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391831391831B000CQBZPGA19B9CHY9M54RQJensen0021325635200not a strong enough flavorI didn't think the flavor was strong or distinctive enough. A pretty inoffensive tea, but after being spoiled by Tazo's Teas, it's hard to look at a tea like this the same way.
391832391832B000CQBZPGA11DMF3B8389XCT. McGowan "TMcG"0051320451200Wonderful Aromatic TeaThis tea is a wonderful treat on a cold night. The cinnamon aroma is very enticing. I have been buying this for years and Amazon always has the best price.
391833391833B000CQBZPGA13UHK8M4LX9D1J. C. La Grow "artist"0051320019200stash peach teaThis tea is hard to find so I bought 6 boxes. When you open the packet, the bag smells exactly like fresh peaches. The taste is not masked by other flavors such as cinnamon. It makes wonderful iced tea.
391834391834B000CQBZPGA26GV8DEWF5ECZWell, "Just call me "Ron""0051319500800Find "hard to Find" teaStash Premium Chai Spice Black Tea can be hard to find on the local shelves, but is never more than a few clicks away on Amazon! The price is great and delivery is always as promised. Enjoy your tea from Amazon.
391835391835B000CQBZPGA2UET47PR3Y9MUA. Duncan0051319155200As a person who has never really liked teathis is my drink of choice. I'm addicted. I drink 3-4 cups a day simply because nothing else tastes this good. I've tried other chai-spice teas; none of them compare. The downside to telling everyone to buy this tea is the prospect that you might actually do it, raising the prices. You should try it, it's good.
391836391836B000CQBZPGAE10DV4Y7NFUAMeisha40051318204800ExcellentThis tea is very hearty...definitely "double" in spicy, chai flavor! I recommend it to anyone who likes a stronger tea. And you can't beat the deal especially with the Prime program -- save a couple of dollars + free shipping! Add a little sweetner and cream and it really enhances the flavors!
391837391837B000CQBZPGAE214VXWQG7HGVira Witiuk0051318118400Full of TasteStash teas are very tasty. The flavours are rich and full bodied. Enjoy a cup alone or with friends and remember to live in the present moment.
391838391838B000CQBZPGA2FYE60ZWKIUW6Scott Burgess0051316736000Best of the Earl Grey teasA classic tea, great by itself or with a large chocolate brownie drenched in dark chocolate syrup. Earl Grey seems to be a difficult tea to blend properly: without the proper proportion and quality of bergamot, the tea is either astringent or overly flowery. In my opinion, Stash gets the blend just right with their standard Earl Grey (the decaf version is also terrific, but to my taste the double bergamot drowns the tea flavor). I've tried several other brands, and can hardly drink the others. Don't say you dislike Earl Grey before trying this blend!
391839391839B000CQBZPGA3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"0051316563200Symphony of Flavor!This is some awesome tea and I fear complete addiction is coming my way. I just tried it for the first time today and am here on amazon ordering some, so I might keep plenty on hand for my Chai drinking needs. This is a very smooth tea and will never produce a bitter taste. It is like liquid pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. A major part to my mouth and serenity to my senses. I HIGHLY recommend.
391840391840B000CQBZPGA3SFW03L5A4GOCDavid Grisham0051314489600Stash Brand Earl Grey TeaTo my taste, the Stash brand of Earl Grey Black Tea (in tea bags) is the best I have found. After trying Twinings, Bigelow and a few others, I discovered Stash and found it to have a fresher, cleaner taste with a more pronounced bergamot fragrance. It costs slightly more than the others but seems well worth it to me. Also, buying it in quantity through Amazon brings the cost down significantly as compared to local grocery chains.
391841391841B000CQBZPGA2FYGOBWZ4BIKRM. Bennett0051313971200Better price than the grocery storeI buy my office supplies from When we were out of tea I thought I would check the prices on Stash teas compared to Safeway. Yup - it's cheaper here. And I can buy bulk and have it delivered directly to the office. win-win.
391842391842B000CQBZPGA1CZDXD7HA8NXTElizabeth A. Worthy0051312502400Great Flavor!I am an Earl Grey fan, and had tried many different brands. Once I tried Stash, I never needed to check another. It's a wonderful tea, with a full bodied flavor. A great pick-me-up at any time of day... and it comes in decaf too for evening enjoyment.
391843391843B000CQBZPGA1IHTEUDHJLQEOgrammyhelps0051310860800stash peachI fell in love with Stash Peach Tea in about 2005 when I had it at the Hobnob Tea Room in Loveland CO. Not only can you select it for your lunch but you can buy a box from the stock they keep on hand. Because it's a family owned restaurant (not a chain) naturally they have to charge enough to pay for s/h. I found it a little cheaper at Vitamin Cottage. I always had a big cup after lunch at my desk at the post office where I worked in the passport office. Every time customers or other clerks would come in they would say "wow what smells so delicious?". It began to happen that I would make a trip to Hobnob or Vit Cott and they would be out of my tea. That flavor does not seem to be carried even in stores that carry Stash. So I found it by accident on Amazon while looking for something else entirely. I was so happy. If I purchase enough at a time it saves me nearly a dollar a box over all. I drink it every day so VOILA I found a great deal on Amazon. Thank you!!!
391844391844B000CQBZPGA1ZRASE8GO7Z3QSarah0051308873600Great quality teaThe tea was great. It was used by my husband and mom, and tasted by me :o) It goes great with fresh mint thrown in with the brew!
391845391845B000CQBZPGA12FCKJY9CGVYLL. FRIEDHOFF "Cheerful spirit"0051308614400SummertimeThis makes the best iced tea ever.And in the winter I can drink a cup hot and remember that summer is not "that" far off.In Momtana, in the winter, we appreciate any thing that reminds us of summer.
391846391846B000CQBZPGA2EFWCOKEEZKN0mw "macaddict"0051306972800What a perfect combination......Stash Chai and Amazon's auto delivery service! Unlike many chai teas, Stash does not use black pepper. You get the good spices without the funny bite. Our office is addicted to this -- no morning goes by without a cup of chai! So the Amazon deal of free shipping every three months works perfectly for us. No more running to the grocery store -- or doing without because we forgot!
391847391847B000CQBZPGA13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0051301443200Very Chai!Wonderful smell and taste! I have regular and decaf both, each very good. Pronounced black tea + spices..far from a light green tea!
391848391848B000CQBZPGA3FG4TRR8815R3ghostrider0051301184000Irish Breakfast TeaGreat tasting tea. Much cheaper to purchase in bulk from Amazon than at the grocery store. Thank you Amazon!
391849391849B000CQBZPGA1AES697PC2IW5Kevin Kiersky "oceaneagle"0051297123200Earl Grey of Earl Grey +++I already liked regular Stash Earl Grey and so dared to try this doubled bergamot variant. This Earl Grey variant is the best I have tried out of many. There may be ones stronger in both aspects of the black tea and bergamot or more balanced -- but I only know that this "Double Bergamot Earl Grey" is a very balanced rich black tea with bergamot -- and it is organic like other Stash teas. This doubled bergamot Earl Grey is great hot with milk and brown sugar -- or icy with just a tad lemon or lime to add to the bergamot -- or without such additions. Also it is so rich someone can add it to other plain, even modest, black tea [bags one-for-one] for a more mellow bergamot tea. I even found it interesting with black mint tea [bags one-for-one] as this variant is not overwhelmed by other teas +++
391850391850B000CQBZPGA3U943NERKD7E0Michael Lee0051294099200Powerful stuffThe strong, spicy aroma (clove and cinnamon dominate) makes this flavor my favorite of the black tea offerings. Could easily pass for potpourri with it's wonderful bouquet. The flavor stands up well to cream and sugar/honey if that's how you take your chai.
391851391851B000CQBZPGA2D18G2R2WRSYQTina Tallman0051290988800Stash Chai TeaI absolutely love this tea. I let steep about 3-5 minutes to extract all of those wonderful spices this tea contains
391852391852B000CQBZPGA5JSY7V3JWY3Lsue920 "sue920"0021287532800Too much clove!There is nothing but a strong clove flavor to this tea. I have had better chai teas with more subtle flavoring. The Yogi brand is a good one. If you love clove, then this is your tea. Unfortunately, I don't.
391853391853B000CQBZPGA1CVFUQ1PGSIJLT. Adlam "professional consumer"0051285200000A Favorite Morning BeverageI was introduced to Stash a few years ago when I sampled their peppermint tea, which was so powerful you could smell it through the packaging. It was so delicious I decided to get a box of each of their tea samplers, including black.

Now I have another Stash favorite. After running out while on vacation I had to try a number of different Earl Grey teas (Bigelow, Twinings, Generic Grocery Store brand), and though adequate, they lacked the extra bergamot kick I'd grown to love. With Stash you get a fragrant, excellent quality tea, and they know how to package it for freshness.

This is one of my favorite morning hot drinks when I want to start my day with a nice jolt. And if you have a sweet tooth like me, serve hot with sweetened condensed milk.
391854391854B000CQBZPGA2032YC2PRGNSRkellyb0051282089600Can be tough to find...But thankfully, Amazon is there to be my supplier!

This is strong tea, but I love it. I can't tolerate so much as the scent of coffee, and I never was a morning Mountain Dew person, but this gets me moving in the AM. I've cut back in that I don't brew two bags in a mug for 20 minutes at a time like I did a decade ago with Earl Grey.

Super Target used to carry it around here, D/FW, but I think I may have singlehandedly cleaned them out over the course of the past year.

The great thing about Amazon is, not only can I buy six+ months worth at once but there is no tax & free shipping. Between those extras and not having to go anywhere to purchase it, it costs well below what it does at the store.
391855391855B000CQBZPGARE11X11MQJZDC. J. Gasser0051281139200the best Earl Grey evah!My husband will drink nothing but double bergamot earl grey from Stash, I used to by it straight from Stash but this is much faster and still a good price! I will probably set up a autoship order as soon as I figure out how fast we go through 6 boxes. If you like Earl Grey, you really need to try this tea! They also have a green tea version
391856391856B000CQBZPGA36PG3D7ILZEU2Emily Rich "poet tree"0051273881600Tasty TeaI used to spend a fortune on good Chai Tea at the coffee shop. Then, I discovered the double-spice tea. We both loved the stronger flavor of the spices. To my dismay, on my next trip to the grocery store, the double-spice tea was nowhere to be found! It was one of those items that apparently wasn't on their regular ordering schedule. I looked it up on Amazon, and, there it was...six boxes at a time, on subscribe and save, a decent price, and quick delivery! This tea is great with a "sweetener of choice" (I generally use stevia or agave in mine) and some milk or cream, hot or cold. My hubbie drinks it with no additions at all and it is his "pre-sleep" tea of choice. I've also used 5-7 bags in my iced tea maker and the result is yummy iced tea (or, add just a bag of this tea to regular tea for a hint of spice). Stash teas are great overall. I like the fact that they are individually wrapped in a "foil" wrap that holds together well and can be taken to the office or wherever without dissolving in one's pocket or purse! It IS black tea and contains caffeine! If this is a problem, try the Good Earth Original Caffeine-Free tea. Also available on Amazaon, it is a delicious, slightly sweet, cinnamon-y tea!
391857391857B000CQBZPGA1S0IHY7VQL1WITrian "Trian"0051272499200Great StapleThis is one of the teas that I drink on a daily basis. It has a good flavor, but is basic enough that its part of my daily routine. Love it!
391858391858B000CQBZPGA3OSK14YOI4SP4julia child "iris"0051270944000terrificI love this tea. It's refreshing especially in the hot summer. Very naturally tasting and clean
391859391859B000CQBZPGA26LDF2TVV6KYLAlexis A McCarthy0041266624000Stash teas.Stash teas offer rich full flavors from light refreshing teas to the full body spicy aroma or the rich chai teas also comes in Decaf. The longer you brew the stronger, serve with french vanilla creamer. Enjoy.

Amazon offers these by the case of 6 boxes only. Not the individual box of 18cnt tea bags. Yep, thats 108 tea bags, to share with the office & family.
391860391860B000CQBZPGA3RR2UWBJ8YVSQforest haven0051264377600Great Tea!This tea is absolutely wonderful. I usually stick to plain black tea, but this double spice is really good. Awesome with cookies or cake that have cinnamon, clove or chocolate in them. Try putting a splash of vanilla soy milk in it...excellent!

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