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392251392251B000LKXPOWA1FU8VIG4Z93YLSuzie B. "flight risk"2251294704000I LOVE THE TASTE OF THE PEPPERONII've been eating this stuff for years from Follow Your Heart health food store in Canoga Park, CA. The price is so high, though, I rarely buy it in bulk, but always enjoy it when I do. It is very spicy and hot!!! I don't eat pork or beef, so need vegetarian style jerky.
392252392252B000LKXPOWAP06XVMJI3QRQC. Van Raalte "Vodomin Q."4511202774400Yeah, that was unfortunate.Don't think the previous reviewer is wrong, jaded, or somehow a veggie jerky competitor. These things really are rubbish. What's worse? This good deal through Amazon means you'll have plenty of these meat flavored sponges to impress your friends with how bad it can get. I will say that my friends and I found that if you leave them out to dry for about 48 hours, they do get a little better in the texture department. But to quote one friend, "well, that made them easier to spit out."
392253392253B000LKXPOWAD6MTTJ6Q74KISean Douglas1141300838400I've always liked this brand.I don't know what all the hate is about. I like this brand just as much as Stonewall's. My favorite flavor is Original.
392254392254B000LKXPOWA3MLOUYSAIGOFYS. Borden "flight risk"1141239580800I LIKE ITI like the taste very much. The spicy pepperoni is the best. Haven't had since moving from California. True, the packaging could be better so that it doesn't dry out so fast, but I really like the taste.
392255392255B000LKXPOWA3LV9AI01FGQLRCoby S. Harral3411181520000i've Tried all Three Brands of Soy Jerky now.and this Brand is simply the worst. i normally get this type of product at Trader Joes, but it's been sometime since they carried Soy Jerky. i did find them here on Amazon. i tried the Tasty Eats soy jerky first. this is very good (the flavors i've tried). then i order this brand (Spice of Life Meatless Jerky) and Primal Strips. the Primal Strips are prettie good. the texture is a tad oily. now the Spice of Life MJ has a great texture, but the taste is really bitter and strong. my Children love regular Beef Jerky and they really like the Tasty Eats Soy Jerky, but they simply hated this brand. my son even said he almost throw-up. i do not recommend this product. stinks for me, because i ordered a box (24 packs). live and learn, right?
392256392256B008ADR0IYAA9K0JDDMFNEDRachel C. Eichen0041348531200A good chilled matchaThere are so many fruit flavors and I couldn't pick one, so I went with this blend of tropical fruits called "Tropical Matcha". When I first got a whiff of the matcha it smelled very fruity, almost candy sweet.

I put 1/4 teaspoon in a water bottle a shook it up to give myself a nice fruity drink. The flavor is very light on this one. It tastes a lot like a fruit punch of some sort. It's hard to specifically point out one type of fruit over another. If you're a fan of punches, I'd definitely give this a try. Since I was having a hard time detecting the flavor, I added another 1/4 teaspoon of matcha. The flavor was a little stronger, but I didn't really get that overly strong matcha taste, which is good. I bet tossing some sweetener in here would bring out the fruit taste even more.
392257392257B000EYRBTKATKC23BG2B0R7Dave202421254096000There are equal products that are less expensiveOrganic freeze-dried corn is a wonderful snack. I eat it instead of tortilla chips. Organic freeze dried corn tastes great and I usually eat it right out of the bag.

Organic freeze dried corn has a light, airy texture that practically melts in your mouth. It has a fresh taste that reminds me of sweet corn right from the garden.

Freeze-dried corn can also be added to your favorite recipes. And it will remain fresh when stored for long periods of time.

But Sensible Foods Organic Sweet Corn, at several dollars for 0.75-Ounce, is way overpriced.

Check out "Organic Just Corn" by a company called Just Tomatoes. Amazon sells it now. The product is just as good as this one and you get about 5 times as much for the price. The quality is as good or better IMO.

Another option is Now Food Non-GMO Freeze Dried Corn -- but that is not organic. It tastes great, but I prefer organic.
392258392258B000EYRBTKA3VJIPQL0RA64XPK0051344470400AWESOME!Great taste. So delicious. Just 70 calorie I really recommend Sensible food organic corn. It is a great snack for studying and just enjoying.
392259392259B000EYRBTKA326XUXOY7GAYLdeligent mother "amazon frequent shopper"0051338768000ordering this 3 yearsTaste like sweet butter corn that melts in my mouth. I have given it to numerous of my students (just a taste) and many have loved it. It`s a healthy treat for my greedy boys at home also. LOL
392260392260B000EYRBTKA2CM17ODJY6WZ7Dennis Renfro0051338163200ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!If you have not tried these marvelous sweet yellow corn treats (and you don't mind paying the asking price), you will find one of the most delicious snacks made! I MUST ration my consumption of these, because I "could" easily eat a whole boxful in a week, or maybe a day. :) So, I saved a few dollars by using the "subscription plan". Now I should always have a supply. Another point, if you share a bag, be prepared to have that person "eat it all". Everybody loves this stuff. I don't know for sure what the process is to make this, but it is NOT full of chemical junk. It is literally like having the taste of whole kernel corn (with the water removed) in a bag. Very lightly salted, too.
392261392261B000EYRBTKA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0041316995200Unique corn snackThese are not the hard crunch corny snacks, but the kernels freeze dried in their original form. The corn flavor is good, and a nice change from heavier snacks.
392262392262B000EYRBTKA376Q8PHJN4W0ALiza Sauls "thingamajig"0041316044800Handy, Healthy, Tasty!Nice, portable snack package you can feel good about eating! Salty and sweet both, satisfies...just be sure you bring along some water to wash it down.
392263392263B000EYRBTKA2SWJO65XA1IJDNoreen Ceraulo "Book Junky"0051310688000Sensible FoodsSensible Foods Sweet Corn is by far the best thing I've ever eaten. It satisfies the sweet and salty taste you need. It travels extremely well and because it's healthy you can forget any guilt.
392264392264B000EYRBTKA3CBRLRMR2EI34J. Charney "educated consumer"0021310083200Eh? Not crazy about it.Again I took plunge ordering 12 pack of snack I never tasted. Is not that they taste bad, I guess they taste like corn, just not an exciting snack and a bit messy, is hard pick them up with fingers and not spill them, I've ending up with corn pieces all over, you might not want anyone eating this in your car esp if you're into keeping it really clean or anywhere that someone isn't over a table and being very careful. Little pices of it slide off. I think like regular corn I feel like they get stuck a bit in my teeth. But being couple months post op jaw surgery I was able to eat these, they have a light crunch and a lil bit of sugar. But when I'm craving a snack, my mind is just not craving this so much, but still prolly healthier than most of what's out there, might be good mixing with something else for variety. Just after few bites I'm already sick of them. But could be good if you want a snack that doesn't leave you going out of control eating more and more. You might want floss after these so makes them a pain if you're out and about and don't want feel like corn stuck in your teeth the rest of the day.
392265392265B000EYRBTKA1NMICPF8DMJM7Tracy0051306972800Great diet sub for corn nutsThese are a nice substitute for corn nuts which I love. If you are a savory snacker on a diet they fit the bill.
Corn nuts are obviously the best but with 70 calories these are better for your weight.
392266392266B000EYRBTKA12L1YH69ZM5Z2Aida P. Pierson0051305158400Best snacks my son has ever had!My 9 year old LOVES this corn! It is absolutely his favorite snack in the world! Great sweet crunch with a touch of saltiness makes it absolutely delicious!
392267392267B000EYRBTKA22H7F8FPZULYHMommies2cuties0051302480000YUM!!Went on a whim with trying this and boy are they a big hit with the kiddos!! I am a fan too myself. Definitely worth trying!
392268392268B000EYRBTKAA20078QX9JK8Riley Rocks "MDR"0051301788800Great guilt-free crunchy snackReceived this corn as part of a snack sampler I ordered from QVC. Tracked down the company but found that Amazon's price was better. It is hard to describe the sensation of feeling the crunchy texture, but tasting corn like you are at a summer corn roast. Fabulous! Low cal and very tasty - you can't lose!
392269392269B000EYRBTKAQOXEHDK6H59AJoyce Reynolds0051301356800Great snackThese corn snacks help me stay away from chips. They are very tasty, no additives, and low calorie. I highly recommend them.
392270392270B000EYRBTKA265PCQZA1Y1WFJeffrey A "Jeff"0051298332800Sweet corn - bursting with flavor!Take my advice - just pop a couple of grains in your mouth and enjoy the intense flavor. It's like eating sweet corn that's fresh off the cob but with a pleasantly light crunch!

This corn snack is lightly salted and is 100 percent organic. It's all natural with no fat or gluten - just organic sweet corn and sea salt - produced in the USA.

The 12-count pouches of sweet corn are shipped in a lightweight 'Sensible Foods' box. This ensures that the contents remain intact. Although sweet corn can take a fair amout of knocking around, I am always happy when care is taken to package products for shipping.

RECOMMENDED: The Apple Harvest snacks taste great!
392271392271B000EYRBTKA16JRXCVH9DJT1A. McGuire0051289692800YummyMy boys love this corn. It is so easy to take with us for snacks or part of a meal. I can't think of any other vegetable that is so easy to take wherever and still tastes so good!
392272392272B000EYRBTKA1MPHZ3DC8D1Q9Cheri Sheahan0051282694400Yummy snackThis is so tasty, but like others have said, it is nothing like corn nuts. It's crunchy, but not too crunchy. Delicious.
392273392273B000EYRBTKA3UAQ6JODE82OPThomas Twain0051282176000yummy, great snack for toddlers and childrenThis is organic freeze dried corn. It is light and crunchy, not hard. My kids love it. It is great to throw in the bag for a snack when you are on the run.
392274392274B000EYRBTKA285AJJG1ZIH13Tanya0051276214400Excellent!These are fabulous! Just enough salt, plenty of crunch. I will be ordering more because the kids love them. I plan to try some of their other products as well.
392275392275B000EYRBTKA3A9UFECG856YGD. Hicks0051269648000Awesome SnacksThese Sensible Foods Sweet Corn Dried Snacks are perfect for any time of the day or night. They are healthy. They are decidedly convenient. My family is hooked.
392276392276B000EYRBTKA36EWM7HAC7C47D. Zampella "Mindful Shopper"0051264809600Delicious Sensible Foodshese snacks are so very delicious. I am always looking for a healthy snack and I was pleasantly surprised when I found Sensible Foods.

They are so satisfying and delicious that I my biggest problem is having enough in the house.

My sons love them and that is always a great thing. I am so very pleased that they grab for these healthy snacks rather than junk.

I highly recommend this product. Just make sure to buy alot...they will disappear quickly.
392277392277B000EYRBTKA1S6O1DARKQ6IWW. Peterson Jr. "WDPJR33"3541233187200Dont buy if you expect corn nuts!This product is sweet corn and is nothing like corn nuts. It is a great product but I was hoping for a product similiar to corn nuts.
392278392278B000EYRBTKA2765OANEZ9VNPJason J. Torres "JerkMeOff"1231330560000Great Item, just so expensiveSo I bought my first bag of Sensible Food's Sweet Corn today. I bought the bag for $2 dollars thinking that was way too much. For $2 I can buy a whole lot of born in the supermarket, well at least more than what was in the bag. I went to Amazon thinking if I buy in bulk I can save more, but nope it's around $2 a bag. Which is way too much. Great product, taste wonderful, just not worth the price.
392279392279B000EYRBTKA3CPPW0HUC07YSAmy Nicolai1251266969600Best snack I've had in a long time!I picked up a bag of these in an airport newstand shop... needed to find something light and tasty to take with me on the plane. Wow, these are great! The texture is very light, soft/crunchy, and the little bit of added salt make it PERFECT. I am pleased to find them on Amazon and will be setting up a repeat order. Wonderful!
392280392280B000EYRBTKA3PUXHZAZDH998Wendi H1251168646400LOVE ITPurchased for my organic eatting toddler. HE LOVES THEM. They are the same as the Gerber sweet corn but I know they're organic. Parents love them too:)

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