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392371392371B001DY6TWUA3NTV9VHMBY1KHKimberly A. Kubek "Doodle lover"9941175731200Very good ingredient list with extras.I have a Goldendoodle and felt he was a little on the thin side, so I started researching dog foods. I found that what he was on, was not really good for him. The second ingredient was ground corn and I found out that shouldn't be in the dog food at all. It's all filler, non-digestible...filler in, filler out. Through this surfing and sifting of information, what was good, explanation of terms, and eager for any information I could get and then pursue, I ended with Canidae All Life Stages Dry. There were others under consideration, but considering cost, balanced with good nutrition, supplements included in the food, and availability, I opted for Canidae.

Of the top five ingredients, before the fat (in this case chicken fat), three are animal protein meal, Chicken, Turkey and Lamb meals. The other two ingredients are Brown and White rice, good easily digestible grains. My understanding is dog food is weighted and the ingredients listed based on that weight prior to them being reduced in the cooking process. Meaning when your ingredient list - lists chicken first, that is precooked weight. After cooking the water and some of the nutrients and calories are lost in the process and if the same ingredients were measured for listing after cooking, the ingredient list would not come out looking as good. Chicken might not be as high in the list. If a 'chicken meal' is listed, they start with the same grade of chicken, generally speaking, however meal is weighted and listed after it has been cooked down. This is the same for any 'meal' protein. A 'meal' protein is just the protein you end up with after it is cooked down, the water cooked out of it. So a 'meal' protein in the ingredient list is a good grade meat protein, which won't be reduced by the processing of the ingredients together. Five lbs. of chicken, may end up to be 4lbs, however 5lbs of 'chicken meal', stays 5lbs.(this is made up example for clarity, not based on any math or science). The ingredients go on to list additional herring meal, vitamins, probiotics (for good intestinal health), natural preservatives and supplements like amino acids and calcium to name a couple.

Beforehand, Riley was less than excited about meal time. He would pick at it almost from the beginning, walk away, come back - a little more eating and allot of drinking. Now, he eats it.

A big benefit and another part of the reason for a search, is the reduction in feces. He was going 6 or 7 times a day and no small amount. We are down to two - four times/day so far. Improvement in condition of feces also. Firmer, more normal coloring, less of it. It seems like his body is getting more out of his food.

He seems to have an improved activity level. His playfulness is increased, but not hyper by any means. Just healthier? perhaps. Calms right down on command, even around the other dogs.

So far so good for this change. I have read that poor results can happen after weeks or months of a change, but so far so good. He doesn't shed, so I'm watching carefully for any new hair loss. I won't wait it if occurs, I will take him off. I certainly would say, conditionally, this is turning out to be a good food for my dog and would suggest it to others looking for a quality food.

** It's been about 2 months now on Canidae. Riley is still looking good. No sudden hair loss, healthy, energetic, eating as I type...Still happy with this decision, and am still using it.
392372392372B001DY6TWUA3TJ7A7FO4GM47John T. Shea121351135123200Very ImpressedAfter a lot of research, i decided to switch my 3-yr old Doberman from Iams to Canidae and have been very impressed with the product. Samson LOVES this stuff too, with the Iams I had to entice him to eat by mixing it with canned food/tablefood, but with the Canidae, he eagerly wolfs it down by itself. And why not? The first 4 ingredients are all meats- human-grade at that! Besides having less "filler", Canidae uses no corn products, which is good for dogs with allergies (corn is a common allergen in dogs). Some may balk at the price, but you are going to use less food per day then with the junk brands due to the high quality of indredients in this stuff. Besides, Canidae is considerably cheaper then most of the other top-shelf brands like Eagle Pack or Flint River. I'm just happy to be able to feed my dog a "super-premium" grade food knowing how much healthier this is for him, for just a few bucks more per bag then a mid-grade food like Iams or Pro Plan. When you look at it like that, I believe it's one of the best values in pet nutrition on the market today.
392373392373B001DY6TWUAW7JE3I8B72PSN. Bezik "Nicolicanoli"151711218067200Used to be an awesome food but they changed the formula. NO GOOD!This used to be a great food, but they've changed the formula and my dogs have suffered. Their customer service is very rude. My dogs showed signs of distress within the first 24 hours of eating the new formula. Explosive Diaherra, Vomiting, Fur became dull. Change it back Canidae!!!
392374392374B001DY6TWUA1IX0NC997O0NSJ. Austin111251180656000Not recommended after they changed their formulaI started feeding my dogs Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food almost 5 years ago. Prior to that I used NutroMax. Wow, what an amazing food. My german shepherd and 2 golden retrievers have the most incredible coats. Their poops are firm (and easy to pick up) and nearly odorless. No allergies either, unlike most of my friends whose poor dogs suffer from all kind of food or skin problems. I've convinced one person to change to Canidae and she too is very happy with how well her golden is doing on it. I buy it locally as I go thru 40 pounds every 3 weeks (feeding 3 large dogs). I highly recommend this food, could not be happier.

Update: Canidae moved their manufacturing to a different plant in late 2008 and at the same time, in order to save money, changed their formulas. Added a lot more grain and other products that have caused dogs to have numerous skin and GI problems. The organization that oversees pet food standards has received more complaints about Canidae than any manufacturer in recent history, due to their formula change. A fried of mine owns a pet supply store and he says he is getting about 50% of the Canidae bags back from owners w/ pets having problems w/ the new formula. All 3 of my dogs had bad reactions, and I even did a gradual change over because I was told ahead of time (by my friend) that they changed the formula. Diarrhea, vomiting, itching, scratching. My one golden scratched himself raw to the point I had to take him to the vet. After using Canidae for many years, and recommending it to many others, I decided enough is enough and got rid of all of it. I switched to using California Natural Lamb and Rice and Orijen Adult, two all natural foods produced with the highest quality control available. Both company control the ingredients, manufacture the food, have numerous quality checkpoints, and do their own distribution. My dogs are different ages and have different needs so I do a blend of the CalNat and Orijen and WOW, what a difference. Their coats are shiny, their energy levels are great and poops are solid and virtually odor free. And they love it! Both are great foods, a bit more expensive than other foods but to me, worth every penny. Cal Nat and Orijen are the best foods you can buy in my opinion. If you are considering Canidae, I'd recommend you look at Cal Nat or Orijen instead.

New Rating:
Canidae - 0 stars
California Natural - 5 stars
Orijen - 5 stars (I'd give Orijen 10 stars if I could, it really is that good).
392375392375B001DY6TWUA1KPALLWZ73M27BeagleGrin7751193011200Excellent, AMERICAN MADE, nothing importedI work for a veterinary hospital, and after the big food scare I found myself calling around to different food companies to see who made an AMERICAN product. And by American, I didn't mean imported products thrown into a food assembled in the United States so it could be called "made here." I wanted meat grown here, veggies grown here, and no imports. FOUND IT.
This dog food was recommended to me by a bloodhound breeder. Bloodhounds are known to have gunky skin (must be all the wrinkles) and they are prone to eye infections, allergies, bloat, and numerous other conditions. Well, most bloodhounds. Not her dogs. Her dogs have healthy glowing coats, shiney eyes, and just bring her lots of ribbons in the show ring.
My dogs are couch potatoes, but I feel better feeding them something good for them. At first I was worried the smaller bite size might interfere with good tartar control, but now months on this food NO TARTAR. At all, and my one dog had had a tartar control problem for a long time. His doggy breath has never been better. If I could give this food 10 stars, I would. I'd recommend this food for toy breeds as well as giant breeds.
It used to be when I opened a bag of food I'd keep my nose away because the dog food was stinky. Not this food, now, I'm not saying I want a mouthful, but it is NOT stinky like some dog foods. You can actually smell the herbs they use.
This product is on my wish list at Amazon. Anyone who wants to get me a good gift, get me a bag. It is definately a gift I'll use!
392376392376B001DY6TWUA3DAXM59DANA8ZGemma Zanowski7751170028800The best product for the priceAfter reading the book "Deadly Feasts" I was horrified to learn what kinds of items may end up in my dogs' food! I started researching different dog foods and consistently received the same brand recommendations: Innova, Canidae, Wellness, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul...etc. I initially settled on Canidae, but also tried Wellness on a recommendation. The Wellness produced loose stools in two of my foster poodles, so I no longer use that brand. The Canidae, however, is perfect for my multi dog household, which often includes dogs ranging from puppyhood to senior status. The ingredients are phenomenal and, as all reviewers have said, the food contains no corn, wheat or soy, all common allergens in dogs. Although I also use and would recommend Innova Evo dry dog food, Canidae costs $35 for 40 pounds and Innova costs about $50 for a 28 pound bag. So, if you are budgeting a bit but would still like to give your dog the best, Canidae is great. After switching my dogs to Canidae, I noticed several things. First, my labrador retriever's coat sheen increased to the point of nearly blinding me in the sunglight; second, he lost about 10 pounds and developed greater muscle tone (although he was always fed recommended portions of commercial foods); third, my shedding dogs shed a lot less than in the past; and fourth, bad doggy breath is greatly reduced. I see no excuse not to switch your dog from a commercial food to Canidae or another super premium brand - it costs no more than a fancy bag of Iams or Science Diet, but can add quality years to your pets' lives! If you own a dog prone to allergies, such as a poodle, this food can't be beat. I had a family adopt a 5-pound malipoo from me and they emailed me to say they cannot feed him anything other than Canidae or he develops loose stools and needs to be taken out to the bathroom contantly. For your dog's sake switch their food; you can do a lot better than chain-store foods!
392377392377B001DY6TWUA2M26AFN6LIQH2Anonymous7751219276800Canidae is the best!Just bought a bag of Canidae with the new formula. I had some of the old Canidae formula and am mixing in with some of the new formula. The new formula has more meat in it and my puppy loves the new formula! He jumped on it! It's unfortunate that Canidae didn't announce that they were going to change the formula because it's making a lot of dogs sick due to the sudden change in food.
392378392378B001DY6TWUA1FK9YLS9IEQGOCheez182211218672000New formulaMy dogs have been on Canidae for the past several years and even the picky dog who has lost over half her teeth loved it. However, I recently bought a new bag of Canidae. The packaging was different, but I thought that was the only thing that had changed because there was nothing on the bag indicating it was a new formula.

I noticed the kibble was a lighter color than in previous bags, but still didn't think much of it. However, two out of my three dogs now consistently refuse to eat it. The only dog who will eat this new bag is the one who has been on a diet for two years and quite frankly, will eat anything.

I'm very disappointed that the change in the formula was not even mentioned on the bag and that they changed a great food into one that my dogs won't eat.

NOTE: I emailed Canidae to ask why the formula had changed, and why it was not mentioned on the new bags. Their response:

Our quality of raw material as well as quality control has actually increased not decreased. Yes we have diversified our complex carbohydrates as rice continues to climb and high quality availability decreases. Our products are better than ever and more consistent. We are getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers that are actually feeding their pets our improved formulas.

I hadn't actually said I thought their raw material decreased...just that 2 of my 3 dogs now refused to eat it. And when they say they are getting positive feedback from our customers that are *actually* feeding the new formula, are they trying to imply that I only pretended to feed the new food?!?!
392379392379B001DY6TWUAH5NKAG8839T8furkidz151811198022400Something's Changed with Canidae foodI fed and recommended this food for several years as one of the best dry foods available. However, over the last few months (late 2007) something has changed. My dogs experienced chronic digestive upset on the food and refused to eat it. Upon switching to another quality food, the problems stopped. I tried another bag last week-- same results. Other dog owners/breeders/vets/handlers have also reported problems with Canidae foods over the past few months. No one, including myself, has been successful in getting any sort of satisfactory reply from Canidae when asked if they had changed formulas, ingredient suppliers, etc. I'm disappointed-- Canidae was one of the few 'quality foods' that had not raised prices significantly over the past year and was still affordable for most dog owners. Apparently that has also led to changes that the company has not been willing to address. I'm very disappointed that a food I recommended so highly in the past has had these problems. I've changed my dogs to Eagle Pack Holistic Selects. It's more expensive, but they are back to their old selves-- healthy, no digestive troubles, and great coats.
392380392380B001DY6TWUA235XFQ4XRFBTWCarolyn Hayes6651191542400Why mess with success?My 20-month-old Toy Fox Terrier mix has been eating Canidae since I adopted her and changed her over from Science Diet, so I don't have an amazing transformation story.

1. She's only been sick twice to speak of. No unexpected need to go outside NOW or accidents in the house because of illness. What comes out of her is as predictable as the sunrise, albeit somewhat less pleasant overall.

2. This 12-pound, high-energy dog eats just under 1 cup a day. A 40-pound bag lasts me about 6 MONTHS, which calculates as less than $7/month for food. Canidae may cost more than better-known brands, but it's a bargain for the improved nutrition and related benefits (see 1 and 3).

3. It never occurred to me that it could be because of her food, but it's true she has basically no smell, as others have mentioned. She's in every way glossy, happy, clean, and puppy-like.
392381392381B001DY6TWUA1754S4P9HK25LA. Foley6651176940800The best food and can save money!I have 2 jack russells and a Papillon. As many people know Jacks are an extemely active breed and keeping weight on them can be a problem. We were feeding Flint River, a very high quality food, both of my jacks were getting 2 cups a day just to maintain a slightly below average weight. My papillon was at the proper weight but still getting 1.5 cups of flint river a day. We decided to switch foods and after much debate we chose canidae. During the time it took to slowly switch foods(14 days) my jacks had already gained weight and were looking much better. After 3 weeks we had to reduce their food becuase they were getting fat! now my jacks eat 1/2 a cup twice daily and they have never looked better. My papillon eats 1/4 cup AM and 1/2 cup PM. Just the reduction in food alone has saved so much money. Because we are feeding less there is less poop to clean up. I really cannot say enough about this food its has made my dogs more balanced mentally and physically.
392382392382B001DY6TWUANDI4WO1WKNS5Kenneth Zeller6641153699200Canidae Dog FoodThis is one of the best dog foods on the market. It saved me quite a bit of money to order it directly through Amazon rather than try to find it locally.
392383392383B001DY6TWUAFUUB7EOXJ42IIhavalhasa "ihavalhasa"8911219708800Long Time Loyal Customer NO Longer!I have ONLY fed my 3 dogs Canidae since 2002. Until 3 days ago we have HAD no problems at all, and I had highly recommended the food to everyone who would listen. That is NO longer the case.

Recently, Canidae decided to change the formula, and without any notice being placed on the bag. Two weeks into the first, and LAST bag of Canidae I will every buy, one of my dogs began chewing his feet. Prior to 3 days ago, he had never had a "hot spot" or anything close to it.... And now I cannot get him to stop chewing his red, soaking wet paws. One expensive vet bill later, the vet said it is an "allergic reaction." Allergies??!! I do not want my dogs to be miserable with allergies!!

Besides the constant chewing, not one of my dogs has had a firm stool since their first meal with the new formula. One of my dogs is prone to anal glad issues, and so it is critical that she have a firm stool.

In addition to my issues, my breeder, who recommended the food to me, and who has been feeding her dogs Canidae for much longer than I, has taken her dogs off the food. Why? Her dogs became violently ill, vomiting non-stop, itching, acting lethargic. She has contacted the MANY, MANY people she knows who use Canidae, and they have all had issues, many have taken their dogs to the vet, and have all now switched to a different food... not made by Canidae.

It's too bad they chose to make this change; they have lost countless loyal customers over trying to save money on rice. I can't imagine they will be in business much longer.

******** UPDATED 10/2/08 : I've moved all my dogs to California Natural. My breeder has also switched her dogs to California Natural. So far everyone is doing great... after the Canidae got out of their systems.
392384392384B001DY6TWUA3FIY789DECXY7Tethys5551185148800Oh thank God!My dog was sick for 2 months and lost 20% of her body weight. Her coat was falling out in clumps and she was still barely eating, eventhough the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. We switched her to Canidae based on a friend's recommendation. She has gained half her weight back in 2 weeks and her coat is improving, as is her energy levels.
For a siberian husky, this food can't be beat!
392385392385B001DY6TWUA3MMIKEPS1U150Chuck Brown5551140825600It is worth it!We are told to improve our diet. The same is true for our pets. You are most probably not aware what crap meats and fillers are used to produce the most popular name brand foods. They are expensive because of the advertizing. Canidae is not cheap either, but it is because of the quality ingredients. My sons Collie gets it since a few month, and now the fur is much shinier, the dog does not smell and it loves the food.
392386392386B001DY6TWUA3NMA7RSO2HMBGBPF5541308268800I actually heard about the formula change and properly transitioned my dog without issueI have been using this food for 4 years since I read raving reviews on many sites. I was looking for a reasonably priced food which was better in quality than the cheap chain crap. I didn't want to pay $2 a pound for a high quality food and Canidae was just right for my budget and quality needs. My dog loves it (but you can't really judge it on that alone as he is a lab and will eat anything) however his coat is nice, his stool is the right consistency, and he is hardly ever ill. He also NEVER EVER has gas (but he does burp from time to time but not smelly like others have mentioned.) I wasn't happy when the price increased and the quality supposedly dropped a bit but I am still happy with this food overall and have continued to use it. I am always on the lookout for high quality food at a reasonable price so if anyone knows of something high quality at around the same price point please respond to this post and let me know.

On a different note, was I the only person who actually DID hear about the formula change before it was too late? When I went to purchase more food and saw that the 40lb bag was discontinued I went looking for a reason why and to make sure there weren't any other issues. Right on their website it mentioned the formula change, bag change, and the proper way to transition your dog from the old to the new food to avoid digestive issues. As I had 1 full bag of old formula left, I followed the instructions and guess what, no issues whatsoever with the transition. My dog did NOT get sick at all and has not had a single problem with this food new or old formula.
392387392387B001DY6TWUA3LY5F58098WPRAudrey J. Orek "ChevyF16"7851200873600Excellent. Product HAS NOT changed.I have been a Canidae (PAWS) customer since Feb 07 (7 lg dogs). I previously fed them Purina One, switched to Blue Buffalo in Dec 06, then Canidae in Feb 07 (food scare for Blue Buffalo). I am very particular about what I give my dogs: dog of 10yrs died/cancer and had 2 knee replacements due to arthritis/joint issues. My Dogs are doing great on Canidae. I just spoke w/ Canidae less than 2 mins ago and they HAVE NOT changed their product at all. I read the review from the person that once gave this product a great review and now thinks the product has changed due to her dogs' digestive issues (or something like that). I left a msg for Canidae about 20 mins ago, and they already called me back at work to answer my questions (unlike Blue during the food scare). If you have seen a blog concerning something about Acetaminophen being in Canidae, that is false. Some lady said she had Canidae and some other foods tested by putting them in a baggie together...blah blah, any way it was a false allegation but the internet spreads rumors like wildfire. I drive 2 hrs to re-stock on Canidae. Highly recommend.
392388392388B001DY6TWUA2Y6DSRSR377ZUcShell4411219276800My Black Labrador throws up the new formula of Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog FoodMy Black Lab has been eating Canidae All Life Stages dry dog food since we switched her from puppy food to Canidae in early 2006. Our breeder recommended this dog food. She did well on the old formula, except for what we THOUGHT were seasonal hot spots where she would chew the hair off of the insides of her legs and also her behind.

Since purchasing my latest bag about three weeks ago she has been throwing up, having frequent burping which smells of vomit, having horribly smelly flatulance, and I had to clean my carpet from a poop accident two days ago.

I was initially just upset to find that my latest bag had been down-sized from 40 lbs. to 35 lb. I sent an e-mail telling them that I would rather pay more for something than have it down-sized. Their response was :

"Our economy and industry is faced with challenging times, commodities and energy cost are at an all time high and continue to sky rocket."

They ended their response with this condescending comment :

"We have also had a lot of positive feedback from our women shoppers who love the new sizes as they can handle them much better when unloading them from their car."

After talking with my dog's breeder, I discovered that the formula had been changed and that her dogs and many other breeders' dogs had been having problems with the new formula. The "Canidae Team" didn't mention the formula change when I asked them about the down-sizing. That would have been nice.

So, I started searching the internet and found more horror stories of dogs becoming sick with the new formula. Plus, many dog owners were upset that Canidae did not make much of an effort to inform their customers of the new formula change.

I sent another e-mail to Canidae regarding the formula change, their lack of informing their customers about it, and how my dog has been reacting to it. They didn't address my comments about how it was making my dog and others sick, they just stated that they did their best to post their changes on the internet. From what I have been reading in posts, that is not the case. I also found out through forum postings on the internet that Canidae is now in partnership with Diamond Pet Foods. Diamond was involved in the dog food recalls where dogs were dying from the tainted food. Maybe since the recall and deaths, Diamond has cleaned up their act and has more stringent guidelines and inspections but who wants to take that chance when it comes to our beloved dogs?
392389392389B001DY6TWUA2MUQG4M84JN3DLois Shetterly4451179100800Excellent food!This has proven to be an excellent food for our 10-year-old bulldog. She no longer has tear stains, and her coat is luxurious. She actually eats less, because this food is so nourishing. Heartily recommended!
392390392390B001DY6TWUA3JQJGYWQBACTWA. Inman "Chopper Jock!"4451177632000Outstanding super premium dog food! The best in my opinion! I couldn't be happier!I have been researching dog food for a few years now. I am living in Japan (US Military) and I was ordering my dog food from PetCo online. I have tried Solid Gold Hund N' Flocken, DVP's Natural Balance, Costco Kirkland Super Premium, Eukanuba FP Prescription Diet, and Hills ZD Ultra Allergen Free Prescription Diet.

I was able to source the Canidae and the Solid Gold foods locally for my Dal with serious allergies. Both of the foods have had better results than the super pricey prescription diets. I am sold on Candidae. I pay $[...] for the 40 LB sack, which is not that bad considering I am sourcing it locally on the Tokyo economy. The dogs love this food more than the Solid Gold, but I believe that they are both fine foods. This food looks tastier than the Solid Gold Wolf Pup that I was feeding my K9 German Shepherd, and it seems heartier that the Hund N' Flocken as well. It just looks like it must taste good. The dogs go nuts over it like a crack addiction! I am very happy that I have found a solution that is applicable to both dogs!

There is something to be said of companies that go the extra mile for our man's best friend. It is just not right to feed our pets the crap that they sell in the stores. I used to think that Eukanuba was a great dog food. Thank God for the Internet!

Buy this food, you will not be disappointed!
392391392391B001DY6TWUAHZ5QTHKRWCDHPhilHarmonicOrchestra4451162684800A great quality food at a great price!My dogs are in love with Canidae Maintenance Formula for All Life Stages, and so am I. Just look at the ingredient list and it's easy to see why. You'll find lots of chicken, turkey, lamb, rice, and all sorts of other good stuff. Unlike a lot of subpar dog foods, there is no corn! Plus, my dogs love its taste, and it's a great value for the quality of this food. I'd recommend it to any dog owner.
392392392392B001DY6TWUAYUWG8PVGRJ6RGayle Soucek4451325030400Excellent food for all dogsI have used Canidae products exclusively for my dogs for many years, with great results. They have healthy shiny coats, and are active and beautiful. However, my Sheltie-Chow mix had recurring ear problems all her life. The vet couldn't identify the problem--her ears weren't infected--but they always looked red and irritated. We tried everything, but nothing really helped. One day, on a whim, I bought the new grain-free Canidae, and to my surprise her ears cleared up almost immediately. All the time we had been looking for an elusive infection, but apparently she just had a wheat allergy. To test the theory, one day I fed her a piece of bread (wheat) and the next day she was tugging at her ears. Back to the grain free Canidae! The dogs love it, and the Sheltie mix just passed her 15th birthday and is going strong.
392393392393B001DY6TWUA3KZG8XNX5P4HRD. Dunstan6711219104000Canidae Dog Food made my dogs extremely illI have relied on Canidae for my 4 dogs for over 3 years now. It was nice to have a maintenance food that all my dogs could eat. The last bag I purchased on Aug.4th smelled and looked different. Almost immediately after feeding the dogs, my Mastiff became very ill, Bloated belly, diarrhea and lethargic. The next day my Schnauzers became ill with the same symptoms. I checked my bag of food and found nothing written as far as NEW FORMULA. I cooked them all boiled chicken and rice and the symptoms went away. I then checked on line and found many complaints about Canidae. I am a professional dog groomer that recommended this food until now. I took my bag back the the pet store for a refund and found a better food to feed my dogs. Canidae changing their formula cost me a vet bill for my Mastiff and a carpet cleaning bill. I'll pass this brand by in the stores from now on.
392394392394B001DY6TWUA2VZIJHABHMIQWP. R. Schlosser "REAL DOG LOVER"6711218153600Canidae made my dogs VERY SICKNew food and or changed formula's need to be introduced to animals slowly. Very slowly. However, I was not given this option by Canidae when I ran out of the old All Stages Life Dry Dog Food and purchased a new bag of the new formula (no warning label) with none of the old to mix in. That is the problem I'm having with my four dogs, 2 of which are 12 years old. Granted, the changes may be an added benefit to their new formula but it's NOT a benefit if they don't notify their consumers that there has been quite an extensive change (19 additional items) to their recipe. Meanwhile, I've had to deal with 4 dogs who have been vomiting and have bloody diarrhea as well as vet bills for the past 17 days because of Canidae's neglectful oversight on not informing their consumers. I just found out about the NEW formula 2 days ago while researching Canidae on the web and found more disgruntled consumers. That is why I give them 1 star. The one good thing I can say about Canidae (their old formula was great by the way) is thank God this can't be compared to the recall of last year that killed thousands of pets. By the way, what WAS wrong with the old formula????
392395392395B001DY6TWUA2A4V2TRW08GC4Doglover81011218585600Hot spots galore while on CanidaeI had fed my dogs Canidae for about 2 months before I had problems but as soon as they switched their formula I went from happy to completely unsatisfied. Both of my dogs broke out in hot spots and they itched all the time. Like other reviews say they had chronic digestive upset and wouldn't touch the food. As soon as we switched foods all went back to normal. I also emailed the company. They emailed me back saying there was no way it was their food because their food is of the highest quality out there. It had to be my dogs. Make sure you buy a food that does feeding trials. I know some may think this is cruel, but do you really want food trials done on your pets? That's what Canidae is doing.
392396392396B001DY6TWUA2WY4X18J0RUCNK. Todd3351196294400I will never use anythign else for my pets . . .This food is amazing. When I got my dog she was being fed Canidae. I saw how clean her coat was and how healthy she looked. So I went and got the cat version. My big cat has lost weight and looks the best he has in years. My little kitten is as healthy as can be. She is now gaining good amounts of weight, but not getting plump. It is not like other cat foods that are like McDonalds for pets. No sudden highs and lows after eating. I thought pet food was just pet food, but I will never change this food for my pets. It is so amazing!!! Give it a few weeks and you will see the same.
392397392397B001DY6TWUA157NH3OJD4WDGSpongebob "Goofy Goober"3351187049600Excellent quality food at an excellent price.Canidae is an excellent food that is meat based and is great for people who are looking for a top quality dog food, but don't want to break the bank. I know a lot of people who can not afford dog food that is extremely expensive, and yet they don't want to feed cheap fillers or grain based foods. If you are a person on a tight budget Canidae is worth a try. You will notice a big difference in energy as well as skin and coat. A lot of senior dogs switch to the ALS formula and have more zoomies and more energy than on other lower quality diets. Canidae is worth every penny.
392398392398B001DY6TWUA6YYVARNWPO5GMargaret Veerhoff "Mamma Mia's mamma"3351169251200canidae dog foodThis is the best dog food I ever had

I just adopted a Rottweiler Mamma Mia from the local pound and she wasn't in good shape

her coat was thin and so was she

her backbones and hip bones stuck out and she had dander

now after a month she has a thick coat, no dander and has gained about 8 lb

she's eating 3 cups a day

this is great stuff and she loves it
392399392399B001DY6TWUA16ORI26EIDAJGB. Berry3351168300800Canidae is great.I had read a lot about the health benefits of using Canidae for my dogs. I think I have seen evidence of healthier skin in my dog with skin issues.
392400392400B001DY6TWUA1QSA55UL82YJ9John Shaeffer3351167782400Excellent productOur 2 Vizslas have done very well with this food since we switched from Foster Smith food last year.

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