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392135392135B002C0E5VGASV7V12XHAUW4T. MORROW "cuttlefish"282951267056000yummy fresh tasty sour beer aromaThis starter is an amazing and well-balanced culture. You can smell the potential in it when it first arrives. It's supposed to revive by the second day of feeding it, but I found that it almost immediately picked up with bubble action after the initial feeding. I am going to give this creature a name and invite it into the family. I'm going to walk it everyday and groom its shiny coat. I love it! I'm moderately experienced with sourdough starters and the only starter I've ever used that rivals this starter is one that I was given as part of a baking class years ago from a baker in Boulder, CO -- and that starter had a San Francisco lineage. Comes with clear instructions. I would recommend finding the perfect jar for this baby the way you would buy the perfect pet bed for your prize-winning Shi-Tzu.
392136392136B002C0E5VGAICQINHQ4H6S6Syzygies111151317427200Good stuffTwo days after the envelope arrived, I have a quart ball jar about to overflow with active starter, and I'm ready to bake.

When you place your order, buy some spring water and have a quart ball jar ready. When the starter comes in the mail, measure a couple of TB of spring water directly into the zip lock bag, and massage the very stiff mixture over several minutes into a loose batter. Squeeze the contents into your ball jar, stir in a couple of TB of flour, and set to rest with the lid loose enough to let expanding air out. Twice a day, double the weight of the jar contents, half and half flour and spring water by weight. Leave plenty of room for expansion; start tossing out half to make room once you've scaled up to your jar size. The provided instructions are simpler, and probably also work just fine.

It is worth reading multiple sources (e.g. every book covering sourdough at a bookstore) for perspective. There's a school of thought that this sourdough starter is a visiting tribe of friendlies, to protect the wild yeast on your flour from unfriendlies as your own wild yeast (and its entourage; sourdough is complex) gets established. A month from now, there will only be your yeast. Know another source that dates to the Oregon Trail? Yeah, right. Just like trying to track down Mohito mint; mint is indeterminate, and all you can actually grow is YOUR mint. Mint adapts. Yeast adapts.

Thus, any reliable starter is as good as any other, to bootstrap getting your own wild yeast going. This source is the real deal, as good as any, and a convenient Amazon one-click. No need to hesitate.

This same school of thought holds that the source doesn't affect your sourdough flavor, once it is replaced by your local friendlies. Rather, the proportion (by weight) between flour and water, and the flours used, affect the response to proofing temperature and the flavor. It is important to train your starter with the same flours you'll be using to bake, perhaps along with some rye no matter what. I'm using freshly ground red wheat and rye, and 1:1 water to flour by weight.

There are those who prefer spring water to distilled, as the minerals create a nice environment. Once a starter gets going, plenty of people just use tap water. In any case, the chlorine leaves standing water pretty quickly; one can simply plan ahead and set aside tap water, e.g. in a Brita.
392137392137B002C0E5VGA36TZAEKZZ4Z3DRocklike101051284940800Great stuff! Highly recommended!Great sourdough starter. Produces a wonderfully fragrant mix and great bread. Also has a great website for support.
392138392138B002C0E5VGA25FIFPYJ6W067David M. Storms101151256947200vigirous growth/intense scentArrived squashed flat but you could see pockets of yeast breath air.Added the small amount of dechlorinated water into the pouch it comes in(easier to get out).mixed the flour and starter/water in an opaque crock. the next morning it was bubbling away with a sharp sourness that was missing from my homemade starter(RIP).I made two separate starters right off the bat, in case one of them gets dropped or gets swine flu.I haven't got to make bread yet but everything looks good... can't wait to share it.
392139392139B002C0E5VGA88UD6F8NZFB9S. A. Walsh7751270425600If you are not going to San FranciscoI have had this starter in use for seven loaves of bread now. I keep it in the refrigerator between uses and bring it out the day before I intend to bake, feed and divide it. I decided a long time ago to treat a starter with respect but to not coddle it and this starter is right there with me each time unlike several other brands I have used in the past. This is the best starter I have ever used, I am glad my old one was lost. I live north of San Francisco and was dubious about a starter from the midwest, however I feel my sourdough bread rivals San Francisco's best in taste and texture with this one from Breadtopia!
392140392140B002C0E5VGA1UQX0CI8TM9ETElkmeister "Inquiring Mind"91051301529600Excellent starterWe have had active starters in the house for most of the last 30 years in all climates and altitudes. Most were started from scratch and a few used starter "kits". After my mother-in-law A)asked me to make some sourdough bread for an upcoming family get together, and B) proudly stated that she had "tossed out that stinky, sticky stuff in the jar" we decided to give this starter a try. Turns out this has the best flavor without a doubt of any of my starters over the years.

Our experience is that all starters seem to have "personality" and not just the flavor. This one is easy to care for, smells and tastes great and activates really quickly. I can't recall a starter producing this many of the bubbles and holes that help make sourdough distinctive.

The seller's videos, recipes and advice are straight forward and practical.

In summary, can't say enough good things about this cost effective way to get a starter.
392141392141B002C0E5VGA9YG1YQ3GZR8Jude6651308614400Wow!Since I'm such a big fan of sourdough bread, I'd tried a number of times over the years to make my own sourdough starter. I failed miserably, except for the last time, when it worked well enough (using a potato flake-sugar-water recipe I found on, but the resulting bread tasted overwhelmingly like beer. Which is fine if you like beer -- my son loved the bread for that very reason, for example -- but not if you want bread with a true sourdough taste.

So after seeing all the 5-star reviews for this starter, I decided to give it a try. Since I have all my online purchases sent to my workplace so I'm there to receive them, my starter sat in a mailbox inside the door of my business from Saturday when it was delivered until Monday. That meant I couldn't even begin to start the process of feeding it until Monday evening. So I was a little worried that the starter might have suffered from sitting so long in that mailbox unfed.

The starter came in a little zip-lock baggie with a card of instructions. I found it pretty hard to get the sticky starter out of its baggie due to the consistency -- it was kind of a mess, actually. I wish I'd read the reviews that suggested adding water to the baggie first to make it easier to get out, but as it was, I finally just tore the bag down the side and scraped as much as I could out into the bowl. I've read reviews that said how good the starter smelled, but mine kind of had the aroma of wallpaper paste, which worried me a little, I must admit.

A day after the first feeding, there were tiny little bubbles on the surface of the mixture, but not a lot of action. By the second feeding, there were a few more. But the third time, when I added the full cup of flour and the water, the mixture took off: There was no question it was alive and well! After feeding it one more time, I used a cup of it to make "Classic San Francisco Sourdough Bread," a recipe I found online. It took a bit of work and a LOT of time, but oh, my -- the results were spectacular! True sourdough taste, just like the bread I enjoyed so much on my visits to San Francisco.

I can't recommend this starter more highly. The only negative is that I found the instructional videos and answers to questions on to be a little less helpful than I had hoped. I think the instructions for the care and feeding of the starter could be a bit more detailed, especially for those of us who are new to the art of sourdough. But that's a minor complaint, because the product itself is so very good it more than makes up for having to research the topic for more information. If you're looking for a great sourdough starter, this is the one to try.
392142392142B002C0E5VGA3UOA8WL20X3FYSistersrus8951261785600works well, great breadI ordered both the dry and wet starter because I wasnt sure it would still be alive when received. Following the directions, in 2 days I had a thriving starter. I made sourdough according to the "123" method I found on youtube. It is SO EASY and fun, and the bread is excellent. The starter keeps going too; I take out 1 cup at a time and replace with 1 cup of water and 7/8 cup of flour. In a couple hours it is bubbling away and ready to back to the fridge. I still have the dry starter, haven't needed it yet.
392143392143B002C0E5VGA3OPWOETMAVBXFjulialds5621336953600Didn't workI was excited to start making sourdough bread. I followed the enclosed instructions to the letter and I thought it was working. Sadly, by the end of the 3rd day it was evident that it was dead. The second star is for the web address the seller enclosed. It had a ton of information however it was difficult for me, a novice bread maker, to make sense of. I couldn't even find the section listed for maintaining the starter. Unfortunately it didn't matter, as I had nothing to maintain.
392144392144B002C0E5VGA2BBWK2RXFR8TIJoanne Bischof5651276041600Worked great!I'm lovin' my sourdough starter! It worked great and after babying the starter for a few weeks, I made my first loaf of bread and it came out wonderful! We make waffles and sourdough banana bread and everything has been a hit! I had so much fun making sourdough bread, I included a little story for beginners on my blog:
392145392145B002C0E5VGA25PL3X6OTZR8ZBecca2251338076800It's very good!I live in Oregon and it did arrive quickly. Alive and vigorous! I've been using it for breakfast waffles every morning since and am keeping it on my counter. I highly recommend this starter for first-time sourdough bakers. I'd tried to catch my own culture twice, and had also mail ordered a free one that took over a month to arrive. When I was tired of failing and of waiting, I got this and was up and running less than a week later, with a strong, healthy, aged culture. Totally worth $10 with shipping to get plugging along.
392146392146B002C0E5VGABTYPIOK4RXX4K. Brown2251336953600Arrived alive and it smells great (at least for sourdough)My starter arrived well packed and very promptly. I stored it in the fridge overnight until I could feed it and try to revive it. The next day I put it in a bowl with a little flour and water. Within hours it started to expand and by the evening it was starting to show gas. By the next morning it was full of bubbles and alive. I can't wait to cook with it next week. Thanks to everyone at BreadTopia!
392147392147B002C0E5VGA3R7A6E3BQ6S0VAmanda Robinson2251334880000Great Starter!I am new to bread baking, and I thought a live starter would be the best way to get some sourdough going without having to wait weeks.

This was great. After just a few days of feeding the starter, I made my first loaf, and not only was it edible, it was pretty good! I've now made probably 10 loaves, and have had even more succcess. Very nice sourdough flavor. I even gave a cup of starter to my father in law who has had success with it as well.

The family loves my homemade bread. I also have to mention that the seller's website,, is super helpful with videos about maintaining the starter and making the bread.
392148392148B002C0E5VGA3HZF3MHDPY26ZE. Teague "lteague"2251327795200Great StarterThis starter quickly came to life after being fed. It's made great bread, cinnamon roles & bran muffins so far. Breadtopia has a great website with video instructions & recipes. Definitely recommend.
392149392149B002C0E5VGA1GI2SSNDNPSUNChristina Cordoba2251321315200Alive and KickingWe're starting a new family "starter" with this. It came in the mail in a couple of days. I immedately fed it and boy did it come alive fast and furious. I have since passed some to my sister. We have both made bread within the first week and the tanginess is as good as anything I ever ate when I lived in S.F. I also made a sourdough dumpling recipe and the texture was unlike any dumpling I've made. You will not be disappointed. Just be aware that bread making is a time consuming effort and you have to be willing to invest in that "labor" of love.
392150392150B002C0E5VGA1TDRGWWY026UTR. Burnette2251319932800Worthy of the hype!I carefully read the various reviews of this (and several other) sourdough starters--and chose this one. It revived in short-order and after only a coupe of days I had a jar full of bubbling, vigorous starter--and made bread . . . then pizza dough. Incredibly appealing sourdough taste, and crusts are cripsy and chewy. I realize I should let the starter mature but I keep making something, so I created three separate starter containers with the goal of letting one develop for a week. I have been making sourdoughs for 35 years using wild yeast but none can compare to this. I'm a believer!
392151392151B002C0E5VGAZJKNLGCF8DZBLittle Owl2251314835200Great Customer Service!After accidentally killing my starter, I petitioned Eric, and he sent me another right away! It is already doing well and I am excited to make my first loaf soon. The information on his website is also very helpful for me as a beginner.
392152392152B002C0E5VGA2GVH9IPIH4GZMS. Leonard2251312588800Fun and simpleExcellent starter! It came quickly, and was bubbling within a few hours of adding water and flour.
Highly recommended.
392153392153B002C0E5VGA1XJJAKNR0CC31Guibo2251302998400Fantastic starterI received my starter in the mail on Thursday afternoon and it was ready to make bread by Saturday morning. It sprang to life within eight hours of the first feeding and vigorously bloomed with each subsequent feeding. I have already made several great loaves of bread and excellent pizza crusts. The flavor of this starter is much better than my homemade starter.
392154392154B002C0E5VGA1KGEMR210VNLFMITER "REVIEW"2251302393600__________IT'S ALIVE!_______________IT'S ALIVE!________________IT'S ALIVE!___________I purchased this from Breadtopia and it arrived quickly. It looks smushed but I carefully squeezed the thick sour smelling dough out and followed the directions on the package. Day 3 and it is so clear to see that this dough is alive.... bubbly and clearly on a path to becoming delicious bread, pizza dough and other things in the future.

I think this dough is much better than the dried granular starter that is offered at stores and online. I would recommend this product to friends and family. The seller has a great website with videos and lots of good information, questions and answers page, a store page with lots of products for sale and recipes.

Making sourdough starter is easy. I am looking forward to becoming a really good bread baker and --- to serve warm bread and butter to my family and friends.

OVERALL RATING of seller and product: A+
392155392155B002C0E5VGA1PBJSI6MBDLG8J. Maughan2251275955200Delicious!This sourdough starter is the bees knees! Flavor is spot on and the odor is wonderfull as well. It arrived quickly and came to life very fast (very active within 36 hours).
392156392156B002C0E5VGA10FL3TBQ7TI48J. King1151350432000Why didn't I switch to Vonage..errrr... sour dough beforeMy mommy made Sour dough pancakes on Sunday about once a month and us kids went wild on those Sundays, especially when Fresh Strawberries were in season. She would cut up the berries and fold them into whipping cream for topping. I'm drooling on myself typing this. I couldn't believe how easy this was.... I ordered it on Amazon, got it 2 days, read the directions in roughly 20 seconds, scissored the pouch and wrung out the paste in a bowl, added the water&flour, then the next day you add the same ratio water/flour to double the volume. 24 hrs later do the same and your ready to. I'm 60 and never had a starter for myself because I thought the starter would be a hassle, boy was I wrong. I don't cook much but I'll I had to buy was the baking soda to make these pancakes(bread is to sophisticated for me to bake).

2 cups sourdough starter, room temperature
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon warm water

The night before using your starter, remove from refrigerator and let come to room temperature. Then feed the starter with flour and water. Let this sit eight (8) hours or preferably overnight. It is now ready to use in your sourdough pancakes!

In a large bowl, add sourdough starter, sugar, egg, olive oil, and salt; mix well; set aside.

In a small bowl, dilute 1 teaspoon baking soda in 1 tablespoon of warm water. Important: Only add baking soda/water mixture to the pancake batter just before you are ready to cook the pancakes.

When ready to cook your sourdough pancakes, fold the baking soda/water mixture gently into the prepared pancake batter (do not beat). This will cause a gentle foaming and rising action in the batter. Let the mixture bubble and foam a minute or two before using. TO DIE FOR!!!

392157392157B002C0E5VGA3V4MX1IY7715SJ. Mills1151348099200GREAT PRODUCTWe were not able to pick up the package as soon as I would have liked, but the starter perked up the 2nd day and now it is very lively! It has a wonderful aroma and flavor.
392158392158B002C0E5VGA3JLGYV7IN38YNKathleen Derevan1151347926400IT'S ALIVE!!!My starter sat all day in the mailbox on a boiling hot day, so I was afraid it would be DOA. I fed it according to the instructions on the attached card, and now, a few days later, it's bubbling and puffy and smells wonderful! I'll be making bread with it soon. Surely a sturdy starter.
392159392159B002C0E5VGA19A2M8I6I1JRCSusan Spooner1151338681600Great StarterWe received the starter within a couple of days and after following the directions, the starter was active and ready to go. It is very active starter, and have made sourdough bread, hamburger buns and wheat bread with much success. It does not have as sour a taste as what we are use to. I think that we may be able to regulate this. Would certainly recommend this product.
392160392160B002C0E5VGA3VYVD50KNVTZCJennifer1151336089600Quality Starter, you won't be disappointed!I purchased this starter about a week ago. It arrived SUPER fast. I was eager to get started so I ran off to the kitchen and ripped the package open with daydreams of my mothers sourdough rolls fresh in my mind. I found that thanks to the Texas heat, it was super super sticky and spooning it out wasn't an option. I cut the baggie open and scraped it out into a bowl using a butter knife. Then followed the directions on the package. Within just HOURS, the starter livened right up, started bubbling and rising. I was super excited again, daydreaming of my mothers old sourdough rolls. However those dreams soon crushed as I found my son pouring apple cider vinegar into the rising starter. Devastated I quickly poured off the vinegar and scraped off the top layer. I considered throwing it away, but the package said to e-mail Eric if you encountered any problems.. Well this was definitely a problem!

I e-mailed Eric and much to my surprise he emailed me back pretty quickly, told me all hope may not be lost, and he patiently gave me directions and advice on how to bring it back to life. Good news! Thanks to Eric, it is now back alive and thriving, and I'm just a feeding or two away from having enough to start my rolls!

If you are reading this, please know this is the BEST quality starter that you can possibly order from the internet. It is shipped SUPER fast, it is strong, healthy and very alive. Even my toddler couldn't kill it! The customer service is unmatched anywhere. Eric was very nice, patient and very helpful! I am now a loyal Breadtopia customer!
392131392131B004AOCOC4A2BQSBXYHK0YX5Auntijoan0051344643200The PodThe POD, 1-Cup Coffee Pods - Colombia Supremo (Regular) 54 Pods

GREAT coffee! Better than Senseo, so they can be out of stock forever. Deep, rich flavor - great wake-up brew. I like it.
392132392132B004AOCOC4A1JVMEDABGIIQCWalkar0051342310400Worth itGiven that the original dark roast from Senseo is no longer available, I tried this brand. Great service, each pod packaged individually, all arrived in perfect shape. Now - the taste: it is NOT as strong as the dark roast from Senseo, but still very pleasant. I'd give 4 stars for my personal taste, however, I knew I was not buying the same coffee, so it'd be unfair to downgrade it. It is still good coffee. I will continue buying it.
392133392133B002C0E5VGAOYZ5HQ61TP2Djsmit888951295827200Top quality sourdough starterThe wet dough sourdough product is excellent. Upon feeding and expanding it woke up very quickly and leavened loafs extremely well. Lots of classic sourdough taste and lots of gas production. But as a university microbiologist, I can't just try out a sourdough starter. I had to take it to the lab and find out what's in it. I am happy to report that the starter contains precisely what it should: one species of yeast and one species of lactic acid bacteria. It is a complex task to definitively identify them as the authentic Saccharomyces exiguus and Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis, but everything is consistent so far with them being derived from authentic San Francisco sourdough. In particular, as one subcultures them repeatedly, the levels of each stay pretty consistent. This is a hallmark of an authentic sourdough starter pair of microbes. I highly recommend this product.
392134392134B002C0E5VGA7YMD8MSOBO1ISharon Beverly313151296432000Fantastic Product and Customer ServiceThis product delivers. Literally. The San Francisco Sourdough Yeast arrived quickly; the starter is of excellent quality, and the rapid customer service (Rosalyn answered my online questions on a Sunday!) was about the best I have ever experienced. Good things do come in small packages and this sourdough starter is no exception.

As I write this my dough is proofing and that singular San Francisco aroma tells me this is the real thing. M-m-m. I close my eyes and remember that delicious, yeasty sourdough from Fisherman's Wharf.

The only caveat comes with following the directions. After the first feeding of the yeast with bread flour and water, the directions state to discard all but ¼ cup, which can be used to make pancakes or biscuits. (The pancakes were delicious.) The second and third feedings each require adding ½ cup water and slightly less than 1 cup (I used 7/8 cup) bread flour.

The Sourdough Bread recipe calls for 2 1/3 cups of starter. Take my advice. Keep your discarded excess starter (remember, you keep only ¼ cup of it each of the three times) in the refrigerator. You may use it to create additional starters in order to have enough (2 1/3 cups) to begin making your dough. Alternatively, take your final (third) proofing, using ¼ cup of it to have enough multiples to make 2 1/3 cups of starter for your dough.

The best place for the yeast to activate was in the oven, with the oven light remaining on. It gives off sufficient heat for a perfect environment and was free from drafts.

My dough (2 lbs.,14.5 oz.) is ready to be punched down and I see that I'll be able to get two large or three medium loaves.

One final word: This does not perform like bread using rapid rise yeast. Give yourself a week to proof your sourdough yeast, make your dough and allow it rise two times (each rise can be from 12-24 hours). Good things come to those who wait...

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