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391861391861B000CQBZPGA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W0051263686400One of my favorites!I have been a tea drinker all my life, and Stash has some wonderful flavors! I think I got primarily hooked on the finer teas when my parents drove us to Canada as children every year. I primarily drink Earl Gray teas because they are a deep rich teas, but not overpowering. When you drink Earl Gray, you feel like you drank a fine cup of English tea. The Double Bergamot added to the Earl Gray is even more superior! Bergamot is also relaxing. This is a wonderful blend and very difficult to find in stores.
391862391862B000CQBZPGA1NIXBLZ01MA93Golden Bear0021261008000Too much cinnamon!This cinnamon flavor in this tea is overwhelming. It really hides any tea taste. Would not buy it again.
391863391863B000CQBZPGA2QG4OFR02UNM4A. Alvrus0051260489600Gets me out of bed in the morning!What can get me out of a cat-warmed bed on a chilly morning? A pot of Stash Double Spice Chai tea. The spices are enticing and warm up you up down to your toes. I find the best way to drink it is with a splash of vanilla soy milk in the bottom of the mug, then pour in the tea. The vanilla soy adds just enough sweetness to counteract the bitterness of the tea (I like to brew it strong), but not so sweet that it overpowers the spices. Yum!
391864391864B000CQBZPGA2XBGNDDUN1DWRDiana Krogh "Old Krogh"0051257292800True BergamotI always get visitors to bring tea from the UK, but this is the BEST Earl Grey tea ever and my third order. Look forward to my early morning cuppa in the hammock!
391865391865B000CQBZPGA2KLFH9FCWURBJAngela Bull "Lady Roxianna"0041256256000Ahhh finally truly spicy chai in a tea bagI once had a soy chai latte that blew my mind. I was driving through Missoula Montana. I have yearned for years to capture that taste again. I have tried chai after chai with no luck. This chai comes close. If you like spicey chai but without all the sugar and milk in the premixed, this may be your chai.
391866391866B000CQBZPGAOLZZ1CQH42N0Betty N. Hodson "Boop1137"0051242950400Best ever!Stash is the best on the market as far as I am concerned. I have been a fan of many of their teas but the Earl grey Double Bergamot is my favorite.
391867391867B000CQBZPGA10EII7MQD4N28SunFire0041240185600Triple BergamotI like this tea. Whenever I pull a bag out of it's foil envelope, i like to inhale the scent of the Bergamot Oil. Triple Bergamot ? Bring it on !
391868391868B000CQBZPGAD4V1MK2Q0VL7Kathryn Wilson "FishGirl"0051237852800Tea Devotee from Way BackI've never been a coffee drinker. I've only drunk tea since I was a child. I've always brewed my tea as strongly as I could then added half & half. I first saw this Irish tea fairly recently and bought a box. It is the most delicious tea I've ever drunk. I drink it very strong with half & half and love it. However, unlike the Irish, I can only drink it in the morning. I heartily recommend this full-bodied, wonderfully flavored tea. It's everything a good breakfast tea should be.
391869391869B000CQBZPGA29MSVUZX3Y66RStephen Gregory0051237766400Great tea, great deliveryThis is a great way to get your supply of Earl Grey - and for serious Earl drinkers, double bergamot is the way to go!
391870391870B000CQBZPGAA6K7TN4UO8M6Keri Van Zeyst0051232841600Very tasty!This is a great Chai Tea. It's very aromatic and flavorful but not overpowering strong like some can be.
391871391871B000CQBZPGANPWUK4DI59EFSterling P. Dare0041231891200Flavorful Peach TeaWe have enjoyed this tea and the price was very reasonable. However, we expected a more robust taste. We felt we needed to add two bags to make it to our taste. Overall, we would recommned it, but we would like to see more tea put in the bag.
391872391872B000CQBZPGA1CTR89EV4QBJUtim32225 "Tim"0051226793600The Best Earl Grey Tea I've foundStash 'double bergamot' Earl Grey tea absolutely is the best Earl Grey I've found, and I've tasted quite a few of them both here in the US, and while traveling in Europe. The regular Earl Grey in this brand is also excellent, but the 'double bergamot' variety has a little more flavor than the Stash's regular Earl Grey. I highly recommend both, and if you are curious like I was, treat yourself to one or both of these, and you will probably never want to purchase any other brand.

I'm not sure the reason, but the other brands I've tried just do not taste as good. Whatever Stash is doing with this tea recipe, it works.
391873391873B000CQBZPGA3E8HPMCGZ0V2JLourdes Ortiz0051224806400A winnerI can't find this brand tea at my supermarket and am presently sniffing the empty tea bag because it just takes me back to this wonderful breakfast place somewhere in the Berkshires that made the best banana spice pancakes.
I am delighted to find out about this Double Bergamot. The Bergamot is the reason I love this Earl Grey tea above all others. I am giving this a good review before trying it because that's how much I love the Stash Premium Earl Grey.
I would recommend newbies to try the Premium first. This is a winner among Earl Grey teas. No one does it better than Stash.
I'm tempted to try their Chai Spice Tea. Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Honey is my favorite. If Stash makes it better I'm in heaven.

UPDATE: Didn't find a big difference between the Double and Premium Earl Grey. Still love them. Tried their Chai Spice--OK, but still love Celest. Seas. better.
391875391875B000CQBZPGA3FNGKAIRA62NQA Seeker "A Seeker"0051219190400the other bergamotThe red variety of bee balm is also called bergamot. I grow Bee Balm myself and the fragrance is the same as what is known as Earl Grey tea. As with any herb, it spreads fast, and has a variety of medicinal uses. For more information, search Bee Balm. Try growing this wonderful perennial and see if you don't enjoy the fragrance, if not the other uses. This tea is wonderful.
391876391876B000CQBZPGA1G7Q00JQ8CQOLFranklin P. Davis "Frank"0051217030400Great tasting Ice.,,,Makes great tasting Ice.
Mix one Luanne Qt tea with 2 Ber tea bags. Makes one quart.
Sweeten to taste. Delish!
391877391877B000CQBZPGA4S3AP2OQG60NB. Stevens "Viriditas"0051215993600RevitalizingAlthough I have sampled numerous Earl Grey teas, I always come back to Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea. I agree that it is not for the faint-hearted or those with a hypersensitive palate. Unlike teas such as jasmine green tea or chamomile which are soothing and relaxing, this tea is revitalizing and vivifying. So, if you want a bold and full flavored tea experience, this is the perfect tea for you.
391878391878B000CQBZPGA35PXDHHABYWR2emufan010051214265600Unique Earl GreyI've tried a variety of Earl Grey blends, and this one wins the prize for being the most unique. The citrus flavor is noticeably different from other Earl Greys. The box says that in addition to bergamont, other citrus flavors have been added. Personally, I taste a touch of grapefruit in the mix, which makes this tea a bit more lively than your typical blend. Of the conventional Earl Grey teas that are relatively easy to find, my goto is Bigelow's. I find Twinings to be too light and a bit sour. My favorite Earl Grey is made by Revolution, and includes lavender as an ingredient. If you want an Earl Grey that doesn't hold back on the bergamont, and you don't mind some extra tannins, I'd suggest Rishi or Tazo. Lady Grey by Twinings also tastes great, and includes small blue flowers, which you can see in the loose leaf version. Cool visual effect against the dark black tea leaves.
391879391879B000CQBZPGA1M5XMHG7W5RTKZane Binder0051212364800Awesome TeaI am so glad that Amazon sells this tea as it is very difficult to find. This is the best Earl Grey because of the double Bergamot and we prefer it over any other Earl Grey. This is a full bodied, very flavorful tea and some dishwater blend. I hope Amazon will continue to carry it.
391880391880B000CQBZPGA3PEE9UC426VVSAnonymous10051212278400Absolutely splendid Earl Grey tasteAbsolutely splendid taste and worthy of the Earl Grey name. This Double Earl brand is a bit stronger than the traditional Bigelow Earl Grey.
391881391881B000CQBZPGA79F0QVNU2TIDDeNeen Brown "book nut"0051210809600Like no other earl greyThis is more than just Earl Grey, the flavor and the fragrance are intense. After this tea, the other brands are just bland. I love this tea.
391882391882B000CQBZPGA38OCDJQOAQ2XGP. McGuire0051207699200The Best Earl Grey Tea EverI have been a long time drinker of Earl Grey Tea. No, not just because Captain Picard drank it (ok maybe a little) but because I drank coffee for years. Anyway, Earl Grey lovers will really like this tea... the citrus "bergamot" flavor is doubled - as the label states.

This tea is strong enough (black tea) to wake you up in the morning yet a perfect tea for the evening if you so want.

Not recommended for those of you who like a weaker tasting tea. Earl Grey fans - don't wait, get this now!
391883391883B000CQBZPGAGTORJGCMXRJCMarsha Roszel "living happy"0051207440000Peach Black TeaStash's Peach Black Tea has the perfect balance of peach and strong black tea flavor for a very refreshing summer drink. I usually use one or two peach tea bags along with 2 family sized black tea bags of the grocery store variety. This makes 2 quarts of great iced tea, with just a hint of peach. When I want something special I will use only the peach black tea and serve with a slice of peach. Summer is coming so I just stocked up!
391884391884B000CQBZPGASJZHRWOLB4X7john0051206489600Fantastic FlavorA perfect combination of bergamot and tea. Full bergamot flavor. the best Earl Grey tea I have had.
391885391885B000CQBZPGA1PEO50732652OA. McKellar0051174262400Excellent!I have always enjoyed Earl Grey tea because of the flavor of Bergamot. I was pleased to find that there is this version of Earl Grey with Double Bergamot which only enhances the flavor! I love this tea and believe anyone who enjoys Earl Grey will love this as well.
391886391886B000CQBZPGA1QR88UTOZVJZLMary Butler-Minor0051168387200Chi teaThe tea is delicious and I got quite a lot of tea for a fraction of the cost of what I pay regularly. Keep up the good work..offering great deals!
391887391887B000CQBZPGA2IPHGXIAYZNJKTG0051168300800Our morning wake upMy wife and I enjoy this black tea with Stash Chai Spice Green as our drink at breakfast. We add Splenda and skim milk to start our day right.
391888391888B000CQBZPGA1AJ5JVIO3PD25Joyce A. Brenc0051168300800This tea is tops.This is one of my favorite teas. The double dose of Bergamot gives this Earl Grey a wonderful flavor. You can't beat the price in the groceriey stores.
391889391889B000CQBZPGA1KKGUI8WSEBZ4N. Pierre0051166140800Totally terrific tea, truly.I love this tea. I love the smooth feel of the individually sealed envelopes, I love the red of the box, I love the fragrance as it steeps, and I REALLY love the taste. It is just amazingly good, definitely worth the stained teeth.

Occasionally I will warm up some milk in my mug (filled about halfway, I'd say) and let the teabag steep while the water is getting hot. Once I take the teabag out I just add some sugar and am ready to go.

If you love tea, if you love gently but wonderfully spiced foods - try this. I am very glad that I found it.
391890391890B000CQBZPGA15037GE2508DRA. Johnson0051166054400Now THIS is a good breakfast tea!This tea is strong, but flavorful-ly strong - like good coffee. Bold, I guess, you might call call it. Heartier in flavor than English Breakfast tea and great with half & half, lemon or just plain. It makes the best iced tea. It's really very good!

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