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392341392341B001DY6TWUA18IVUBRZDKY5STracie Toy0011242518400don't buy this stuffI have used this dog food for years. About a year ago they reduced the size of the bag and increased the price. I continued to buy it. No one told me there was any change in formula. My elderly dog started getting hot spots and vomiting yellow stuff. I thought it was just an upset tummy. The vet treated her with antacids and cortizone creams. My poor dog has been through a lousy time. She was drinking massive amounts of water. I had her kindeys and blood sugar checked. She was ok there. Last month, I changed her to California Naturals because it costs less and I can get it at a cheaper store. She has stopped vomiting and doesn't drink as much water. I didn't even think about it, until I was reading the reviews online and saw the same symptoms in other people's dogs. I will not go back to Canadae. Keep away from this crappy dog food. If your dog is the least bit sensitive, it will create toxic effects for your dog. It is poisonious to those dogs with allergies.
392342392342B001DY6TWUA1L194173Y170BB. Davis0011242172800Was great, but formula changed!My dog was on Canidae for almost 2 years and she loved it. She was healthy with a full, shiny coat and plenty of energy. Then suddenly around December she started vomiting and having loose yellow stools, and became very lethargic. We took her to 2 vets and after several hundred dollars in tests they couldn't find anything wrong with her.

I did some research and found that there were numerous people having the exact same problems I was! It turns out, they recently changed their formula, changed manufacturers, and decreased the amount of food in their package. Do some research, it's not the same high-quality food it used to be!
392343392343B001DY6TWUA105BOR5D5S7CJARL0021235606400After feeding for 5 years, we're doneWe fed Canidae to our two dogs for almost 5 years--they always ate it eagerly, never had stomach upset, and got raves from the vet for their muscle, weight, and coats. It *was* a 5-star food. But last summer we opened a fresh bag of kibble (same exact packaging bought from our usual store) and immediately noticed it was much lighter in color than previous bags, but we fed it anyway. Within a day our Aussie, who has a bulletproof stomach with absolutely no digestive issues, began to have horrible gas, softer stools, and really loud, liquidy gurgling noises in his abdomen. We continued to feed the entire bag, thinking that he'd adjust to it eventually because our other dog was fine. Well, our Aussie never did adjust to it; he spent a month having those symptoms, and we dreaded mealtimes because of the stench and sounds he'd create.

The kibble in the next bag we bought was the old normal shade of brown, and our Aussie's stomach noises, soft stools, and awful gas went away practically overnight. But by then I was hearing and reading that Canidae had developed a new formula that was making dogs sick. The stories about people whose dogs got *far* sicker than ours, and the dodgy responses that those long-time customers got from Canidae when they called to complain about the unannounced change, made us decide it was time for a new dog food. We went with Healthwise, a premium kibble made by the same company that makes Innova, California Natural, and Evo. It's not worth it to continue to be loyal to Canidae and to risk our dogs perhaps getting as sick as many others have. Read Canidae's new formula horror stories at
392344392344B001DY6TWUA21DU12R94VZP5Andrew W. Newsom "anewsom"0021235088000Another bad reaction. Why risk it?We adopted Penelope, a 6 mo. old min pin hound mix, a couple weeks ago. We decided to switch her from Purina Pro Plan w/ Shredded Chicken to a premium food. After reading many conflicting reviews on this site and elsewhere, we decided to try Canidae. My sister feeds Canidae with great results and, at our local pet store, it is the cheapest of the premium foods by a narrow margin.

We mixed only a little Canidae into Penny's kibble. My guess is about 6-8 pieces or 1/12 of her total breakfast/dinner. We watched her very closely. Within a day, we noticed some changes. First of all, she lost a little focus in training, seeming a bit more confused than usual. No biggie. She also sneezed a few times (she has never sneezed before). More importantly, though, we noticed that she started to nibble and chew on her feet. This continued sporadically for another day and half. It wasn't constant or serious. She didn't seem agitated and she didn't bite her feet to the point of redness or bleeding. Still, it was VERY clear that this was caused by the change in diet (nothing else in her routine changed) and this was only with 12-16 pieces of Canidae per day. Having read the reviews of Canidae's new formula, we had known that this might happen. We made the decision to switch right away.

After a lot of research, we decided to try Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken for Puppies. We mixed in the Solid Gold at the same proportions as the Canidae. The nibbling stopped immediately. No sneezing, either. Her focus seems to have improved as well, though I can't completely credit that to the food because puppies have on and off days. Still, it is clear that the more serious allergy problems have been resolved.

If you've done any research on dog foods at all, you already know that finding the right food requires you to go beyond the ingredient list. Some foods just don't work with some dogs, however good they look on paper. Indeed, I am convinced after many hours of reading reviews that NO food works for ALL dogs. That said, it is clear that many, many more people have had problems with the new Canidae formula than they have with other premium or super-premium brands. Who knows why (Canidae claims the new formula has no changes that could account for allergies), and who cares? Feel free to try Canidae for your dog, but watch him or her very closely. Or, better yet, do what I wish I did, and just start with a different brand. There is nothing special about the Canidae ingredients list, so why risk it?
392345392345B001DY6TWUA2K6HOWVTC9CE5Angela "Angela"0011231632000now i know whats wrong with my dogi have just brought one small package of Canidea from my oversea agent 2weeks ago, before my puppy only tried a french brand. First i was just mixed them together and seems ok, but then the old finished there is something weird happened to her, she started eating the stools??!! >:( yes and also vomited white yellowish foam and coughing after totally swished into this brand, even sent her to vet checking blood, taking pills and medical treat which i was thinking she might catch cold. anyway only feel lucky is vet cost much cheaper here...
then now she refuse to eat it or only a little if really hungry. most of time she'd rather biting a bone, glad saw the comments here, i will change it to other brand asap :)
392346392346B001DY6TWUA81E1UYEOZF3FK. Swift0011225238400Did not impress our 3 dogsWe bought a small bag of Canidae to give it a try, as we are always trying new foods for our 3 dogs. I normally serve 2 kinds of food for dinner and whenever we put Canidae in the dish, the dogs would always eat the other food first. I'm glad I only bought a small bag. For the price, the food should be more appealing. But our dogs just didn't like it and we were glad when it was all gone. I will never buy again!
392347392347B001DY6TWUA2TAB0IGORUYIWS. Otte "island girl66"0021223251200Formula changes causing upsetI have a rescued greyhound and he was doing great on Canidae until we got our last order just last month. Now he's a mess digestively. I'm on an email discussion group for greyhounds and have seen lots of complaints as well as confirmation that the formula has changed. Definitely not working for my dog anymore. Also be aware that these used to be 40 lb. bags for the same price they now sell a 35 lb. bag for. I know everyone's hurting financially, but I think in this case the dogs got sold down the river for a few bucks. Disappointing.
392348392348B001DY6TWUA1OXAJOCEOVYY9D. Maycock0051179014400Great dog food.Switched to Canidae from ScienceDiet after reading about dog foods on the internet. I haven't noticed any major differences in the dogs habits or frequencies, other than her eating habits. Before, she acted very finicky and sometimes would take all day to finish one bowl of food. Now, she eats the whole helping in less than 30 seconds. She really seems to like this food. I will be sticking to this brand it looks like.
392349392349B001DY6TWUASAUHWXTIOMMZChristopher M. Cook0051175385600Very impressedAlthough I have not bought canidae through Amazon (there is a local store near me that carries the life all stages 40LB bag for $35) I just wanted to write in and remark how impressed I am with this food. I have an almost 2 year old chocalate lab. When i got him from the breeder at 9 weeks he was on Eukanuba, which he stayed on with me at 1st. After talking to a friend who breeds world class vizlas, she told me how she feeds them Canidae and how wonderful it is. I switched over to Canidae then thank god and ever since. My chocalate lab people actually think is a black lab. He is the darkest chocolate lab u have ever seen, his coat is so beautiful and glossy, when he was on the eukanuba it was light brown and discolored. Coats can be a huge problem with choc labs, but canidae has solved that problem. With all the problems with menu foods that include so called good foods like eukanuba, science diet, iams, etc, it is a relief i can trust canidae and not be worried about all that. Very impressed overall.....
392350392350B001DY6TWUA1CEJADETM9F1Ucountry girl1221328832000worst foodWould not recomend this food, my 3 chihuahuas,an 1 greyhound eat this food free feed, an have lost excessive weight. They eat & eat an still loose weight. My dogs are very healthy have been to vet, vet said its the food. I changed their diet an after only 1 wk have gained all the weight back they lost.
392351392351B001DY6TWUA1LN4GHGMMG7CONancy in Tacoma "Nancy"1211231200000Lots of dogs getting sick from this product (including mine)Be sure to do your homework re: this product before purchasing. I have three dogs, and they were all getting sick once Canidae changed their "formula" late summer to early fall. Once I googled the product and read the many complaints, all with dogs with the same symptoms, I immediately took my dogs off of the food, and they've been healthy again since. I'll never trust this product again, and had been a loyal customer for 3+ years.
392352392352B001DY6TWUA30E7VN59NDR0IMatthew Bowen1211229558400Beware the new formula!!!!I have been an avid Canidae supporter for about a year and a half. My breeder recommended it and I was VERY impressed with how my dog responded. However, a few months back they changed their formula, (they also lessened the bags from 40 to 35lbs AND raised the price!!!!) and it is terrible!!!! I went through 2 bags and couldn't understand why my dog was consistently producing loose stools, when she never had before. Randomly, I found 1 bag of the old formula left at my local dealer so I bought it. Immediately her stools firmed up. Now I am again on a bag of the new formula, and again my dog is sick. I am done, I will no longer support Canidae. Do not buy it! Do your research, at this kind of money there are A LOT of better dog foods out there.
392353392353B001DY6TWUA1S2GUIPPNHBJWC. T. "dog walker"1211227571200New formula nothing like old!We switched to Canidae ALS after the tainted food scare. We were very happy with our choice and I recommended this food to many people. Then they changed the formula. They made this major change without so much as a sticker slapped on the bag notifying their customers. The change sent my dog into a tail spin. Severe vomiting, diarrhea, hot spots and itching were the main symptoms. And since she had always done so well in Canidae, I never dreamed it was the food. After weeks of worry and meds and messes to clean plus prednisone for the scary hot spot (my vet shrieked when she saw it!) I started researching and a food change was the only thing that stopped the problems. She lost 5 lbs. in a very short amount of time. Canidae's customer service rep. blamed me for not transitioning properly! Talk about adding insult to injury! Not a good food for us and not a good company to deal with. Wish I could give ZERO stars.
392354392354B001DY6TWUA2WR1BNMZ03BKHwolfen1211224374400Used once and switchedI have a new Akita puppy, and bought the Canidae ALS for him since I couldn't get the breeders type of food in my area. After transitioning him to the Canidae, his stools were loose and yellow. I looked on-line, and saw that Canidae switched their formula, and my puppy's symptoms were mild compared to some I read about. I immediately switched my puppy to Wellness Puppy, and everything has been coming out fine since.
392355392355B001DY6TWUA1I44KJO47YKQWJoBob1251201305600Corn isn't dog food.Canidae has been excellent for my dogs. My Siberian can be picky at times but they all seem to like Canidae. The company was open and informative with me.(1.800.398.1600) I'll not be feeding my dogs ANYTHING that comes out of China unless we go flat broke. Many foods(pet & people) say "Made in America" but most of the ingredients are from foreign countries and the food is only pressed together and packaged here. I consider this dishonest and immoral. It's also obviously legal thanks to federal policy that favors 'Free-trade/profit' over the health of American children, much less their pets. A premium food, sans fillers and trash, really is no more expensive since you feed less of it. Your dog will be healthier. Call this company and other companies and ask about their ingredients. Science diet and Purina will, for good reason, be way more evasive than Canidae.
392356392356B001DY6TWUA2YJXRMQLRY81Fpotomac_ginger0131348704000Great food - huge price increase...This is a great grain free, alternate protein dog food. We've been using it for years for a pup that seems to have every food allergy under the sun, and he's thrived on it.

In one month (Aug-September, however, the price jumped from $59.99 to over $78.00 (for you non-math people that's a 30% increase).

This bag was the anchor of my monthly Amazon order, but now that the price has made it un-economical to buy through Amazon, I will parcel out my orders to have a more economical result.
392357392357B001DY6TWUA2HQHH50C5RJ6YHarold Long0121308960000Dog didn't like the tasteStarted out OK, but after a few weeks my dog decided she didn't like the taste all that much, became picky and wouldn't finish her feedings. I ended up discarding a half-bag and switching to Wellness brand Puppy mix. Canidae does produce very dense, dark stools so if you have to pick up poop this makes it easy. With a 1-acre fenced yard I don't bother.
392358392358B001DY6TWUA1QF9W9CQV99HKR. Sims "Birdy..."0151194307200How much for shipping???This food is great. My German Shepherd does well on only 2 cups a day of the all stages formula.

I've had a hard time finding it in my area as this is a smaller town. I am excited to see it available here but no where can I find out how much it costs to ship a 40lb bag?

Amazon doesn't seem to have a "contact-us" option either, so until I can find out how much they charge for a 40 pound bag I'll just have to do without.

If anyone can tell me what the shipping was on their bag I'd love to know.


392359392359B001DY6TWUA1S2GUIPPNHBJWC. T. "dog walker"71311228867200Beware new formula!Be very aware that the new formula ALS is not agreeing with a lot of dogs. I have one of these dogs and no amount of transitioning improved the diarrhea, vomiting, and hot spots. There are many, many complaints on the web by people with dogs having the same symptoms that finally stopped upon changing to another food. Canidae made major changes to their ALS formulas and did nothing to alert the public until they had to (their web site only). There is still nothing on the bags to make people aware of the changes except a new ingredient list. Do your homework before buying this dog food. Dog owners across the country have spent lots of money unnecessarily at the vets trying to find answers to their dogs medical problems only to find that it's the food they've been feeding. Used to be an outstanding product! Wish I could give zero stars!
392360392360B001DY6TWUABAVG0NYJ4P5SDog Washer3711247788800Terrible and Dangerous to FeedI fed Canidae ALS (old formula) for 7+ years and my dogs thrived. Canidae switched their formula (and mfg) and I immediately switched to another food afer the reported of problems. My feed store talked me into trying their 'new' formula, and I went back to ALS - BIG mistake. I have experienced 15-20+% weight loss, explosive diarreha, vomitting, lethargy. etc. I have 5 dogs - 60-100+ lbs, varying pedigrees, ages 1 to 12+ - all sick (15-20% weight loss, poor coats, vomitting, etc.). I have had to run complete extensive blood panels to rule out other health problems on all the dogs - bottomline - blood panels were OK, food (Canidae) was the issue. What use to be a fantastic food is now a very dangerous food to feed. An entire pack of dogs' health declined on the 'new' formula. I switched foods (something other than Canidae) and my dogs are now recovering. If you love Las Vegas and Russian Roulette feed Canidae - if want to avoid major Vet expenses and heartache choose another food. Do your homework - research the Canidae ALS problems - then make the best 'educated' decision for you and your pets.
It's been a over a year since I originally posted review of this product, and I thought it was time for an update.

I still warn folks from feeding Canidae ALS...other Canidae formuals I don't know. My dogs have recovered (thank goodness). They are back to running the fenceline, greeting visitors, etc. - and not as sickly as they had become - aka the lethergic, diarreha, lost weight crew I was faced with.

I know there are a bunch of pros and cons out there on various websites concerning Canidae - and I use to be one of the biggest 'flag wavers' for Canidae....until the formula change and the Vet expenses I was forced to face. Believe me - with a very heavy heart I cannot recommend Canidae any more. I do not do this with a flare of being noticed on the Internet, any vindications against the company, or any personnal gain...just a great concern for the illnesses I've experienced with my 'pack' (5+ dogs). It took several months (under Vet care & dry dog food changes) for my dogs to recover, and I don't want to see any other 'beloved family members' undergo what I've/we've gone through. Please, please, PLEASE check out [...] (a highly recommended (non-bias)dog food analysis site). They are still recommending Canidae ALS as a 5-Star (6 star being the highest rating) premium food to feed - with the caveate 'However, from a position of being a product about which DFA heard very few complaints, the number of animals we hear of that do not do well on this food appears to have risen substantially.'

All I ask is do your own personal research concerning this food, keep an eye on your pet's food reactions, and make the best 'educated' decision for your beloved 'four footed/furry' family members.
392361392361B001DY6TWUA5IUFN46R0FXVphillip0321309910400Packaging was already open!!!When i first opened the box it looked perfectly fine. the expiration date was april 2012 the bag seemed fine. That is until i went to open the corner. The resealable pouring spout was already opened. The seal is supposed to be intact until it is opened for the first time. To me it looks as if someone had reused this bag. Im not entirely sure if it is even the same dog food. Someone could have just put in what ever they feel like and called it "Canidae" and charged me $55.00. The dog food looked different as well. it had the same texture but the pieces were all bigger and a darker color. I had a bag of canidae that i had from before so i compared them! I will not be feeding this to my dog. I guess lesson learned from buying on the internet. maybe my story will make you think twice. on the bright side the price was cheaper and the shipping to hawaii for me was less than a week! free shipping i may add! So buy at your own risk! My dogs health isnt worth taking a chance that it could be canidae in there! I want to be certain that it is 100 % canidae!!

392362392362B001DY6TWUAILAD1QUF56KPGeber1511287273600Great for Diarrhea and Making Your Dog SickI've been feeding this to my dog for months and I have just realized his stool has been pretty runny the whole time, today he had diarrhea again, probably the second or third time during that period. I came online to see if others have been having the same problem as me, and sure enough the answer is yes. I'm done with this dog food, I'd suggest you do the same, it's just not right.
392363392363B001DY6TWUA2PNLG52DZ2MWQC. A. Wilson "Beaver Steet NYC"0411321228800OUR DOG BECAME VIOLENTLY ILL...NOT THE 1st...We switched or dog to the canned All Ages food. She has had diarrhea and vomiting for 2 days. She has never been ill and is a very healthy dog - 19 years old.

Look online and investigate this product via consumer affairs. The story is very common, some dogs even dying from GI tract infections, siezures and horrible allergies.

We'll be switching her back to the old standby, SOJO's. She's kind of tired of it, but we know it is good for her and won't hurt her.
392364392364B001DY6TWUAAUZ4WD54KF55E. aaron1611309564800expensive and my dog didnt like itits difficult to rate dog food. i guess you look at the ingredients and if your dog eats it then its good.
well the ingredients were great but my dog didnt like it and its pretty pricey. thats all i can say.
392365392365B001DY6TWUA1RADTHXONQYP0S. L. Jordan "suncloud27"555751090540800CANIDAE - a best choice for Fido or FiFiI searched for a food that wasn't full of preservatives and fillers, and didn't cost $5 a pound. I did alot of research and read alot of labels. I have a Siberian Husky pup, and Canidae has really proven itself to me. As a former conissour of cheap discount store dog foods, I have finally realized the advantages of feeding a natural premium food. My dogs poop doesnt really stink! True! Poop is still poop, but the smell is minimal. I have noticed it also quickly disinigrates into the ground when it rains. With the cheap food, it smelled like rank dog poop! Would make you retch and gag! And there was so much of it! Less poop, firmer stools with barely any odor, less food consumed per day. AND NO BAD BREATH from your dog! A food that swells up when wet is also undesirable. Flint River Ranch brand and Canidae both stay intact, avoiding the bloat factor. I learned, you can learn too! It's also an excellent value - Try Canidae, you'll see!
392366392366B001DY6TWUA3759QIB6KMQZ2Anthony Paul "AP"607111218672000WARNING! They've changed the formula!I've been a happy Canidae customer for over a year, recommending the product to everyone. However, they have recently changed the formula and my dog has been violently ill. I've talked to most of the suppliers of Canidae in the Chicago area, and they are receiving countless complaints about very sick dogs since the new formula was introduced.
I'm taking my dog off of this food immediately. He's been sensitive to different foods in the past, but never as violently as this.
It's disturbing that they would make this switch without notification. At least I finally know what's wrong with my dog, and that it's been happening to countless others. Beware.
392367392367B001DY6TWUA1GEMT7FSFKPDDP. Dreyer "Book Lover"192051148342400Another satisfied pet ownerWe've had dogs and cats for years and always fed them Science Diet or Iams. Our newest dog was an itcher and after research, I decided to try a new dog food. I settled on Canidae for the same reason as the other reviewers; top notch ingredients at a reasonable price.

She loves it. I alternate dry with dry/wet every other day. And, best of all, no more itching or hot spots. Vet believes that she was allergic to corn products in Iams; a common allergy for dogs.

And the added benefits are about the poop; less poop to pick up, poop is solid, not runny, and like the other reviewer said, the poop is way less smelly.
392368392368B001DY6TWUA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta141451291852800Grain-free, & the protein isn't too much too handle**Update: March 2012** I still feed this grain free kibble to my shelties, they still love it and I'm still very happy with it. I've found a way to eliminate gas in my younger sheltie - mixing the dry kibble with a bit of hot water and letting it sit for 5 minutes before feeding the furry kids. For some reason, my younger sheltie's tummy finds this easier to digest and now he doesn't have gas at all. Woohoo! So now I'm able to feed more of this kibble, they get twice as much of it than they used to. I think I've been feeding this Canidae Grain Free to my dogs for almost 5 years now, and my dogs have never had an upset tummy.

By the way, buying directly from Amazon for this item says "Usually ships in 3 to 4 weeks", but 1-2 days after I order I'll get an update email from Amazon saying something like "Good news - We're able to ship this sooner than we thought! Your item will be delivered a week from the date you ordered." And sure enough, it arrives within a week of ordering.

**Original review**
I feed my dogs the Canidae grain-free All Life Stages food (now called Canidae pureElements, I don't think Amazon has updated the photo or name of this food yet but the ingredients haven't changed) - why the Grain Free variety? My younger sheltie has epilepsy. Gluten and corn are possible seizure triggers, so I feed both my shelties a wheat, corn, & gluten free diet. Canidae is only part of that diet; I feed them 4 small meals a day - 1/4 cup Canidae Grain Free ALS, then a 4" piece of raw turkey neck, then veggies for the last two meals. The last meal is sometimes another 1/4 cup of Canidae instead of veggies. I know, it's complicated, right? But my dogs really do better on a mostly raw diet like this. I still use kibble because it's the fastest way to feed them a meal first thing in the morning before I let them out to go potty.

I've fed a variety of kibbles from the natural pet food shops, some with grain and others grain free, and when I fed them an all-kibble diet (Canidae or other brands) my younger sheltie had TERRIBLE gas, while my older sheltie had anal gland problems where she'd have an anal sac blowout at least once a month. So gross, but that's why we covered our couches in blankets that were easily washed. (Gosh I hope you're not eating lunch while you read this review.) Anyway, I started giving them more raw food and the gas has disappeared and my girl sheltie no longer has anal gland issues. Their teeth are cleaner too.

I didn't want this to turn into a "raw food is the only way to go" preaching session, I swear! But for my dogs, raw is better - it's easier for my younger sheltie to digest so he doesn't gas us out of our home, and it gives my older sheltie firmer poo so her anal glands work like they're supposed to. Canidae doesn't help my dogs' particular issues like raw does.

However, Canidae is a heck of a lot easier and cheaper to feed, and my furry kids certainly do love Canidae's taste, they inhale it. If your dog doesn't have weird kibble digestion issues like mine do, then Canidae Grain Free ALS is a 5 star dog food. For my dogs' sensitive systems, it's a 4-star food.

The Canidae Grain-Free All Life Stages has a 34% protein level, which seems to do better with my shetland sheepdogs' stomachs than the higher protein kibbles. I've fed another brand of grain-free kibble (Innova EVO turkey & chicken) that had 42% protein which was too high for them to handle even when switching to it gradually and only getting a 1/4 cup a day... 42% protein made their poo liquid. So, I've stuck with Canidae's grain free ALS.

I've also done a 50/50 mix with the Grain Free ALS and the Grain Free Salmon, the furry kids love it. The Salmon variety smells like FISH, big surprise, right? I try not to breathe when dishing it out, don't care for the smell of fish like the pups do.

As I write this, Amazon's price is the same as my local natural pet store. As much as I'd like to support local business, my local natural pet store is terrible (it's a long story), so I buy Canidae here on Amazon.

Chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb, potatoes, peas, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), lamb meal, ocean fish meal, tomato pomace, natural flavor, choline chloride, suncured alfalfa meal, inulin (from chicory root), lecithin, sage extract, cranberries, beta-carotene, rosemary extract, sunflower oil, yucca schidigera extract, dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation extract, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid, papaya, pineapple.
392369392369B001DY6TWUA1H7CKOA2DQJU0Effie202311219017600WARNING -- read reviews--Canidae has changed their formula.My husband and I switched our three dogs to Canidae earlier this year based on the many glowing recommendations that I found on the Internet. Our dogs have done very well on it until recently (we always bought the 40 pound bags for our three LARGE dogs but now it's in the 35 pound bags) when they all became ill with diarrhea. My oldest dog has had diarrhea and horrible hot spots all over his buttocks with the fur falling out and flaky dry skin for the last few weeks. After one of my dogs was sick all over the house today, my husband mentioned that he was beginning to suspect it was the Canidae -- he suspected that Canidae may have changed their formula, so I checked the Internet to see if anyone else was complaining and there are complaints all over the Internet! Apparently Canidae changed their formula without warning and many dogs who have tolerated it well in the past are suddenly becoming violently ill. My husband is picking up a bag of another brand tonight, that we have used with no problems in the past, so that we don't have to feed them any more of the Canidae. Most dog owners know NOT to change their pets food suddenly as it can cause them to become ill, but apparently Canidae did it without warning anyone or allowing them the opportunity to gradually switch their dogs over to the new formula. Apparently Canidae is blaming 'net hysteria as the reason why people are blaming their food for these dog illnesses -- but our dogs have been sick for several weeks now, way BEFORE we even suspected it was the Canidae.
392370392370B001DY6TWUA2F1K346NIUSY1H. Van Deventer202311218326400Lost a loyal customer- changed formula without notifying customersMy dogs had been eating canidae since they stopped eating their puppy food. They did great on it until yesterday we bought a new bag and they became violently ill after only eating one bowl. This was the only variant in their diet.
I returned the bag back to the pet store and found out they had changed their formula because ingredients had become more expensive. They did not even notify consumers!
My dogs have very sensitive stomachs. What they may consider a simple change made them very sick. This is a complete disregard for the dogs they supposedly care for. I understand they need to make money but notify the consumer so they can make an educated decision or buy the old formula at a higher price.

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