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391291391291B00550JKLUA1X1CEGHTHMBL1jjceo0041328486400Good flavor for those hot summer days!We drink a lot of Crystal Light as a break from soft drinks. We thought we would try their new Mocktail flavors and give them a chance. This Margarita flavor is not bad. It actually tastes like a margarita with a couple of good exceptions, no sugar, low sodium and it has only 5 calories for 8 ounces.

Each canister has 5 plastic pouches and each pouch makes 2 quarts. Mix it up and serve it cold with ice or refrigerate for the best flavor.

Crystal Light is a good low calorie drink and the broad flavor mix helps keep them tasting good. We found this margarita taste to be better than the Appletini flavor. I still like some of the original Crystal light flavors more but this is good for a change. It tastes as good as some other more expensive margarita mixes. I looked at a bottle of one of the famous brands that has 100 calories for 8 ounces and 25 sugars. That is a huge difference!

Try it you will like it!
391292391292B00550JKLUA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0041326499200It's not my favorite but still pretty goodMy husband and I drink a good amount of Crystal Light powdered beverages. I was initially leery of purchasing this particular flavor but after trying Crystal Light Moctails Mojito, 1.41-Ounce (Pack of 4) and finding it great, I thought I would give this one a try. In terms of flavor, I find this acceptable. It tastes like a very mild margarita (without alcohol). It even smells like a margarita. While I think Crystal Light has done a good job imitating a margarita, it is not my favorite Crystal Light product.

If you live near a Meijer, you can buy a five pack canister of the Margarita drink mix (as well as Crystal Light Mocktails Appletini, 1.69-Ounce (Pack of 4) and Crystal Light Moctails Mojito, 1.41-Ounce (Pack of 4)) for about 2.79.

If you recycle your plastics, be aware that Crystal Light sells its product in a #5 container. Unless you live in a relatively progressive place, #5 plastics are typically very difficult to recycle. Whole Foods engages in a recycling initiative to collect #5 plastics but if you don't live near one and you care about recycling, these can be a challenging item to deal with.

At the end of the day, this is a beverage that I would drink again but I don't know if I would purchase it if some of my other Crystal Light favorites were available like Crystal Light Sunrise Ruby Red Grapefruit, 3.4-Ounce Unit (Pack of 6) and Crystal Light Moctails Mojito, 1.41-Ounce (Pack of 4).
391293391293B00550JKLUA1RRLO3E4JRHZLMichael0031314057600Good but not greatThis was good but not worth the extra money. Honestly, it tasted mainly like a "lemon-lime" type concoction as opposed to a margarita. However, it wasn't bad but the same taste could probably be achieved by ordering a simple lemon-lime flavor.
391294391294B001KUULJ4A1U54QTY1W7U63Aspasia142211298073600Flour's great - seller notWalMart sells this flour for around $3.66 for five pounds. It's a terrific flour, but the seller is a rip off artist. Heck, you can get it cheaper by buying from King Arthur Flour's website!
391295391295B003UVN9FOAA1PC0QO51BWQSpike30051339545600Tasty, but....I first experienced these when a co-worker brought some in to work. Then, others picked up on it, and there was an unscripted effort to continually have a jar of them on someone's desk in the area.
The one thing that strikes me is having paid four or five dollars for this at the local Target store, Archer's distributor. Oddly, Archer lists on the jar, but once you're at, the site informs you that this item is not sold online - you must pick it up at the store.
391296391296B0051OQ7JIAAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"1151340064000BEST SUGAR COOKIES WE'VE EATEN!I bought these and another brand and although the others are good, these are much better. The flavor is terrific, the cookies must contain real butter to taste this good. We will be buying more.
391297391297B000G18NRUA3HPZ6BIMNXSZRGabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . ."7741181174400Delicious!I ordered these as soon as I saw that Amazon had discounted their normally-out-of-reach price a bit. Am I ever glad I did! They are delicious, with just the right amount of green chile taste. They're very, very spreadable. In fact, that is part of why I'm not giving them 5 stars. I'd like them to be a bit chunkier. But if you like yours to be spreadable, then you will love these. They are not overly salty, look exactly like the beans you get in good Mexican restaurants here in San Antonio, and taste wonderful. I'd highly recommend putting them on nachos: spread these on some organic corn chips, top with your fave cheese (even not-cheese cheese), and bake the whole thing in an actual oven or toaster oven for a tiny while, just long enough for the cheese to melt, then pull the nachos out, top them with pico de gallo or sour cream or both, and enjoy!

Buy these; you won't be sorry!
391298391298B000G18NRUASGGO9OOK797NHeather6611299715200BPA in lining of Amy's Organic Refried BeansLove the taste, but called the company and found out that there is BPA in the can lining. Personally I will not spend the extra for Organic food if there is chemicals in the can lining. Good news is that they are phasing out the cans with the BPA lining and going BPA free. The lady from consumer relations said that in about 6months they will have BPA free cans on the shelves exclusively.
391299391299B000G18NRUAF51KJB3W1YI6Ellay "light"4451207785600So satisfying ...As a fan of refried beans, these taste excellent and are very satisfying. They make very fine burritos and even taste great plain with a tortilla chip or two.
391300391300B000G18NRUA27OPNET5OKMH9Peggy Sue Leggett4451204934400These are the best.These are the best beans. You can really taste the difference because of what is not in them. They're only pure,natural, pesticide free, organic and so good for you. You'll never regret buying this product or any other Amys' choices.
391301391301B000G18NRUADE92OARVXCYAL. Gonzalez "Student of Presence"2251243123200Another awesome Amy's productThis is THE BEST refried beans on the market today. Don't let the "with green chiles" part scare you. They are not hot or spicy, the chiles impart a subtle flavor. The beans are smooth and creamy, not pasty or gritty like the other grocery store brands. Even my 5 and 2 year olds love the quesadillas and burritos and nachos we make with Amy's refried beans.

And along with delicious flavor, you get Amy's commitment to organic and vegan products. No GMO's and no MSG. You wont feel guilty about feeding your family anything from Amy's.

I did find Amazon's price to still be cheaper than my local natural grocery store. Buy a can from your grocer to try it before you order a case.

Side note: Amazon is not packaging these right, these come in a shrink-wrapped cardboard tray of 12 cans. Amazon simply throws this case into a larger box only with 2 or 3 air pillows as padding! On my first shipment 8 cans were dented! Amazon quickly shipped me out another case, but this time only 4 were dented.

Amazon figure out some better packaging for your canned goods!!!
391302391302B000G18NRUA3AE1K4BVZBODHseth malley1151284768000Best you'll find!Most beans out the can require a lot of work to be tasty--seasonings, maybe some sour cream... But these beans are so delicious right out of the can you'd swear they were loaded with junk-- but they're not. These are the only beans I'll buy now!
391303391303B000G18NRUA9YWOVY99AOWQHeather L. Katsoulis0051338595200Perfect for Tofu RancherosI just love these refried beans. They are delicious, not too spicy, and a perfect addition to tofu rancheros (a great vegan brunch dish).
391304391304B000G18NRUAJUBE4OLGAXGOlllllll0031305763200Smell amazing but lack tasteI really don't know what is wrong with these beans, but they're missing something. You open the can up, and you're thinking, "WOW! These are going to be amazing! They smell great!", but after simmering for a bit, and making a burrito, you end up being disappointed. They taste like refried beans, but the flavor is dull and isn't as colorful as the smell. I wouldn't buy these again.
391305391305B000G18NRUA2IHIZA1OXC2K7A. Reader0051298160000great flavor!I just tried using these to make burritos, and they're quite delicious! The green chilies and bell peppers impart a nice flavor, and for me the heat (spiciness) is barely noticeable; however, I'm quite a chili-head. I tossed in a dollop of Blair's After Death plus a few more drops of Yucateco "yellow" habanero sauce, and that woke it up a bit :-) I'll definitely use these again!
391306391306B000G18NRUAW2DVJHRA9EGIJeri0051238112000Phoenix Home & Garden taste test winnerAmy's won the taste test in the March 2009 issue of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, over five other major brands. I just bought some and am looking forward to them. Great price from Amazon.
391307391307B000G18NRUA2XT90KT2MRSF1History on Film Buff "Antonia"1231238025600Homemade is better and cheaperI like Amy's products in general and these taste fine. although I like a heartier texture. At $2.27 per can (and that's on sale) I think the product is too expensive. It's so easy to make refried beans at home by frying and mashing a can of pinto beans and a can of kidney beans in a cast iron frying pan (use a little vegetable oil to fry then mash with a potato masher, adding bottled salsa to thin the mix and a pinch of cumin and chili powder for flavor). I'm all for encouraging sales of products made with organic ingredients, but beans are too basic to spend so much money on, imho.
391308391308B0057FT0BIANBBT01WBC3IKFrances Hiscock "Fathiss"1121324598400Good but watch for pitsGood tasting filling. Not too thick with corn syrup. But I am not used to watching for pits when I buy canned cherry pie filling. I probably wil not buy again because of the pits.
391309391309B0029TEGM8A28N0F64GESQUQManzanilla Olives "Manzanilla"1151293667200My favorite canned soupGoodness I can't believe some of these reviews. How much crab does one expect to find in an inexpensive canned soup product usually found for under a buck and a half? There are enough bits to make the soup taste like crab and you get to eat a couple of small chunks usually left on the bottom. The spice is well done and there is a nice mix of vegetables. There are only 160 calories in the can, and 44% of the daily value for potassium, and not so much sodium (they use reduced sodium sea salt and potassium chloride). I eat at least a couple of cans a week and have never had heartburn from this soup. There's nothing so unusual about this soup that would cause heartburn. It's just a bit spicier than most bland canned soups.
391310391310B0029TEGM8A10FWBSGBUZA2Atignor "Stephanie T. Holcomb"1111262736000gave me horrible heartburn...I'm not the type to get heartburn easily, either, but this knocked me out. I don't know what about it, but it came on suddenly after eating so it couldn't have been what I had for breakfast (toast and jam). It was tasty enough, though some pasta or rice would should have been added, it was quite watery and not very much crab at all, though you could smell it, you couldn't see it.
391311391311B0029TEGM8A1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"1141259280000Campbell's Select Harvest Light Maryland-Style Crab SoupThe flavor is very nice but I was disappointed with the amount of crab meat, there was very little. Most of the volume is giant chunks of potatoes and carrots. The Campbell's Select New England Clam Chowder Easy Open, 18.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) has a lot of clam pieces and a better deal for my money.
391312391312B0029TEGM8A1A5NTDTAF9F09Lynn0011351036800Would not buy again..I hate to be a negative Nancy, but I disliked this soup so much, it prompted me to write a review about it. I don't think I've ever wrote a review about anything. That being said, I was able to finish the whole thing because I was starving for lunch and didn't want to waste it. So it is edible. I'm usually a fan of all Campbell's soups... and crab for that matter. However, it is what it is... a cheap soup with crab in it. It tastes fishy. Yes, I realize that crab is a seafood, but it's just a fishy type of soup and I don't like that. To each his own!
391313391313B0029TEGM8A1GHJROU99H7G8Tool Tinker "House man"0021349222400Quality Is GoneThis used to be a good product before they started watering it down, which is why I quit buying it.
391314391314B0029TEGM8AGUS1J64CKR5QDONNA HOLDER0051337212800Yankee enjoys the seafood flavorI was amazed how tasty this soup is. I make many soups and for an inexpense product when at work in a rush Yummy Yummy... I have gone back to buy as many cans as I could get my hands on... I love it! Good Job. Yankee in Palm Beach County Fl
391315391315B0029TEGM8A3LMNMWNSIBB73Geoff0031293753600"Maryland-Style" IndeedConsidering the price, this is a decent soup, but please don't put the name of my home state on the can. There is probably a gram or two of crab meat on average in a can of this soup, and it's usually all chopped up to the point where you can't even bite into it. We don't take that in MD. Real Maryland crab soup is probably 10% crab by weight and features chunks of crab you can bite into and taste the love. This is vegetable soup stirred in crab meat.

4 stars when it's $1 a can, 3 stars for < $2.
391316391316B0029TEGM8A21BMD53RNKOH4Zachary L. Schuessler "Zachary S"0051289865600Yowza.Boy oh boy, does the Internet hate Campbell's Maryland Style Crab Soup. I'll be the first to give this gem five stars.

It's hard for me to get excited about soup. I only bought it on a whim because it was discounted, and I've been on a crab-kick here lately. (Crab pasta for lunch in fact!)

The aroma of the soup is unlike I've smelled from.. well, any canned soup. I noted that there were a lot of whole pieces of corn, veggies, and white stubs I though were crab.
No such luck! Those were potatoes. Indeed, I was at a loss trying to find any crab at all!

The broth has a slightly spicy flavor. Not the kind that leaves you huffing for air, but rather the kind you get a slightly snuffly nose after finishing the bowl. Personally it was the perfect "heat" for me- it might be too tame for others.

I hopped on the Internet right after finishing it to see what else Campbell's had... because I sure was impressed! I'll definitely be trying out the "Harvest" line of soups they have next time I hit the grocery store.

Just one gripe: it's not filling for a man who has a bottomless stomach. (Don't all men?)
I suppose if you want something filling, go for beef or pork based soups instead!
391317391317B0029TEGM8A71SGBC85U1BTL. M. Davenport0111283817600HorrendousLet me start by saying I was THRILLED when I discovered this can of soup at the local grocery store. Canned crab soup?! Does it get any better?? Believe me it does. You could find dog **** that tastes better than this stuff. Since it is Campbell's "Select Harvest Light" I figured there would not be much crab in it (plus you can only expect so much from a three dollar can). I swirled and scooped until coming across a lonely lump, and it was dark brown. I suppose that upon looking back this should have been a warning sign on the dire things to come. Alas, my childish excitement clouded my judgement and my taste buds must pay for it. If you are still curious about tasting this soup, I would recommend buying one can and gathering twenty or so friends - that way they won't have to each buy one as well. Good luck.
391318391318B002QP1WEAA16RYER7DPZOWZravamorel0131326931200spooky foodBrilliant for the candy loving man and the coffin box was a great extra touch it came even a day earlier and all eaten just as quickly
391319391319B006MB7LMQA3SU4HQ9GTQXVEFeueb0051345248000I love Redbull!This is a great buy, it's packaged in the 4 count boxes so it's easy to transport if need be. I had a 3 month supscription and got $8 off every order which was great. If you only plan on buying this once don't waste your money. Go to the store and simply buy 6 boxes and u'll be saving money.
391320391320B000FFVYEQA1NB3SN23HHLUPMiguel delMazo "Muggy"151541154563200Good, but very near expiration dateThe bars are very good, and priced very competitively, but after ordering a large order, I was disappointed to find many were near the manufacturer's expiration date. If you buy, buy in quantities that you would eat in a month or less.

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