them being any different than the name brand. They seemed happy and I was too knowing that there are no chemicals or high fructose corn syrup in them.

They seemed to prefer the iced raspberry flavor. Give them a try. The price on Amazon is sooo much better than the natural markets.
390917390917B000P54HVSA1MUILE70L0N2JCynCyn "CynCyn"0041276732800Delishorganic..tasty and true chocolate taste. I would never go back to buying the store name brand- fake toaster thingies. These are the real deal and taste good too. Great value based on organic ingredients and flavor- as well as how many you get per order. Twelve per shipment.
390918390918B000P54HVSA35LT14WG5BX0TLola Bunny0031275782400Just okayFor a couple boxes... they weren't too bad. But 12 boxes is probably about 10 too many. I won't complain since I spent less than a dollar a box, but I would certainly never pay full price for them. They are organic, which is nice, but they don't taste anything like pop-tarts, so I unfortunately have a little trouble getting my toddler to eat them. Unless you know you REALLY love this variety or you plan to share it with another family or two, I wouldn't recommend a case this big. Over all though, the product isn't bad, but it's by no means fantastic.
390919390919B000P54HVSA3411K5L6QNVH7Maria Garcia "mticasgarcia"0051274054400LOVE IT!I love this product...hard to find this flavor in the store and with amazon's great prices and fast delivery...i will keep on ordering...thank you amazon!!
390920390920B000P54HVSA1WNPWIRY9B35QJ. J. Brainerd "gal about town"0051269993600Pop Tarts - Eat your heart out!!!I purchased a case of 12 boxes (72 delicious little treats) - of these for $15.00. I thought that, at that price, it would be worth it, even if they weren't any better than the high fructose corn syrup filled name brand Poptarts. And I do not regret the decision one bit!

The calories/fat/etc are very similar to those of regular Poptarts, but the ingredients are different - sweetened with cane juice, molasses, honey, etc. They still are pink & covered with sprinkles, in case that's what you're into.

The taste & consistency are really what you're interested in though, right? Well - we've got a win-win situation. The pastry itself is quite good, similiar to the consistency of a traditional toaster pastry - (in my experience, some foods made with whole wheat flour end up being sort of like paste in my mouth when I'm chewing - but that doesn't happen at all with these) - and the filling is DIVINE - it doesn't taste like a liquified fruit roll up (which is what I think of the cherry filling in a regular poptart) - you primarily taste the cherry - but the pomegranite (or "pomegran" as it says on the box) comes through as well.

That being said - these are definitely worth the super low price I paid for them, and in the future, I'll most likely be willing to pay more if I have to - definitely superior to the ones you'll find in my local grocery store!!
390921390921B000P54HVSA1485IV3S2AQGBLarry Tamkin "BostonAustin"0051268438400I LOVE THESE "HEALTHY POPTARTS"If you like pop tarts these taste great and are "healthy" (well as healthy as a sweet, frosted pop tart can get anyway). If you are going to buy pop tarts for your kids, spend the extra money and buy these,
390922390922B000P54HVSA1UN5Q1FKH1ZT7BJ0051267056000very fragrant cinnamonI've had several of the Nature's Path pastry flavors and I think this one is my favorite. Whenever I toast one up in the work breakroom there are always comments about what smells so good. Good flavor, nice quick and easy snack.
390923390923B000P54HVSA3H1GF7Y7SDXOHE. Barber0051265414400Great Pastry!My daughter loves these "Pop-Tarts". She often eats them in the morning with a yogurt before school. I will eat them too when I am craving something sweet that won't give me a sugar rush. These are a great choice for all parents looking for a healthier version of the "Pop-Tart"
390924390924B000P54HVSA1MIDF5S33U5T1Cairie V "Love to Boat"0051261872000Tasty, better for you 'poptart'A good breakfast or snack option for kids on the go- and without all the icky additives. We all like them! Buy them with the Subscribe and Save and they are a great deal!
390925390925B000P54HVSA2DV4MDNV9XODVV. Mehta "VeeJ"0051260835200Much Better than Kelloggs and Fiber One!These are great. Loved em. My only complaint I guess would be the price here. I bought a 32 count box of these at Costco for only 7.99. You could buy the same quantity for about half the cost there vs here.
390926390926B000P54HVSA2RN5EQC3F75PJMichele Poche0051253577600Orgasnic Kosher Pop TartI prefer natural foods with minimal processing, and we are kosher. This is an amazing product. Excellent for any time of the day, good for snacks, or along with breakfast. My kids love them, and I kind of like them too.
390927390927B000P54HVSAV6BQVVC1XE4EEric L. Fletcher0051245888000Way better than Pop-TartsFantastic "toaster pastries" aka Pop Tarts. Buying them in bulk as snacks for work makes them as cheap as Pop Tarts at much higher quality and taste, and organic to boot. I have tried all the flavors, and Strawberry is my current favorite- although they are all good.

Good company too- very involved in their community.
390928390928B000P54HVSA25OE2QSYV6J38H. Skelcher0041244505600Good when you're being badI bought these to replace the occational candy bar and for a grab and go snack. They are delicious and very filling. Yes they are made with healthy ingredients and yes they are organic. No this is not diet food. These babies pack a caloric punch similar to a candy bar and so you need to keep that in mind. They are great for being a little naughty without filling up on fake food and chemical frappe.
390929390929B000P54HVSADU5191F36UPGDavid N. Nedde0051240012800Tasty and healthyThese toaster pastries taste, especially when toasted. I avoid anything with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, and these fit the bill. I include them in my daughter's lunch and also have them for snacks. They are 210 calories apiece, which is a bit much for a snack, but you can always cut them in half. A case is a lot of toaster pastries, but we are not getting sick of them, and you can also use these for groups of kids, like after soccer games, etc. The price is less than the local health food store, and now I don't have to make a special stop to pick them up.
390930390930B000P54HVSA3RASSV5PZTKMEC. Murua "silent_warrior_"0041228521600Tasty!Having to ditch pop tarts for their extensive list of ingredients, including trans fat, I first bought the strawberry ones of this brand. I loved them, and bought and entire case here. Then I decided to try blueberry. Both are great, but I liked strawberry better. The only bad thing is that they have a lot of sugar (20g each).

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