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392073392073B0013ES5WCA2L29YHNS3B79UJubobent1151302134400Wonderful!This item was easy to set up and does exactly what we hoped it would do. Our 17-year-old cat was crying for fresh water several times a day. We finally realized that changing to clumping litter had created a problem for him because he usually drank using his paws, dipping into the water and then licking them. So much of the litter was clinging to his paws that he could no longer do that. He was getting dehydrated and constantly crying for fresh water. Now he drinks from a gently bubbling fountain and is very content. Cleaning is easy and the little motor is almost silent. We recommend it to anyone who has a cat that is a problem drinker - or any cat that enjoys fresh water.
392074392074B0013ES5WCA15CEIYXON5F6AMayday19631151288483200Great filter for a great fountain!Very happy with the fountain and it cuts down on the cat purging! Cleans the chlorine in the water.
392075392075B0013ES5WCA3AF76LSJOE9MIT.Rhetta1151279584000Catit FountainI personally love this fountain and I have owned three different kinds. This one is very quiet unless water level is low. It is the easiest one to maintain and clean. Unfortunately one of my cats refuses to drink from it. He doesn't like the constant moving water. But my other cat took to it right away. It's simple to set up and you can fill it without moving it unlike some which require you to take it apart to fill.
392076392076B0013ES5WCATHMT4FQ9P3RHColleen M. Moceri1151279238400My cats LOVE this fountainMy cats love this fountain, which wa recived as a gift. I ordered the cartridges (hence this review) for it. I have 2 other fountaisn of a different design, but they like this one best! They don't have to bend down to drink! Stays clean, jsut wish the resevior was bigger so I didn't have to fill it so often!
392077392077B0013ES5WCA2B9J8K8E8FSW1E. A. Bean1141276128000Catit fountainMy cats love this fountain. I have had it for 2 years and it runs continuously. I clean it twice a month and just add water when needed. I would buy this product again if needed. The fountain pump did go once during a power surge and I was able to purchase a replacement from a pump store on-line.
392078392078B0013ES5WCA3A4ZLEVT7RXJTTim Vern1151265846400Nice brushes!!!These are pretty nice brushes to clean the automatic cat water bowls we brought. Versatile set of brushes
that can reach almost crack and crevice. Really like them a lot!
392079392079B0013ES5WCA1G6Y80T7XN0OJC. Moore1151246838400Cats Love the FountainMy cats just love this fountain and prefer it over the other three bowls in the house. The unit tends to get noisy if you don't replace the filter every month or so. Popped in a new filter (which I couldn't find at the pet store, but thanks for the great deal Amazon!) and runs great. Drop in another cup or two of water each morning, no more spills outside the bowl, no more washing out bowls, it does all the work for me.
392080392080B0013ES5WCA1Y7WO7TGVO6O6belinda0051347840000Exactly what I needed!I couldn't find this product anywhere else. My pet water fountain works great but needed filters and I found what I needed. It works perfectly and the price was great.
392081392081B0013ES5WCA2D2VRVQRB3YGYMadmax0051336348800Good Product BUT.........Filters could be a bit cheaper, but work well when changed every 2 weeks.Perhaps catit should market them as a 6 pack for 15 bucks
392082392082B0013ES5WCA39R258BT24AA5Robert Hartley0041333756800Does the jobThe Catit Replacement cartridges work as expected. Really nothing glamorous about it. It simply does what it is intended to do.
392083392083B0013ES5WCA3MSOLHAGJMXZFcarlitosway690051328400000It is what it isThese replacement filters work great. The pump however did break, so I am no longer using the actual fountain. Was nice while it worked though..
392084392084B0013ES5WCA1C955T0YL4POAChristine0051327017600the best cat water deviceI have used many cat water fountains. This is the best so far. It has not mold on me once in one and a half year of use. It does help wash it every 2 weeks.
392085392085B0013ES5WCA1MUFAY2VRBF3PSasha Smith0011326499200Sent Wrong Product/UnhelpfulI was sent the wrong product and then told I had to call an 800 number to get a replacement which then asked me to pay to return the item that they screwed up on. All of this should have been accomplished in my initial email to their customer service. You do not want to deal with this unhelpful company!
392086392086B0013ES5WCA3R6Z3ZWIA8EM7Anne0051325548800Happy CustomerI was truly happy to find Cat It 50057 filters for my cat's water bowl. The pet stores in my area quit carrying this product and I was so unhappy. I tried other water bowls but my cat nearly died of thirst and would not drink from them. She would sit by them a meow over and over again. Now she is happy and so am I.

Three cheers for Amazon and the link to Cat It products!!
Hip Hip Hooray,
Hip Hip Hooray,
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!
392087392087B0013ES5WCA30DKJLKOD8K1RCre8tiveRed0051325116800Fountain FiltersMy local pet store stopped carrying these filters, and I found them here. Good price. Fast delivery. Exactly what i was purchasing in the store. I thought I was going to have to buy a new fountain, so I am very pleased to have found these.
392088392088B0013ES5WCA347QJKV1LVS3Abetsy3b "betsy3b"0051325030400Cat It 50057 Fresh and Clear Fountain Replacement Cartridge for 50053 3-packProduct was just as described, in great condition, and arrived very quickly. I would certainly consider buying this product when I need more.
392089392089B0013ES5WCA2ZC1P8WPXPHECDiane "DLO"0051323388800Love it!Our cats LOVE the CatIt fountain, but the filters are hard to find around here. So glad that I can get them on Amazon!
392090392090B0013ES5WCA3JVV3XTL2TAVUKaren M. Hughes "KSWMH"0051317600000Great product, good serviceWe have had the Cat It fountain for a couple years now and like it a lot. The only problem is it needs to be cleaned out weekly, but the nicest thin about it is how quiet it is.
This vendor had great pricing on filters and shipped very quickly. Very satisfied.
392091392091B0013ES5WCA3OVTSBJE3A686Norbert J. Hache0051316563200Exactly as advertisedProduct was the part number specified in the owner's manual. Changed the original cartridge and found the fountain flowing more freely. I will order this product again in the future. My only complaint is I wish they had automatic reordering.
392092392092B0013ES5WCA15MQDMFI7I66NKathy0041315180800Works greatSince my local pet supply store had discontinued selling this filter, I thought I would have to pitch the fountain. I was so glad to find it on here.
392093392093B0013ES5WCA2M8J5C4PVIKXRDriftless0051314316800Fresh & Clear Cat Water StationI purchased replacement filters for the Cat-It Fresh & Clear Fountain (cat watering station). We have two old cats, who routinely play with their conventional water dish. This splashing in the dish creates a mess AND contaminates their water supply.

I picked up the Cat-It Fresh & Clear Fountain as an experiment. I am very happy to report that the cats prefer to drink from the fountain, compared to their old water dish. They also do NOT splash in the water, so they aren't overtly contaminating the supply. I like the system so well, that I just loaded up on additional filters and we use it daily now. I found the filters easy to install and each one lasts several days in normal service.
392094392094B0013ES5WCA1HMV0DN9M2VX6Moni00 "Moni00"0051312588800Great Filter & Wonderful fountainThis fountain works really well, especially for if I'm going out of town. I have a cat fountain & an automatic feeder & my cat is fine. It holds a lot of water. I just add a glass every couple of days to keep it full. I left town for a weekend forgetting to top it off and when I got back, there was still a good bit of water left. The filters work very well to keep the water clean and fresh. I can no longer find these at my local pet store, so it's great to know they are on Amazon-- for a cheaper price!
392095392095B0013ES5WCA2K9HGVX5VUKINMichelle T0051312502400Great water supply for cats or a small dog.I bought this as a second water source for two cats and it works great. It's easy to fill and clean and once the cats get used to it they love it.
392096392096B0013ES5WCAMX1L5BYBXUIDNadiaThinks0051307750400Cat loves this fountainThe fountain is incredibly easy to set up and doesn't smell strongly of plastic. My cat immediately started drinking out of it and loves it. The water is constantly running without too much noise and is at a good level for my cat. The red tab makes it easy to fill without overflowing and the pieces detach very easily for washing (most of them go in the dishwasher). I suggest buying extra filters since they are hard to find locally. If you don't clean it in the recommended timeframe (for me, it's once every 3 weeks) you will start to hear the fountain, since the debris makes everything clog up slightly.
392097392097B0013ES5WCA50MZWLPWJ2N3ms_kitty40051307491200Great Price - Cant be beat!This is my favorite fountain. My cats love it and drink from it all the time. I am glad to provide them fresh water and was glad to find the replacement filters here on Amazon for such a good price. Much cheaper than purchasing this at my local store.

Highly recommended by my 3 furry kids :)
392098392098B0013ES5WCA1BSC7H0H3LIANHappy Sad.0051306022400As described.I usually buy this from a pet store (but they either ran out/stopped stocking it) and the price here would have been lower...had it not been for the s&h charge. Product is the same one I always use and that makes me happy. Thank goodness for Amazon! :D
392099392099B0013ES5WCA37ADLGQWHGLTFShiloh D.0151294444800Great ProductWell, I already knew what I was getting prior to ordering. These are replacement filters for the Cat It water fountain. I am very happy with the product and more importantly so is my cat!!!
392100392100B0013ES5WCAWNOWP4QGRXK3P. Ju "Scootrat"0341247616000It filtersIt does its job. Pretty expensive, at $3-$4 a pop. I'd prefer a reusable solution, or a reusable container/circular sac that I could refill with cotton/charcoal.
392071392071B0013ES5WCA3LJEQCAET9AFDMicheline1111313798400Never ReceivedWas very sad to never receive the much needed filters! Not able to really track package with tracking number, just wanted what was paid for, what a hassle for $9.
392072392072B0013ES5WCA1KL7KX0TMR3OCChris M.1141309219200Love it!Like EVERYTHING that I purchase I looked up reviews for this device and decided to purchase it. My aging cat needs a constant source of water so this took the pain out of constantly changing the water. The fountain arrived quickly and assembly wasnt painfull (I do have an engineering degree so my apologies to those who disagree). I love this cat fountain. It runs quitely and after some initial apprehension (well it isnt THAT quiet), my old cat has been using it and seems to have no problem with it. I did have to place her food next to the fountain to get her to come near the fountain. The reason I didnt give it 5 stars are beacause when pouring water in, when it begins to reach the top it has the tendency to overflow onto the floor. It has a floating indicator that tells you when its getting full but I would like a little more tolerance. The other issue is that the filter needs replacing and that means a constant expense and dependency on their products. Small sacrifices for the peace of mind that my cat always has water. Also, the water does evaporate at a rate of about 4 cups per week so you will be refilling.

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