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391231391231B0001GUQ34A2LL4SL2PY673ICarolynCAG0051267142400ABSOLUTE MUST IN YOUR FRIDGEI have been using Minor's for many years now, getting it at my local BJ's Warehouse for only about $6 for the 16 oz. size (sorry Amazon). I use it for many things, not only making soup stock. It is the most useful ingredient I have ever had. Sometimes when they have a sale, I get some ahead and freeze it. In the fridge, it keeps for months, never losing quality. You can adjust the amount of sodium in your dish by how much you use (yes, it's high in sodium for preservation purposes and flavor). It's amazing what you can do with Minors, noodles or pasta, fresh vegetables and whatever leftover meat you have, for a very quick, tasty soup anytime. This product has saved me much money over the years, and I love it!
391232391232B0001GUQ34A3LA2832H7OYV1Mary Ann Colclasure "California Gal"0051236211200Excellent productThis chicken base is far more better and tastier than the chicken stock in a can. It really adds great flavor with just a teaspoon full of the base. I highly recommend this product.
391233391233B0001GUQ34A2F5Q0XFPJ26KJDiane S. Janicki0051234915200The BestI have used the Minor's chicken base for years. I always purchased it from BJ's wholesale. When we moved I panicked, there were no BJ's close enough to us. When I Googled Minor's and found I could purchase it on Amazon I was thrilled. I use it for everything from clam sauce to turkey gravy. I don't care what i have to pay for it. I will not be without it. The beef is a must for roast gravy and stews. It beats any other meat flavoring out there.
391234391234B0001GUQ34A19DEWGOWSWL03Don Chambers0051233014400A chef's secretA true chef's secret. The sauces and concentrates from Minors are unequaled for flavor and ease of use.
391235391235B0001GUQ34AP7EUSERL66PCD. Collins0051229040000Great Chicken BaseMinor's Chicken Base - 16 oz. (makes 5 gallons)

A delicious base for soups and sauces! Most store-bought stocks and bouillons are way too salty. Minor's has rich flavor that doesn't use too much salt.
391236391236B0001GUQ34A22FOXMCY030EAMichael P. Polsinelli "jankdc"142411226966400Label is misleading: High free glutamates in chicken base.I tell people to stay away from MSG and nutrasweet because of the harm that it does the nervous system. Earlier this week, a patient told me that she found a soup stock that didn't have any msg in it. I asked her to bring it in this is what is included in the ingredients: Hydrolyzed (corn and wheat gluten, soy) Proteins, and Yeast Extract.

Sure they don't put Monosodium Glutamate in their concoction, but hydrolyzed proteins and yeast extracts contain high levels of free glutamates. This is the same stuff that can cause headaches, muscle contractions, chest pain, mood swings, and insomnia in many people. The Truth in Labeling people have been arguing about this for years. If you look at the picture, there is a asterisk next to "No Added MSG*". In the fine print they say: "*Other than that which naturally occurs in the hydrolyzed proteins and yeast extract". The truth is they put this crap in there to increase the glutamate content.

So while I recommend that we all eliminate our intake of MSG, those of you that are already doing so, don't get duped by the labeling.

For more information see In Bad Taste: The Msg Symptom Complex : How Monosodium Glutamate Is a Major Cause of Treatable and Preventable Illnesses, Such As Headaches, Asthma, Epilepsy, heart

and: Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
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391237391237B0001GUQ34A3FN91J0PA5CK5D. Parnell1611275696000Not happyAlthough this is my favorite chicken stock base, I was very disappointed in this product. It cost almost as much to ship as it cost to purchase, then it arrived with the bottom of the container split apart in several places, and more than 1/4 of the product gone as a result. In addition, the packaging did not contain any traces of the product, so it was broken and missing product before it was packaged. I will not be purchasing anything like this via this methodology again.
391238391238B00066ZXA0A2GCVIGF1KB6WZKaren M. Turney "Mom of teens"101151162684800xylitol crystalsAs everybody knows by now, xylitol tastes a lot like sugar, just a little sweeter. It cannot be absorbed by the cavity causing bacteria in ones mouth so they ingest it and die. It is the only really "safe" form of sugar, and can be Mixed with aspartame to become a sugar substitute with fewer calories and no risk of dental davities. It cooks up great, no one else can tell when they eat it that it's healthy for them. My teenagers think they are getting a treat and I'm watching out for their medical and dental health.
391239391239B00066ZXA0A2QVIP2O0J08BUAshley H. Mattox "lovedart"7741238889600great priceso much less expensive than other brands. not very informative packaging, though, and who knows if it's organic or what. a little clumpy. but hey - as far as having no-sugar staples in the house, you can't beat the price!
391240391240B00066ZXA0AYZVIY5THIPK0Cruise Boy6641269216000very good sweetnerThis sweetner is courser than the xylitol I bought from a health food store, but much cheaper also. It has some lumps, but I think it is still a good quality sweetner. I actually like the courser granules. I use it in my low glycemic cooking. It can be substituted teaspoon per teaspoon for sugar.
391241391241B00066ZXA0A3BO8JYV0PRRWJSharron Frink3331268524800Well...No instructions or serving suggestions - I had to experiment to find out that it's pretty much spoon for spoon or cup for cup like sugar. It's not as sweet a taste as sugar and isn't as good as stevia, but it's okay.
391242391242B00066ZXA0A256WQ0CIFQPBQjo3650051347235200xylitol crystalsThese xylitol crystals are great. They can be used to replace sugar in any recipe, great for baking. I can't have sugar, but I can have xylitol and I love to bake. I would recommend this product.
391243391243B003HP7IYQA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname2251287964800Absolutely delicious.Absolutely delicious. My dad bought these Pirouette French Vanilla wafers for us. The outer cookie is layers of thin wafers with a french vanilla cream filling. Crispy, light, sweet and elegant. It can really dress up an ice cream dessert. My kids love it and so do I.

Each rolled wafer contains the following:
*60 Calories
*22.5 Calories from fat
*2.5 g total fat
*1.25 g saturated fat
*0 g trans fat
*less than 5 mg cholesterol
*20 mg sodium
*9 g total carbohydrates
*0 g dietary fiber
*6 g sugars
*0.5 g protein.
391244391244B004AN7PG0A28KIMHX77BWNGShiltsy3351332720000Natural Balance Synergy a life saver for us! Length:: 1:06 Mins

The Natural Balance Synergy line was a life saver for our 10 week old Boxer Male. I'm a huge fan and recorded this review to tell our story.

Our Boxer had issues with intensive vomiting. They started at the breeder and when he came home with us, he was throwing up 3-12 times per day. Everywhere. A clueless vet put us on a prescription dog food that turned out to be poor quality and I finally made the switch to this product. His issues stopped on the first day he was on this food and haven't come back. It's a God send and I can't say enough good about it.

Natural Balance Synergy Formula Ultra Premium Dog Food, 28-Pound Bag
391245391245B004AN7PG0A1S7WN5XBJJ7UNMomof3Boys1151346025600Synergy UltraWe have a 1yr old silver lab that has anal gland problems. This is the only food that seems to help her last longer between vet/groomer visits. Our older 2 labs also eat it. I really wish they made a bag bigger than 29lbs! The price is great @ Amazon. I get to see my UPS guy every 3 wks...
391246391246B004AN7PG0A1KH42DCB5AU5Tbookmarked1151343779200Only food our dog likesGreat food. Good balance of carbs and protein. Nothing artificial. Our dog is very picky, but she loves this. Also like the omega fatty acids in it.
391247391247B004AN7PG0AZZFLKZ198VZVL Chesnut1151341705600Great FoodWe have two dogs, a 16-year old female lab mix with age-related digestive issues and a 2 year old collie-mix. This food works beautifully for both of them. Both love it and although it is pricey, as other reviewers have said, they fill up more quickly and eat less of this food than many of the cheaper products. It is cleared up their digestive issues (we were able ready to give up for our old female who constantly had tummy issues) and they love it. Their coats are beautiful - shiny and full, even our old female looks great. We're sold on this food.
391248391248B004AN7PG0A2DOQ9ERI5ELAZJessica1151333584000Great for balancing dogs digestion!One of my foster dogs started having upset stomach and diarrhea in the back yard. Probably from his new environment and nerves. I had seen this food and wanted to try it on my other dogs as well, so I bought a bag and it was a big hit with everyone! Plus it cleared up Zip's digestion issues. When I read about it online it claimed to reduce backyard cleanup, and let me tell you IT DOES! We are sticking to this food, it's a winner!
391249391249B004AN7PG0A3LC0C5CXECCOKjoeysmom9791151325376000Natural Balance SynergyI purchase this food for my two pugs and it not only keeps them healty and active, but they are lean as well. If you know anything about pugs, they tend to be on the heavy side. This food has natural ingredients which makes me feel good about giving it to them. I recommend this product to all dog owners!
391250391250B004AN7PG0A1VMPC92L1AQBUM. Levant1151323561600My dog loves it and i love it because it helped stabilize his stomach.So my dog (Male Boxer) has a really weak stomach due to an infection he has had as a puppy (I assume)
This food has helped stabilize his stomach within 4 days of using it.
Solid dog poops all the way :)
Even though pricey i only use about a cup and a half of this dog food and he is full. He always leaves about half a cup when i feed him the recommended dosage of two cups.
With cheaper foods it was totally different, i'd have to use up to 4.5 cups.

This food is awesome!
391251391251B004AN7PG0A28TV6IGUQAH0MSugar1151323129600NB Premium Dog DogI was pleased at the price for this product. In the store it sell for a lot more. Also, the fact that it was shipped at no cost to me, was a plus. I was amazed at how fast I got my order.
391252391252B003ZID2JUA24HJVMGDOXYJYbelorba0031325203200The taste is generic, "old"The taste is okay, but not good; Mom said "it just tastes like old coffee". The packages, however, look cute, and these made nice Christmas presents for family and friends. I feel that the product is priced a little high for what it is. I DO recommend La Crema Coffee's "Birthday Cake" blend; it makes a lovely, tasty birthday present.
391253391253B001KWGT8EA26CBKIZWRPR7ARick0051316908800cashewsI am very pleased to be able to get whole, raw cashews through since they are hard to find where I live. They arrived quickly and safely.
391254391254B000YHMSD6AC6NUFZ97BKMHMary Lou "irish_marylou"6651232323200Old Fashioned Giant Peppermint StickVery Happy to have finally found Bob's "Big Jim" Giant Peppermint Stick, 5 oz.) on Amazon. This Old Fashioned candy is impossible to find in local (Oregon) stores whereas it was once a commonly found candy particularly for Christmas stocking stuffers. I wanted these for two grandchildren to share a treat from my childhood and was very happy to find them on Amazon. Shipper was very prompt and the candy sticks arrived in Germany before Christmas. The children were so surprised and excited to find these Giant Peppermint Sticks. Will definitely order again.
391255391255B000YHMSD6A13OXVROB4WM46Eric2241323993600Gingerbread House SupportsI needed twelve in candy canes to use as pillars for my gingerbread house, and the description says approximately 12 inches. The candy canes I get were 9 and a half inches, which won't cut it for my gingerbread house. It should be more clear and say approximately 10 inches. But they are nice candy canes!
391256391256B000YHMSD6A2WYKYDHLSQWPDCharles E. Hepner1151324425600Jumbo FlavorI ordered eight sticks to make peppermint stick ice cream (break them up and blend into vanilla ice cream). The sticks that arrived did not say Bob's on them; so I unwrapped one and broke off a piece to try. Wow, they have a wonderful robust peppermint flavor and melt slowly in your mouth. They are the best tasting sticks I have ever had and are much easier to unwrap than the smaller candy canes. I am about to order more, even though they won't make it for Christmas. We will do more p-stick ice cream for New Year's Eve. Happy holidays!
391257391257B000YHMSD6A168T8DLSXWEH9katnow0051335571200love peppermintJumbo Peppermwnt Stick 4.5oz:

The jumbo pepperment sticks arrive all in tack, not broken. The candy order comes quickly.I will be ordering more of the candy.

Computer Software:

The computer software, two disc were sent on time and in great condition
391258391258B000YHMSD6AW1CXD3OQ3XX4debrrose "debrrose"0111326240000disgusting!! obviously OLD stock, and broken, and the wrappers are tornCellophane does not turn yellow/brown unless it has sat for a long time.

I ordered two large peppermint sticks - the cellophane was aged, the items were severely broken, and the wrappers were torn.

NO WAY would I ever give this food item to a child!

391259391259B000YHMSD6A2DJCGAXUCZIHSViola, in California3741290297600dr MomI was looking for a larger perppermint candy for gifts. But this is the side I need for my family colds and Flu season.
391260391260B005CT9SGQA3D018KWRZKTM8David0031344297600NOT the "Lightly Salted" versionThis item is actually the standard version of whole cashews, rather than the lightly salted version. Photo is accurate, but title is not.

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