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391771391771B0051JL6OYA1YI8FXOEFI3SPmdiaz0051341532800great valueevery time I order this product I get it with in the next 3 days, its always seal and fresh. For people like me that dont have a store close by its a great price for a 3.5 Lbs.
391772391772B0025V4QAWA2G17I9B3FQIYLJGMon$terVooDooKoiboT0051351036800Geat buy.This was a good buy also name brand. It came super fast and my dog likes it. I think the chophouse is a much better diet then ones with alot of gravy usually fatty oils. I mix this with dry goods also.
391773391773B005CLU89UA1JJ0XADEY6SR5Aayush Karnavat3351317340800mmmm!!!My favorite!!! just pop it in the microwave and your good to go.....

The gravy is amazing....its like a party in my mouth
391774391774B005CLU89UA3LWUPXRYJXX1PJennifer Margoles2251328832000OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD!Life is better now that I have this delightful, easy meal in my pantry at work to heat up for lunch. It's authentic, delicious, full of comforting flavor. Thanks Sanskriti!
391775391775B005CLU89UA2O1EW7WHQD3ZHSourz2251317340800mmmm..mmmm..Money...over the years, this has grown into our after party food.
you can really taste the richness of the cashew in the curry. the paneer, just like other sanskriti product, is the best we have tried so far.
391776391776B005CLU89UA1W9WB9D5CV8NMsloane fox1121342569600date expiration?Nomally when i have bought pre-packaged indian food, it typically has a life expectancy of at least 6 months or longer. Just received package. Have not tried it yet but, the expiration date is sept 2012. So i have 6 weeks to eat all of these? that's pretty terrible since I thought that if i purchased something off of amazon, it would not have an expiration date so soon...:(. Because of this, even if this is tasty, I won't buy it again. I would rather buy something that will have a longer life expectancy (like if I bought it straight from the store...)
391777391777B005CLU89UA3H9ZOIRKG07YBZhara um NIkko "Haflacrat"1151318636800Excellent Paneer Cubes in mild creamy sauceRich sauce, mild flavor with only a hint of heat, but plenty of dimension thanks to a well rounded combination of gentle spices, and lovely large chunks of paneer. Several other brands offer Paneer Butter Masala/Paneer Makahani in convenient foil pouches, but of the ones we've tried Sanskriti has the best paneer. Other brands have squishy little bits of paneer so soft they disintegrate when the dish is heated. The cubes in Sanskriti are firm, large and much more like what you'd find in restaurant or even home cuisine, where the paneer is baked before cutting into cubes to ensure structural integrity. There is also more cream and cashew butter in the sauce as compared to other brands, so if you prefer a tangy tomato flavor, this is not for you - it's creamy all the way, while the tomato is just a well-subdued accent.
I'd give the sauce five stars, but my husband says he finds it too mild, and would give it four. It is certainly NOT medium as indicated by the colorful chile pepper scale on the front of the box. Any way you look at it, a great fast meal, reasonably priced, and with excellent creamy comfort-food satisfaction.
391778391778B006FTBNF6A3LL0U6E3QK34AK. Biddle1141341619200good deal on good coffeesbest part was being able to try different coffees. worst part was where there would be only ONE and me and the hubby had to either share or sneak it. buying the pack forced us to try ones we would never have tried (Jet Fuel?? really??) only to find that while the names were hokey, the coffee itself was really good.
391779391779B006FTBNF6A1N8V9RUK5SXT6Anthony Gannon1151341273600Great selection of coffee, but maybe I got lucky?!?!This was a great selection of coffee that I managed to pick up at a great price ($16.49). It contains most every Bold variety with just a few repeated. I prefer the bolds but for some they may be very strong and overwhelming so make sure to check into it if this is the first time. THEY also work great if you like to add ice to your coffee as it doesn't get weak/watery. At the regular price it isn't anything special but if you watch the price and can get it for cheap this is a great selection to fill up your stock. The dates on them were all into mid-August or later and I received in mid-June (2 months). Another thing seems to be how the assortment works out. I only received 7 Decafs and 28 Regular :)
391780391780B006FTBNF6A3TVR5E107NA31paul zinskie1141341100800Crazy Cups Sampler Pack offers variety to the dark coffee loverThe Crazy Cups Sampler Pack offers variety to those of us who love their coffee strong. I had not had the opportunity to sample several of the varieties included in this pack (which included offerings from Green Mountain Coffee, Coffee Lovers, Emeril, Wolfgang Puck, Starbucks and others). The only reason that I did not give this reasonably priced pack a five star rating is that it includes several cups of decaf
391781391781B006FTBNF6AZLF2SMTGTCY1Morgen0051347753600Great variety for the Bold Coffee-loverCoffee comes in a very nice (gift-worthy) box with a selection full of Extra-Bold varieties (only 6 Decafs and no flavored thankfully). Spectacular introduction to other-wise unknown types and even makes a good choice when just wanting to change things up.
391782391782B006FTBNF6A1GGWEX2RW0IRWJ. Sears0051345161600Nice VarietyI was pleased with the variety in this sample. I discovered many kcups that I now want to buy more of, and many I DO NOT want to drink again!
391783391783B006FTBNF6A1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman0051341878400K Cup bold sampler, includes some decaf (YAY!)I like bold coffee--and so far, the Tully's has been my favorite, but there are others that are as good like the Green Mountain and the Newman's Own. But there have been few choices of decaf except for Columbian, which I like the least of any coffee (it's very acidic, not to my tastes at all.) This sampler has three decaf choices and a number of bold blends I have not tasted before. The only problem is that locally, I have not found some of them, including any decaf other than the Columbian. Still, it was nice to have a taste test to see if there are other bold blends in K-cup that I might prefer.
391784391784B000H2EIPYA15MGMZPUCWMYNJenny Redo7751189468800Great snack!This is a great late night snack for me replacing my usual pretzels. I get the crunch and salt without any work yet it is much better for me than pretzels.
391785391785B000H2EIPYA1C0QG66J9TFJZKT5551257379200fast service - great productMy family loves the flavor of this seaweed. It is thin, light and buttery. The kids use the seaweed stips to eat their rice instead of a fork. I usually buy 24 (equals one case) at a time and the shipping came to $14, so it's better to buy more and reduce the overall shipping fee.
391786391786B000H2EIPYA3LRVCAJJJ8N09Momof41141320710400Good Product Bad SizeI grew up eating seeweed and rice rolls and can I just say these taste exactly like the ones my Aunt would give me so on the taste I am totally happy however, the size of the slices of seeweed are about the size of a child's palm. It is so difficult to hardly put any rice in there. Pretty disappointed.
391787391787B000H2EIPYA3BOCLYYFER0EYPatti Kish "A Lover of LIFE!"1151290816000Yummy!This is a soft, crisp seaweed with a slightly oily feel and is so tasty! I keep them in my pantry all of the time.
391788391788B000H2EIPYA1HV4RSAG7UFWVladydamarese0041339200000Not bad for a first time Nori......I didn't know if I would like eating seaweed with all of the complaints I have read about it being too "fishy" tasting. The first bite was a little fishy, but after that, I found it to be addictive....I kind of wish there was more than 10 small sheets in a snack pack!!!! Healthy, and low cal...I will purchase again!
391789391789B000H2EIPYA2BHBAEXQMUG30Othermomma460051323648000Fresh and delicious! Very pleasedVery pleased with freshness of product. I was surprised at how fresh and crisp the product was. I would definitely recommend this product!
391790391790B00251CLS6AU5N6LDYIIJ2AAnthony C. Scopino "Ts"2251330214400Number One product!!I have three dogs. My two youger dogs love these! Very good price and fast shipping with Amazon. Im happy and so are my dogs. Thanks! *** *** Stars :)
391791391791B00251CLS6ANZU6B74TWBNHDeborah Reed "inquisitive shopper"2251268956800My Cocker Spaniel loves these cupcakesThese little cupcakes are just the right size for my cocker spaniel. They provide some playtime with a chewing challenge and give her a tasty treat as her reward. They arrived quickly after order.
391792391792B00251CLS6AXTX7H0LMRDEXS. Mayfield2251265760000All Doggies love DingosWhen I give my dog Annie her nightly treat (mini cupcake) she goes to another room to eat it. I sent the mini cupcakes to my friends at Christmas and they say their dogs do the same thing.I have to be careful not to touch the bag during the day because she recognizes the sound. She loves them.
391793391793B00251CLS6ANIVQK3UPK90YKatz "Kathleen"1151341360000Huge Dingo Fan!I just can't say enough about Dingo brand products. I'm very pleased with anything I buy from them because my dogs just love them!!!! I keep a stock of multiple varieties of their products.
391794391794B00251CLS6A1GAQWMGFHS3A6Adam0051345075200Dog loves themI bought this for my dog on 2 separate occasions, she really loves them, I think it's her favorite dog treat that I buy.
391795391795B0015T1C02AMHGJFEG2UINSarahNewlife "Sarah N."0011320969600Run for your LIFE!I'd been looking for an apple preserve and Harvest Song seemed to fit the bill. They've got a wonderfully idyllic print marketing campaign so I thought I'd take a chance.

As it turns out, the aluminum lid on the jar has no protective liner. My first 1/8 of a teaspoon was filled with metal! The acid in the jam had corroded the interior of the lid, producing scratch marks that looked like someone scratched it with the tines of a fork.

I'm calling Amazon to see if they'll refund on defective food. Really people... run for your lives.

I felt a little sick from this product but it cleared up in about 12 hours. When I felt better I called Amazon (through the Contact Us link near the bottom of the page) and received a full refund. Thanks for the great customer service Amazon.
391796391796B0007KTLBMA2UOK1OLNQWBTOHeidi Reynolds1151305504000really helped my lawnthis really works. I have a 100+lbs dog & his urine kills the grass. Now after using this product there are less patches in my grass. Just rake up the dead grass & re-seed or there will be a patch of weeds. I also started him slowly on the treats because I did not want to upset his stomach & I wanted his body to get used to them. So I did one a day for a week, then two a day and so on. Also, keep using this product through the winter or the urine will go through to snow & defeat the purpose. I cut down his dosage in the winter because of the snow & rain. His urine will be diluted a bit.
Also these smell really bad but my dog loves them.
391797391797B004AEKJ6MA3HLAMP842AMWIbusymom2251325462400Love these! Yummy!My son is allergic to corn so no corn syrup. It is surprisingly difficult to find candy made with sugar! I bought these to decorate our Christmas tree so that he could enjoy them. We all loved them. There is something more pure about the taste. I had another regular corn syrup candy cane and it had a funny after taste to me. The only negative comment I heard from my kids was that the color wasn't as vibrant as "regular" candy canes. Didn't stop them from eating the 6 boxes we had on the tree! Highly recommend!
391798391798B004AEKJ6MAT17C6CLPGIQDPj Dupuis1151326067200A favorite in my houseThese candy canes are a favorite in my house. They don't turn into the sharp slivers that happens when I suck on other candy canes. They sold out locally so fast, I had to order them online.
391799391799B004AEKJ6MA1INMI6ENL6W4JMaggieJeanLewis "MaggieJean"1151324425600Super Yummy, Delicious Candy without the Junk!All of my kids and my nephew are intolerant to red dye #40 so we dread finding treats for them Xmas. This year everyone is going to be happy! These candy canes are the best I've ever tasted and the kids get to have a classic treat without the 'red dye crazies'. Sweet.
391800391800B004AEKJ6MA3K9RUCE18CU6IMallori Simko0051324252800Best Candy Canes!These TruSweets Organic Candy Canes are, hands down, the best Candy Canes I have ever eaten. They are great for everyone who enjoys a good candy cane, perfect for the tree, and a staple during the Holidays!
The taste is sweet and minty, but not too sweet and not too minty, a great combination of the two flavors!
They have natural food coloring, so you don't have to worry about anything, just unwrap and ENJOY!

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