Amazon Fine Food Reviews

391651391651B00028HN3WAZTEQJCI6N5WLMari Hofman "dog lover"2251296172800GREAT foodI have three Newfoundlands so we go through a lot of food! One of the dogs has had severe health issues and since we've switched from commercial kibble to home made food, he's thrived! He gets regular blood tests to monitor the drugs he's on and they have been perfect since we started on Sojos! It will not cure his issues, but he has more energy and he can't wait for meal time! The other two are glowing with health as well! All three dogs coats are shiny and they have tons of energy (for a Newf!)
391652391652B00028HN3WA123G253XL4O17Flower w/ thorns1141277078400Great product if you are willing to do the workI think this is a great product but my picky dog gets tired of it after a week.
391653391653B00028HN3WA213FJQVZ84IN2Carole Magnuson0051330560000Otto likes it!My small mixed breed is a picky eater but he seems to like solos so long as I mix it with some good people food. He hasnt had problems digesting it Delivery was prompt as expected.
391654391654B00028HN3WAVMDL6UUCOO4Xamf111462 "adult gamer"0051318377600picky puppy...I have a now 8 month old male Shih Tzu. When I brought him home from the breeder, I kept him on the 'Pro Plan Puppy' tiny dry kibble until the bag was almost finished. There was about 2 cups left in the bag and he began walking away from his bowl as soon as I put it down. As a test, I rolled a few morsels across the tile floor in the kitchen to see what would happen...he'd eat about 10 pieces and go bring me one of his squeaker toys to play with. (Which I was happy with, as I don't want to 'play' with his food as a game to get him to eat). I went and got him Blue Buffalo dry puppy food (lamb and oatmeal formula), which had bigger size kibbles. It seemed that he liked the bigger sized items to chew on and the harder antioxidant bits, since he was teething and chewing on his dentabones, venison antler, lamb lung chips for comfort. Again when I got down to about a quarter of food left in the bag, he would walk away from the bowl---this went on for almost 3 days. He was still having small bowel movements, urinating, drinking water and playing, running and continuing his successful training exercises; called the vet and they wanted to give me wet venison formula by Science Diet/Veterinarian's Diet after the exam, which showed nothing physically wrong. The one vet tech said that Shih Tzu's tend to be picky eaters. I didn't pick up the food at their check out counter, left and began some of my own research into the breed itself and a more natural diet. I know from some of our outdoor excursions that he's attracted to road kill (he'll sniff the air, and want to lunge for it and would probably eat it if left to his own devices...but I won't allow it). I remember being a kid in the late 60's early 70's and all my friends who had dogs fed them 1 of 2 choices available back then: Gravy Train or Alpo and they mixed meat or the drippings from the meat; they ate bones, etc and all lived into their late teens. One of my friends small mutt lived to be 24 years old!!! I never saw these dogs itching or digging at themselves other than the usual ears or if their was a flea problem, since I grew up in a rural area and most often that was a common occurrance. Well, I read up on the more natural diets and decided to get the Sojos and ground beef and some boneless chicken thighs/breasts. My Weston isn't a big fan of totally raw meat, but when browned (I put it in the toaster oven and add 1/4 tsp of 'Missing Link' to the meat portion) with the soaked Sojos Original, he eats with gusto!!! From his early days, I would play with and take his food away, so he's not food aggressive. He eats the recommended portion for his size and walks away when done. Weston then wants to play hard, train hard, take a nice walk and nap. His coat is soft and easy to keep brushed and groomed. The droppings are nice sized and easy to clean up. I just had him neutered 2 days ago and he ate this Sojos mix with the same gusto (even with the e-collar to challenge him). So I am a fan and we are finished with the second 2.5 lb bag and I just ordered another one. Hope this helps someone with a picky eater; I know another reviewer mentioned their Shih Tzu not liking it, but this shows you that dogs have certain tastes different from each other, much like us humans.
391655391655B00028HN3WA1HTP3GJYF26RIEdward S. Golden "nedlog"0141339113600Sojos originalI didn't mean to order a 40-pound bag. But I did. Wow. That's a lot of food. Be sure to mix it with protein or else you dog will suffer a bit of internal distress.
391656391656B00028HN3WADF5WNMEPD5KTD. Geiger41711164672000Caution - poorly balanced nutrition!Sojo's diet lacks calcium, and if fed as directed will cause severe metabolic bone disease in your dog. This diet requires supplementation with a balanced calcium/phosphorous additive to be safe.
391657391657B005JD3YV0A1O4F81GWJE9HLConstance "SGS"0031348444800An Acquired Taste...I like cloves and I like Claeys ginger and cinnamon drops very much, so thought I would give cloves a chance. Someone mentioned that the clove taste was not strong so I thought these might be another good option.

Well, not for me. I agree that the Clove flavor is not overpowering, but sweetened cloves, just on their own, are not the hard candy for me. The bag has to be finished so if anything changes I'll provide an update.
391658391658B005JD3YV0A3CJGUXWJ1QX9VLouis E Sidre III0051347580800Great productThey taste great and I had purchased these for my father and he said that it had reminded him of being a kid again. He remembers going to get something similar to this at the store a long time ago.
391659391659B0001GV4NUA12UL4KTFTKSG3Complex Nurse0051235606400Great Gluten Free ProductThis is a great tasting and handy product for those who must follow a gluten free diet. Requires no refrigeration so easy to pack, etc.
391660391660B0029XDZIKA32WS1SQTDYYOG. Roberti "Lube Man"45446241252886400Very Nice Medium Roast FlavorTo cut to the chase, this produces a very good MEDIUM roast style cup of coffee...period. Some folks tend to compare all coffees to one another no matter what the bean is and how it's roasted. I do roast my own green beans (home roaster) when I brew a pot of coffee every morning and use the K-Cups when only a single cup is needed. If you don't like that 'in your face' dark roast, dense, heavy style of coffee in the morning (or any time for that matter) this is definitely the coffee for you. It's not bitter, a bit floral, with a true pure coffee taste. Does it match Dunkin Donuts style coffee in taste? I'd say YES to that when using the middle cup size setting on the Keurig brewer....which I use for folks that take milk in their cup, I use the larger cup setting because I drink my coffee black and like that taste profile. The new packaging is OK (you get 2 extra K-Cups for the $$) as long as you have the room in your kitchen to store the larger single opposed to storing the two 24 cartridge boxes.

NOTE: The description of this coffee uses the words "Medium Extra Bold" in it's packaging as opposed to the two 24 boxes version which lead me to think there was now two DIFFERENT varieties of this Donut Shop I ordered both (wanted 98/100 anyway) but it turns out that both were the same. Amazon should correct that description and take out 'Extra Bold' so they match each other.
391661391661B0029XDZIKA1HXWVK7RKR4D2Stephen M. Guilliat "Stevelo"17217451261526400My Favorite by a Landslide so FarI must admit that I have gone a little overboard with my k-cup sampling. So far I must have tried about 50 different blends. OVerall I must say that the vast majority of them have been pleasant, better than what I used to make in my coffee brewer. Then I tried the Donut Shop brand. When I first tried this I was not expecting much, it sounds bland, plain, everyday type of coffee. Don't get me wrong, I have had some pretty good cups of coffee in donut shops but nothing to write home about. When I took my first sip, I thought wow, this is amazing. Smooth, not much of an acid taste, about as close to perfect as I could describe. My love for this k-cup continued and continues to this day. Many times you find a k-cup which at first is very good, but after a couple of cups you get a little sick of them; not with this one. It has been and continues to be my absolute favorite. I will still search for something better, but I doubt I will find it. I hope you like -- no strike that -- I hope you love this coffee as much as I do.
391662391662B0029XDZIKA23MKSHD31YDNECiv10511151246060800Great Coffee--competetive price!I've had my Keurig brewer for 5 months and have tried a lot of brands and the Coffee People Donut Shop regular is among my favorites. Green Mountain Nantucket Blend and Timothy's Italian Blend are also favorites.

One reviewer remarked about Subscribe & Save costing less. It's only a dollar and a few pennies cheaper than this packaging and Subscribe and Save does not offer Donut Shop "regular" but instead has "Extra Bold". Also, this packaging gives you 50 k-cups as opposed to 48 (2) 24 count packages in Subscribe & Save.

Another reviewer complained about not having the standard boxes to dispense the coffee. I purchased a K-Cup carousel, available on Amazon for $19.95 that holds 26 k-cups; it looks nicer by my Keurig than cardboard boxes.
391663391663B0029XDZIKA2CMHIZUH6ZMQTMelissa A. Case "Stand-Up Philosopher"535451210636800Wake Up To Caffienated Perfection!We purchased a Keurig brewing system early this year, so we've been trying out as many different varieties of coffee as possible. This coffee is -- BAR NONE -- the best of the bunch. It is rich, syrupy and just a bit sweet. My experience, thus far, has been that the K-Cups listed as "extra bold" produce the best cups of coffee, but many of those are only available in dark roasts, while I prefer a medium roast. If you're a fan of a good, old fashioned diner-style cup of coffee (like what you can get if you go to Dunkin Donuts or somewhere like that), then this is the brew for you. We love it and make sure we always have some on hand.
391664391664B0029XDZIKA63YB0ELFERIQRobert Clark485051246060800My Favorite K-CupMy favorite K-Cup flavor! A mild rather than a strong coffee strength, it really has a flavor reminiscent of a local donut shop or Denny's cup of coffee.
Highly recommended!
391665391665B0029XDZIKA22W947NJCFC6VPatricia A. Paxton "Coyote Lakes Golfer"11612831257292800Great taste - poor packaging wastes k-cupsI love the taste of this coffee. But apparently they have poor quality control. These K-cups come too full and they tend to not brew properly. You can always tell when you got a bad cup, because the grounds are so packed in the cup that the water doesn't come out completely and your cup of coffee will have less liquid than you are used to. Sure enough, when you go to lift the K-cup out of the Keurig for disposal, you will find it is very heavy compared to others. We also know this is a problem with Coffee People DOnut Shop k-cups only, because my husband drinks a different brand and never has this problem.

It doesn't happen all the time, and I have found if I shake the k-cup before putting it in the Keurig, it happens less frequently, but it still happens.

I've tried ordering from Coffee People multiple times to see if it was a one time manufacturing glitch, but it appears every time I buy a box of their K-cups I have a problem with 10-15% of them.

Fortunately, another brand is offering a donut shop coffee which I tried with this last order and I find it just as pleasing.
391666391666B0029XDZIKA29VCB1YHD5IELR. Godfrey525551200441600the best of the bestMy husband and I are crazy about Coffee People k-cups. A friend gave us a box of the "Donut Shop" cups and they are spectacular. Very rich and bold, not bitter, but packs a nice punch. Reminds me of coffee from an old-fashioned percolator. A good, strong cup of coffee is hard to come by when you are using some of these newer brewing machines, but the Keurig system is definitely the exception and this variety of k-cup is the best we have ever tasted.
391667391667B0029XDZIKA1TD07CSRR8DND. Morrow313251252886400A perfect "Anytime" coffee that is sure to please.I have tried many, many brands and blends in my Keurig coffee maker and this is definetely one of my favorites. The type of coffe I drink depends on my mood. Sometimes I want a strong, bold cup like, Newman's Own Extra-bold Special Blend K-cups, 80 Pk for Keurig Brewers and sometimes I want something more mild like, Green Mountain K-Cup Single-Serving Coffee 108-ct.- Nantucket Blend But ever since I have had my Keurig I have been looking for one of my favorite coffees. The Dunkin Donut brand.

This coffee is superb and very much like the Dunkin Donut brand. Not bold or bitter. Not weak or under flavored. It is smooth and very flavorful. It is the perfect crowd pleasing blend for any time of day or night.

I have shopped all over and you can't beat the variety or the price here on Amazon when you join their club. A great value.

I do wish that Amazon would change the name by removing "Extra Bold". It is not. It is, at most, a medium roast. Even when brewed with the smallest setting of the Keurig I would not concider it bold. It comes out great on the medium size setting. Very remanicent of that great cup of Joe you would get in the old days at your favorite diner.
391668391668B0029XDZIKA26Y776G7VVBCQJPM212151249776000Save Money & Get great CoffeeThis coffee is exactly what you would get at a coffee shop. Sweet and aromatic, not bitter or too bold. I like the pack of 50 and it comes in one box, so there is no waste of packaging or more trash to throw away. If they only made a box of with 100... We love the K-Cups and get great consistent coffee every day without wasting half a pot. My favs are Timothy's German Chocolate (desert coffee!), Donut Shop (mid Morning) and Emeril's Big Bold Easy (first thing in the morning!).
391669391669B0029XDZIKA1GCJGSIFEZF2XTerrye202011268697600Quality control needed ASAP!Just left packaging feedback, but upon review, the issue appears to be quality control. I ordered 2 boxes, 50 count each. In both boxes, the foil lids were not positioned correctly and the seal was not 100%, causing coffee grounds to coat every K-Cup, the frustration free boxes and the box they were shipped in. Worse, about 20% of the K-Cups no longer have the full amount of coffee in them. Additionally, I am not sure that these loose grounds won't impact the Keurig. I hope the folk at Coffee People can rectify this situation, as this is my favorite coffee, but I will not order this product again without some resolve on their side.
391670391670B005AY7YYGA9GQR7CMQERSSKaren V. Stefanini "parrot lover"1141329609600DeliciousDelicious, only I wish it had less salt. The flavor is terrific and the consistency is creamy. What more can I say?
391671391671B000GFYRJEA3KJ27W5VOQPZOT. Warren161641176163200YUMMY!I have been searching for a quick and easy to make oolong tea that is comparable to that of my favorite local Chinese restaurant. This is it!! This tea is fabulous because I can take it on the go or enjoy it in a relaxing atmosphere. It is darker than the typical oolong, but don't let that turn you away. I appreciate the robust flavor to the last drop and find myself making my way back into the kitchen for another cup. I had been looking for this tea for many years. I used to drink this very tea as a child but my local supermarket stopped carrying it and I could not find it so I figured Bigelow had stopped making it. I did some research and found out that I can buy it here at Amazon and that makes me a happy panda!!!
391672391672B000GFYRJEAK8S3SXO3CX9YJerrie Rogers121251252195200Bigelow Chinese Oolong Teais my favorite tea. The bags are individually packaged so they travel well. This is one of the stronger Oolong teas and may take some getting used to. Once your tastebuds adapt, you may not want to drink any other tea. I have tried many of the other so-called "best" Oolong teas and Oolongs promoted by "experts." I always come back to Bigelow.
My corner store has been sold twice over the past 7 years. The company that owns it now quit stocking the Oolong, so I am very happy that I can still purchase it through Amazon!
391673391673B000GFYRJEA1OGAQLOBZHKRERMS "RMS"9951242950400Bigelow Oolong TeaThis tea's flavor was better than I expected. Slightly-strong, earthy flavor is a nice twist to those teas which barely zest the water. I purchased enough boxes to negate shipping. The result, one of the best Oolong teas I've tasted at about $.50 cheaper than I can find it in the store. Having nearly ten-times the flavenoids as regular green tea, with its great taste, it the logical choice.
391674391674B000GFYRJEA2RPPG5T4Z1GOATK "TK"6651241136000Great taste and good priceCould not find this tea at my local grocery store, bought here. Great taste and good price. Would like to have been able to order a bit less than 6 boxes just in case we did not like it, but thankfully we do. Do not see any weightloss benefits just love the taste.
391675391675B000GFYRJEA1WUOKWPC3O42Zwensu75551240617600Exactly what I was looking for!I am not much of a tea drinker, but always liked the tea that was served in most of the Chinese restarants I've been to. I decided to give this a try.....and was perfect for me! Not too "earthy" and a bit sweet!
391676391676B000GFYRJEA8000GGUGQI1TSarah "Sarah"5541239235200Very good for the priceI have tried 4 different kinds of oolongs, and found this tea to have a very rich, woodsy taste. It brews a dark red/brown color in comparison to some other lighter oolongs, which brew golden. Although it tastes quite strong, which I like, it lacks the sweet aromatic flavors that I love in a previous oolong I've tasted. Those tend to be much more expensive, so I settled for this one. It tastes pretty good & seems good quality for the price. I'm pretty much addicted to oolong tea, so I needed something that I could buy at a good price & still enjoy.
391677391677B000GFYRJEAURHL2DH9MSHUJES3341240963200unique flavorThis a good unique flavored tea. This brand is better than other oolong I have tried.
391678391678B000GFYRJEA1SV2A25A0WMSZJames Huntsman "douglas"3351224115200restaurant qualityNice , dark , Chinese restaurant flavored , tea. Smells , and tasts great !
391679391679B000GFYRJEA1RENHO6B4LQ2WR. Ortega "Blues Rider"2251322438400Delicious Tea!This Bigelow Chinese Oolong tea is so good! It's darker than the Oolong teas that they serve at your favorite chinese restaurants and in my opinion way better tasting! I've always loved this tea and this is my first time to try the Bigelow Chinese Oolong and I was so delighted. It is delicious and is my new favorite tea! I was introduced to Bigelow teas a few years back and my favorites include their English Breakfast, English Teatime, Earl Grey and Darjeeling teas. I always wanted to try their Chinese Oolong but it's not available in my area so I decided to order online and I was not disappointed. Great tea! Bigelow makes some of the best tasting teas around and what's even better is that you are buying american-made teas. They are grown right here in the U.S.
391680391680B000GFYRJEA3TNSOQB342RGCR. nemchek2251235001600the best oolong teathis biglow tea is as good as all other brand and the cost is about the same and the quantity ,too. if you want good oolong tea ;it is worth buy.

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