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391379391379B000E65OQAA3M6QVSMOAC6KSarah Smith "ssmith"3451205971200This turned me into a hot tea fan!I am not usually a hot tea person but I love this stuff!
I am a nurse and I started drinking this tea when I would sleep during the day. I work third shift and I didn't want to get in the habbit of taking tylenol PM or benadryl everytime that I needed help sleeping. What I like about this tea is that when you wake up you don't feel drowsy. You sleep well and feel like it when you wake up.
I also continued to use it as I started a new job this year and I had trouble sleeping at night. I always have a huge to do list and this helps me sleep at night and not wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what I didn't get done that day or what I need to get done the next day.

Also, for how much it helps you sleep, it is very inexpensive. THis is the way to go if you need help getting to sleep or staying asleep once you get there. I have never used prescriptions meds to help me sleep and I don't think that I ever will as long as I can keep using this.

THis can be tricky to find in the store. I always get my tea at walmart(it is convenient). One time I found it with the vitamins and one time I found it with the groceries in the tea section. If you can't find it, make sure that you check both places. I hope that this helps!
391380391380B000E65OQAA1A1KFRLEGQ6UGR4621323475200Bad reaction to valerianI love regular Sleepytime tea, but I had a bad experience with Sleepytime Extra, I assume because of the valerian. The tea did not help me sleep at all. Then in the morning, I couldn't stand without fainting and had a horrible headache. I had to sleep off the effects for several hours. I tend to be prone to fainting and have bad reactions to drugs with psychological effects, so my reaction is probably unusual. However, I would recommend reading up on valerian before trying this tea.

On the plus side, it tasted fine, though different from regular Sleepytime.
391351391351B000E65OQAA2RKZ839WIWVHLbobtec91051171152000It's nice to have that something EXTRA.I use to take valarian root pill before I went to bed, but always felt it was a little too sedating. With this tea, it's a lot milder (the differance is like a Lullaby vs. a sledge hammer). It also has a nice aroma, bouquet, and flavor. I like to mix this with blueberry, or (when I'm under the weather) Echenacia tea (Celestials wellness tea).

One word of warning. If you're on any medications for anxiety, depression, etc., you may want to stick with regular Sleepytime.
391352391352B000E65OQAA23U0BSJRVR8YVDanny Danny "Danny"5551171929600Works WellI like the flavour, and the product does just as it says - very well and non-addicting!
391353391353B000E65OQAA2GJJLK9ZN4U5Pcarolinawren4441164844800Relaxation with no hangoverThe tea works like a dream. It relaxes me just enough to go to sleep and I don't wake up feeling drugged. Works much better than valerian capsules.
391354391354B000E65OQAA3SK4MHSX7CHVHB. Dunlap4451290211200Really helps me sleep I love the automatic shipments and the price
391355391355B000E65OQAAQL8W96NUR712Jaime Hazelwood "Possum"3351193184000Excellent ProductThis is an excellent product. The taste of it, because of the valerian, may take some getting used to, but a little bit of honey and some quiet relaxing, and this tea will put you right to sleep.
391356391356B000E65OQAA2G56IE26Q1FELM. Reid "Seven Angels"3351179100800RefreshingSleepytime Exta helps you fall asleep naturally, and when you wake up in the morning you feel refreshed and ready to meet the day. No drousy or tired feeling. I recommend it highly.
391357391357B000E65OQAATEIWVA43U4OAuntie Kat3351259539200Finally! Restful sleep!My husband and I drink this almost every night. We sleep great! Feel refreshed in the morning, never groggy. My son-in-law calls it "old fart tea," but I don't care! I sometimes have a hard time sleeping, especially when I work nights. I just brew a strong cup of this with a little milk and honey and usually I sleep peacefully. Try it!
391358391358B000E65OQAA3PZ1KFHZ7PC1GJessamyn L. Bean "Jessamynniemouse"3351190592000Quite tastyThe Celestial Seasonings tea is quite tasty, especially compared to other bedtime teas I have tried. For example, the Yogi tea is bizarrely sweet because they add stevia root. Sleepytime Extra has a nice herby taste. In terms of effectiveness, I have varied results. However, I think that is because I'm a hard core insomniac. I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping, or who is trying to get off prescription sleeping medication.
391359391359B000E65OQAA36E7G8BP8JYFXYvette R. Williams "Avid Reader"2251333584000INSOMNIA NO MORE...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG, since entering my 40's I have had issues sleeping! I've been on every prescription pill out there and although they work, I didn't want to be tied to the expense associated with them even after the insurance paid its portion. I am a tea drinker and I experiment with different teas tastes all of the time. I'd heard Dr. Oz mention Valerian Root before and how it helps with Insomnia. I saw this tea at my local grocery store and decided to give it a try, NOT EXPECTING anything major. WOWWWWWW, I brewed one cup and about an hour later I was really relaxed and able to fall right asleep. I have told all of my friends about it. I also tried melatonin and it gave me an awful headache each time I tried it. I love this tea and hope they never stop making it! I even like the taste! I look forward to my soothing cup each night at bedtime!
391360391360B000E65OQAA19AFKYCXCCTHZErica "Makeup fanatic"2241316476800Gave me a better nights sleep!I was really surprised with this product and how it helped me sleep at night. On an average I sleep about 4 hrs a night and considering that I have to get up for work at 6:15 in the morning I am quite exhausted. I tried sleepytime in hopes that it would help me and was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the tea and how I slept the entire night with no tossing and turning. The only con I have is that it didn't work immediately for me like it did for others and so now I take it about an hour and a half before I go to bed. It does give you a calming effect and I was able to feel rested without that groggy feeling in the morning. I have to say that it has improved my sleeping because I am not constantly waking up at night and having to force myself to sleep again. Very happy I bought extra.
391361391361B000E65OQAA243KWKLV8XFIWjsc2251290470400Great Product!I have used the Sleepytime tea in the past, then I found the Sleepytime Extra, and I think this works much better. I have used valerian root off and on when I have difficulty sleeping with great results, but this tea is working great, and it's a nice little pre-bedtime habit to look forward to that does help.
391362391362B000E65OQAA72MPO3YC4GJZJessica Barragan "coffeegrrl7"2251223510400Great Herbal relaxation teaI am so thrilled that Amazon offers this Sleepytime Extra tea here! I'm so tired of searching high and low at so many high end grocery stores to find it! This tea contains valerian which doesn't knock you out, but just lets your body relax so that sleep comes more easily. I've used it for years, and it tastes great! I usually drink a 10oz. cup about a half hour before bed and then sleep really well. I highly recommend it.
391363391363B000E65OQAA3M2VGWFJGRUOHEco-Friendly Interior Designer2251220832000Great Tea!Celestial Sleepytime Extra is terrific! I've always liked the taste of Sleepytime--love chamomile--but was concerned about the addition of valerian. Valerian is a powerful, natural sleep aid, but I hate the aftertaste when taken in pill form. Luckily, this tea still tastes good and helps make you fall asleep easily.
391364391364B000E65OQAA1M7ZJR68H1VTATennisFan4Life "DJB"2251200009600This Stuff Works!!!! (It's Got Valerian in it)I read the reviews on here, and I thought this might work for me, because I have tremendous trouble getting to sleep, and I'm only 23. This has a nice chamomile/mint flavor to it. It wasn't too flat tasting, or too strong. It was just right. About 10-15 minutes after finishing a cup, I felt the valerian kicking in, and I was off to sleep. I actually slept 8-9 hours which is a huge improvement over the five to six I generally get each night. I think the valerian from the tea was in my system all night, because after sleeping about 5 hours the first time, I got up for an hour, but went back to sleep for another 4 hours without a problem. I don't know if it's supposed to stay in your system that long, but nonetheless, it worked, and Celestial Seasonings did an awesome job of creating this one of a kind tea. This is why I only drink Celestial Seasonings tea. No more Lipton!!!! Not only are the products 100% natural, and caffeine free, but they taste good and leave you wanting more.
391365391365B000E65OQAA27DNNR4DBZ3K6Amber Lorene "leenda"2251191974400Don't Take That Sleeping PillCelestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) This warm and relaxing tea has me ready to nod off by the time I reach the bottom of the cup. Very pleasant taste and much more palatable than having to take sleeping pills. Also, I don't have that sleeping pill drowsiness hangover the next morning.
Very highly recommend this product!
391366391366B000E65OQAABWB1KVI4CC5HPatricia OShea "Patcane"2251179878400its the bestI used to use regular sleepytime but it stopped working but now use this and it is marvelous - and tastes pretty good too!
391367391367B000E65OQAA198PNHBAUKJ1EJohn Storbeck4551293753600Sleepytime Extra Dreams!I've been using Sleepytime to relax at night. No real problems sleeping but it did help me shut down. I saw the "Extra" and thought I would give it a try. Same good sleepy affect but I started having dreams, lots of very long lasting dreams about all kinds of stuff. Nothing scary, some are replays of things in the past some are fantasy like assaulting a meidieval fortress over and over until I get it right. I don't think I dream normally, at least I don't remember them if I do, but with the Sleeptime Extra I almost always have very vivid dreams and it really is an enjoyable way to spend the night. No adverse affects as far as I can tell, well except for run on sentences I suppose!
391368391368B000E65OQAA3DH86OVM1KK76Just Me1151345075200Best Sleep Aid and Tastes Good TooI have tried many over the counter and natural sleep aids and this is my favorite. The "extra" in this tea is really important. Its not just Valerian, its also the Tilia Estella (Ternstroemia pringlei) that does the trick. Works like magic and with no morning grogginess. I often like to have a drink in the evening to quiet my mind and help me relax. When I'd rather not for whatever reason, I can substitute this tea for my ritual relaxation and ensure a quick bedtime and good night's sleep as well. I highly recommend it.
391369391369B000E65OQAAIUXVMM8G7UW6LN1151335312000Best tasting tea and definitely works to help you fall asleep!!!I was upset the first time I used this Sleepytime Extra tea as it didn't really work. Then my friend told me she had used 2 bags instead. I tried 2 bags and while it wasn't like my sleeping pills I did slowly felt my body relaxed and my eyes were ready to shut. I hadnt had a good night sleep before any night that i felt restless I just popped 2 in my mug and some hot water! Thank you Sleepytime.
391370391370B000E65OQAA2416MXGDU5D1KAudrey Beerman "wife, new mom, CMO, rockstar"1141324080000Insomnia sucks. This tea helps.Will Sleepytime tea cure my inability to sleep? No. Is it a valued part of my get-sleepy-ASAP regimen? YES. I actually use the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker to brew this into perfect iced tea. Smooth, calming.
391371391371B000E65OQAA1FMXW3W0O018BOLDBROAD1141320451200Very Cozy!I really like this tea - tastes good, smells good, and makes a cozy nightcap. I really think it works - I saw Dr. Oz recommend drinking a cup of valerian tea to help you sleep and this is much tastier than plain valerian tea. Can't find the Extra version of the Sleepytime in my stores so I will order again.
391372391372B000E65OQAA39R3WXXMMYJN4JT "JT"1151314921600NiceThis tea tastes great and puts you to sleep...along with Benadryl or Advil/Tylenol PM. It is now part of my nightly routine. I sleep better now and have a more satisfactory quality of life. Now I don't have to ask my doctor for Ambien.
391373391373B000E65OQAA23SUAE4709RB9lmat171151306800000I love this tea!I have a hard time falling asleep and this tea really helps me. I have tried both the regular version and the extra version and I found that the extra is much more effective for me. I would definitely recommend trying this before using using other sleep remedies.
391374391374B000E65OQAA1XBUHT0JKF82FK. Walker1151261612800Sleepy Time Extra is excellentMy wife has trouble sleeping and used to take Tylenol and a glass of wine.... NOT a good combination. I was really happy when she found that this "Sleepytime Extra" helps her sleep just as well! It has none of the side effects of other sleep aids.
391375391375B000E65OQAA3ODYUJ86JWI2TA. Zachman1141247184000Works Good, But makes you have to go to the bathroomThe product works good for what its intended for, and tastes good to. My only problem would be that at 2 am I have to go to the bathroom. Not that big of a deal, and worth it to get the sleep that I need.
391376391376B000E65OQAA2LXRUM66ANMW2D. Bowen1151240790400TeaI really enjoy drinking this tea in the evening. It tastes good and it is relaxing. Also, buying in bulk helps me to stay within my budget.
391377391377B000E65OQAA3RSLZOVCTQ7TYknc1us1151223510400Awesome Non-Prescription Sleep ProductThe Sleepytime extra is just what I need on nights when I am stressed or just can't seem to sleep.

Even though I frequently take Ambien to aide with sleep the sleepytime extra tea assists whether I take the presription medication or not.

It is also a nice calming, relaxing tea that even the aroma seems to promote restfulness.
391378391378B000E65OQAAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena1151209513600Very good product!Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea is a wonderful blend of ingredients that give it an indescribably wonderful taste, and an amazing ability to just make you feel relexed enough to get some sleep.

Make no mistake, this is not an actual sleep-aid that will make you sleep. The sense of relaxation that it gives you will just allow you to naturally drop off -- with no morning hang-over.

Highly recommended for flavor and effectiveness!

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