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391021391021B0000EYK3EA1KBE34UO4E73Zdmcoopknx0051341705600Delicious!This is really good mayo! The Tabsco flavor is not to much and I am very happy with the purchase. The only thing that could be an issue is that the jar is very small. I did not read the ounces size before I ordered so I was expecting a normal sized jar. This is the next size down - kind of expensive but I suspect I will be ordering it again.
391022391022B0000EYK3EA3SOLLRGT8LZETcokiby0051316131200YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!I just discovered this mayo when I went to San Diego. I find excuses to put it on everything now. Whenever I make sandwiches and bring them to work, all my friends want a bite.

This is the most genius thing I've experienced. I'm going to get them for my friends as gifts.
391023391023B0000EYK3EA3PON3S439NT6DAndrew D. Marr "Martex"0051280620800Spicy mayonnaise. LovelySo you like mayonnaise on your sandwiches - who doesn't? Do you also like them with a bit of a kick?

Then get some of this Tabasco mayonnaise and enjoy!
391024391024B0000EYK3EA39N2JNT57XRN8Michael S. Oneill "DragRacerX"0051279497600Another Tabasco WinnerThis is the only spicy mayo I REALLY liked. Was skeptical, but it convinced me. Pricey, but tasty.
391025391025B0000EYK3EA1H2EKCP7UKRMBROBERT DON MEEK0051273363200DeliciousIf you like tangy, spicy (and I do), one of the best tasting mayonnaise that I've ever had. Not best price, if you are merely comparing cost and ounce to dollars and cents, and comparing this high-quality specialized one to a cheap store-brand generic one, but if quality and flavor matter to you, this is a very good product.
391026391026B0059SE95AA3LV14CC3BXJQGarieliondotcom111151318636800Literally Just What I Asked ForI should have named my Yellow Lab Thief because he seeks only to kill and destroy. (Gospel of John 10:10). He ate the outlets off the back of my house. He ate part of my car...You get the idea. The only toys he can play with are the solid Nylabone (no rubber , no matter how hard). He even breaks through bones and figured out how to chew the top off a Kong to get the treat inside. But he loves hidden treats. So I begged Nylabone to make a hollow Nylabone and sure enough they did. My Lab absolutely LOVES it. He carries it around and the only thing that comes close is his Frisbee. Can't recommend this enough. There are plenty of teeth marks on the trunk but it's still great and keeps him busy trying to get treats out of the "log." I even tweeted Nylabone a photo. This is literally just what I asked for? You'll love how your furry friend will love it!
391027391027B0059SE95AAHB5QUSGWA8F2Steiner Sellers6651329436800The new favoriteWe have two dogs and probably ten Nylabones laying around the house. This is the one they now fight over. Not really, but if one lays it down the other one is going to pick it up.
391028391028B0059SE95AA37WH8GAXG4FT8Murphy5511325808000Loose pieces!I love Nylabone products, but I don't like this one! My dog loves to chew, and Nylabone makes great products. This is the worst one. After chewing on this bone for a while, the little red "plugs" or pieces come out. This posses either a potential choking hazard, or a possible obstruction for a dog. I will continue to buy Nylabone products, but this one is dangerous!
391029391029B0059SE95AA1RR835I8VF0VVGab5511322179200It's hollow!My dogs are 55lbs and 25lbs, within a few days they chewed through this bone which started to fall to pieces because it is hollow. If your dog is not a super chewer it might be good for them, but if your dogs gnaw nylabones into shanks like my dogs do, I would not recommend this.
391030391030B0059SE95AA3VXII2RHGHU95kateg4451326931200Great Idea for Solid ChewerWe bought this item for our dog (a pit/lab mix) as a christmas gift. Straight out of the box, he loved it. Its been almost a month and the toy is still going strong, which is saying something because our dog really loves to chew. Be warned, though, it does smell strongly of bacon scent so if you are scent sensitive, you might be turned off.
391031391031B0059SE95AA3KKG4EAZEIU13Barbi4431323216000Something for the super chewy dogI have purchased many nylabones and have had success with dogs that love to chew toys.

I got a new dog who doesn't like chew toys but does like food, a lot. And at the same time, if he does chew something he could easily destroy it. I thought that if I put peanut butter or something like that in this hollow part of the dura chew he'd enjoy working at getting the food and not destroy the nylabone in the process. In addition it has 'branches' for him to help hold the chew bone in place.

It didn't work out the way I expected. It's too heavy for him to want to carry around and he can't get his tongue very far in the hole so he gets frustrated. I'd almost say it's a little too indestructable. Once he gets the food that is accessable to him out he puts it aside.

It's a good toy for dogs that like nylabones. The hollowed out part didn't work like I thought it would.
391032391032B0059SE95AA3E6TYKT6X4Q13Dee "Dee"6751327449600Good for powerful chewersI ordered these for my two Boston terriers, both of whom chew and tearup most soft toys. Now I only get them powerful chewing toys, but the chew product must have a flavor or they lose interest fast. These are bacon flavor which they like. The dogs have not lost interest, but I have to get them out of the toy bin, so they remember them
391033391033B0059SE95AA2PSMKH31YHNH1Dog Crazy6711325808000Hollow!I have several dogs in several sizes. Nylabone products are always the ones that last. When my pit bit off an arm of this toy I almost fell off the couch. He bit off a Nylabone! It wasn't until I found the toy outside a few days later and picked it up, realizing that it's not solid. Makes me wonder what other toys are not solid from NB. We still love the brand, but I would examine new toys carefully before buying them to see if I can tell if they are solid or not.
391034391034B0059SE95AA10ITMW57I85CFCritterChris "txwolfspider"3321331424000Our dog totally adored this, but destroyed it in about 48 hoursWe picked up one of these bones at a local pet store last week. Our dog picked it out herself; I held out two different shaped bones for her to sniff to see if she had a preference, and she actually grabbed this one's package out of my hand. She's never shown that much interest in something in the distracting environment of a store, so it came home with us. For two days, it was her constant companion, she absolutely LOVED this bone. She'd grab the whole thing around the middle and chew it on her back teeth with her head tilted back, so that she was chewing the red part more than the nubs. This might account for it's early demise... at the end of the second day I found it on her dog bed in three pieces, including one that was just the right size for an intestinal obstruction, and I quietly made it disappear while she wasn't watching. She's still looking for it two days later, sadly, and I thought about trying another one in the largest size available, but I don't think I want to risk it. We got the wolf-size the first time, and our dog is a 48 lb. Boykin Spaniel/Pit Bull mix. She is is a pretty serious chewer - she's the only dog I've ever had chew a Nylabone Galileo down to a nub that had to be thrown away and replaced - so this might not be a problem for most dogs.
391035391035B0059SE95AA1RR835I8VF0VVGab3311322179200It's hollow!My dogs are 55lbs and 25lbs, within a few days they chewed through this bone which started to fall to pieces because it is hollow. If your dog is not a super chewer it might be good for them, but if your dogs gnaw nylabones into shanks like my dogs do, I would not recommend this.
391036391036B0059SE95AA3RIWCDJ24X56VJ. Weston "(Mom)"1121346803200My dog loves this, but is already destroying itI have a 70 lb lab/hound mix who loves to chew, so I always buy her the Nylabone Durachew toys. This is my first time buying this one for her and it arrived today. She's had it for about 4 hours and is already destroying it and I literally just saw her eating pieces of it as I'm typing this. It's going in the trash. Summary: My dog absolutely loves it and I don't. I should have ordered her another Galileo; it might shed little white flecks on the floor or injure my children when she flings it across the floor, but it's a lot more durable and safer for her to chew on than this one (and she loves it).
391037391037B0059SE95AAUAZJ6EH8248Jpookielicious1151343520000My Dog's Favorite ToyMy dog is a serious chewer and loved this so much I am purchasing another. It was her favorite toy and lasted a few months until small red pieces that connect to the outside nubs started to break off. The toy provided several months of daily chewing and amusement and even though it didn't last forever, it was a good purchase.
391038391038B0059SE95AA1MBS2H0IUKW1Qbdubs1111340496000Not for powerful chewers!I have a two year old German Shorthaired Pointer who is a very powerful chewer. Nylabone is her toy of choice so I ordered this one after having previous success with other Nylabones. This toy lasted all of 4 days! The ends are made of the usual durable Nylabone material, but the center is not. The material in the center is MUCH weaker. My dog found this out and was able to chew right through the center. What a waste of money!
391039391039B0059SE95AA220KL6BG9BQ3ChrissyFly1151322179200Great Item for Chewers!This is the second DuraChew item that I'm purchasing for my Bernese Mountain Dog. These toys are great and they last! My dog loves to chew and destroys almost anything I give him, but this is the only toy has lasted (I purchase him a new one every 4 months) and he is still interested in playing with. These toys are heavy so it will scratch/dent a hardwood floor if it is thrown or dropped, but that is the least of my worries. Great product!
391040391040B0059SE95AAW7RYHDFTRUXMJdShepherd0041351123200Nylabone DuraChesNot as hard as the white Nylabone chews but my chewer likes it better. It clearly will last a long time. The cavity for placing food products is not useful as cleaning it is problematic and as it becomes chewed, is difficult to insert stuff. Overall it is a good chew stick.
391041391041B0059SE95AA1PZONL4WESG1Wonline shopper0041351123200My Pit Loves ItThis Nylabone chew-toy stick is great for my pit. She loves to chew things but gets tired of the regular shaped bones. This Nylabone stick is perfect. It's durable and my pit likes the hollow stick-shape for some reason. I think the bacon scent also attracts her. I definitely would recommend this toy for anybody that has a big dog that loves to chew!
391042391042B0059SE95AA9DTFAUHBYV6Sgobbledeegouk0051350432000best substitute for the real stick from the yard!My dogs love, love, love this chew toy. They enjoy regular nylabones but this one offers a little something different.
391043391043B0059SE95AA21142VAQCD3KHMleeHersh "Michelle"0041349740800Great toy, its lasted and my dogs love it.This is a great toy. Nylabone consistently makes durable chew toys, that even my strong chewing dogs cant destroy right away. I would buy this again.
391044391044B0059SE95AABAFIIZZH4PCRDiana L. Reed0051349136000Great for mini dachshunds!This is one of Pippin's favorite dog bones. He will chew on this thing for a long time. Sometimes I hide it from him as a game, and he always finds it. I highly recommend the Nylabone Dura Chew Double Bone.
391045391045B0059SE95AA3P52T842KFGIKMe:)0051348876800Great for big chewers!I am always on the lookout for chew toys for my dogs. They are both big chewers. Most toys last about two days. This one has lasted all week! I am impressed.
391046391046B0059SE95AA7M1SA20L5JYMJessicaParker0051347667200My German shepherd loves this even though I bought the small one by mistakeHe started chowing down on this as soon as I opened it. Fair warning, though. He spits out the plastic, he doesn't swallow it. Those little chewed plastic pieces hurt like heck when you step on them with bare feet.

I'd definitely buy this again, I just need to make sure I buy the larger one.
391047391047B0059SE95AAURYX9SUOUDOOlinda0051347580800Rottweiler ToyThese products have been great for my Rottweilers. They actually last a long time and the "kids" enjoy them. I have used Nyabone products for over 5 years.
391048391048B0059SE95AA3JRXZH83GXF78sw0051346889600My dog loves it!I bring my dog to PetSmart daycamp twice a week and was told by the staff that she loves to play with this particular toy during camp. So I bought one for her to play with here at home. That was yesterday, and she has barely touched her other toys since she received this. She is a powerful chewer, despite being only 21 lbs. and she has already done a bit of damage to the ends, but nothing that would require my taking it away.

One thing I noticed, is that this toy is made in China while other Nylabone toys say, "Made in USA." Well, either way, I will keep this one until she destroys it, but I think I will take it away from her when I'm not around. I don't want her playing with this one unsupervised.

Nylabone is great, my dog always has to have at least one or two around at all times!
391049391049B0059SE95AA37FPSV64CPMMTJessie Turtle0051346457600Awesome!My 105 pound American Bulldog and 80 pound Boxer have not been able to destoy this toy and I have had it for nearly a month. I would recommend it to anyone with a large breed dog!
391050391050B0059SE95AA31UJFC527T0ZQRamRox250051346025600"stick"ing with this winner!We decided to try this Nylabone product based on the positive reviews and could not be happier on the purchase. Our 1.5 year old/ 57 lbs mix pit is an active chewer and does well with all the Nylabone items we've bought for him so far. Although the hollow stick seems a little heavy for him to carry around, he loves holding it and chomping away. You can stick treats inside for more activity, but depending on your dog's chewing habit it might not be necessary. We'll definitely purchase the Souper size one again!

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