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392488392488B00168ABMWA3P6GTJH9H1ERRquilting1031151325808000.MapelineI have a very happy husband that this item popped up on Amazon. Love them. I have been using this for 52 years and then lost it. Thanks for brighting our day. Very please with shipping time and packing.
392489392489B00168ABMWA1ENYW8WU55EK0Leslie L. Busino "partybug"1151323475200exactly what I wantedThis is great to save money and make your own consistency for syrup. Commercial syrup is usually so thick and icky. I like this as it is simple. It was nice to find this item on Amazon as well. It lasts forever! I bought this a few years ago and I have just broken in to the second bottle.
392490392490B00168ABMWA2CSD8W58C2F7PLinda J. Casey "loveluray"1151260230400The REAL thing!If you remember those scrumptious maple flavored cookies Mom or Gramma made, it was with this product I'm sure. I haven't started my baking yet but when I do I know the family will be delighted.
392461392461B002BUWT9WAWKX0S6UJ1Z4QIn B41151332720000Love ChiaThe package arrived promptly-shipped via USPS in an envelope. They also included some recipes for chia seeds and a sample of their FruitChia bar. (The bar was great, I'll order some next time.) I think in the future, I will order direct from Get Chia as this was $0.99 cheaper and free shipping as well on their website.
392462392462B002BUWT9WA1QH5W6569T2NEMottaJ1151327449600:) as always!As always Get Chia delivers on time and in great shape. One exception though! This time my chia seeds were not sent alone. Along with my order came a FruitChia bar which caught me by surprise. I just wanted to say Thank You! The bar was amazing and greatly appreciated. I will be looking forward to another FruitChia bar soon
392463392463B002BUWT9WA6OZV0NE3X29UJ. Smith "avidreader"0051325894400Love these!!I first found these at a discount store not far from where I live. I bought two of the 5# bags for $2.99 each! Obviously, a crazy price.. had I known at the time, I would have bought them all. I was glad to find them here though because I haven't seen them since. They're great in soups, smoothies, cereals, plain even.. GREAT superfood!!
392465392465B002BUWT9WA37YZSAKGYG7OHbluejay2000whistle0151309305600What a HELPI want all out there to know I have fought for a long time with hyper-glycimea(my spelling has never been that great) where my blood sugar would bounce all over the place and mostly down where I could not think too clearly. The health ranger was right on about chia seeds keeping in level. I can now live a better life with not having to eat all the time. Thank you for allowing me to find a better price for the seeds.
392466392466B005I76AU4A2GOSJLS2YSRN2J. Wiley "the_incontinent_orson_welles"235134464320013 lbs of best mix for gin drinkThis is good for about 40 gallons of a half/half gin and All Sport mix. If you've never had gin and All Sport, then you have never truly played soccer as a child. With gin and All Sport, you can truly play soccer as a child - as an ADULT. It is unclear whether laws of physics or laws of society apply to those who drink gin and All Sport. Richard Gere drinks gin and All Sport. Has he ever been arrested?! Don't you think he should be?!

All Sport is becoming rare and expensive for a reason. It is too powerful to be granted to just anyone via shipment of 13 lbs of powdered mix. It's not only good for *some* sports. It compels you to excel at *all* sports. Even ones that don't exist. And all - AT THE SAME TIME. If you can't save $34, you simply can't handle 13 pounds of this powdered delicacy. You can mix your gin with Powerade and die like all the rest.
392467392467B003VXL0VQA2W52O4S23L0Y9ghali0051350950400Exquisite tasteThe first thing that opens the package will be met with the smell of rich green tea
And soon dominated taste wonderful on everything
I bought a lot of this tea
He even became a favorite drink
392468392468B003VXL0VQA1M85S3L9ROA17C. Young "C. Young"0051350518400This is a Strong and Flavorful Oolong TeaI like oolong tea, but everything I could find locally was either mixed with black tea or was very weak and came in compressed nuggets that wouldn't expand properly in water. I even tried several local Chinese import stores to no avail. Extreme Health's oolong tea, however, is exactly what I was looking for; a bold oolong tea, like I used to find in Japan, with dried bundles of leaves that expand to fill the tea pot. When I first bought this tea, I thought the price was a little high, but you can steep the leaves multiple times to get quite a lot of tea.

I liked the tea well enough to sign up for a delivery subscription.
392469392469B003VXL0VQA1B5M4P81KW8TVKaye "Kaye"0051336867200Great tea will buy againI love Oolong but it is a pricey tea. This brand is high quality and has the proper green earthy taste and can be double steeped. The price is great as well. I highly recommend it and will buy again!
392470392470B003VXL0VQA3OGAS8QKVWVT8Fern Balch0051328486400A staple I won't do without!I drink this tea all day long. Love it. Seems to be healthy and supposed to help with weight-loss, but I enjoy the lush flavor.
392471392471B003VXL0VQA32ML9RZYXX00AThomas Breen0111346457600Never againI have been drinking oolong tea from Cost Plus World Market for about two years. It has a pleasant aroma and produces a reddish tea that has an awesome taste. Well I ran out of my stash and did not want to drive 3 hrs to get more,so I took a chance on this one. Bad move. It smelled a little stuffy when I opened it. I brewed a cup per instructions. It poured out clear with greenish tint. I figured well maybe it will have more of a green tea taste, which is cool. I like green tea as much as oolong. It tasted about like I would image sod tea would taste like. Would like to get my money back on this one.This bag is going in the trash
392472392472B000U9V59QA23C53YDH11QCSBrittysalt2211299542400Didn't taste goodYou really do get what you pay for. I got this when I ordered the pineapple extract for a family member so that it would make my order above $25 for free shipping. It's pretty bad, not a good rum extract. It has a weird fake flavor and its not good for cooking.
392473392473B000U9V59QAMDH9WZHBLCDBRETIRED FOR GOOD "TJ the Grouch"2211260316800HIDEOUS!This is actually a flavoring agent that starts with an aftertaste. Is is the hideous taste of cheap candy, maybe OK for a three-year-old but an assault to the palate of an adult. After the flavor develops it gets worse. I bought two bottles and threw them away after the first taste.
392474392474B000U9V59QA2V9TCIGHMDM2ZDoctorgunner "Doctorgunner"0151325462400Rum Flavor ExtractWas a gift - could only find dinky bottles at local stores. according to giftee item is required fruit cake.
392475392475B000U9V59QA1KKB3KFBWHJGFShelia D. Moore0151257120000would order again!!!Family raved over the icing I used this on a pound cake. It was also shipped extremely fast, too.
392476392476B003KSS47AA3TNP042ADAD17Mike Central FL1111320710400Don't waste your money!This is a HORRIBLE product! There is no orange smell, there is no orange flavor. I used it in a recipe and I was extremely disappointed in the results. It is not worth the money.
392477392477B00168ABMWA1UMPFDY7UZH2RHypoxy141451263772800Nothing compares, even most of the pricey "pure maple syrup"!Just the best maple syrup in the world, period. 1/2 tsp. and 2 cups sugar in 1 cup of boiling water makes a pint, and the 2 oz. bottle makes THREE GALLONS of syrup!

I am dead serious when I say that it makes better maple syrup than any pure maple syrup I've ever had, and it puts the bottled syrups--Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth, etc. (as well as the other maple flavorings)-- to shame. Perfect consistency, incomparable flavor. And the concentrate seems to last indefinitely on the pantry shelf with no change in flavor.
392478392478B00168ABMWA3HLVU2H11X6E4Mrs. Carol L. Philo8851293926400Versatile MapleineI love this product, although it is getting hard to find.

It makes great maple syrup, hot and fresh in only a few minutes (2 c. sugar, 1 c. boiling water and 1 t. Mapleine) Much better than lukewarm, stale bottled syrup.

My most recent purchase was because I have started a diet. When I get a craving for sweets, I make a cup of hot tea, one artificial sweetner and add a 1/8 t. of mapleine. It smells soooo good and tastes better. My husband usually comes over and swipes a few sips.

So, great product, but I couldn't find it locally. I had to get it from the internet. I hope they don't quit making it.
392479392479B00168ABMWA2DJ7GUEQOI2BJTerry6651299110400They Still Make ItWhat our grocery store has available as a maple flavoring has eroded to the point that it's pathetic; and while the quality has gone down the price has gone up. (Eight dollars for a one ounce bottle of stuff with no flavor? No thank you.)

So I started looking around for an alternative and found that Mapleine is still available. I didn't know they still made this stuff. My parents used to use this in the 50s; I grew up on it.

Use the recipe on the box to make your own maple flavored syrup. The end result, you wind up with something that tastes at least as good as store bought (I'd say a lot better) and you actually know what's in it. Want your syrup a little thicker; add some corn syrup to the mix. I like a little stronger maple flavor so I use a little more flavoring than the recipe calls for.

You have to buy a box of six bottles, that's a lot, but the stuff has a long shelf life and it doesn't take up too much storage room. I can do that.

Bottom line: great stuff, I'm glad they still make it.
392480392480B00168ABMWA2MAVCZ8N7ASW4waltie5551298160000best pancake syrupWe have used this syrup for over 40 years. Now only is it convenient, it has a great flavour. Amazon was the only place we could find it (not even on Amazon Canada) and we were so glad to finally find the product that we bought 2 cases.
392481392481B00168ABMWA30G42UDSVTRAVPauline Lavange "avid reader"3351270080000Wonderful dessertsMapleine has been used in my family to make a certain dessert since I was a child and we all love our "Magrits". It's French delicacy that we all enjoy.
392482392482B00168ABMWA13GUBUMMDLMPJJames Lempe2251325203200Great MapleineI have used this product for years and have trouble finding it recently. This purchase was quick, easy and the price was right. Great find, Great deal!!!
392483392483B00168ABMWA35W3JQYP0M655Ambergris "John Thomas"2251321747200Amazingly Good, And A Bargain!I've been using this for years on my camping trips to the North country here. One of my favorite things to do out in the wilderness is cook really tasty meals over an open fire. Breakfasts being a real favorite, especially pancakes, which I don't allow myself the luxury of at home all that often. For some time I just brought along a small bottle of a commercial brand maple syrup. But then one year I forgot it and used some from a fellow backpacker that turned out to be this Mapleine mix. I was quite simply astonished at how delicious and flavorful it was. I actually thought it was something he collected and cured himself. I have been buying it ever since and mixing my own for not only my camping trips, and for use in the wilds of my own kitchen as well. Before leaving on my hikes I just mix a pint as per the easy directions, (using just a tad more flavoring as others here have mentioned for an extra flavorful syrup)and pack away some in a glass medicine bottle I have and I am on my way. Seriously, I know that the thought of using something imitation in this area can really be repugnant sounding to many folks. Especially if you're a true syrup aficionado. But honestly, if you just go by pure taste and try and forget that its a mix, this truly is delectable stuff. And its cheap this way too! You gotta buy 6 bottles at once but it will last for years. And I get 20 pints of syrup even using a little more flavoring. Truly great maple flavored syrup that is very hard to find and delicious. Highly recommended...
392484392484B00168ABMWA2AM2MGT1SPOZERita Staudt "textile art"2251289260800Great availability of hard to find itemDue to organic and diet restriction concerns, I have always made the maple syrup for my family. When I could no longer find this product anywhere, Amazon found it for me. Great way to control the chemical, preservative and artificial ingredients. Been using for 50 years! thanks!
392485392485B00168ABMWA2E9LVZ51TXBOLD. M. "crankerino"2251287446400Pancake syrup without ingredients you can't pronounce.This is a very simple way to never run out of pancake syrup again. I'd love to use real maple syrup all the time but sometimes we are out or the prices are astronomical. I did some research and found a recipe using Mapeliene. Since purchasing a bottle I have not gone back to store bought syrup.
392486392486B00168ABMWA1ACP55WS1A0YTjimjim1151331424000Great StuffWhen you follow the instructions on the box of Crescent Mapleine you will get the best tasting maple syrup you ever had. It is even better tasting than real maple syrup.
392487392487B00168ABMWA2XET6BONA71JSOlivia1151329955200Best "Homemade Syrup"Love making our "homemade" syrup. Crescent Mapleine is the only Mapleine to use for this process. You'll be hooked if you ever try it. It is hard to find so am thrilled to have 6 bottles in my pantry for the future. And it lasts for years if not forever.

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