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391451391451B004CH0RICAPBBLMX1CZ2CMRaemey "Raemey"1151338508800Genuine flavor, really freshThese spearmint leaves are the kind I used to eat as a child. They are fresh, with a delightful minty flavor. Good for popping one or two into your mouth after a meal to refresh the breath and satisfy that longing for something sweet.
391452391452B004CH0RICA27ULPK1RGCNU6Picky CO Mom0011350000000These are just gross!So I ordered these as I couldn't find anything local. I was making sea turtle cupcakes and needed these for the flippers and head. The product was inconsistent. Some were in pieces, some just fell apart when you picked them up. Some were fine. They tasted just like gummy mint but very very strong. If you can find the brach's ones, they are better. I wouldn't recommend ordering.
391453391453B002GZ9L2UA3L5N3V8JCAZNERoland P. Crivellaro2251252972800Escargot-Tasty but PriceyI had never tried Escargot(food grade snail) before. I can honestly say that my first experience, while a "Do it yourself" experience, was quite good. The snails have a very delicate and some what earthy taste mixed with an even lighter seafood taste similar to mild flavored scallops. The butter mixture on the pre-stuffed extra large escargot was a little to strong for the delicate taste of these wonderful creatures. I would recomend removing the snails from the shell immeadiately after cooking and allow them to drip a little before eating to get less butter and more snail flavor to truly appreciate their flavor. The shipping on this item was quite a bit more than I would have liked to pay....but is well worth it if you've ever been curios about trying this dish. The texture might freak you out if you're not familiar with clams, mussels and these have a soft and slightly chewy consistency that quicky melts in you mouth. An EXCELLENT appetizer dish for surf-n-turf or just part of a seafood dish. If you can find a similar quality dish elsewhere with less shipping costs, I'ld jump on the opportunity to enjoy these!
391454391454B005CV7V8GA14BTJRH9VNLJJKurt A. Johnson0041345939200Spicy, but not hotI have been eating Ritz Bits for years now, and have generally enjoyed all of their flavors. I actually bought these new 'Kickin' Cheddar' by mistake, thinking that they were normal cheese Ritz Bits. In fact, these treats are quite delicious. Largely speaking, they taste like the normal cheese Ritz Bits, but with a background of jalapeno spiciness.

They are not hot, but then again neither is the spiciness just a "hint" of spiciness. I found the flavor to be really nice - spicy, but not hot. The box says that nine Bits add up to 150 calories (carbs 17g), so you can easily munch six for a quick 100 calorie treat.

What can I say? I like these crackers!
391455391455B004NSGK9KA109UDZB70HFRFK. Brown1151336780800Corn Free Tomatoes!These are citric acid free, so CORN FREE, for those of you with corn allergies or just seeking to eat purer foods. Great for many recipes.
391456391456B005VOOG3WA1IWGJAZF2SSVQPatricia J. Kale "P J Kale"0051336608000Long time cook .Great product .Enhances flavor of vegetables , strengthens chicken flavor in soup , gravies , sauces , etc. And a big plus , low sodium in this case , means low sodium .
Have used it for years and hope Amazon keeps stocking it because they are only source I can locate .
391457391457B007C63ADEA1DB4U8ISVULVEThe Original Most Interesting Man in the Worl...1151335139200If I were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the urge to thank me.I once brought a knife to a gunfight, just to even the odds. I have won the lifetime achievement award---twice. Sharks have a week dedicated to me. I am the life of parties I have never attended. Nothing tastes like chicken to me---not even chicken. At museums, they allow me to touch the art. My business card simply says "I'll call you". I once went to a psychic---to warn her. I don't tweet, blog or facebook---I already know what you are doing, and I don't care. Both sides of my pillow are cool. When in Rome, they do as I do. If I were to pat you on the back, you'd list it on your resume.

I am the real most interesting man in the world.

Stay thirsty my friends.
391458391458B0004LZGJKALOZL0EST01ZZmassage man "a reader"3321341964800Thought I'd found my BBQ sauce for life!I love the taste of Bulls-Eye! I found out that I was on my last bottle of the 'original' - I like the other flavors as well - so I went by my local grocery, and I don't know why I looked on the ingredient list, but there at the top of the list, the main ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup! I was shocked. Didn't buy it of course, because besides the taste, I also love that I don't have to eat HFCS. I then checked the bottle I had at home. Unbelievably, my older bottle had no HFCS in it at all. So I'm savoring it for as long as I can until I can find a suitable replacement. What genius at the company took a ridiculously fantastic product and decided to ruin it?! Almost every BBQ sauce out there has HFCS in it, which is why I was so happy when I found Bull's-Eye. If you love Bull's-Eye as much as I do, please let the company know how much you enjoyed their original non-HFCS formula.

Bullseye originally didn't use HFCS so....

I wrote a note to Kraft extolling the virtues of their great decision to keep HFCS out of their sauce.
Well, I got a note back saying this:

Thank you for visiting [...]

The formulation of BULL'S-EYE Original Barbecue Sauce has indeed changed and I'm sorry you were disappointed with your most recent purchase. Your experience is important to us.

BULL'S-EYE Original Barbecue Sauce is committed to bringing the flavor you enjoy, while minimizing the impact of rising commodity costs to ensure we're providing the best possible price to consumers. To continue delivering the barbecue sauce you love we are now using high fructose corn syrup in all BULL'S EYE Original Barbecue Sauce.

Product made with high fructose corn syrup can be identified by the ingredient statement on the back panel of the bottle.

Our staff works very hard to provide the best tasting and satisfying products to the preferences of most consumers. Your opinion about the product is important to us as well and I will share your comments with our product development staff.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relations

I went to my local Shoprite and culled the HFCS bullseye sauces out of the group, and bought all the others. That will give me time to find a new bbq sauce. You'd think Kraft would be smart enough to charge more for the HFCS-free sauce for the folks who really want it, instead of loosing us as customers altogether.
391459391459B0004LZGJKA2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"3351301961600Simply the best.I'm a simple guy.
Give me chips, pizza and BBQ and I'm good to go.
When it comes to BBQ there is Bull's Eye and then there almost constant string of inferior sauces with a few other good ones here and there.
What can I say?
It's Bull's Eye.
It's sweet, tangy, and delicious on just about everything you can imagine.
Heck, I even eat it plain if I'm craving it badly enough.
Throw some cayenne pepper in for an added zing.
Timeless and infinitely delicious.
Highest recommendations.
391460391460B0004LZGJKA3OU7OP4VAVUKPTheresa M. Mcgorry3351268956800terribullseye always been the best sauce to me been using for bout 20 years nothing else gets close to it thats why i brought a case
391461391461B0004LZGJKA3R1Z18WAV2DG0Regina2251278633600The Best!Bull's Eye is the BEST sauce there is for homemade stew!! I could eat it everyday!!!
391462391462B001EHEEG4A2U58C5IL0TCN4S. Rose192131325548800Ingredient list would have been nice. I can't eat this.Don't know whether it tastes good or not. I bought this because I have several food sensitivities, including garlic, and was looking for a protein item I could eat while traveling. I thought I had checked this product for ingredients thoroughly prior to purchasing but apparently not.

For others who may have questions or need to know, the Smoked flavor contains (according to the package): "wild salmon fillet, salt, brown sugar, corn syrup solids, natural flavoring, spices & garlic powder."
391463391463B001EHEEG4AMAMD29OWW6ULtripjack6651320364800A godsend!I have been a pescetarian for 4 years and had been craving beef jerky so bad. I found this product and now I eat some almost every day! Plenty of protein and low calories. The taste is wonderful and seasoning perfect. Some have said it is expensive, but it is actual hunks of smoked salmon, you can't get that cheap!
391464391464B001EHEEG4A3G9Y5C2O05ZL4MusicLover6641279929600We Really Enjoyed ItMy wife, daughters and I found this to be quite enjoyable. Not too salty or smokey and definitely not fishy. It's tough, as jerky should be and good to eat.
391465391465B001EHEEG4A1Z58BXNDI2OMEMarvelous5551300233600Great Salmon JerkyHaving had the opportunity to purchase salmon jerky while in Alaska, it was great to be able get the same great taste through Amazon. If you truly enjoy jerky, you will enjoy this product. It was delivered fresh, moist, chewy, and very tasteful.
391466391466B001EHEEG4A20Y0AUHXWUBK7Fazle Khan1141323993600Excellent Salmon JerkyExcellent salmon jerky. My only compliant is every so often a fish bone sneaks in so you have to be a little careful when eating it.
391467391467B001EHEEG4A1Q7GR4TQDEPJDA. Benezra1151314144000Perfect Jerky for the Pescatarian...My husband and I hadn't had beef jerky for years (since we became vegetarians and then pescatarians), and this stuff was a great find for us! Yay!
391468391468B001EHEEG4A127IEGUV0O1I6Ilia Vinogradov0051350432000Wonderful replacement of beef jerkyWell, after my heart attack this year, I needed seriously limit amount of (red) meat I had been consuming. This one does the trick. Not fishy, just right
391469391469B001EHEEG4A39NG42R445O0Lkathryn0021349395200(high fructose) corn syrup awarenessThis salmon jerky is delicious, truly.. one of the best tasting and supple jerky's available.. it contains corn syrup, however, if you mind..
391470391470B001EHEEG4A2VIQLU57RMFGGBryan C "Alibryan"0011347667200DRY AND SALTYThis Salmon Jerky is the worst Jerky I have ever tried. Of any kind. Buy it if you want but I tried one or two pieces and threw the rest out.
391441391441B000HQNJHIA1DWCJBSV0SZ3JRIII1151293235200Love these toothpicks.I love these toothpicks. I used to buy another brand, and I won't name names(Thursday Plantation), until they changed their recipe. These are nice and hot, just like the description states. Great for helping curb those nasty cigarette cravings.
391442391442B000HQNJHIAITSACVP8D2OWarEagle86080031280966400Too HotI love toothpicks, especially cinnamon flavored ones, but these are way too hot. The Thursday Plantation Cinnamon picks are much better in my opinion. The Mint flavor of this brand, however are AWESOME!
391443391443B000HQNJHIA22R9L5DAVYYWRFrederick Carr "flrhcarr"0051255651200More flavor than you needAwesome. It has been a few decades since I had cinnamon toothpicks. These are done very well. The pick is the single point, party kind. Not the flat ones or double point. The flavoring lasts well past the life of the wood, which is fantastic. These shipped out so fast that they came the day after the order was placed (in contrast, everything else took up to 10 or more days to get).
Keep in mind, these are quite hot, & will burn your lips.
391444391444B000HQNJHIA3EN5F9NYXT5RDChristopher Koch "Nevada LCSW"0041251244800Exactly what they say they areGood chewing sticks (not simple toothpicks) with strong cinnamon flavor. Some seem hoter than others, not sure if I am imagining. Some friends love 'um, others complain too hot, not pain, just burning their lips.
I do get a slight (very) wood taste at different points, but just bit down hard on a wet spot and that problem is GONE.
391445391445B000HQNJHIA2DU53YPHSTNEPNeva M. Alf0011241049600Taste-T-PicksI thought this was a little too hot for a cinnamon flavor. Almost burns your tongue. Couldn't deal with it for long. I wanted just a cinnamon flavor not a hot tamale.
391446391446B000HQNJHIA35Z12H2G089VUJust Lil' Ol' Me0021238457600I don't care for these at allI really don't like these. They are weak in that sweet, cinnamon flavor, and do not last long at all.

It's really a shame the[...]gent passed away. He had the absolute best cinnamon toothpicks money could buy.
391447391447B000HQNJHIA3M44I4L6HJNQZS. J. Verhaeghe0051231632000ToothpicksSorry I didn't review sooner. The toothpicks arrived very fast, quicker shipping than I even hoped for! Product is exactly what I expected. Thanks!
391448391448B000HQNJHIAGJS19E50C0VLH. Lockett "Geek Girl 67"0051202428800Hot! Hot! Hot!These little toothpicks are big on taste. No tea-tree oil or other flavor additives to interfere with the pure cinnamon flavor. My husband has been using them to quit smoking and says they've helped more than any thing else. Popping a toothpick in his mouth when the craving hits has helped him get past the urge to smoke. Candy Crate provides fast service too. They shipped and delivered as promised.
391449391449B000HQNJHIA1LNAFOLX8C06KW. L. Wells "Aspiring Poet, Avid Writer"0021190505600Disappointed with productThey tasted more like chemically treated toothpicks than actually coated with cinnamon. I would not buy this product again.
391450391450B00182GKXKA94DR8TGDOEVAtankascribe0051327449600Swedish Yummy-ness!I was very pleased with the handling by iGourmet: the wedges of vacuum-packaged cheese arrived in a box with cold packs so they were still chilled (not a worry in winter but good to know if ordering during the summer months). Vasterbotten cheese is to DIE for; it's beautifully aged and slightly salty like sharp cheddar, but with a savory taste all its own. It's perfect when paired with dark sea-salted chocolate, in a sandwich, or just nibbled on all by itself. We ordered four 8 oz. wedges and with great reluctance gave three of them away as Christmas gifts. This cheese is made in only one locale in Sweden, in the Vasterbotten region (it's what they're famed for, amongst other things), and there's only so much of it produced at any given time. You may have to sign up for an email alert letting you know when it's available, but believe me, it's worth the wait!

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