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391324391324B000FFVYEQAAMNKQCRLACQNC C Doyle "firefly"0051322784000MMMMMMMMMMJust love these KIND fruit & nut bars! My absolute favorite "snackie" to carry. It withstands the heat of summer while being carried around in my purse, or left in the car during a trip. Highly recommend this flavor in KIND bars.
391325391325B000FFVYEQA1MUPGJODTCMW8Valentine Lugovsky "Midas Touch"0051318809600Best Ever Snack!This snack is absolutely delicious and nutritious! What a combination! For me, it sometimes is a meal replacement (when I have two or three). Keeps my sugars in check as well. Nothing comes close!
391326391326B000FFVYEQA2ALPGBIZVQ5MHThaddeus0051316563200Kind barsI love that Amazon offers these at a notable discount. I eat Kind bars frequently. This particular flavor is not one of my favorites. The blueberry pomegranite is better. I have trouble with leg cramps, and the magnesium in these seem to help ward them off. If I stop eating these, I get awful morning leg cramps. They are generally healthy, and I do enjoy them. Kind bars or leg cramps? I know which one I prefer.
391327391327B000FFVYEQAGL1IW346P06JKathryn Richter0051296777600Kind Apricot Fruit and Nut barLove this snack bar. Perfect for those who need a gluten-free snack/energy bar. Also low glycemic index product with all natural ingredients and low calorie,high fiber solution to mid-day snack. Fills you up and very satisfying. Great product for diabetics, and those seeking an alternative to cookies and chips. The bar contains almonds, apricots, and sliced bits of coconut giving it a chewy and crunchy texture. Part of my pantry staples now.
391328391328B000FFVYEQAL6E6JE6SACRML. Salmon "readyreader"0041288483200Coconut lovers delightI loved the apricot and almond flavors, but a bit heavy on coconut. Enjoyable quick snack.
391330391330B000FFVYEQA3L6CKDK9Y5VUFN. K. Westphale0051267056000Yummy, crunchy, healthyI always keep one of these in my ski parka and whenever I share part of it, they always remark how good these bars are! They are substantial enough without being too sweet I like all the flavors but especially the almond apricot Kind bar.They are gluten free!
391331391331B000FFVYEQA1HC1E0XT6UL5JLucille L. Montgomery "pennysangels"0051260748800Fabulous protein snack!I just loved this bar. Full of nuts and fruit and coconut. What a great alternative to a candy bar. These are absolutely delicious and packed with protein. I will definitely buy more varieties of this bar!KIND Bar Almond & Apricot, 1.4-Ounce Bars (Pack of 8)
391332391332B000FFVYEQA34OHCDJT3PNDBBarbara Z. Siegel "only me"0041259020800chewy and probably healtyIt's an easy breakfast or snack, but you have to like nuts, if fact the nuts are overwhelming for some people. It has to be healthy with all the fruit, too. They are not the kind of bar that you end up eating two of them because they're just so yummy, but one is satisfing and I'll definitely come back for the second and third, tomorrow and the day after.
391333391333B000FFVYEQA2NKTWNL9HRTWWMarilyn K. Franz0051246060800Apricot and almond barsThe bars are delightful. Not at all stale just nice and chewy as they are meant to be. The only thing that would make them "Old or stale" would be if the nuts were bad. I love these bars and they by far exceed the usual on the store shelves. Only wish more stores carried them.
391334391334B000FFVYEQA3434W2YF66DYGAmerAussie0051233100800A taste of AustraliaI took one bite of my first try of this flavor and boy did it take me back! If there is a taste that defines Australia for me the apricot and coconut is it! Runner up would have to be Vegemite. These are GOOD! And I love that they are truly natural and organic. With all the artificial gook that goes into most produced foods, it's nice to find something pure and trustworthy. Order a case and enjoy!
391335391335B000FFVYEQA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""0051226275200Couldn't Be Better!As a person on the go, I cannot say enough of these bars! I am always running and carrying a Kind bar with me is too easy. I have tried several flavors and adore them all. Chocked full of great-tastings nuts and fruit, these are extremely satisfying and well-worth what they cost over an average candy bar. I eat them on on the way to work and on the way home. Sometimes I put one in my sack lunch as well. I can't think of anytime I wouldn't appreciate a KIND bar! My husband loves them too!
391336391336B000FFVYEQA3N4KW967ZFLKMJ. A. Scull "artist"1251245024000Good and chewyThis is what I grab at night when I need a treat or when I'm on the run. It is about as good as it gets in flavor and wholesome ingredients.I would recommend this to all vegetarian and vegans.
391337391337B000FFVYEQA1CDHEZSJU8RM7Hillary Kramer1241224633600Very good, but a little too sweet for me.A little on the sweet side for me but still enjoyable. If you have a sweet tooth and you need a healthy alternative to candy, this Kind Bar is great.
391338391338B000FFVYEQA363WVU2ZHACBXbeverly hills realtor1221211068800bars not so freshthe bars received were stiff and hard.. maybe dried out or something great taste but not worth breaking a tooth or losing a filling over.
391339391339B000FFVYEQAQ0VZB92KJYR0Cecelia F. Maier "Ceily"0151237852800Yummy for your tummy (and not your waist size!)My daughter turned me on to this snack, protein food. It is great. Better than store junk protein bars!
391340391340B000FFVYEQA2023OTNO3QIIWD. Varney "Tea Maven"0151224547200Don't buy theseDo not buy these if you don't have the self-discipline of a nun. They are my favorite snack of all time. I cannot be trusted with them.
391341391341B000FFVYEQA1JQPQV524VJCPK. Wharton "health nut"0151175126400Healthy snack that tastes greatWe purchase boxes of KINDS Almond & Apricot bars and other flavors of KIND bars to give out at trade shows, workshops and for ourselves. Attendees really appreciate a nutricious snack that is portable, crunchy and tasty and they give us the energy to stay on our feet and energized during the long show hours.
391342391342B001EBSRHMAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1141300579200Nice heat--and a fun snackI just discovered this addictive taste treat a short while ago. The peanuts are roasted in the shell and are salted and a tasty spiciness is added, too. There is a slow burn in the mouth with each peanut. If you don't like spicy peanuts, do not try this product out! However, if you enjoy some spiciness, this is a nice snack food.

I am often disappointed when some food is described as hot and spicy--only to eat something that has minimal heat to it. This delivers the goods nicely. It is not so hot that one burns (as, for instance, with the few times I've tried habanero peppers!), but it has enough pop to be an interesting taste treat.
391343391343B001EBSRHMA3MDH1WAITZE00donny random1151223683200Healthy, spicy snackI have been eating Hampton Farms Cajun Creole Hot Nuts for about 15 years. In my opinion they are the most delicious snack food on the market. Healthy and tasty, but if they were unhealthy I would still eat 'em. I must confess, I am completely addicted. After you eat a few your nose starts to run and your eyes begin to water. For an extra added kick you can lick the shell (which has the hot Cajun flavor) after you eat the nuts inside. In fact, I am eating some right now and my mouth is on fire. Trust me, this is the good stuff.
391344391344B001EBSRHMACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"0051338076800Flavor Drives Me WildThese nuts have an extra dash of flavor that you don't get from regular salted peanuts.

I do tend to love hot and flavorful snacks and these peanuts are right up my alley.

A combination of mild heat and Cajun Creole makes them so tasty and mouth watering, it's just unexpected- until you become acquainted with them.

I you like lighter seasoned peanuts, these re not the right snack for you, but if you love a great hot and savory snack, you'll just love these.
391345391345B000E65OQAA25SV9NCJ3AWX8Ivy Claire, RN "Namaste"494951171584000A NATURAL CURE FOR INSOMNIA THAT WORKS!I've had difficulty falling asleep since my college days. Once I entered my mid-30's the insomnia became more frequent. Melatonin and valerian pills did not work unless taken at levels that left me with a morning hangover effect. L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, and GABA were ineffective. I have also tried numerous prescription (sleep is necessary to get through nursing school) and OTC medications that are used to treat insomnia. Most left me with a headache or excessive daytime sleepiness (zombie mode). I first tried Sleepytime Extra (Sleepytime and other chamomile teas do not work for me)about 6 weeks ago, and each time I drink it I become sleepy within 15 minutes. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra works like a charm! The 25mg of Valerian root works synergistically with the chamomile and tilia estrella. I'm stocking up before the FDA comes down on valerian like it did kava kava. I also recommend 30-60 minutes of sunlight in a.m. hours, because many people are unaware that they have DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Insomnia).
391346391346B000E65OQAA135730LG1JRVCjosakana333451218844800Sleepy Opium Bear Extra is the best bedtime drink ever.for those of you not initiated, valerian tea is the single best herbal soporific out there. camomile? not even close. some custom blend of liquorish root, peppermint, ginger and rosehips? don't make me laugh. this stuff puts you to sleep like the nyquil of the plant kingdom, but you wake up fresh and without that 'who did something in my mouth' feeling. the problem is that valerian root, by itself, smells and tastes horrible. i mean, actively foul. like it probably wards off mosqitoes and bears and camels and all, y'know? so unless you're a hardcore hemp-wearin' organic cotton 100%-recycled composting-toilet earthship hippy, you wants to get your hands on a blend, hear?

the single best valarian blend out there is the 'Sleepytime Extra'. Sleepytime Tea, aka 'Sleepy Opium Bear' (check the picture on the label. it's like Ursus laudenum, you know what I mean?), is a Celestial Seasonings camomile blend tea. it's alright. but some friends introduced me to 'Sleepytime Extra.' with tagline "the valerian makes it extra". that is one mighty fine valerian blend tea. 25mg valerian, nicely formulated, tastes like a bit thicker, richer and slightly sweeter camomile. nice.

we are going through Sleepy Opium Bear Extra in this house at a rate of knots. 20 bags in a box means a box every two weeks at best, since we both skip some nights because we're scared we getting addicted. (stay tuned.) but we were down to three bags, and frankly i don't trust my housemate jenn not to substitute in some regular ol' tension-tamin' no-extra camo-minty junk without telling me, because that's the kinda person she is.

buy this stuff. it will change your bedtime experience.
391347391347B000E65OQAA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"252651159228800Minty Chamomile for Sweet DreamsValerian and Chamomile are blended with spearmint leaves, lemon grass, hawthorn berries and orange blossoms to create a delicious tea to savor late at night before you drift off into dreams. This tea is much more effective than regular Sleepytime and I can say this because my sleep cycle has been fairly regular with much fewer nights of tossing and turning. You may also find that your mood the next day is rather mild and you feel more relaxed in general. This could be due to getting a good night's sleep for a change or it could be that the valerian has a lasting effect. Valerian is a very effective herb if you can't get to sleep and this tea is highly recommended for insomnia. Unlike sleeping pills, you won't feel groggy the next morning. Blend in a little lavender or orange blossom honey to enhance this deliciously mild minty tea.

~The Rebecca Review
391348391348B000E65OQAA3PYJS8S7T2G82Shelly192051156982400LOVE THIS STUFF!This product is a great evening tea to help you relax and gently eases you too sleep. Before this I was taking harsh medicines like Tylenol PM's and such and always woke up feeling worse than before I went to bed! Not with the tea! Let me clarify, it will not knock you out, but just help to relax you.
391349391349B000E65OQAAKRVR5SJ8ONPYKeri13867751280707200Knocks me outI never write reviews, that's how much I love this stuff.

I don't sleep well. Usually, it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep and get up about 4-5 times in the middle of the night for no reason. And that's a good night. On bad nights I don't fall asleep at all, or it takes me hours to fall asleep and I still get up multiple times a night. Most of the time, however, I can tell when I'm going to have a bad night so, when I saw this in the store I thought it might be able to help (plus I like the normal version).

I drink it and 30 min later I can barely keep my eyes open. I sleep the whole night through. Gives me crazy dreams though. Not bad, just weird and vivid.

Oh and I took this with Tylenol once because I also had a headache and I woke up in the middle of the night really dizzy. I don't know if the mixture of this tea and the pain killer had anything to do with it, but I've never experienced that before and it only happened the one time I took it with medicine.

Other than that, it tastes good, smells amazing, and knocks me out.

p.s. Just bought the new vanilla flavor - not as potent but delicious!
391350391350B000E65OQAA250GBIWE6UJIUMartha Miller "dabbler in many things"7751175731200This works.I use the regular Sleepytime frequently in the evenings, but on those nights when you need a little something extra, this stuff is amazing. Its very nice when travelling and you are having a hard time sleeping in a strange bed. I don't like taking medications (no Lunestra for me) but with this, don't need to.
391321391321B000FFVYEQA26LO3KVCC5ZGQAngela Katsavavakis3341225929600Reasons to buy this bar1.Great taste and fresh. It is sweet for those that don't like sweetness.
2.Easy to eat, not messy, leaving no crumbs behind.
3.Few and natural ingredients: 100% natural almonds, apricots (but not dried but made from a paste with pectin), honey, coconut, glucose, puffed rice,chicory fiber, soy lecithin (important for those avoiding soy).
4.Dairy, wheat, and gluten-free
5.Non GMO, although it doesn't state that it is organic. This is the only reason why I am giving this bar 4 stars and not 5.
6.No trans fat or cholesterol.
7.Five grams of fiber and three grams of protein per serving
8.Handmade in Australia by PeaceWorks. Important to consider if you are trying to stick to products made only in the USA.
9. The company donates 5% of its profits to OneVoice, a foundation supporting co-existence in the Middle East.
10. Wonderful price thru Amazon especially if you do the Subscribe and Save. And yes, you will eat them fast since they taste so good.
391322391322B000FFVYEQA1WLXVRG0WLGRFWhite Lily "Suzie"1151255651200Finally! A snack bar I can eat.Recently I found that I had a gluten allergy. It explained why all the snack/energy bars made me sick when I ate them. This is a gluten free bar that tastes great! My daughter suggested I check to see if they carried them and that led me to many other products that were also gluten fee, great price and free shipping on auto ship. LOVE IT!
391323391323B000FFVYEQA1OUQU7BBA9GR7F. Butler "stable secretary"2351236038400Delicious!Who says that people who are allergic to wheat and dairy have to go without desserts? Not when you have something as delicious as KIND Bar Almond & Apricot bars to eat, and not just for dessert.

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