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392431392431B001DY6TWUA1V3QP9L9DVQWLElanGrey1151316044800Canidae All Life Stage dog food (dry)Excellent price for this dog food--as well as prompt,easy delivery to my front doorstep!Certainly makes hauling large bags like this a lot easier.This is the only food I feed my pets--and the price is by far the best around:both locally in store here--AND thorugh other pet supply mail order services.I recommend it.
392432392432B001DY6TWUA2D7J11NURB8F7coquetteRN1141315353600Great food!!I was so ecstatic when I purchased two 44lb bags of canidae dog food. We have used this food for years and my dogs love it. They have beautiful coats. On August 15, 2011 for 41.99 each with free shipping from amazon. The actual shipper was Petcare RX. Since I am feeding 4 large dogs (including a rescue) we go through a lot of food. Its nice to have it delivered to your door. I just signed on to reorder and noticed that amazon increased the price from $41.99 to $55. In theory, there goes free shipping. They rolled it into the new cost of the food. Now, it is no cheaper for me to purchase it on amazon since my neighborhood pet store sells it for $54.00 and I don't have to order it 7-10 days ahead just to make sure I get it before our current supply runs out. SHAME ON YOU AMAZON!
392433392433B001DY6TWUA2LOZMBI3VLS0RShawnie Loo "Shawnie"1141310515200good well balanced dry foodI read lots of reviews on the internet on dry dog food, this one was highly rated for grain free. it may be expensive but well worth the price. My standard poodle is very picky about his food, not a food hound in the least, he liked it immediately.
392434392434B001DY6TWUA26XDUB031X5AVAmitola Acres "Cheyenness"1151310515200Fantastic food!My dogs have always been on a high quality diet and recently I decided to give this food a try. I was a little hesitant at first due to the price but figured my dogs were worth it. Since making the switch my rescue yellow lab has made vast improvements. No matter what she ate before, she was always itching and scratching. Especially at the base of her tail. She used to get so sore at times that she would actually bleed. Her coat and skin now are perfect!!! No more itching, scratching and chewing. All of my dogs are also eating less and maintaining their weight nicely. Less food means less waste in the yard. All in all I couldn't be happier with this food and my dogs will stay on it as long as they continue making it. I also just switched my cat over to their grain free Salmon cat food.
392435392435B001DY6TWUASS18JA56C6XPLauralee Freedom Conklin1151293753600Brought my German Shepard from a wonderful breeder and they highly supported Canidae.I asked the breeder "why Canidae"? I never even heard of it. She told me that because German Shepards have sensitive stomachs and also prone to hip problems is why this product is so beneficial to their dogs. Ever since a puppy my dogs been on Canidae. I have tried others when I couldn't find Canadie, like now and noticed a differance in various ways. I am happy to see I can now buy the product online to get my dog back on tract.
392436392436B001DY6TWUA160IG0SK7JP9QR. Procter1141292284800Was a little nervous trying it, but my dog does well on itI was a bit nervous trying this kibble after reading all the negative reviews, but I decided to give it a go since it's one of the only reasonably priced wheat & corn free "premium" kibbles available where I live.

The ingredients list looked respectable (first 3 ingredients are human grade meat meals), as did the nutritional information (meets AAFCO profile for All Life Stages). Also, all the ingredients are apparently from the U.S.A, so no worries about melamine (the two recent melamine scares were from Chinese wheat gluten and Chinese milk powder).

We're on our 3rd bag now - my girl thrives on it, and likes it. She's hard to keep weight on, but this food is good for that as it has a very high energy content compared to most kibbles.

I do feed partially raw & partially kibble, not just Canidae, so perhaps that makes a difference to how well the dog does on it. But I can honestly say I've had no problems with this kibble at all, & will keep feeding it.
392437392437B001DY6TWUA29MRSU25Y5T8XGeoff Lodal1151284076800Affordable Premium FoodWe adopted a mastiff mix puppy last year, and after some research, I threw away a 90% full bag of Puppy Chow because it's just not good for dogs. We tried a mid level food (3 stars from Dog Food Reviews) and it did ok, but it was too high in protein for the giant breeds. When we decided to get a Great Dane this spring I started looking for a food that would be good for both dogs and found this. We tried it out and after the initial adjustment (necessary with any food) both seem to be doing well on it. With a giant breed and a large mutt, we go through about 90 lbs a month, so I wanted something affordable but quality and this fits the bill. In the large 44 lb bags it's usually a bit over a dollar per pound, which is comparable to the big box brands. We were able to get our Dane to a proper weight on it and keep our mutt from chubbing up too much, so I'm very impressed. I'd love to feed them Orijen or Taste of the Wild, but they are very cost prohibitive. I'm glad this one fits the bill without draining my bank account.
392438392438B001DY6TWUA1MIQ2MDF6OMXFA. Pak1111253491200Made 1 and 2 dogs sick - make that 1 and halfOrdered directly from PetFoodDirect before I saw the negative reviews here. So after delivery, I decided I would make the transition slowly. A week and a half later, I was feeding approx half old and half new, and one of the dogs started vomiting/had diarrhea, had no appetite, and was lethargic. I'm switching him to a plain chicken and rice diet, but if he doesn't get better soon, I'll have to take him to the vet.

Other dog must have an iron constitution because she seems fine.

UPDATE: Took the sick dog to the vet. He was given IV fluids because he became dehydrated. $150 and one day later, he seems a little better. But vet said the blood work came back a little off and I should bring him back for x-ray and recheck. I'm going to hold off because I do think he's improving on the bland diet.

The other dog had some alarming sounds coming from her stomach last night. She seems fine today, but I think if the first dog had not become sick and if I had kept giving Canidae, I think this dog would have eventually become sick as well.
392439392439B001DY6TWUA13MAK4LWYI8HJS. Forest King1111244246400WARNING!!!!I used to be a fan of Canidae, but after $2k in recent vet bills and a very sick dog, I found out there is a HUGE amount of Consumer Affairs complaints about this company.

After blood work, ultrasound and many other tests trying to figure out why my dog wasn't eating, was throwing up on the rare occasion he did, had pockets of gas the size of base balls (he is a small dog) and had all the symptoms of kidney and liver failure, my vet determined it might be the food. I found that hard to believe, but we couldn't find anything else wrong. If you read the complaints you will see many people have lost their dogs. They started using one of the very companies for production whose imported food killed so many animals a year or so ago.

As soon as I quit feeding him this poison, he started getting better. I was one of the lucky ones since my pet did not die, but as I write this, he still has not gained all his weight back.

The company is acting as if nothing is wrong. Probably on the advice of their attorneys.

You don't need to take my word for it, please read up...
392440392440B001DY6TWUA2X50XV8GRZ4HGJohn1151241049600Good food for our dogsI see a lot of negative comments from other reviews but when I look at the ingredients, the cost, and the value, this is the best food I have found. We have two dogs and this food does them well. I gradually switched over from Blue Buffalo who raised their prices. The Canidae is a better product in my opinion anyway. I asked the pet supply store owner, and she said in her years despite the negative reviews, there maybe 2-3 bags have ever been returned in her store. I'm happy with the product and price, and the dogs like it too.
392441392441B001DY6TWUATGHBGFCEO78WHerding Cats1151224547200still a wonderful foodMy dogs started on Canidae 3 years ago. All of them had a dramatic change in energy and coat. They have done wonderfully on the food since. There has been a lot of negative attention recently with the formula change but I have yet to have any trouble with my 4 on the new formula. They continue to eat it and do well. They had no stool problems, itchiness, vomiting that others have suggested. I am still quite pleased with Canidae and will continue to use it for all of my dogs.
392442392442B001DY6TWUA2P4PTUNWQUM6HJ. Dorr "Mickey's Mom"1111221436800Canidae Lost Another Loyal Customer!Canidae was the best food for my lab for the last 5 years until they changed the formula in June. OMG...what a disaster from the very first bowl with the new formula(which I did mix with some of the old stuff to transition him). I'm so disappointed...and no notice on the bag about the new formulation???? The old stuff worked GREAT, but I'm sure to save a few bucks, they've changed to cheaper ingredients. Well I'm DONE. My dog has had the worst gas and runny stools. I now need to find a food that he can handle which is not an easy task since he's got skin allergies...and I won't buy just's got to be topnotch. Canidae was ideal with the old formula...not so anymore... Any suggestions out there on what I can transition to???
392443392443B001DY6TWUA33YBKXF13A81DKoeeaddi "shmuelman"1111219795200New formula (Aug, 2008) is no goodThis was a fine food until some time in early August, 2008. I bought two bags, this formula for my old, 140 lb dog, and lamb meal and rice for my 1 year old. They had loose stools the entire time. My older dog finished his bag, and I switched him to Innova, the diarrhea cleared up immediately, so the argument that Canidae makes on the web site about needing to make a slow transition is at best specious. I will have to throw out the remaining food for my young dog, to get him back to normal. Investigate the very large number of complaints on the web about the new formula before exposing your pet to it.
392444392444B001DY6TWUA1ACM1CBGORBN1Sherry Berry1151216944000Great dog food.I've tried different foods with my puppies. This is the only brand that they actually seem to enjoy. i've tried science hills diet, purina puppy chow, and Iams. Finally, I decided that I needed to find something that didn't have all sorts of fillers in it. So I decided to try Canidae. Not only do I know that they will eat it right away but it produces a lot less poop. With all the other kinds of food we would see it just sit there for hours and hours. Plus, Purina gave them the stinkiest, biggest, most icky poop. With this, their poop have gotten a lot smaller and they do not need to go as much.

I had seen some stuff online though at first stating that it caused their dogs to be sick and I was worried about feeding them it the first time. However, I've had no problems so I think it was just a bad batch not too long ago. They are both doing great and I think this is the best filler-less food for the price.
392445392445B001DY6TWUA2R7DD4FKR60ISCasey Fitzgerald "pine corner hippie"1151204416000Canidae dog foodWe have some of the smallest chihuahuas and a larger outdoor dog, and both sizes can eat it easily. The dogs like it, and they seem to know when it arrives. The only problem I have is that it takes about a week to get here, and I need to remember to order early.
392446392446B001DY6TWUA1NHQNQ3TVXTZFDesert Girl "chrissylovesherhusband"3411220227200CHANGE IN FORMULA MAKES DOGS SICK!!!!!If I could give this product no stars I would. We have been giving this dog food to our dogs for years. But for the past month or so when the formula was changed and put on the shelf our dog has been having an allergic reaction to something. At first we thought it was just allergies as dogs like humans, change as they get older. As he was the only one to have problems. We tried cleaning our patio on a daily basis. Bought new food and water bowls to stainless steel. Wash the water bowl as much as possible.

We even took him to the vet NUMEROUS times. Our vet, which has been practicing for over 25 years and is the best in our area was puzzled when nothing worked. Our dog started to lose his fur, has odd looking spots all over, under his chin he has open sores that do not go away no matter how much we wash and put medicine on it, and he's consistently scraching and making it worse. In between his toes it's red and inflamed, in his ears are a bright red color like a rash. Lastly, he hasn't been eating as much and has been having diarreah. A week later our other dog broke out in hives and had to be rushed to the emergency room. They gave her shots and they slowly went away. But now she is starting to experience the same problems as our other dog.

The last time we went down to the pet store to pick up his food we over heard other customers yelling about the food making their dog sick. We heard all of the same symptoms as I just described above and the shop owner didn't know why and has taken the food off of the shelf, and had given them a refund. We decided to not buy any more canidae but to go online and do some research.

We have found out that Canidae has changed their formula and has added many new ingredients. All of which are grains such as millet, that MOST dogs are allergic to. We have found other forums of people describing the same issues that they're having with their dogs just like we are. When we called customer service they did nothing and blamed us for our dogs reaction to the food. When I asked how is it our fault for your inadequte labeling on the bag in which the food is in when we buy it? And how is it our fault when we've been using your dog food for the last 7 years? There was no response, the "customer service representative" if you can call her that, simply said "if you don't like it then don't buy it." And then she hung up on me.

The bag never changed it's appearance nor did they add any "stickers" to indicate a change in their formula. If there had been I would have checked to make sure that what they changed it to wouldn't affect my dogs, or at the very lest I would have known what signs to watch for and change this terrible food to something different if they had a reaction as they did. I feel this horrible company should have to pay for my vet bills as they did not inform us the consumers of their changes. I understand I choose to have pets, and purchase their foods, but I did not choose to change a formula that was fine just the way it was. Could the reason for changing the formula was to make it cheaper for them to produce?? How about just increasing the price of the dog food if that was the case, because I would have kept purchasing it. Should they see the light and go back to their old formula my family will never purchase it again just like the many others that I'm sure will not.

I have now chosen a food for them that is GRAIN FREE and they are now starting to chow down like they once did. We will have a long recovery road ahead for our male dog as his coat and face has it the worst. My hope is that anyone looking to buy this food find out about what the formula has done to others animals like mine before they buy it.
392447392447B001DY6TWUA1EGAW9D7ASZJQDeborah Hesskew3451185235200Ok FoodI have used this food for 3 months, and at first I thought it was great. But have since taken all my dogs off of it. Their coats are dry and have bad hair loss. Some dogs it is hard to keep weight on them with this food.
392448392448B001DY6TWUA3QZXC23H87F7Hdogmother2341295136000Despite Title- this item is NOT Beef and Ocean Fish FormulaUpon receiving my order for the Canidae Beef and Ocean Fish Formula 30 lbs I found I instead received ANOTHER formula (the original formula with chicken, turkey, etc.). If you look at the picture and ingredients you'll see that Amazon has a picture AND the ingredients for the formula I received. The bag I received was 35 lbs and not 30. Clearly Amazon made a boo-boo here somewhere. My dogs have eaten this formula and I believe Canidae is a pretty good and nutritious formula so I'm not sending it back. However, for folks who must have the beef and ocean fish formula may not be happy. I've ordered from Amazon for 10++ years- never a problem. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to notify Amazon of this without returning the item, hence the review. Many folks are critical of Canidae's big mistake of changing their formula a couple years ago without going public with the change and have skewed their reviews to reflect their dissatisfaction with the product. I've found it good palatable food for the money, and I'd bet Canidae won't make the mistake of a secret formula change again.
392449392449B001DY6TWUA15A2KHW0KHJ8DJames Archer2311277596800serious diarrhea - I would like to rate even lowerI am very involved with dog rescue - in fact I am a founding board member of a large and active rescue group that adopts 500 or more dogs per year while keeping very high standards with the placement standards. We (as a dog rescue) have used Canidae for years and recommended it to many adopters, but recently we (personally) have seen problems with our dogs', as well as dogs throughout the rescue, stools. We have had many cases of serious diarrhea, and when talking to local Veterinarians we use, have found that many have seen recent issues with Canidae causing their client's dogs to have similar diarrhea as we have experienced. I know Canidae has in the past changed their formula causing problems and it appears to have happened again. It is a shame because we have had good success with the food, but we (both personally and as a dog rescue) will no longer use this product.
392450392450B001DY6TWUA2QDVYO7VCQ3VXJ. Jang2311222819200Company sold out. No different from regular grocery dog food.I was a huge fan of canidae, but beginning about a month ago, the company changed the formula to cheaper raw materials, smaller bags, and worst of all outsourced manufacturing to Diamond pet foods (yes, the same company linked to multiple recalls in the past). Please do a search on google/ I will not be giving my dog this brand anymore. It's the same mass produced garbage as is iams, eureka, etc.
392451392451B001DY6TWUA3U2G1OIB7ZN4NM. Cook "furryfluffypuppy"2341175212800Fantastic valueMy dogs enjoy this food and seem lively and excited to eat it. Very happy also that it's not made by Menu Foods - peace of mind factor is high. Great product!
392452392452B001DY6TWUAK3Q0YL8EX7MDTeach52330051351036800Good ProductI was happy to see that I could order this product online and have it shipped to my home. It is difficult to find in stores.
392453392453B001DY6TWUA2PHUE8O2D9GTIsoco08230051348704000Great Food!!!!I bought this food for my adult male chiweenie and two female chiweeniepom puppies. I researched for a while before finally deciding to get this particular brand. I'm glad I did get this brand. My dogs absolutely love it. Before buying canidae my puppies were on purina puppy chow and my adult was eating kibbles n bits brand. They were "healthy", but their poop smelled horrible and I knew there was much healthier food out there for them. I gave this to my adult to see if he liked it and indeed he did, I attempted to try and feed him his last bit of "junk" food he had left and he would not touch it. The only dry food he will eat is canidae and nothing else and the puppies love it too. I read all the bad reviews and chose to still buy it and hope for a good outcome and it was good. My dogs are healthier than ever, they haven't had any diarrhea, vomitting, weightloss, unhealthy weight gain, or anything that I have read on the other reviews, but my dogs also have no allerges that I know of either. Another plus is that their poop doesn't smell as bad either, I mean in still stinks but nothing like before. I started feeding them canidae on Thursday July 26, 2012 and two months later they are healthier than ever with no adverse effects and my veterinarian likes it too.
392454392454B001DY6TWUA3SMQO9ZLYGNR0Lorraine Rodriguez0051347926400MY DOG LOVES ITNot only does my dog love the food but it got here super quick and just in time for me to have enough food for my dog for the next month in a half or so. I have an english bulldog and it keeps him slim and in shape. I have already ordered it three times and i will continue to order it as long as amazon has it. THank you and i would recommend it to people whos dogs are overweight and need natural food. with no by products etc. Your dog will be happy and stay slim to live longer!
392455392455B002BUWT9WA1FQVODY0XX8F3Destiny Hunt "awed_by_color"282951258934400Great deal on quality chia seed!I'm so glad I found the folks selling this chia seed. It's such a good deal that I can't imagine buying it from anyone else and I sure hope they continue to make it available at this price. Don't believe the hype that chia seed varies much in nutritional content -- I've done the research and according to Dr. Wayne Coates from the University of Arizona all the commercially available chia seed today is from a single genetic source. Dr. Coates wrote a book reviving interest in the value of this traditional food source and in making it available to more people. I am not affiliated with the company that sells this chia seed, and the reason I did this research is that I was recently told about a "miracle" product made from a specific variety of chia seed, and it was outrageously expensive ($30.00/pound). It is only available through "vendors" and I was told it was the only chia seed that is nutritionally beneficial, not like the black chia seed used for chia pets. Well, it's not true, folks. Like anything that's grown, chia seed can be affected by growing practices, soil, etc. But it's a plant that demands very little and normally grows on very lean soils. It also is not bothered by pests, so no pesticides are needed for its cultivation. It is, however, sometimes grown in rotation with other crops like corn and maize for which pesticides are used. For this reason, organic chia seed has not yet been available. Some companies are promising that they will make organic chia seed available soon. But for now -- chia seed is chia seed, and this is perfectly good chia seed at the best price I've found.
392456392456B002BUWT9WAYUU6NRW4U27WGreat Dudeowski "Dude"7751257292800very satisfiedIt arrived quickly and is an excellent product for a great price ( cost way more in the local health food store) Don't waste your money elsewhere this is the way to go to get your Chia!
392457392457B002BUWT9WA2V3D9FLT6N7INaudijohnson7851271462400Chia seeds are the greatest for health and wellness.I have been adding a small scoop of Chia seeds daily to my coffee or whatever I am eating and my health and regularity has improved immensely.
392458392458B002BUWT9WA3R2O0KAXBVIAIMel5621309996800Inaccurate product descriptionI bought this product towards the end of 2010. I have no problem with the actual chia seed itself, it is no different than other chia I have bought on Amazon - I have tried out a few different brands.
But what irks me is that the product description claims that it is organic. Once I received the product I scrutinized the product packaging and ingredients carefully and nowhere does it say it is organic. I paid a price premium for this brand over other cheaper ones available on Amazon simply because it claimed to be organic on this website. That was deceptive.
I will not buy this product again. I can find other sellers, both organic and non-organic, who have accurate product descriptions. I realize that the Amazon disclaimer says not to trust the descriptions and to check with the manufacturer. The problem is that (like in my case) I cannot do it till I buy the product. I did use up the full bag because, like I said, there is nothing wrong with the Chia. They just are not selling what they claim that is all.
392459392459B002BUWT9WAMJZV1W84OY3DWendell C. Choinsky5651281571200worth the hypeamazing stuff. needs some flavor - a little lime juice and agave syrup and you're all set. It really does energize, texture may take some getting used to though (frog eggs is closest I can compare it to).
392460392460B002BUWT9WA1BZI959L9E58Lpappydee4551282521600Great Value!I ordered this product because my Dallas supplier for Salba is closing His store. I received it quickly and the resealable ziploc bag is good. I was paying $26.00 for the 16 oz. bottle, so this is a real bargain. I know it sounds impossible, but this stuff lowered my blood pressure in just two days, and the other benefits are a great bonus. I recommend using a coffee or spice grinder to process the seeds and make it easier to consume, and assimilate, without getting them stuck between your teeth.
I love this product and recommend it highly.

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