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392202392202B0046IDCA2A1VNFOV5225CUSara2251313712000Great cat foodAfter my cat was diagnosed with renal failure, he refused to eat any of the canned versions of his vet prescribed food for kidney disease although he would eat Hill's Science Diet k/d dry food, but he was vomiting it up regularily. Since his diet requires low protein after searching online I finally found Spot's Stew. My cat really likes it and readily eats the chicken, turkey and salmon varieties. Granted sometimes he eats around the carrots, peas and green beans, but he does eat them. I really like that Spot's Stew is an all natural cat food with no by-products or fillers, and especially that it is an alternative for my cat that he really enjoys.
392203392203B0046IDCA2A2WPAPA1IJOAI0wolfe275 "wolfe275"6821313107200Dog Food Masquerading as Cat FoodMy cat loved the dry version of spot's stew. When she was sick with a UTI, I purchased this in hopes of adding some additional fluid to her diet. When I dumped it in her bowel, she looked up at me as if I were mad, and I couldn't blame her. It is literally "stew," with whole chunks of peas, carrots, etc. in it. Cats are carnivores. I have owned several, and I have never seen one of them willingly eat a piece of fruit or vegetable, grain products excluded, that hadn't been completely ground up and disguised in something else.

She took one sniff and walked away. Of course, cats are unpredictable creatures and YMMV. But there are loads of good quality pate-style wet foods and all-meat wet foods that most cats are more likely to prefer.
392204392204B0046IDCA2A3EYP9APJQF5OQJennifer S.1151346544000Exceptional Cat Food!Oh, this is some good cat food!
Have you ever opened a can of Friskies and gagged at the awful smell? How can your cat eat that?
This cat food smells pretty good, and it simply looks and smells like good food. My kittens made so much noise when I opened that can! They gobbled it right up, and I have to admit that it smelled pretty good.
392205392205B0046IDCA2A2CBYJDTC6TT1IVictoria1151341446400Kitty is in love!This stuff looks disgusting, it really does. It's like meat soup that has been pureed. My cat goes nuts for it. She chirps her tiny cat meow at me whenever I get up in the morning and when I come home from work. I put her dry food in, that she used to love (will definitely switch to Spot's Stew dry next time I buy) and she looks at me like I'm evil. All she wants now is her succulent salmon.
392206392206B0046IDCA2AJWZ0Y2SW3MD7Straykat81131329782400Cats reviewI purchased this for my 15 year old cat who has health issues. Unfortunately, this cat decided after about 2 cans that she was not going to eat any more health food. She didn't eat the first cans very well even though I tried giving it in the morning when she's the hungriest and she licked a couple times and then followed me around meowing for something else. I finally gave up and gave it to the other cats. Two of the seven other cats will eat it but they leave the peas and anything else that is not mashed. So as far as I'm concerned it is great food, but the cats weren't impressed.
392207392207B0046IDCA2A93B4YN4BD3UKElizabeth Whitmire "technophile, pet lover, &...1151322438400My cat loves Spot's Stew, and I know it's good for him.I've seen other reviewers say their cats wouldn't eat the vegetables in Spot's Stew. Before deciding for or against this product, try just a couple of flavors from Petco or Petsmart first. My cat goes ga-ga for all of this product, including the vegetables. Every cat's different. I know this product is healthy from looking at the label. I used to buy Blue, but one of the top Blue ingredients is chicken meal, which, if you look that up on the internet, is chicken skin. Uggh! I wouldn't ever want my furry loved one to eat skin - that's like feeding a human infant McDonald's, no offense to McD's.
392208392208B0046IDCA2A22Y5NVZQFEV3SM. E. Dvorak1151314921600Wow! Cat Food That Seems Yummy!Wow! I have the pickiest cats in the whole universe. The only wet food they eat is Spot's Stew Chicken. I can get them to eat the Chicken/Beef flavor if I add some shaved Bonito but with three cats Slinky, Jester and Regal, only Slinky and Jester scarf the food down. They will eat the chicken without the Bonito but Regal is another story. She won't eat it at first but might come back later and eat some. She will ONLY eat the Chicken and does not like Bonito so with her, it gets a little more tough. However, this food is a wonderful consistency, smells good (to me the human) and I assume to the kitties as well because they LOVE this stuff. For the vegetables, I don't know if cats really need them however, I mush them up with the meat and they don't notice. If I miss mushing some, then yes they try to eat around the peas/carrots. All I can say is thank goodness for this food. I spent lots of money and time trying to find something they would like. I also feed them a mix of Halo dry Sensitive Formula Turkey and Purina Dental Health. In order to prevent urinary symptoms, I give my cats only fresh bottled water every day that I put in bowls all over the house. With the good water, the good food and lots of petting, I have the happiest cats in Arizona! Thank you Halo!!
392209392209B0046IDCA2A1Y23S418988R8Zanne1151310601600My cats love it!I feed my cats Halo dry food and supplement it with a little of the canned food. They love it and they are very happy and healthy. The canned food is amazing - looks and smells like people food. I've been buying this for years and have no intention of switching to something else. If you read the labels you'll see how good this stuff is.
392191392191B005A1L0QCA3A2NL6CDH3GWNmyotherself0031335657600Over priced and underwhelming.Probably the best way for me to review this basket is to list each item included and state my reaction to it.

Pomodoro-Basilico sauce, 25 ounce jar -- This is a very chunky tomato based sauce with a flavor totally different from jar sauces available in the grocery stores in my area. I couldn't figure out what gave it that peppery taste until I saw that the ingredient list includes cayenne pepper. There is enough there that we could definitely notice it. There is also so much olive oil that it can be seen around the edges of the sauce. Too much? I don't think so, but I could see it quite clearly. I think everything in the ingredient list was called "organic" with the exception of the spices. The basil leaves were often still whole which wasn't exactly a pleasant thing to see and they felt slippery in my mouth. A good sauce and probably fabulous when freshly made. The jar was large enough to make a total of 4 servings with ample sauce on the pasta.

Bumbola pasta, 12 ounce box - Made with organic semolina in antique bronze molds Coppola calls this shape "playful". He is absolutely correct that it is rarely seen today and also correct that the shape allows it to hold lots of sauce easily. This is the pasta I used with the jar of sauce provided in the basket. Cooking half the box yields a generous amount for two servings. I'm sorry to say I couldn't discern any special *taste* of the pasta but it is unusual visually.

Gemelli pasta, 12 ounce box - Made with durum semolina on the antique molds this is a long, thin, spiral pasta which Coppola says has rough edges because of being made in the older molds so it holds sauces well. I haven't tried this one yet.

Almond and Anise Biscotti -- There are three pieces of biscotti and the anise flavor is quite pronounced. I don't like anise so this was not a hit with me. It was a little disconcerting that the sticker on the packet stated a sell by date of 03/01/13. That is eleven months from now. I was not pleased with that.

Stainless Colander, 5 quart -- This is a large colander but please notice that it never claims to be stainless steel. And it definitely isn't. I picked it up expecting it to be stainless steel and almost threw it across the counter because it was so much lighter than I had expected. My sticker on the bottom says Made in India and that sticker is super hard to remove. The draining holes in the colander are very small and I have several colanders which are much superior in both quality and usability. This was definitely not a hit.

Kitchen towel/apron -- This is 31" x 26 1/2" with two selvage edges and two hemmed edges. There is a color rectangle with the Mammerella picture logo on one lower edge. This is so thin you can actually see through it. It could be used in any way you chose because cooks normally have their own habits they follow when preparing a meal. The texture is rather rough so I will definitely wash it several more times before I use it. Probably not going to be used very much by me unless it softens up enough for a drying cloth.

Recipe Card -- For Quick Mozzarella Pasta Sauce -- Let me just save you some trouble here. Cook some pasta according to package directions, cook one clove of chopped garlic in a HUGE amount of Mammarella Basil Grapeseed oil (1/4 cup), add the Pomodoro-Basilico sauce, melt in 4 ounces of cubed mozzarella cheese, season with salt and pepper. Not exactly what I would call an innovative recipe. Certainly not anything special to be included with this gift, especially if you are sending it to someone.

The packaging is all in greens, browns and other earth colors, probably to signify organic to the consumer's eye and brain. The entire colander was filled with balled up paper or the zig-zag cut brown paper filler with all the items then arranged on top. The whole thing is encased in shrink clear plastic wrap. The bow is two strands of the very narrow paper ribbon. I tried to "pouff" the bow up to make it look pretty but had no luck. It is simply too narrow to have any fluff in it.

Would I send this as a gift basket to a friend? Definitely not. For this price it is simply much too expensive for what you get. The Francis Coppola name does not make up for the high price. The sauce was good and the bumbola pasta was fun to look at and it held a lot of sauce. Otherwise I think it is overpriced and underwhelming.
392192392192B005A1L0QCA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino0021335398400Lackluster Italian pasta gift basket for an exorbitant priceThis gift basket consists of mostly Francis Coppola Mammarella brand products. The "basket" arrived in one big box inside another big box. The gift itself is shrink wrapped in plastic and tied with a very cheap stringy straw-like bow on top.

Included in the gift basket I received was:

- 1 pkg of 3 almond anise biscotti

- 1 12 oz. box of Bumbola Pasta Rustica made of organic ingredients

- 1 12 oz. box of Gemelli Pasta Rustica made of organic ingredients

- 1 25 oz. jar of Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce made of organic ingrediets with first 3 ingredients being organic tomatoes, organic tomato puree, and oganic onions

- 1 recipe card for Farfallone pasta not included in the gift

- 1 "apron towel" 32-1/2 inch wide by 28 inch long with Mammarella name on it. This towel should be used to wrap partially around your waist and be tucked into your pants as you cook.

- 1 5 qt stainless colander made in India. The tag did not say stainless steel only stainless; whatever that means.


The pasta sauce tasted good; more like Classico than the cheaper Ragu or Prego. The sauce was good only for one box of pasta, however.

The Gemelli pasta I tried tasted like any store-bought pasta and to me that was good.

The biscotti tasted fine as well, especially dunked in tea.


The towel-like apron is made of a thin feed-sack material.

The colandar is very light, very thin and almost felt like tin. In addition, I couldn't get the glue mark from the decal off even after I used the adhesive remover Goof Off. The paper towel I used to wipe on the Goof Off also became stained gray which has not happened before when I've used this remover previously on true stainless steel--which I doubt this is.

The gemelli pasta box I opened filled only half the box, which means the packaging is large to give you the impression you are getting more.

The rest of the gift is all shredded cardboard stuffing.

In summary, at the current price of $44.99 with the cheap colander and apron towel and the lackluster brown boxes of pasta, you could have paid around $27 to make this yourself. For instance, a similar box of the same brand of pasta (Francis Coppola Mammarella Quadrefiore Pasta Rustica) is currently listed for $2 on Amazon. A comparable colander is currently listed for $9.99(ExcelSteel 242 5-Quart Stainless Steel Colander). The actual pasta sauce (Francis Coppola Pomodoro-Basilico Sauce) is currently listed for $6.49. So if you added all that together plus threw in a few dollars for the cheap towel apron and 3 biscotti, I doubt you would be have paid more than $30. The mark-up is just too high at the current price.

If this gift were priced at $27 or $30 max, then I would consider this an okay buy (3-stars) realizing that at the price you should expect the quality of the non-food items to be cheap, cheap, cheap. The food is fine but are 2 boxes of pasta, 1 jar of sauce and 3 cookies worth this price? In my opinion at the current price, this product isn't even worth considering.
392193392193B005A1L0QCA1E3OB6QMBKRYZMagnumMan0041335312000Nice Gift CollectionFirst, let me discuss what you get. 2 large boxes of pasta, mainly of the twisted/bowtie variety, one large bottle of sauce, some biscotti (3 pieces)and a kitchen towel that's sufficiently large to qualify as half a bath towel. All of this comes in a large 10 inch or so colander.

Now for what you don't get -- the pasta shown in the picture at Amazon. I got two boxes as described above, not the larger pasta as shown. No real difference, though, pasta is pasta to me.

My father tried the sauce and found it to be medium spicy, not so spicy it'll leave you tasting it all night but just enough spice to make it memorable. It's also sufficiently thick that it doesn't end up on the plate more than the pasta.

Nice gift basket and a definite for those who recognize Coppola's name (if you don't, look up the Godfather movies).
392194392194B005A1L0QCA3RGHO0Q938FRSP. Novak0041335225600Tasty and PriceyThis gift basket came double boxed and securely packaged. Inside the second box was a cellophane wrapper package with 2 boxes of pasta, one jar of sauce, one package of biscotti, a towel, and colander. One of the packages of pasta had a tear that caused a couple of pieces to fall out. Other than that the presentation was quite nice.

Now on to the important part, the taste! We tried the smaller pasta, it retained it's firmness when cooked, and had a pleasant flavor. The taste is definitely superior to generic grocery store pasta. The sauce was a real winner! It had large chunks of vegetables and had a fresh full flavor, one of the better jarred sauces I've tried. The biscotti was almond anise flavored, the anise was quite strong, I like that flavor so enjoyed it very much.

The down side is that the price is pretty high for what you get. Gift baskets tend to be pricier than what you'd buy individually, so I'm not sure it's out of line for the genre.
392195392195B005A1L0QCA23E9QQHJLNGUIWilliam Oterson0021335225600LackingA so so presentation sealed in plastic, and tied with a bow, of 2 packages 12 oz. pasta, one bottle 22 oz. sauce and 3 sealed Biscotti (age of ingredients indeterminate), with a thin cotton towel, all nestled within a stainless colander. If purchased separately at retail, approximately $27. Quality of ingredients typical of what can be obtained locally. I'm just not impressed by any of it.
392196392196B005A1L0QCA2L47LBYV6POFQtracyctl0131328659200Great housewarming giftMy friend just moved to Seattle from Japan and I thought that this would be a great gift to send her. It was really convenient that I could purchase this online and have it shipped to her in Seattle, so she didn't need to drag it all the way across the North Pacific Ocean.
392197392197B0046IDCA2A14ZMTS3J55PRQskuldsbugs111151301356800Great cat food. It's a keeper!All 3 of my cats love this food. They were previously on Wellness Turkey and when the cans were recalled I tried this on the suggestion of a family friend since their one cat has the same crystal issues our oldest does. He eats his prescription dry in the morning and this at night. Normally he's content to let the other two cats get to their food first and hold back with patience for his own, but with this it is the first time I have seen him muscle away the other two cats to eat. I'll be sticking with this and the turkey flavor.

Also there is no fish in this or the turkey flavor wet or dry foods which is excellent! My cats don't tend to enjoy food that has fish in it and this is one of the few foods I can find that is both good for them and has no fish. One of them does not like the peas in the food, he will eat around them, but one of the others eats them when he's done. So if your cat hates bits of veggies they may not really enjoy it as much.

Oh and one more point, it doesn't have that funky wet food smell a lot of other foods (even good ones) have. I really can't smell it once I stand up after putting it in the bowl.
392198392198B0046IDCA2A3OWU1R4LAL8GFGirlX ""Addicted to Amazon""7751301875200Excellent choice for my finicky feline!Since my elderly cat has started eating a wet food diet, she's become extremely finicky. She used to eat anything I'd put in front of her, until about a year ago when she decided nothing was good enough. I'd been through every brand in the store...she doesn't like fish, plain chicken or lamb so my choices were limited. When I found this, I gave it a try since she primarily likes beef. The ingredients were excellent and I read great reviews from Vets about it online. She has been scarfing this food down from day 1 and still loves it. There are peas and carrots in it and the consistency of it is very mushy. She likes it that way, so she doesn't have to chew much. I also noticed it doesn't dry out if there's any left in her bowl for several hours, like other brands have. I definitely plan to continue giving this to her. I've been ordering on Amazon since it's been difficult to find it in my local pet stores lately.
392199392199B0046IDCA2AIM47BCJFPC0TPaul5551302048000apparently, deliciousmy cat is going to be morbidly obese. she loves this food so much it's almost dangerous to her health and my wallet. it looks and smells delicious. i would feel fine eating it myself. that's how wholesome and REAL it is. we get the dry food too- my cat is KING OF THE CASTLE. sigh..
392210392210B0046IDCA2A33U8304RD0F6BShay1151298419200Winner!My furry little friend, who happens not to enjoy eating and who has turned down many cat food brands, LOVES Spots Stew chicken.

The consistency and texture are soft and fluffy, much like mousse. I am gathering by the clean plate that the flavor is just the thing to get any picky little eater to ask for seconds.
392211392211B0046IDCA2A3UKPQFMSF3WPDJ. Heathershaw4631295740800soupyI like all halo products but this canned cat food is just a little too soupy. My cats look at me with "What's this?" .
They like a little something to chew on.
392212392212B0046IDCA2A3D4IY3MYEE0HOJ. L. Carr2351301184000A good low protein food!I was surprised to find that the canned Halo cat food is low in protein - even lower than Science Diet wet KD for cats. And my cat refuses to eat the Science Diet food anyway. She loves this (turkey) and also the chicken and salmon.
392213392213B0046IDCA2A2OK22K9WTY0G9LoveAmazon!0051350000000YUM MY LITTLE QUEEN SAYS!This even smells good!! Not like any other cat food I have ever purchased. My cat dove into this and didn't look back. She loved it. I AM REORDERING because she is my little sweetie.
392214392214B0046IDCA2AO40PMMPYUTGYJude M. Cancelliere0051349568000Cats love it!Our 2 fussy kitties hate any seafood but love beef with gravy, so we gave this a try & they licked the dish clean!
392215392215B0046IDCA2A1CODDSXLMHQ3QLulu0051337385600FavouriteIt's the best food my cat has loved for a long time, there's nothing left after I put it down and she craves it, I've a very happy cat!
392216392216B0046IDCA2A1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0051333929600Chicken and BeefI have 5 cats and they all love this Chicken and Beef Recipe. Whenever I put it out at feeding time, there is a rush to the bowls that have Spot's Stew in them. With 5 kitty mouths to feed, the whole case would be gone in about 4 or 5 days if everybody got the Spot's Stew, so I put some other favorites out also and pretty soon everyone is satisfied. Since no cat eats a whole can at one sitting, those poor things that had to "settle" for Trout or some such later wander over and get their fair share of the stew. I have been so pleased with it, that I plan to order in other flavors that are also 5 star winners.
But, at our house, WHOLESOME CHICKEN AND BEEF are definite winners and we all recommend them to all who are looking for something to hit the spot with their felines!
392217392217B0046IDCA2A2PMR1N1Y7BVGDcollects.junk0051323561600Picky felines love this canned foodMy two cats somehow never figured out how to use their teeth to bite into their food--given dry food, they'll just use their tongues to lick it up and swallow the kernels whole, with an occasional bite with the teeth to crunch on food that's already been delivered into their mouths. For a while I despaired of getting them to eat wet food, as they would just sit there and lick up all the juices, without getting much of the meat. Typical canned food is just packed too tight, and the texture is not amenable for breaking off little bits with just their tongues. Finally, I tried out Spot's Stew, which solved the problem. This food is much looser, I think due to the inclusion of peas and other veggies, and the meat part is just the right consistency where they can lick it up successfully. At first the cats would eat around the veggies, but they now lick up every morsel, and even prefer the Spot's Stew over the Wellness pouches. I also like that the food doesn't contain any fish, as one of my cats is allergic to something or other (his back legs are always itchy, and he'll pull out the hair), and the vet suggested it might be fish. Anyways, thank goodness for Spot's Stew, otherwise my teeth-challenged cats would never have been able to enjoy wet food!
392218392218B0046IDCA2A14RZUPW44KCPFfelisfanaticus ""The smallest feline is a...0051319414400Stewpendous!Well, all of my babies love this food. They are sometimes a bit picky, but this food was a sure fire hit! It is in pate form, but you can see the veggies.
392200392200B0046IDCA2AZFOZTEJAI5J5Catman3321330905600Cats are obligate carnivoresWhole peas may seem appetizing to a human but to cats, they're junk food. Cats get all their nutrition by eating the whole animal. Cats have hard time digesting plant matter. This is closer to dog food than cat food since dog's physiology will allow digestion of many plant based food itms. My cats ate about half of the yellow goo around the peas and carrots. If you want a true holistic approach for cats, veggies gotta go.
392201392201B0046IDCA2A2IVB6L8GQY2TVYZ2231339286400vegie heavyCalled a stew, but it's really a soft pate, and with big chunks of green beans and carrots. Overall my cat seems to like it okay -- not a difficult task for him to work around the vegetables and leave them in the plate.
392219392219B0046IDCA2A35R32TA60XD57M. Torma0051319328000Cats love it!I wasn't sure what would come of my venture in buying this food for my 2 cats that can eat poultry after reading the mixed reviews, but thought it was worth a try. I am so glad I did! I was expecting a stew like another reviewer said, and I guess you could refer to it that way. When I opened the first can that is what I was expecting to see, but instead it is a course pate with chunks of veges in it. Kind of like a toddler food. Cats are tricky to please for sure, but mine loved everything about this food. They not only ate the chunks of veges, but licked their bowls clean. I love the fact that it was such a hit, and will continue to buy it for them. I also love that is like something you would make for them at home, only with all the right vitamins and minerals added. Very user friendly. My 3rd cat cannot eat poultry, so until Halo makes one without chicken in it, she will be fine with her Nature's variety instinct rabbit and Tiki foods.
UPDATE - 11-16-2011 My cat has been eating this now for a little while and she always seems hungry when she gets this! I don't think I will be buying more for her. I do think it is a good food and probably perfect for cats that need the lower protein, but mine need less moisture in the food and more meat. I always add about a tablespoon of water on their canned food anyway. Cost wise, this is about the same as Natures Variety, Natures Logic and even Addiction which are wonderful foods. I like it better when I add the moisture and am paying for meat in their food.
392220392220B0046IDCA2A6LHTEPYT5P5BK. Alexandrakis0051317772800The cats love it....I used to buy this at Whole Foods, which seems to have discontinued it. Glad to find it at Amazon!

This is one of the few foods all 3 cats will eat. And none seem to pick out the veggies! The soft texture, and good nutrition, is excellent for (1) the elderly cat (2) the cat who's sick and (3) the cat who will literally eat anything, but you'd prefer he eat something healthy!

This is "human quality" cat food, meaning the ingredients are pure enough for a human to eat, and it smells a little like chicken pot pie filling!

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