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391381391381B000E65OQAAO6B175NWR583Melissa0051344470400Great rest aid!This is the best sleep aid! It's more like "rest" aid since it helps you fall to sleep quickly and you wake up refreshed and not groggy. My son is in college and also works odd hours and this helps him tremendously!
391382391382B000E65OQAA115GVCZGVDYWLauren A. Wingrove "Health Foodie"0051313884800Makes me sleepyI have trouble getting to sleep, and many nights wake up several times. This tea has valerian in it, which is a proven herbal relaxer. This tea not only tastes great, but makes me drowsy as well. I've found it most effective when I let it brew for about 5 minutes, take it to bed with me and sip on it while I read something relaxing. If I don't drink it before I go to bed, I definitely brew a cup when I wake in the middle of the night. Then it helps me get back to sleep.
I keep several boxes on hand, because I never want to run out of it!
391383391383B000E65OQAA23OT0BEY4Y3SNgyongy330051312416000I love it :)The Celestial company's teas are the best. It is very important, the tea is clean. I buy often the Celestial tea because this brand name means to me the good quality, tasty tea. I recommend all of them to try. Much better then silly sugar bomb sodas!!!
For children, I recommend the simple "sleepy time tea" , the Extra is too "strong" for children.
391384391384B000E65OQAA1BJ1F039CIZGAbabyhounddogs0041301011200Calming TeaI really like the taste of this tea, seems to be calming before I go to bed. Not sure about how much it helps with sleep. I think it helps with going to sleep, but I have trouble trouble staying asleep.
391385391385B000E65OQAALQWN6IXEQUVBBarry Acker0051239840000Tea that helps you get to sleepthe 6 pack is great money savings bargain on this very helpful product which one would only be able to purchase in healthful stores at a much higher price.
391386391386B000E65OQAATV90VKG2AW5AE. LUEBEHUSEN0051234483200Product as ExpectedNo complaints. The tea arrived in a timely fashion, and quality was on par w/store-bought.
391387391387B000E65OQAA2D2DRUB1RBK08S. Javor ""game player""0051233878400Pleasant sleep aidA wonderful way to gently feel relaxed and sleepy and look forward to your head hitting the pillow!
391388391388B000E65OQAANRMWOI93XSWTC. Kenning "ckenn"0051222992000Sleepytime Extra really does the jobCelestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra with Valerian really helps get to sleep after a fast-paced day with work, kids, etc. The taste is not bad and the results are great! It can be hard to find in stores, so this is a good way to buy. My whole family drinks it now, so I was glad to find it in 6-packs.
391389391389B000E65OQAA1RC2AB92678LHArt Lover0041206576000It worksThis stuff really works and tastes so much better than just plain valerian (ugh!). I highly recommend trying it before trying something strong and chemical (and scary) like Ambien.
391390391390B000E65OQAA19AVLBUEVMUTRhttp://heatherandkevininutsunomiyajp.blogspot...0051203638400awesomeThis is the best tea! If you are looking to relax this is the ticket!
391391391391B000E65OQAA2WH8W5ITC0IE3Allsold0051202860800it helpsme get to sleep faster, and I actually feel better when I get up, so I really like this.
391392391392B000E65OQAAKGF8SG65IQQPiper1231297987200nightmareI drank this tea for the first time last night and it did put me straight to sleep. Unfortunately, I slept terribly. I had anxiety nightmares all night long to the point where I woke up at 2.15 am with fear and adrenaline rushing through my arms and legs so badly that they were actually hurting. Went back to sleep and it happened again. Finally got up at 4.30 just to make it stop. Was shaky all morning. I've never had this happen before and I'm not taking any medication other than stuff for my asthma. Can't help but relate it the tea though I will try it again tonight to see if happens again. If so, that will be the end of the tea for me.
391393391393B000E65OQAA3EBHHCZO6V2A4Amaranth "music fan"1251291680000A Sleeper HitCelestial Seasonings' Sleepytime Extra is their usual Sleepytime formulation (chamomile) with the extra kick- so to speak- of valerian. Valerian is the herbal basis of Valium. Valerian is a natural relaxant, like kava kava (Yogi Tea - Kava Stress Relief, 16 bag. It's far more delicious as a tea than a pill. This tea has a calming, herbal flavor. It goes well with desserts. Two cups can literally put me to sleep, but so can boring things like War and Peace (Oxford World's Classics). You can put this in a samovar and drink it. Sleepytime Extra is a refreshingly drug-free sleep aid. It's a lullaby in a cup.
391394391394B000E65OQAA19T9QSFOURJ0Zigm "igm"1231283731200Sleep>I was disappointed by this tea. I thought that since it contains Valerian, it would help me go to sleep, but it did bit. A good cup of chamomile tea will do as good as this one.
391395391395B000E65OQAA33B7GOT90VUXNJeffrey Meadows3631276819200Just a nice tea, valerian does not make it extraThis tea has a nice flavor and is nice to drink in the evening (with most of the herbs being traditional evening flavors). But the tea itself is not a sleep aid or sleep supplement. Its 25 mg of Valerian is several hundred times less Valerian than a standard Valerian extract pill. They add an extremely small amount of Valerian so they can charge more for a 'medicinal' product - note the warning that you should not operate machinery. My advice is spend a dollar less and get yourself regular Sleepytime. It's a great tea.
391397391397B000E65OQAA3PQ1QUGL4KMTUMichelle A. Morse0221243382400not the sameI agree with the reviewer Vasquez. It is my experience that Sleepytime Extra is not the same. To me it is a puny, pale shadow of it's former perfect self.

Sadly, the question is why?
391398391398B000E65OQAA26EXMDN188M0Lysan1521286064000Ok, I guessDidn't do anything for me except give my heartburn. Gave it to some friends, they love love it.
391399391399B000E65OQAA2CT9XC4NNWNFBM. M. Vasquez3921226707200sleepy time with valerian extraI used to buy this products in groceries and pharmacies and I gave it to my mother and she used to fall asleep minutes later and after I gave to her for a couple of days on a row she used to sleep a lot during the day too (she suffers from insomnia). It is very difficult to find it in the stores now (the one with valerian) that is why I bought it from amazon, but I do not what happened but this one doesn't have the same effect on my mother, she still doesn't sleep and I have to give her the sleeping pills (they do not help that much either).
391400391400B000E65OQAA1XJUM0VUXX5Z2poochcol31611283558400*boos*The tea didn't make me drowsy in the slightest and tasted nasty. I've barely had tea in my life, so I checked to make sure I was doing it right the second time, including adding a second bag of tea to see if I just had low sensitivity, but still nothing happened, and it just tasted nastier. Judging by the other reviews, I guess I'm unlucky?
391401391401B000E65OQAA2SLHE9WBD4HR2Flaminga7732531154908800Great Product/Poor ServiceI happen to know this is a good product because I've used it before. However, it has taken longer than the estimated delivery time for it to arrive. (And this is with Amazon Prime!!!)Further, whenever I enter the tracking number, I've gotten the following message--(for the past five days!!!)

Your item was processed and left our SPRINGFIELD, MA 01152 facility on August 05, 2006. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. It should not take five days for ANYTHING to get from Springfield, MA to Southern Maine.

This was my first experience using Amazon Grocery, and I must say it was not a good one. There should be reviews of the services they provide--for which they ARE responsible--and not the products they distribute for which they can take no real credit.
391402391402B0015KHL5GA2IZ5PNSEOVGUNT. BUECHLEIN "drunkard"1351286668800The Absolute Best!!!in advance, i spologize fer not using capitsa letters in my review... too lazy i guess. i also apologize (yo apollo! i yam a fighta!) fer any misspellings. but anyway, i'm kinda drunk on dortmunder right now so i don't really care... dortmundr is th best... the abolute best brew i have ever drnk... wll, i haven't had any lagers besides otc but it is the best. awwooooooooooooooooooooooo! i lovve this brew. did i apologize fer any misspellings? is tori spelling related to my review?
391403391403B0035C2C0GAGIW14FHIOZYETSS "TSS193"0051322870400My dogs really like these treatsConsidering my dogs are generally picky about the treats they eat, they really like them. I rate this item a 5 stars knowing that every dog is different and some may not like them. Unfortunately you will only know if you try them. These treats are biscuits dipped in a sweet icing on one end.
391404391404B001EPPG2MA3VYHVK3S16FQ0Lithuanian Librarian "John"3321265673600Not much flavorI purchased these because I find most canned fish rather bland and the sauce makes it more appetizing. This product has almost no horseradish bite. The thin sauce seems like powdered milk. I was looking forward to eating these but now it will be just a duty to finish them up.
391405391405B001EPPG2MA3UPNNKHF3MPTARick Rhey3341261612800Pretty good but not the bestI love kippered herring and while this is good there are some better brands on Amazon. The sauce was watery with hardly a hint of horseradish taste. I guess I gave it four stars because I like herring so darn much but now that I think about it maybe 3 1/2 stars would be more accurate. I also missed the natural smokey flavor that brands like Bar Harbor have. Certainly none of the cans of Roland I purchased will go undevoured but I will probably either return to a favorite or try another brand or type for my next purchase.
391406391406B0080ZC6QIA2G3MJ50BZ75BPJack Liu0041351036800GOODI bought those things for my Chinese friend. She said those Cereals( We called BaBaoZhou) were really closed to what she had at China. But she also said that those Cereals were way too sweet for her........
Oh, there were a little damage on some of bottles, but luckily, nothing got out.....
391407391407B006F5XWFOALW0H9QH6CS4Lmjillw0051341964800So Yummy!This no sugar added dark chocolate bar is amazingly yummy. It's perfect for anyone who is trying to diet or you just don't eat extra sugar.
391408391408B0000TLF1YAQWLDUSN22ZPEArane0051238371200Very tastyThis honey is very spreadable, more like jelly than honey, and very tasty. The jar it comes in may be small, but it is more than worth the price.
391409391409B0000TLF1YAD8FPYKIZ27ITJack M. Vosburgh "Videomaster"0031229731200Rosehip HoneyGood tasting honey. A little expensive considering the amount and price. If you are looking for a tasty alternative, you can't go wrong with this.
391410391410B002ZOUP2CA2YNGX4VN1QFAXBenjamin Bell0051338854400Awesome!All environmentally and baby friendly! Pretty colors with glitter and the perfect size for baby's mouth and your hand. And this is the best deal on the web.

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