Amazon Fine Food Reviews

391621391621B00511ML7IA1OSX9YBZ1X7K1SquirrelGirl0051348790400BEST SNACKS EVERAnnie's Homegrown Organic Snack Mix Bunnies Pizza are the best bunnies ever. I love them with all of my heart. You must try them!
391622391622B00511ML7IA3BSRASU2Q7MNWOneofFewWords0051341878400Best Snack Crackers Ever!I love that these crackers are organic. I was looking for an organic snack to replace my love for potato chips and these are it! The pizza flavor is delicious!
391623391623B0055N4TOAA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname2251287964800Absolutely delicious.Absolutely delicious. My dad bought these Pirouette French Vanilla wafers for us. The outer cookie is layers of thin wafers with a french vanilla cream filling. Crispy, light, sweet and elegant. It can really dress up an ice cream dessert. My kids love it and so do I.

Each rolled wafer contains the following:
*60 Calories
*22.5 Calories from fat
*2.5 g total fat
*1.25 g saturated fat
*0 g trans fat
*less than 5 mg cholesterol
*20 mg sodium
*9 g total carbohydrates
*0 g dietary fiber
*6 g sugars
*0.5 g protein.
391624391624B003WRE32OAUPJOUAAZHF5ZMichael Thelen0031322956800Peanut oil? DYED peanut oil.This product was inexpensive, shipped quickly, and performed as expected.

I would, however, have liked to know that it is DYED orange. I don't know if that would have precluded my purchase.
391625391625B000FUJ7CMA2EI2VUV3SPVYJoe0051309132800Always good!Loved this coffee since the first time I brought it back from New Orleans. Been ordering from these guys ever since.
391626391626B000FUJ7CMA2KAP0FXJT9W7KMichael J. Kerr "Michael"0051278115200Ahhh - New Orleans - Cafe du MondeTake yourself back to that first visit to Cafe du Monde when you tasted this great coffee. I shared the experience with some friends who had never been and now they've been romanced by the rich flavor of this chicory coffee treat. If you've not been there and you like to try something new then get this stuff. Even if you never add milk to your brew you'll add some to this cup and the magic of this special coffee comes through. Because it's drip brewed and you only add steamed milk - you can recreate the exact flavor that they serve at Cafe du Monde. What's chicory - you ask? Look it up online and you'll see how it's been used through the ages.
391627391627B001EQ59V4A1QEBPBXZDW1GTGary D "The Garbuncle"1151261094400Nom, Nom, Nom!I really love this stuff. It is one of the finest tasting little nut candies I have ever found. This one and the Pecan one are my two favorites. I have also tried other brands but by far Hazer Baba is the best of them all. If there is a choice of brands, make this brand the one you get.
391628391628B001EQ59V4A1KDH5Y1E9MVZYL. Bertone1151250640000Turkish Delight is delightful!Having been the lucky recipient of a small gift box of this confection from a friend who had just returned from Turkey, I was excited to be able to purchase it myself from Amazon. Not only was it delicious -- and rapidly consumed by my husband and me -- it was even more fresh than the gift box that had come directly from Turkey. I would definitely order it again.
391650391650B00028HN3WA1RKCPYOCFTE0YFrieda Bandida8851265155200Great foodI feed my dogs Sojos as part of a mixed bowl of quality kibble and quality canned food. I recommend Sojos.

But I had a problem with the Amazon purchase. Amazon stored the Sojos bag in the original mailing box Sojos sent them. My order was picked from the shelf and the box containing the Sojos was placed in another box and mailed to me. The bag of Sojos was almost one year old and there was no way Amazon kept track of that. I got a refund from Amazon with no question and very quickly, but Amazon needs to keep control of the "use-by" dates of food they offer on their site.
391629391629B001EQ59V4AAR3HAMRY5OWCKenny Penny2331187827200Hazer Baba - You have to have a sweet toothThis is a Turkish treat very popular in Europe. Unless you have an extreme sweet tooth this might be too rich for you. Even with a sweet tooth, you can not eat too many of these at one time.
391630391630B001EQ59V4A3CU9GSWRAOKNQI. Das "Das"0021346457600Sub-standardTasteless, over-priced, and unnecessarily loaded with sugar dust to make up for the lack of intrinsic taste. I have seen Turkish Delight of this bad quality on sale for less than 3 bucks at local stores.
391631391631B001EQ59V4A22BTBFMWXH5FOgadgetgeek "gadgetgeek"0021332460800where are the nuts?well, I ordered 4 boxes believing the pictures on the box. But the nuts are few and far in between. So either I got 4 bad boxes or their quality control is not good. So mostly just sweet gooey cornstarch.

Will not be ordering this again.
391632391632B001EQ59V4A3WEKT312MAQXphotoknip0041325289600Good, but not the bestThis product was packaged so as to keep the candy fresh and attractive. It was cut into fairly uniform pieces which were fairly uniformly dusted with powdered sugar so they didn't stick together at all. The care in packaging makes me think that the slight chewiness of this candy is intentional. I must say that the people I gave it to at Christmas really loved it. They would probably have given it a 5. I prefer the pieces to be a little larger and a little more tender. It's this preference that makes me give it 4 stars instead of 5.
391633391633B001EQ59V4A2MX2P3N0SPVVPAnnette0041314748800Hazer Baba Turkish DelightI bought Galil Almond TD and Hazer Baba Pistachio TD in the same order to compare. The boxes are similar, but the Hazer is cheaper. I like both, but prefer the Galil brand. The Hazer Baba was softer and mushier and the aliquot of nuts is skimpier, certainly than the picture on the front of the box. Still it's good and will be gone too soon.
391634391634B001EQ59V4A3SBPFXSU1AQK0T. Meeks0021276387200Too much sugarI have been in LOVE with Turkish Delight ever since spending a month in Turkey a couple years ago. So I'm always on the lookout for good stuff. But this is just caked in powdered sugar - so much so, that I have to shake, pinch, and scrape off the excess. After all that effort, I still can't taste the delight under all that confectioner's sugar :(
391635391635B006G7WC1GA3HFYNMMVTVLSCvinny2251342483200Great coffeeI really liked this coffee and must say it didn't last long in the office. Two bags of this coffee was gone within a week and a half. I plan to order more soon.
391636391636B006G7WC1GA3IYSIAKYOMKTORenter0041350432000Pretty intenseI got the Mystic Morning flavor, and if this is what a medium roast from this brand tastes like, I wonder how deep their dark roasts go. It's a bracing flavor profile in the morning, the kind of coffee that'll put hair on your chest. If you want your coffee strong enough to get up and walk away on its own, this is for you. Bear in mind though that an 8 oz pack will not go very far.
391637391637B006G7WC1GA2QZ0Q7H8QLXBRShu Wang0021349913600flavorlessI am not a coffee snob but craved coffee when I am pregnant, so I ordered some decaf. I have to say i never touched again and its not worth the trouble ( not much of course) of making it
391638391638B006G7WC1GALJHGSUNUN5K2G. Hansen "lumpykarma"0051349395200GOOD STUFFMarley Coffee is, in my opinion, the BEST! Strong, Bold, Satisfying...tastes clean and free of non-organic contaminants...I LIKE it very much!
391639391639B006G7WC1GA1H4C514HMFXGZHeavenLost0041348185600Coffee is of my favorite pleasures in life and I decided to try this brand once it was on sale for under $6. A bit lighter coffee then I'm used to but it was smooth and well rounded with just the right amount of nutty after taste. I'll be watching for the whole bean since I'm sure it will heighten the flavor. Actually bought some interest in the company (JAMN) since i think Mr. Marley has a winning product. Sure would be fun to sit down with him and listen to stories about his father over a cup of this Joe!
391640391640B006G7WC1GAR3LDOEXJIMAHpam steve0031347408000Organic Mystic Morning Ground Coffee, 8 OuncePrice first purchased was $4.95 then jumped to over $7. I stopped buying it at that price - coffee good, but not that good.
391641391641B006G7WC1GA3L6YSYB1ITURNJDrive0051347235200Ja, mon!Big fat beans roasted just right....easy to get out of bed for a mug of this coffee.
Much preferred to the Lively Up, the only other Marley Coffee I tried.
My friend who is a coffee snob even likes it.
Ordered the whole beans and I use my Aero Press to make it.
Have already reordered.
391642391642B006G7WC1GA8WDJ1H619R7Mangel baby0031345161600Organic lively up!espressoI was disappointed since i had been drinking another brand which had a bolder taste but this was good coffee.
391643391643B006G7WC1GA3PYMW0LCZUJR6UTblue "jaltair"0051344470400I love it! It's now my favorite!My home brew beats Starbucks now with the "Organic One Love, Ethiopian YirgaCheffe Whole Bean Coffe, 8 Ounce!" Definitely a recommend! Marley Coffee One Love Organic Gourmet Coffee 2 Lb Bag Whole Bean
391644391644B006G7WC1GA26LD9FQHTM8ZHOlyNomad0051340064000Strong, great-tastingWe really enjoy this coffee and have gotten hooked on it. It is strong and has a clean taste, no bitter after taste like some coffees and it's a great way to start the morning.
391645391645B000AXWAUAAYDFJ14NNIXN9T. Madison0051273881600SUGAR FREE SYRUPIt's always difficult to get a sugar-free anything. But, I was most satisfied with the almond sugar-free syrups and other flavours. This is not only good in taste but at a very resonable price as well.
You will not be disappointed.
391646391646B000AXWAUAA3PVFHFITOBUUSDianne K. Sherrill0051259712000coffee syrupI really love the Sugar Free Almod Torani in my coffee in the morning. You wouldn't guess it is sugar free. I sometimes add cocoa and have a chocolate almond coffee.
391647391647B000AXWAUAA2MLBX1164QKD7MJ0211331683200Love it but shipping way too high!!!!Torani sugar free almond syrup is my favorite and has been for years. Recently, the store where I used to purchase it told me that they are unable to carry it in the future. Much to my delight as a frequent Amazon customer, it was available online at a comparable price, but not as an Amazon product. OMG. I ordered a case and was shocked at the shipping cost!!!!!! I tried to cancel the order but the company said it had shipped, although I had immediately emailed and they were closed (Sunday).

I will never order again from the company just because of this shipping cost experience. Although the almond flavor is still my favorite, I will switch to a different one.
391648391648B00028HN3WA1HFKOWS3LJ7MRWillow Brook111151211587200Healthy Alternative to Kibble, Canned or Raw DietsActually, Sojo's strongly recommends that the meat you add to their mixes be raw, but it an be cooked as I choose to do. My dog arrived with coccidia and giardia as a puppy. Through veterinary mismanagement, he was never completely healthy for the first 2 1/2 years of his life. After watching him get sicker on an aggressive course of antibiotics and prednisone for his Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I took him to a holistic veterinarian. Part of his treatment has been a homemade diet of Sojo's and meat plus no medications. I'm extremely pleased to report he has had no GI episodes in over 6 months and has reached a point where I consider him healthy. His coat is glossy and much fluffier than before he's finally at a good weight. I have before and after photos that show a dramatic improvement,much of which I credit to Sojo's.

It does take some extra time to prepare as opposed to kibble, but I make 4 days worth at a time. This takes me about 30 - 40 minutes total which includes down time while the meat is cooking and cleaning up after. To be completely honest, I'm not thrilled about cooking for my dog but I am thrilled with the results. If I was able to feed him raw (perhaps down the road, when our vet gives the ok), preparation time would be almost nothing.
391649391649B00028HN3WA31ACB1YA6ABOXWard Johnson121351245628800This food is not unbalanced.Sojos foods have been tested for nutritional content and they are all formulated to have a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 1.4:1. You do not need to add calcium or phosphorus.

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