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391694391694B000GFYRJEACFJWZP7H9YYXE. Ogilvie "busy hands"0021350345600Very disappointedThis review is specific to the Bigelow Chinese Oolong Tea

After drinking this tea several times from whole leaves, I admit I made a mistake in purchasing it as tea bags...even if the product comes in individual packed tea bags and under the Bigelow brand. The Wulong/Oolong whole leaf tea is an aromatic, delightful tea - golden in colour and has a wonderful taste that does not require sweetening. The tea bags are nothing like it. It smells like regular tea (like a Lipton, or any other generic), the colour is dark and the flavor nothing special; even after sweetening with honey or sugar it does not improve.

If you want to experience the delight of drinking Oolong tea, do not get it like this. Get it as whole leaves.

I will continue drinking this (120 bags @ $16) but I won't enjoy it but winter is coming, I'll have reason to drink tea...or find someone who likes this and give it to them.
391695391695B000GFYRJEA10L1A09OD3L1FTammy F.0051347321600Smooth and tastyWe love the individually wrapped bags to keep the tea fresh. Tea is very smooth and tastes great. I wouldn't buy any other brand of Oolong tea besides Bigelow.
391696391696B000GFYRJEA1K5LVT31CG1IHKristin0051345334400Only tea the Mr. drinksMy husband is not a huge tea fan. However, he really enjoys oolong tea and he only buys this brand. The tea bags never come damaged. The tea has a nice balanced flavor to it and when you think of the amount of tea you get for the price, it's a fabulous deal.
391697391697B000GFYRJEA3ARHT1SJU1W71MariaLR0051343606400YumYum! A great tasting tea for a very good price, specially for 6 boxes.. That is 120 bags of delicious tea!
391698391698B000GFYRJEAT40UJ4IXZRCFtomato0041341273600deserves five stars but lost one for not being offered organic.perfect oolong. really good. i actually went to teavana and tried their "monkey picked oolong" which is supposed to be such high end magical tea and laughed as it was no where near as good as this oolong.

it's not the best i've had in the oolong department, but it's cheap, you can find it easy, and it beats some of the higher end oolongs that sell for quadruple the price!

only thing is they don't make it in an organic variety, that is lame and the only reason it lost a star.
391699391699B000GFYRJEA2W1J6YAH89NC6E-review0051340496000YUMMY!YUMMY! I love how this item is individually packaged. The box (outer box) was very easy to open. Tea tastes fresh and excellent.
391700391700B000GFYRJEA3CIULPSP8C41UDennis Crabtree0051336953600Love Ooolong Tea!I fell in love with Oolong tea more than forty years ago; a little over thirty years ago, I moved to a small town where there are no tea shops, and no supermarkets here carry Oolong, so I've gotten along with just a cup here and there when I've traveled to places where it was available in restaurants. It never occurred to me that might be able to supply me with it until a friend suggested I check with them.

It was one of the best moves I've ever made. I finally have an endless supply of top-grade Oolong tea; it looks like I'm going to be an customer for life.
391701391701B000GFYRJEA2B13ORGEY63Q3T. Fortin0051322438400Lower blood glucose and tighten stomach musclesJust what I was looking for, couldn't find it in any stores here. Love that each tea bag is individually wrapped. Can never go wrong with Bigelow.Outstanding flavor.
391702391702B000GFYRJEA1HFVXRECXKWWWMother Nature "Lab Lover"0051312675200Yummy teaI have been drinking this delicious tea for years and love it. It has a mild flavor so if you like the oriental teas, you will enjoy this flavorful tea.
391703391703B000GFYRJEAMC9130IEILOHlithlady0041303171200AlmostGood tea, but still not the same as Chinese restaurant flavor I was hoping for. Guess that's the elusive quality.
391704391704B000GFYRJEA2VVUFCR54J5D9Edward McCoy0051302307200Bigelow Oolong TeaGreat tasting tea with milder flavor. It is also helpful for those of us that suffer from ezcema, by helping reducing the itching with drinking about one cup of this tea daily. Great price from Amazon as well since my local store is always sold out.
391705391705B000GFYRJEA24JD509Z8A3RUAJ Indy0051302220800Excellent TeaThis is the first Oolong tea that I have tasted. I found it enjoyable with a mild and delicious flavor.
391706391706B000GFYRJEAOM0JM785Y3SSDR Wagner0051301702400Recommended teaDoctor's order that if I am to drink tea, I'm to drink OOlong blend. It's full flavored but not bitter, I just add lemon and enjoy! Grocery stores don't always stock or they are out of stock when I need - thanks to I am able to keep a supply on hand.
391707391707B000GFYRJEACURL38BUY20AP. Long0051299542400BIGELOW Chinese OolongI don't know if this is what's helping me lose weight, but I'd buy it again anyway because it tastes so good. Really full-bodied. I drink a cup hot each morning. I am supposed to be using decaf tea, so I mix 2 of these tea bags with 2 Luzianne gal. size decaf bags to make iced tea. Boy is it good! I will definitely be ordering again if I still can't find it locally.
391708391708B000GFYRJEA2C4PJ5IH70514Pamela Ruigh0051297209600Healing Oolong TeaI have occasional bouts of eczema like rashes that take months to go away. When I drink this tea, the rash does gradually go away.
Bigelow seems to be the best Oolong in bag tea. There are stronger kinds in loose tea but they are inconvenient.
391709391709B000GFYRJEA3OIYTBRONK013Meowmom0051293667200use with Kehrig potI love this tea but I am wondering if it is possible to make is using a Kehig (k cups) pot?
391710391710B000GFYRJEABCLKYMT0Z59RJust a Granny0051247616000Favorite TeaThis is one of my favorite oolong teas, but for some reason it is not available in grocery stores.
391681391681B000GFYRJEA146FK5EA1GUF8L. Berry "Cheerfully Jaded"2241232496000Great Tea!!This is that wonderful tea you get in your fave Chinese restaurant. I drink it all the time in the winter. Just take care not to brew it too long if you do it by the potful as it tends to get a bit bitter.
391682391682B000GFYRJEA1HSY7M1GCHWO8N. Thomas4551285977600Energy Throughout the DayI started buying Chinese Oolong Tea after reading that it increases the metabolism by 10% which is much higher than the green tea I had been drinking. I've read green tea only increases the metab by 4%. I'd have to drink almost 5 cups of green tea to get the benefits of drinking only 2 cups of Oolong. Green tea has been my good buddy since 1998 when my sister introduced me to it, but I have to say goodbye. Oolong tastes better than green tea as well (at least the Bigelow brand does anyway).

Being over 40 I was looking for something natural to increase my metabolism without downing extra caffeine. Although Oolong has caffeine in it, it doesn't have as much as coffee. Oolong doesn't give me heart palpitations like coffee does.

I start my morning off with this tea and it keeps me from taking a nap or becoming sleepy around 1 or 2 p.m. as I usually do. As a matter of fact, if I'm looking forward to relaxing and curling up for a good nap, I have to remember not to drink any oolong.

Bigelow is by far the best tasting Oolong I've had. I have an organic brand that I regret buying as it tastes horrible. I couldn't even finish one cup of that stuff. I'd give Oolong by Bigelow more than 5 stars if I could. I recommend it over coffee and for those of us who need more energy throughout the day. It is definitely more healthy than drinking these energy drinks as well.

I find Bigelow Oolong at my local grocer. I go through the stuff so fast, I don't want to wait for mail delivery.
391683391683B000GFYRJEA10ETISEXZPFLNDH1151343865600DeliciousGenerally I do not like tea, but I ordered this because I heard about its health benefits. I was surprised that I really love it. The taste is so smooth and delicious. I will be ordering more.
391684391684B000GFYRJEA11MV6RWONLV4XJoan Matyas1141343779200Bigelow Oolong TeaBeen getting this tea as a subscription for about 2 years and love it. I think this is one of the best Oolong teas out there and I've tried many including ones that were several times the cost per ounce. Being in individually wrapped teabag form it is convenient to use and carry when traveling and brews to a wonderful rich flavor that never seems to get bitter no matter how long the bag sits in the water. It does seem to brew much darker than other oolongs but who cares it's the flavor that I love.
391685391685B000GFYRJEA10X9A4ZQL70VFJ. Schowengerdt1151337731200Bigelow - more flavorful than the other Oolong bag teasI have tried numerous brands of packet Oolong tea, such as Twining, Choice Organic, etc. but each time I have been disappointed by the flavor. I recently realized that even though my grocery store doesn't carry Bigelow... well, the internet does! I was curious to see whether I was remembering the tea properly (if it was as good as I remembered), and I'm happy to report that yes, it IS better. This brand of Oolong is by far more the most flavorful of the ones I have tried, and it does not become bitter easily - you have to brew it a long time for that to happen. It's nice to drink something that actually tastes like tea, rather than hot water. :-) Anyway, feel free to try the others as well, but I think you'll find that this brand brews with a superior taste.
391686391686B000GFYRJEAZFSN5ROGE2AJGarden girl "Refined taste"1151325462400Can't find it anywhere else . .In my opinion, Bigelow makes the best bagged tea out there on the market. NONE of my local stores - either grocery, drug or specialty - carry the Chinese Oolong. Many Chinese restaurants serve oolong so I also serve it in our home.
391687391687B000GFYRJEA101ZQ4ACTK6A2FAITH FULL "FAITH"1151323820800bEST TEA ON THE PLANETThis tea has the most out of this world aroma and taste. Not to high in caffeine, it entices all your senses. Had my first cup this morning and i'm in love. I ordered six boxes so I dont know when I will be ordering more, might be soon.
391688391688B000GFYRJEAIFGUCOUOOFJ3jilly1151313798400Great teaLove this tea! It tastes very much like the tea served in Chinese restaurants. It's a light, mild tea. The flavor is enhanced with a drizzle of honey. It is the perfect tea to serve with a meal or it stands alone as a morning or afternoon beverage. The price for a six boxes is well below what I pay in the local stores.
391689391689B000GFYRJEA20JZUQBW17315bullseyebabe1151290124800Best Oolong tea on the marketI've tried numerous other oolong teas out there, and this is by far the best tasting one. Why it is not sold in stores any longer is beside me, as I used to purchase it easily. Now I have to resort to ordering it online through bigelow or here on Amazon. Its worth it though!!
391690391690B000GFYRJEA1OV41UNIGLVUMBetty L. Davidson1151289088000Bigelow Chinese Oolong TeaThis is the best Chinese Oolong Tea on the market. It makes a very delicious hot tea and especially a cold iced tea which is healthy to drink. For some reason this product is not sold in regular grocery stores. Only 1 health food store here in Boise sells it and quite often they are sold out of it. So I was very happy to find that Amazon carried this product and when I buy more than 1 case I do not have to pay any shipping costs and it will keep on the shelf for several months. SO I plan to purchase 3 cases at a time in the future. I recommend this to anyone who like Oolong tea. I have tried other brands but none are as good as Bigelow. I have always been very pleased with Bigelow Herb Teas.
391691391691B000GFYRJEA1UFLVSJ3IRETQEric Aderhold1151283904000Tastes just like tea from a Chinese restaurantI do enjoy this Oolong tea. It tastes just like the Oolong teas that I've tried at Chinese restaurants over the years. I don't generally drink it by itself (I usually prefer black teas), but a cup of this definitely enhances the experience of eating Asian cuisine.
391692391692B000GFYRJEA3QE7S0R0SPOIFO. Richardson "Literary Tyrant"2341280707200Bigelow Oolong TeaSurprisingly it works as prescribed. I used two cups for each tea bag however I only let the first cup steep no more then 5 minutes, then leave the tea bag in the second cup. It reduces the strong flavoring.

I drink this tea and jog maybe twice a week and see results. With a more efficient work-out the tea would work better. I drink maybe 5 cups a day.
391693391693B000GFYRJEAN1LKBDOD4V3Dbig lar "creative thinker"2351270425600Great oolong tea! Where have you been?I have been looking for a good Oolong tea for a long time. The stores don't carry any. I ran across this one on Amazon and thought why not give it a try. Thank goodness I tried, because it is what I have been looking for, a real Oolong tea! Great taste! Like you get in a great chinese restaurant. It also comes in a nice well made package. You don't have to worry about a cheap bag busting in your cup. Give it a try!

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