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392315392315B0029XITCCA12SBS5XUBWEV0katie0051335312000Castello makes the best blue cheese ever!Castello's blue cheese is the best i've ever tried, and i've tried lots of different blue cheeses. I like to make my own blue cheese dressing with this. I also use it on crackers and fused in with my homemade biscuits. Everyone that has tried food that I make with this cheese has asked me what brand of cheese i was using because it is so good. I get it from my grocery store, so i don't have anything to say about the online dealer. But at my grocery store this cheese is always very fresh. It holds up very good in my fridge for sometimes weeks at a time. I would recommend this blue cheese to everyone who likes or doesn't like blue cheese because it is so good.
392316392316B002ADB8XSA1MVQ241XL5E4NJon9860051312761600really coolThese seeds turn puffy and expand when they soak in water. Then, they can be added to drinks for texture. They have a very slight licorice flavor. The notable experience using these seeds is that they add texture to drinks. Some traditional Indian drinks use them. I have, however, used them in cold teas, juices, and other mixtures. It is said that they can cool the core temperature of the body. I have not experienced this.
392317392317B003IW0R8WA2U2H0LMEUAKWIL. Shivler7741288828800I don't taste the bitter melon in it at allJust a quick review -- this stuff smells wonderful. You can definitely smell and taste the apple and the cinnamon in it! I can't detect the bitter melon! Lightly sweetened too!
392318392318B003IW0R8WAPEC4PHKSYXWRPatrick Kennedy "PK"5551304208000Good TastseI really enjoy the taste of this herbal tea. I can almost feel my blood sugar lowering (I hope) every time I have some. I generally have 1 cup a day in the afternoon after work. To me it's just taking one more step toward good health.
392319392319B001URJ59OA5F8YVZYQ0PV6Brooke D. Goldman "brookedlee"0051270080000kids love themWe have these for dessert most nights. My 2 and 5 year olds feel like they are getting a treat and there is nothing in them for me to object to.
392320392320B00361DHKUA3P8W90X55KQ6OMary0051346284800Delicious and ZERO CARBS!!!Great product!!! Julia's ships immediately and provides a wonderful snack that is easy to prepare!! Love them and would recommend them for everyone. They are far lower in calories than the deep fried rinds and are carb-free too!!
392321392321B00361DHKUA1VDIU0FBAI7IUPattie1251297036800MSAbsolutely Wonderful, great snack! Once you try them you can't put them down, they will leave you wanting more and more. No more Potato Chips, Corn Chips, or any other chips needed or allowed in my house. Only Gold Nuggets!!!
392322392322B002GWHGS4A16VI1VI7QLK2XR. Dobson "dork meister"0041344988800tasty coffeegood price, and it's hard to find java... the beans seem decently fresh for mail order beans... a little hard to get through 3 lbs while it's fresh, but i try :)
392312392312B0025WULZ0A3C8U09T59AJSRJM0021322784000Not very goodI find this product to have an odd taste, kind of burnt. It will do but won't be my choice in the future. When Sanalac comes back, I prefer it.
392313392313B0025WULZ0A3R59LC3Q7JL4CKats fan "Tony4UK"0051315008000GreatThis is a very easy to mix instant milk and tastes very good. I really can't tell the difference between this and grocery store milk.
392323392323B002GWHGS4A32X7IRDQWJZ64Peter A. Anania0041334707200Nice. Very nice.I wish there was something between like it and love it. It is really good. I really like it. Love it? Not quite there. Close but not quite. It is smooth, has good body and has low acidity. It has a great Sumatra flavor. I really like it.
392314392314B0025WULZ0A1OT0GLXRNMO4Spa Aficianado1251297555200great pantry itemSmallish boxes contain three 1-quart envelopes each and take up very little storage space. Great buy at this price. Bought it w/ a 6-pack of Hersey's cocoa, just in case.
392324392324B002GWHGS4A1B36P7XULSURJAnnie Steinke0041297123200Good for the priceGood whole bean coffee. I buy it every time it goes on sale. I don't like to pay more than $0.30/oz for it.
392325392325B001DY6TWUA2BF9W75R5FARCtabbooma0041347235200Canidae - Still the bestI've been feeding my two labradors this food for about 3 yrs now and they are both doing well.
My older lab (13yrs.) seems to thrive on it and despite some level of arthritis in her hips, she still is very active. I don't mean to ascribe this to Canidae soley, but it certainly helps.
392326392326B001DY6TWUA22GBSNWBT6ULWKent A. Spies "Light Worker"0051347148800All of our dogs love thisI came across Canidae when we adopted a 3 week puppy whose mother had transitioned. We didn't know how to care for him properly so we went to the local pet store and they said Canidae was the food to use and to use it throughout his life. We simply wet the food for the first few weeks before going completely dry and he has loved it throughout. We also feed it to our 65 pound Goldendoodle and he loves it as well. Definitely a great find.
392327392327B001DY6TWUA2LPNXU94YAJ2Smou0041344556800good productI like this dog's food for my dog, it's high quality and not too expensive. I have to say though that the bag came all ragged and opened.
392328392328B001DY6TWUA1LPTSTVZJ21PDMrs. Shelley A. Drnek0051343520000Terrific pet foodMy two little little dogs can only eat grain-free kibbles. Their stomachs are very sensitive. Besides the fact they really like eating the food, it is a healthy choice for them. It is difficult finding grain-free dry dog food that my dogs will eat.
392329392329B001DY6TWUA1MP8Z3WQ1DD5AKristofer L. Takach0051312502400Better than treats?My dog loves this food. I will say i was skeptical at first since everyone talked about a new formula that was terrible. Well, maybe this is a new formula but my dog loves it. He has no problems eating and i can use this food as treats. He has a nice shiny coat and looks very healthy. He did have diaeresis at first but that was because the breeder for feeding him cheap stuff and took a while for his stomach to adjust.
392330392330B001DY6TWUAJ9N34GXMBW61RYLIERULES0051310083200Great for big dogsI have a four month old st Bernard puppy and have always fed him and my 6 year old German shep hill science. I did some research and found out how awful that stuff is. I always thought expensive meant good. Even my picky gs eats this with no canned dog food or any other incentive. Of course the puppy will eat anything, and everything, lol,but his coat is beautiful and I have not had any digestion problems. I love that it is USDA grade meat and no corn. Corn can kill st bernards. All this for just a couple bucks more than hills science. Love the fact that I can feed both dogs same food on the all stages kind.
392331392331B001DY6TWUA28MG088LYIKHBPuppy love0041303948800Wrong bag picturedJust an FYI to other customers: This item is for the Beef and Ocean Fish formula which is in a RED bag. In my haste, I purchased this thinking it was a the 15lb version of the Chicken and Rice formula. Woops! So I went and bought the 15lb bag of Chicken and Rice and mix the Beef and Fish in so it didn't wreak havoc on my pup's digestive system.

I can say that after we started feeding this to my pup, she starting having stinky farts and had never had them before. Also, Roshan's right about the fish breath! Ick.

Overall, my dog has no issues with this formula, it's just stinky so I'll stick to Chicken and Rice after this bag is done.
392332392332B001DY6TWUA16LCY10B21GUXjblake170051303776000Best dog food.Other than a few table scraps, Canidae is the only brand (dry and wet) we feed to our blk lab. She's done excellent on it and has a very healthy and shinny coat. People routinely comment how nice her coat looks, most even ask what we feed. I sent a bag to my brother and he too noticed his dog's coat was healthier looking after a week or two. I highly recommend this product.
392333392333B001DY6TWUA1EGIMLKTWJEIWJerry Estes0051301616000Top dog foodWe have tried other natural dog foods, but they all had grain fillers in them and while our dog liked some of them she never reacted the way she does with this natural no grain dog food. She can hardly wait at feeding time and she gobbles it down and licks the bowl clean. She seems to be more energetic since eating Canidae no grain. I doubt that we will ever change.
392334392334B001DY6TWUA2ZEW2KJ76TSMAbryzguru0051300492800good stuff, less fartsgood quality product. cheaper and easier to get from amazon than local pet store. switched from merrick because dogs had terrible gas. this has a great ingredient list.
392335392335B001DY6TWUA2ZEW2KJ76TSMAbryzguru0051298505600good deal, dogs have less gas. everybody is happyswitched from solid gold to merrick wilderness when solid gold was sold. dogs had terrible gas on merrick (most likely from the unnecessary fruits). switched to canidae and all is well. ordered from amazon. free shipping. was about $25 cheaper than getting it from my local store.
392336392336B001DY6TWUA1SDLP78L9X1ISRebecca Nason0051297641600Great food!I have a 4 year old mastiff who, despite his tough appearance, has a bit of a delicate belly :) He has been eating this since he was a puppy after a bad experience with a nasty corn-based product. My other dog is a 9+ yr old shelter rescue mixed-breed and she eats this as well. Both are happy and healthy. I'd recommend this food. It's totally worth the extra you spend.
392337392337B001DY6TWUA3UXZ217EKX3AEHerRoyalFlyness0051295827200Two Paws Up!The adoption worker at our local humane society recommended this product because it is grain free and high in meat content. Our dog loves this food. We have a relatively small dog who is still in his puppy stage, and the kibbles are the right size. It is a bit pricier than the supermarket brands of dog foods, but we think our dog's health is worth the extra minor investment.
392338392338B001DY6TWUA2VUAU6NYC3SFWAndrew Nguyen0051295740800niceNot bad, good deal on a big bag of food, especially for this kind of dog food, too bad the salmon one costs alot more
392339392339B001DY6TWUAKBYJCD8L657Greese0051285545600Premium foodI have been using canidae for 5 years now along with nuvet vitamins and it has been a wonderful product. After the ingredients change I have not noticed any sort of change in my siberian huskies what so ever. They still have high energy, very lush coats,white teeth and great done density. I am very happy with this product i have had no problems!
392340392340B001DY6TWUA2S3XL05JHEG6ABerlinda R. Hughes "Luv my German Shepherd"0051277251200My girl oves this food!I am surprised at a lot of the negative comments on Canidae. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd who is a picky eater and has sensitive skin. I tired 4 other brands of food: Innova, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild and Evo....all of which she scratches and bites herself constant. With Canidae, she has a beautiful shinny coat, doesn't itch and she loves it! It's amazing the difference. Her stools sometimes are loose, but nothing to complain about or worry. I'm not putting down those other foods, I'm just saying that this Canidae food has down wonders for her! I've gotten wuite a few comments on her shinny coat. Every dog is different and you just need to find a perfect dog food like I did for her. We use the Chicken version on her. If you on dog food analysis, you will notice it has a 5 star rating. Jetta and I are both very happy with Candiae!!

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