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391269391269B001LQRFLEAZ7VNIPY0PO9IPam/Tom Profit0011341878400Very,very stale!Ordered these because they were vacuum packed in jars so they woud be fresh. WRONG. They were mushy and extremely stale. I opened the jar the day after arrival, but they were definately not fresh. Very disappointed in this product. I hope the company looks into why the current packaging does not keep the product fresh and crunchy.
391270391270B001LQRFLEA118T2O9BIVCAXBarbara S. Verduin "Barbara V"0051337385600Fantastic healthy snack!!!I love these nuts but do not like to shell them!! The container is perfect and I can eat healthy ( ok'd by the doc,) and read books or watch TV and enjoy a snack. These pistachios are salted perfectly...not too much salt, just enough and they keep great in the jar and do not need refrigeration~~ I am in heaven since I discovered Keenen pistachios. Hope we can count on them being on AMAZON for a long,long time. YUM!
391271391271B001LQRFLEA1QV0GHM3087JYgrandmaof20051302134400Great Pistachio NutsIf you love the nuts but hate removing the shells, this is a great tasty choice. Just the right amount of salt and the nuts are plump and good size.
391272391272B001LQRFLEA3HCYDRT6DAWOCM. Viola "recordsclerk"0051301875200AwesomeI have placed 2 orders for these pistachios. They are so delicious and fresh. Both shipments arrived very quickly. I will definitely order more!
391273391273B001LQRFLEA256SBXVJOV5URK. C. Kuntz "BleuDragen"0051301788800pistachio heaven in a jarMmm. mmm. Love these things. Much more fun snacking on these puppies without the shell. I have become very addicted to these things. Glad they come in a 3 pack for that pirce. yum yum. Keenen Farms is a very good quality company for the pistachios, the only ones I buy from on Amazon.
391274391274B001LQRFLEA37S1ADMF95D4AJon Frazier0031299715200A bit chewyI thought they were a bit chewy and they could have used a tiny bit more salt, but I still like them. They are pistachios afterall. :)
391275391275B001LQRFLEAFPT0X3I2NPXOAngie "angiet75"1251311206400Great taste and just placed another orderThese were fresh and great tasting. not to salty but just right and tasted like some of the most fresh pistachios I have ever had. Just placed another order just to have them on hand.
391276391276B001LQRFLEA1885J9EUEG2NCMarvel "captainmarvel"1321307318400Not up to my taste expectationsOne of the things I love about pistachios is the saltiness, which seems to enhance the flavor. Pistachios in shells, though a pain to remove from the shell, are much more enjoyable, to me anyway. I purchased three jars, and have given all away. I hate to lose the money, but not into eating products that do not meet my expectations /tastes.
391277391277B0006TVP8QA1CU7KZG6MGCNGJ.S. Ananda4451203206400Delicious!This is one of the best Dark Chocolate Bars with or without sugar I have ever tasted. I even like this one better than many top of the line conventional dark chocolate bars. Tastes like a rich Gran Marnier Dark Chocolate Mousse.
391278391278B0006TVP8QAYE667IQP8T28lovemechocolate0021337558400Too Bitter for EatingYou recommended this chocolate bar with orange bits to me, based on my past order for YC Chocolate sugar free 70% cocoa. We could not eat it; very bitter, no orange bits just the bitter zest of orange. May be great for baking BUT I do not recommend for pleasurable eating. I would not purchase this again, and you should not recommend it as an eating chocolate.
391279391279B0006TVP8QA3KELDP0MJ0QDTSteve M "zaraza69"0051278633600One of the best sugar free chocolatesDefinitely! One of the best sugar free chocolates. You can taste both dark chocolate and orange. It taste good and it is better for you too.
391280391280B0006TVP8QA2DGDJT17SCZ4PAndrea Richards0051236556800The only kind I'll be buying from now on!First off, this is very intense, just a step or two up from baking chocolate in taste, with the same texture as Lindt 80% cocoa bars. That's something I never thought I'd find in sugar free! It's so strong , that a smaller amount is more satisfying. If you can't get your chocolate dark enough, this is it! YUM!

The only down side? That bag of sugar-free Dove just lost its appeal! Here's hoping that more flavors join the line (pssst- how about mint?)
391281391281B0006TVP8QA1I4OV6X7MNJ5RE. K. Miller "cook, lawyer, knitter, mom"0051232841600Best sugar free chocolateThis whole line of chocolate is the best sugar free chocolate I have ever tasted. Service is great
391282391282B00550JKLUA2AWUNF95B7DTUMarie6751310515200New Flavors ReviewThese new flavors are awesome! I went back and bought several more canisters because the display said it was for a temporary time only. My teenaged boys even like them. I went to buy more, and the store no longer has them! I need to have a steady supply of these. They are all refreshing and sugar-free, so no guilt! I guess I might be stuck ordering on line from now on. I can't believe more peeps aren't asking for these flavors to be permanent!
391283391283B00550JKLUA1790Y1AE0G5QRmitzi22211314403200yuckSorry to say but this is not to my households taste.To be honest it does take somewhat like a Margarita but perhaps one that has been sitting around after the party is way over.
391284391284B00550JKLUA2WW57XX2UVLM6Talvi4651309305600Tastes a lot like Jose Cuervo Margarita MixMargarita mix is expensive and usually laden with calories (well, alcohol is too!). I don't drink a lot of alcohol, but when I do, I almost always order Mojitos or Sour Apple martinis. I love the taste of them and thus the alcohol taste isn't overpowering for me.

Therefore I was delighted to discover these new Crystal Light mocktails in my local grocery store (about three bucks a canister), marked as temporarily available. The Crystal Light Margarita mix tastes just like Jose Cuervo Margarita mix to me, even the slight salty tang. My husband wasn't as much a fan. This one and the Mojito are so good all on their own and I love them. The Appletini is a bit too much like drinking Jolly Rancher green apple candy, so I only like that one in small doses. They are obviously not as syrupy-thick as real Margarita mix, but that's a plus to me. It's very refreshing on a hot summer day.

Each canister has 5 packets, and each packet makes 2 quarts. An 8 oz glass of this is a no-guilt 5 calories. It's great both as an option for non-drinkers and to add alcohol too if you wish.

I went back to the grocery store and they no longer have these, so this is the only place I know to get them now.

UPDATE: this is the response I got from Kraft when asking if these would be available.
We are delighted to hear of your interest in our CRYSTAL LIGHT Mocktail Powdered Soft Drink Mix. As you may already know, this product is only being manufactured and distributed for a limited period of time. For that reason, we are unable to provide any additional information on the stores that may still have the product in stock.
391285391285B00550JKLUA1V5EO2GKKTTO5Mrs. Jordan0011346284800Too sweetCrystal Light Mocktails Margarita, 1.62-Ounce (Pack of 4).
Margaritas are my guilty pleasure. Crystal light margarita flavor is ghastly. Much too sweet, not enough lime flavor. Smells funny too . I might have to add tequila, salt and lime to make it palatable. Bought two packages because I like all the other crystal light I have tasted. Bleh
391286391286B00550JKLUA1HO8IVARXLSFHgeoforce0041340928000It's OK, but to be great..........double the recipe and add 4 fresh-sqeezed limes to the mix. Now we're talkin'! It's very tangy (which you want since it'll be served on-the-rocks, which dilutes it). I've made this multiple times using this recipe and it blows the socks off my friends and neighbors. I realize that this isn't the original recipe but it's worth it if you don't want all that corn syrup and sugars/carbs/calories that many of those Marg. mixes have.

Try this and you'll never go back to Jose C. mix again!
391287391287B00550JKLUA1Y5RLUDFUCMONAnn Mitchell "portiapa"0051340150400Maragarita without the guiltI could drink this all day and I have. Tastes like a margarita without A. the calories and B. the alcohol. It even has a salty undertaste. Crystal Light has done a great job of capturing the essence of a margarita which has made me realize I drink margaritas for the flavor, not the alcohol. Time to make another pitcher!
391288391288B00550JKLUA3INPT9NARG5S5phyllis j calder0011339200000Fake tasting margaritaJust mixed up the margarita crystal light mix. Of, course, followed the directions, because for
years I have been using the other flavors. This one is of great disappointment. It only tastes
like sweetened water, no identifying citrus or margarita flavor. I like the lemonade the best.
One time there was a lime flavor that I really liked, too. No, I will not use up the other 4
packets. Waste of money.

P. Calder
Green Bay, WI
391289391289B00550JKLUA11DX2KORUUP2RKatherine B. Chandler "Kacey"0051337817600love thishard to find this in the shops, this and the Mojito are very very good; not so much with the Appletini; going to swap with someone for a taste of the Peach Bellini... this is so good, drink it all the time.
391290391290B00550JKLUAY395CHIJD49QM. Gardner "mrsmontag"0031336348800The flavor is oddly reminiscent of....swimming pool water. And yet, I must rate it a 3 because it's actually not too bad. Weird, I know. The Mojito Crystal Light is really yummy, though.
391261391261B000LRH4UGAL6YASWEPWOFDNatalie F.4451285200000The best cheese I've tried in a long time!I bought this cheese to make a Greek Spinach Pie. The first review on this product was slightly discouraging, but the price was great and I wasn't going to eat it uncooked. So I decided to get it. The cheese came nicely packed, it was still cold because of many ice packs it was surrounded with.Because of the first review, I was expecting it to smell bad. I was pleasantly surprised, that the cheese smelled like a nice fresh cheese and nothing else! It tasted wonderful, I ate most of it fresh, without cooking. My spinach pie came out outrageous. My husband loved it ( even though he's not a big fan of spinach). I'll definitely buy this cheese again and again!
391262391262B000LRH4UGAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson1151315699200Great FetaThis is a brine cured "wet" Feta. It is fresh and tastes and smells exactly as it should. The tart/creamy taste goes great with sandwiches, salads,baked dishes and much more. It will keep well sealed in the refrigerator for many months. Just make sure the brine covers the cheese. I have ordered this product from this vender several times now without a problem.
391263391263B000LRH4UGA343CXGU7GPX9ANicholas Cosmas0051340236800Repeat CustomerSeveral years after moving away from my Greek parents' house, my wife and I had been in the habit of spending $6 or $7 a week to get 6 oz of Athenos feta that was often dry and didn't match the stuff I was used to from my youth. We've been buying these 3 lb buckets every other month for the past 6 months and have been incredibly pleased. The cheese comes cold and fresh and is great for everyday use in salads and omelets and in Greek specialty recipes as well.

Great product
391264391264B000LRH4UGA2XPU86ETSCDCRDJ Miggy3641197072000Oh man the smell.... but yummy on the taste!!You know the saying "that is either bad meat or good cheese." Well it is true. This stuff smells terrible but man it is awesome in salads and I love it in these greek salad wraps I make. Oh wow! those are sooo good. I love this cheese.

If you are looking to impress a girl make sure you don't serve this on the first date. She might think you have something wrong with you when she smells it.

Only reason I can't give it 5 stars is I think it cost me a possible girlfriend.
391265391265B001LQRFLEA3RYMO6S22FMM5Vanessa Strange "porph princess"5551310256000Impressive! Thrilled to get!I am a maniacal nut eater! I live on nuts,,,my current favorites are pistachio and macadamia.....have had problems lately finding pistachio that aren't rancid or hard so I was surprised to find these on Amazon for such a good price, I had them overnighted, in desperation and so far, I am working on the first of the three jars, these are GREAT nuts! Great! You can tell they are fresh, I am not running into any bad ones, Great taste, I am so impressed! I will be ordering them on a regular basis if Amazon keeps carrying them which I certainly hope they do. Thanks!
391266391266B001LQRFLEA26HQ2U5SSCP2Zpinate "The Lady"2251305763200Healthy and TastyThis was my first time buying pistachios from Keenan Farms, and I must say, they were delicious; plus, the price was right. Since I ordered the shelled pistachios, I was a bit worried they might taste stale, but quite the opposite, they were fresh and so much easier to eat than having to put up with shells all over the place. Because they provide Vitamin E, eating a small amount every day is a great way to get a treat and know it's healthy too.
391267391267B001LQRFLEA4GPWR9KDK10JCommentator "Commentator"1151304812800Great Pistachios without the WorkI love pistachio's though I'm no expert on them. These are good shelled pistachio's, a sort of see what you get kind of thing. You can't go wrong if you're looking for shelled pistachio's.
391268391268B001LQRFLEA3HMSEBFGOJGD2MercuryMe "keep it real"0051348531200These are addictiveWe all love these pistachio nuts by Keenan farms. Just the right amount of saltiness and very fresh. You can't go wrong with 3 jars. I get the best deals from Amazon and am never disappointed with their products or the packaging and ship time. I may not always leave a review but I've shopped with Amazon for many years and check here first when I want to buy anything online.

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