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391062391062B0059SE95AA3P2W9W6KSI3KQTuck0041323043200Loves but didn't lastWe have a golden doodle who is a strong chewer. His nylabones usually last but he chewed this one in half in about a week. He absolutely loves this toy though. It is his favorite even a month later when he only has a part of it left. If he wasn't such a strong chewer I would definitely get this toy again.
391063391063B0059SE95AA3TK6BFCV5BHQUcristi0041321401600Best Dog BoneWe have an American Bulldog, that loves to chew and play with her toys. Usually toys last hours, never days. Her Nylabone has lasted months. I'm buying her another, just so she can have a second one. Of all her toys, it is her favorite. The bacon flavor is a PLUS. After a while it does look chewed up but it's long lasting, by far. These and Tuffy's are our favorites. I will not by anything else.
391064391064B0059SE95AA1L3P8DQIXACKFTiger CK0051317945600My Dog Likes ItI have tried giving my dog, a heavy chewer that can demolish large reindeer antlers within a day, a variety of different Nylabone products. The problem with many Nylabone products is that they are plastic or rubber and their flavor is not particularly attractive to the dog. As a result, my dog is often quick to abandon them for the furniture, my sneakers or any of the other things that we buy them these products to prevent them from chewing. I tried giving this Nylabone DuraChew Hollow Stick Dog Chew to my dog because 1) it is bacon flavored so I hoped my dog would like the taste and 2) it looked a little bit different from the other Nylabones. So far my dog has spent more time working over this particular Nylabone than he has almost any other plastic or rubber chewing toy that I have given him. I am not sure whether it is the flavor or texture that he likes. But I am thrilled to give him something other than rawhide that he likes to chew on. Like other Nylabone products, the DuraChew Hollow Dog Chew is extremely tough. I believe it was designed specifically for heavy chewers. While my dog has definitely made some dents in it, it is still in pretty good shape and I expect it to last two or three months. Every dog is different and you never know exactly what they will like. But if your dog is a heavy chewer and you want to try something a little different from most Nylabones you might want to give this a try.
391065391065B005BP2D36AVBJWAJACP98Dobbs son0051345852800Do not freezeI bought the large ball of Edam because I can no longer find the 1 lb balls locally. I read mixed reviews on results from freezing. I should have listened to the negative ones because I threw out 2/3 of the purchase. Expensive lesson. However, awesome cheese when properly stored. Go for the smaller size, and get on the 3 month auto ship program.
391066391066B002Y70160A3B7094OLAR0DZCherry pie "Beauty is only skin deep and even...1141283558400tasty!I used this in cakes, cup cakes and candies, its great in drinks i found as well as long as your making mixed drinks. I really enjoyed this produce and i urge people to try this and experiment with it, be adventurous with your cooking and the flavors you use its truly worth it!
391067391067B002Y70160A3AJDID6Q2M7HZB R1121250035200Bad TastingWhen I first opened the bottle it smelled medicinal. I added it to some iced tea and it tasted just like it smelled, very medicinal and only a trace of fruit flaver. I ordered 2 other flavors and they're the same. I gave it an extra star because service is good, but I can't recommend the extract.
391068391068B000EA0F5QA1LFB8KRBI9IE2Kenneth Holmes "flippper60"1151257206400Ginger is Wild.I have eaten many nut and trails mixes in my life. This with the ginger in the mix is amazing. All the sweetness of the chocolate chips and dried fruit is accented by the zing of ginger. It is an amazing mix.
391069391069B0002QF0UWA24VYT7Z59KKJ7Wayne E. Schmidt3351253577600Best Damm Chili on the Market!This is the best canned chili I have ever eaten. Mild hot or what ever it's the best, only problem is it's hard to find if you don't live in Washington state or the northwest.
391070391070B0002QF0UWA107O68VE2HS1Lawrence Devere2251312675200good stuff- but online prices..I calculated the per-can online prices to be close to $6 after shipping. SIX DOLLARS.. a can!

My neighborhood grocers carry this chili for anywhere from .69-$1.29. YES- on sale I buy this stuff all day for sixty-nine cents a can. There is possible light at the end of the tunnel for those of you who live East of the Rockies- the company closed their plant here in the Pacific Northwest and will produce this chili in Iowa.

I love this chili. Nothing like home-made, but it's good nonetheless. Great for chili dogs.

I keep a case of the 'thick' variety in my emergency survival box, and rotate it out every year. Three winters ago, I was snowed in for a week, and for three days I had no power. (My camp stove worked great, and if you had to, you can eat this straight out of the can.)

In a emergency/survival situation, I'm sure that with enough drinking water, you could live on this for many days. I think that the only nutritional drawback is the sodium content. That's the price we pay for ready to eat processed food- it would be great if they made a lower sodium variety.
391071391071B0002QF0UWA2WSQOCXOXR8H6J. Foutch2251242691200Best of the West in the East!I am not really sure why it is so difficult to find decent chili in the Southeast. I saw that this was made by the Birds Eye folks so I thought I would give it a try. Definitely the best mild chili I have had from a can. They make several varieties so if you like it spicy, they can do that too. This was my second order and I will be doing it on a regular basis.
391072391072B0002QF0UWA3IQCDJPL687ZQN. Lawson2251239148800The Very Best ChiliWhen our family was stationed at Fort Greely Alaska we bought Nalley's chili all the time. That was a long time ago and I have searched and searched for somewhere to buy the Nalley's Chili.. I finally found it on Amazon.Com and couldn't believe it,I bought a case. It is the best chili I have ever eaten. You can bet I will buy more.
391073391073B0002QF0UWA15NYCPS4EXK3TPaul H. Snyder2251193184000My opinion of Nalley ChiliI find Nalley brand canned chili to be the BEST TASTING of any I've tried.
Our trouble is we CANNOT get it in our Indiana area. To have it shipped here is quite costly. I have friends who keep asking: where can I get this good tasting chili? It's now owned by BirdsEye I think.
391074391074B0002QF0UWA21YKXSU4FTO0CWendy L. Kase1151226793600Best ChiliI love this chili. It is very similar to the original Hormel - before they changed their recipe. We don't get it in this corner of Wisconsin, either, so I order it as a special treat once in a while!!
391075391075B0002QF0UWA3RDRQTYOKN61MPeter Breet "gkerber3"0011341792000Recipie Changed... tangy vinegar taste... do not like...I'm 54 years old, I've been eating Nalley Original Chili for about 44 years. The last cans I bought are "different"... different can, and it tastes more tangy, with a vinegar taste, reminds me of ketchup. I will no longer buy Nalley Chili, the end of an era... it's sad.

I called Nalley, they have no record that the recipe has changed, but trust me it has changed for the worse.
391076391076B0002QF0UWA2I8Z1ODBPRPWGPen Name0011335571200New recipe makes for bad chiliThis is been my favorite chili for the last 12 years. Other than homemade I've never had anything is good. They have seem to recently switched their recipe and now I have to strain the chili before heating it up.
391077391077B0002QF0UWAC581XAEG9YB5palvon0051324252800opinion of canned chiliI have found NALLEY'S chili to be the best canned chili you can buy!, however it is VERY hard to find in Indiana.
Nalley Chili w/ Beans Original - 15 oz (12 pack)
391078391078B0002QF0UWA36Z5WROE5QEP3Jackie Garcia0051323302400Never thought I would eat canned chilli....I ordered this chili at the request of my parents. They ate it in Montanna and loved it. So said, the chilli was not available in Texas, but I found it at H.E.B. grocery. It is as good or better than homemade. Not too spicy but has a good flavor and no nasty meat pieces. The beans are really good and creamy. We now have it in our pantry. I normally do not have canned food but I will keep this in stock. Really good.
391079391079B0002QF0UWA2GF2S6XR9AFKPDebk360051321920000Nalley's ChiliI learned about Nalley's Chili when I lived in Washington state and instantly became a huge fan. It's better than any can chili I've tried here in Texas and I'm a native Texan. I love Nalley's Chili so much I order at least one case a year from Tacoma where they make it. To me, nothing is better when its nippy outside!
391080391080B0002QF0UWA1XD710QD1HCI1Ben Bloom0041301097600One of the better canned chilisClassic canned chili flavor , but the thing that separates Nalley's from the pack is the quality and firmness of the beans. Not mushy at all, almost a crunch to them. Makes a great traditional chili-dog !!
391051391051B0059SE95AA8KVPARHF90Ycoffeeaddict0041344211200Nothing beats a Nylabone for our BoradorOur labrador/border collie mix is a pretty vigorous chewer. He gnawed on this for several weeks before it finally had to be discarded. All in all ... a pretty durable chew toy.
391052391052B0059SE95AA2HBKE72S3OUZRKathryn A. Daugherty "khaki"0031342742400Dogs love it, but may not be tough enoughMy two American bulldogs love Nylabones. I have to buy them dura chew items because they just shred all others. They like the texture, shape, and taste of this item a lot, but we're able to pop off one of the four ends pretty quickly. It became a smaller part that I was glad they didn't get a chance to eat whole. Not recommended for aggressive chewers.
391053391053B0059SE95AA5FR7FT1QW9XKtheOCjeremy0051341360000Excellent for chewersThe petite one is tiny which wasn't easily discernible from the description - they should include sample dog breeds for each size do you know which one to buy. But the product seems well-made despite the description being lacking, in my opinion. No smell and the color/shape keeps my pupp very interested.

The petite one is for very small dogs - chihuahua, min-pin, etc. Think: under 15 pounds.

The regular size (wolf) is for medium dogs. Beagles on the small end up to 50-65 pounds.

The giant size (souper) is for very large dogs over 65 pounds.
391054391054B0059SE95AA2KBOYWL2L11M2AlaskaResident0051340582400GOOD CHEW TOYS!My two dogs love to chew on these. I bought two but they still fight over them. They are pretty durable.
391055391055B0059SE95AA2CSOZVSV316CRV. Janssen "Fun Mom"0041340064000"I love this chew bone!"My family got this for me over a month ago and I still love it! I hold it between my front paws and chew away, even in front of the TV. Not sure why it's always inside because I keep bringing it outside, but whatever. It tastes great and I love it, love it, love it!
391056391056B0059SE95AA30M06JH5R1831JAE0051339027200Great Chew Toy!My dogs loves chewing on this toy! It's cute to watch them chase each other for it. This is the first time I bought this toy and I think it was a good buy.
391057391057B0059SE95AA15KZRW5L3N4FYSandi0051338163200Dachshund loves this chewMy dachshund is a powerful chewer for a 20 pound dog. Although he loves any good chew toy (and especially one he can tear up and spread around the house), the Nylabone DuraChew Double Bone Bacon in the Wolf size is the only one he will select first every time and will stay with the longest. It lasts longer than every other chew toy I've purchased. The only drawbacks I see are the price -- in many stores they sell for over $12 each -- and the fact they seem to go on backorder regularly in those stores where they are discounted.
391058391058B0059SE95AA11FX8HL2ANK6TPeter Suslock0051337126400Another HUGE HIT By Nylabone! A Sensational Dog Toy!Our six year old 92 pound Old English Bulldog and his partner in crime our 6 month old puppy of the same breed - are the certified kings when it comes to destroying even the toughest toys. A long time fan of Nylabone products - because they design toys with the dog in mind and not humans, and have been producing some of the finest, most durable dog toys here in the United States for over 50 years.

A rarity among dog toys that beg for our attention with an army of adorable kitty cats, bunnies and an endless parade of cute toys.
With the majority of them resembling road kill in a very short time.That said, we had a feeling this particular toy being made of the so rock solid Dura Chew material and scented like Bacon - they would be a huge hit.And boy, were they ever. Our Bulldogs simply LOVE this toy!

Our oldest Bulldog "Harley" is finicky about toys and loses interest after a hours, but kept this chew bone in his mouth for hours - even walking around the house with it looking like he was puffing on a big fat ole' stogie.Elvis, our 6 month old Godzilla chewer couldn't leave it alone for one second - and managed to do some serious damage.

This toy is just Great.

1) Huge size makes it fun for any medium - giant size dog.

2) Can be carried around (or dragged) if your pooch is strong to lift it.

3) Holds up very well, the material is surprisingly strong and resilient.

4) Quality construction means no seams - no pulling the top cover off.

5) Bacon flavor is very subtle and adds to cranking up the crazy. Making this toy even more fun for your dog.

6) Wood texture is molded into toy

7) Thick but Hollow so adding a treat to crank up the crazy is effortless to do.

If you're looking for an excellent toy, that can stand up to big time chewers - you can't go wrong with huge stick from Nylabone.
Like any dog toy supervision is key and an effort should be made to enjoy this toy along with your pooch under a watchful eye.

391059391059B0059SE95AA3HGNHQORAR5XNsolpame0051333411200Great toy for a lab!I have a 110 lb chocolate lab and its hard to find him toys that will last more than a few minutes. I ordered this nylabonef for him for xmas and its still one of his favorite toys! These Nylabones are the best and last long for big dogs and aggressive chewers!
391060391060B0059SE95AA26UXWVPDZ5FEBCindy M. Downs0051333152000Currently my power chewer's very favorite Nylabone......and the first we have found that is bacon flavored, instead of chicken or "original" flavored, whatever that is. It has the added advantage of holes on the ends for people that like to stuff treats in the chew toys. And even with shipping, we got it considerably cheaper at than in any local pet store, even PETsMART...

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