Amazon Fine Food Reviews

391501391501B000SMYTWUA36E68YOWHTIDNJessica0011348790400Great if you like to eat things that taste like cardboard....I used to get something similar to these as a kid in the early 90's so I was kinda psyched when I saw these. However, my excitement quickly abated when i tasted one....they have a gritty texture and the cookie portion tastes like...well nothing...maybe what cardboard would taste like if you ate it...and the chocolate center is not at all creamy like I remember, it's more like a chunk of chocolate chalk or something...not pleasing to eat at all...nostalgia aside, I would certainly not eat these again...maybe I got a bad box, but i can't recommend these...
391502391502B000SMYTWUAS54YWSXVH8NMMr. Mike Gootjes0051324512000Wish they still sold these in AmericaI used to eat these as a kid and they were just as I remembered. Wish they still sold them in America.
391503391503B000SMYTWUA29CK3R8EIDEJGJJ Stark0051288137600The Return of Koala Yummies!My kids and I LOVED Koala Yummies and could easily sit down and polish off a box or two between us. When they were discontinued, we were all disappointed and couldn't understand why anyone would want to stop making such a delicious cookie/candy treat that was relatively inexpensive! Not too long ago, my son asked me about these cookies. We did some searches on the internet and discovered that the cookies were still being made but primarily for the Asian markets. After a little more searching, I discovered that they were available on Amazon, being sold by a third party seller. After taking a chance and ordering 2 bags, i was pleasantly surprised when they arrived quickly and were exactly as wonderful and satisfying as I remembered. In the last month, I've placed a total of three orders from Amazon and see myself returning regularly in order to restock the Koala Yummies!! Thank you Very Asia and Amazon for picking up where the grocery stores left off!!
391504391504B000SMYTWUA1XMMFEUWICE6JChristopher Batchelor "technofile"0051267660800TastyThese are incredibly good. I can't seem to keep a package of these around very long. My family and friends seem to get to them if I don't.
391505391505B0001RT5OYA1Z54EM24Y40LLc24451091059200Works great, quite easyWe had to get this toothbrush kit for our cat who has a bad gene pool regarding his teeth. It works just great and the cat doesn't really seem to mind having his teeth brushed at all. After paying $300 to have them cleaned, this is definitely a good investment. If your cat has bad teeth, or even if he doesn't, this is just a good habit to start in your cat's hygiene. It definitely saves on the health bills later!
391506391506B0001RT5OYAPWMK3EDC2G5UJessica Hoover "jrh"0221296259200Buyer BewareI bought this product for my 2 cats who are age 4 and 5. I tried brushing with just water first. I had a hard time even getting the cats to keep their mouths open. I was able to brush one of my cat's side teeth but it made his gums bleed.
391507391507B002NSFCAKA68QGXLAHL4QNMeleah M. Nye "Texas Pistol"2251265241600YumMy 3 and 4 year old picky eaters do very well with these! Thanks Peas of Mind!
391508391508B002NSFCAKAR18DL22MB9XElorentje2251261008000frozen snacks are sure to please!so pleased my little one is reaching for these instead of tater-tots! the puffets are great, too - and these are wonderful between meals, or served with one. stock up, you won't be sorry - in fact you'll be likely to sneak a few :)
391518391518B002NSFCAKAW7IJPQHTKDTWRunnerGirl0111327276800HORRIBLE. please save your money for something else.I read the rave reviews ad thought this could be a good snack.. WRONG. if you are reading this and debating whether to buy this or not, please do yourself a favor and DO NOT PURCHASE this.
the fries came soggy and very weird-flavored. i almost thought they were wet or just super super moist. it was gross. simply inedible. i really regret not thinking twice before buying this, and I hope no one else falls into this trap.
391509391509B002NSFCAKA1K1NC8IG13TLMezdoesit1151347408000LOVE LOVE LOVE these!This is the best thing ever for my toddler to get his veggies! We just call them "fries" and he gobbles them up. Make sure he has some ranch to dip them in and he doesn't know any better. The carrot ones we can disguise as sweet potato fries and the cauliflower ones really look like regular french fries once they brown. They both taste really good as well. The apple fries I use as a dessert for him. The broccoli ones are a bit hard to disguise as he sees green and immediately turns his nose up. We used to buy these from a retailer in Arizona and we moved to Springfield, Illinois and no one carries them. I have to resort to buying them online for the time being. They are a bit expensive, as we used to get the larger bags (16oz I believe) for much less than these 4 bags combined. But I'll keep buying them if my picky eater will eat them!
391510391510B002NSFCAKA3L7PQO27ZHUDJIm4Dogs0041348012800Very TastyWe have only tried the cauliflower ones so far but my whole family likes them. I heated them in the toaster oven until the edges started to turn a little golden brown and they were perfect. We like them plain or dipped in sugar-free ketchup. But the price here is way out of whack. I got them at Super Target for $3.99 per bag.
391511391511B002NSFCAKA1OSJVYZVT4ZP1J. Nebolini0051338249600Go to for my kids!My kids beg for french fries and they gobble these things up! Can't imagine having to feed them real fries now... these things are baked and healthy.
391512391512B002NSFCAKAMSGTYWUW7J6JStefvw80011297036800Would not recommendI thought these would be great for my picky eater, but they neither look nor taste anything like fries. I like almost any food and I can't even eat them. They taste like cardboard and have no flavor. My daughter will not eat them. I would definitely not recommend this product.
391513391513B002NSFCAKA1VGX69UDBC5SPpiper0011287532800Not very tastyI was so excited when our local Whole Foods got these in stock but turns out my 2 yr old wont eat them - I tasted them myself and they have no taste - kinda gross! I threw the bag away =(
Also, whole foods sells them for $6 a bag - amazon sells them for $10 - buy local if you can!!
391514391514B002NSFCAKA11KRDG30KKNSXM. Militello0041287100800toddler foodKinda pricey but my toddler does eat them. Took several tries but I was able to get him to eat these before I was successful with the other veggies he now eats. If you have a picky eater I'd say they are worth a try.
391515391515B002NSFCAKA26BUA30UQAHGTamyjlny0051286928000DELICIOUSI am thirty... something, and I love veggie wedgies. Is that wrong? They are like french fries but more nutritious, and quite frankly, they taste much better than frozen fries. The consistency is amazing. They stay crispie out the outside even if you eat them slowly, taking your time as they cool. I highly recommend them. Not just for grown-ups... great for kids too! I think it is a really cool concept to create foods kids love, but making them healthier by filling them with nutrient-rich vegetables. Give them a try - you won't be disappointed!
391519391519B0097XMRHAA1YHN8FCBWFP6ZJD Scott220051350432000AWESOME!!Great taste and great if you are on a low carb diet!! Gives you the crunch of a chip without the carb. The BBQ is the BEST!
391520391520B002R7ZS88A2J8IXLEYRKYELfrequent amazon flier "none"0111295740800costs a fortuneI read a review that said these packs were so weak he needed 4 packs of these Boyds Coffee for the little 4 cup brewer - I thought he was one of those espresso-super-strong coffee drinkers --- FOUR PACKS IS JUST A REGULAR STRENGTH IN THE TINY DRIP COFFEE BREWERS. Way too costly - you do the math --- it would be cheaper to go anywhere for a nice coffee than to invest in these ridiculously weak coffee packs. Do not buy unless you want to buy tons of packaging - they are a waste of money & space - this order comes in a huge box - it really takes four packets to brew a REGULAR cup of coffee!

Where are all the nice filter packed coffees we get in our lovely hotel rooms???
391521391521B002GWHC4WA2C8Z24UT8W79JDr. Z.2251284163200Fresh BeansThese are premium fresh organic beans resulting in great flavor after roasting on an air popcorn popper to a medium roast which is my preference.I roast small batches, outside and grind in about 48 hrs. With great results.
391522391522B002GWHC4WA1Z97V0LDWXOOPDr. SSS0511320883200Tastes terrible and you don't know you are drinking coffeeDon't bother. I am very disappointed with green beans. They don't seem roasted. They add nothing to the taste of coffee.
391523391523B000W05J90A1C10IXFT8FV23Chefette_Joy0051204502400MMM...Great!Oh my this bread was to die for. I love the flavor and texture. My family loved it down to the last crumb. I made this in a bread machine and it turned out perfect. I would buy it again and again
391524391524B00032CW9WA2QCB7PT500DLZWaleska Cordero1151185667200MaltaI have always loved this product. It taste great but the shipping cost is too expensive. It is alot cheaper going to the store and buying it that way you wont have to pay for shipping.
391525391525B00032CW9WA26EB0MDHMDD5UDr. Stephen N. Resnick0031346976000Too SweetGood malt taste but way too sweet. Chronic drinkers will have big dental expenses.The vendor was very diligent in packing the bottles and there was no breakage, but it is best to buy these drinks in a grocery store if possible.
391526391526B000HDJXGWA3DTYHJRJ9HV0RC. Gordon2251225584000Chocolate!!These cookies are delicious! I am nursing an infant with a milk and soy protien allergy/intollerance and my diet has become quite restricted. I've looked all over for chocolate chip cookies I can eat and these are great. The are small and soft... perfect for a sweet little snack. My daughter actually prefers these cookies to other chocolate chip cookies. Only drawback is I think two tiny cookies are about 130 calories.
391527391527B000HDJXGWAYED5QV14NLGEKen Chang1131328572800try it considering the priceI was a little wary of buying this product at first, since it's not the typical big name brands such as Nestle or Cadbury's. However, these taste amazing and probably on par in terms of taste! The best part, I don't need to worry about serving my cookies, muffins, and breads any more whenever my kid has friends over since they are gluten, dairy, and soy free! Highly recommend trying it considering the price isn't too shabby either!
391528391528B000HDJXGWA141FW9KFSBRD0ToddlerMom1151325203200Amazingly goodThese are really, really good. You wouldn't know that they were missing most things that make cookies good. I love them, I am so thankful for this brand!
391529391529B000HDJXGWA2PMNH3YAV9PPQM. E. Curtaz "rbhrft"1151305072000Yea!!!Cookies my kids can enjoy! My boys have severe food allergies from all protein based foods. Finding treats for them is tough but these fit the bill perfect. They taste good even to those without limitations and I don't have to have the epi-pen handy when they eat them. Thank you Enjoy Life, you have made my little ones very happy. Now they get to eat cookies just like the rest of the kids.
391530391530B000HDJXGWA1X30B2GHEDHUAJ. Pogue "Allergy Mom"1141228089600Good CookiesThese cookies are a little small, but they are great for children with food allergies or those on gluten-free diets. Soft & Chewy. I've been buying them for about 3 years.
391516391516B002NSFCAKA2U8FF7ZAAO2TCSF0051270598400My kids love themThe title says it all. My kids would eat these breakfast, lunch and dinner if I allowed it. And I'm seriously considering it. (I like them too!)
391517391517B002NSFCAKA18P75U2H9JKI5Jet Setter0051270598400French Fries !Wow, these are pretty incredible! my kids don't eat anything healthy, I am lucky if they eat a pizza with tomato sauce! I put a plate of the broccoli fries in front of them and they didn't flinch! They are fat free... i guess because they are baked, and have like 4 ingredients on the list! I had to bake for a little less time than the instruction said, other than that they were flawless at my house!

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