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392491392491B00168ABMWA14023Q4FELC1CMonte H. Mumford1151234915200good serviceThank you for the good service. It is hard to find this product in grocery stores so it was very helpful to find this product (Mapleine) on your site.

392492392492B00168ABMWA3IZ8IU8XVCFQ6RoninTheOriginal0051344816000Continuing the TraditionMy mother was not a master chef. We had our fair share of home-cooked meals growing up, but they were all quite basic. When I grew older and finally left the house, I would return on occasion, and would be asked what I wanted her to make for me. The answer was almost always the same, pancakes and homemade syrup. The pancake recipe was I think out of a Swedish cookbook, and I have yet to have a tastier pancake at a restaurant (made best with spoiled milk, trust me). And the syrup? Made with Mapleine, the first recipe. I sometimes seriously consider taking this syrup with me when I go out for breakfast.

My mother passed away earlier this year after a long fight with leukemia.

This last Sunday, using my mother's hand-written copy of the recipe and the bottle of Mapleine my father gave me for my birthday (he's not dirt poor or anything, it was one gift among a much bigger gift...but he knew I would appreciate it), my wife and I made a batch of pancakes and syrup. My wife does not cook much, but was sure to follow the directions as well as possible while I made the syrup. Upon putting the two together for the first time in a great while, it took about 30 seconds to sink in, and I burst into tears.

Our first born will be arriving in a couple of months. And you best be sure the first solid he's going to get is Grandma's pancakes.

And now I hear it's getting harder to find Mapleine. As soon as I'm done with this review, believe me I'm going to find out why, and order as much as I can.
392493392493B00168ABMWA3TIZZ81JF9O4RDoris A. Waterman0051342828800MapleineThis product tastes just like it did about 50 years ago. My children and their children are so glad I found it for them. It is hard to find here in California.It tastes better than bottled syrup and is a lot cheaper. It does not contain corn syrup, which one grandson is highly allergic to.
392494392494B00168ABMWATA3444RXD8BYNancy Kennedy0051341619200The Depression started it allMapleine syrup reminds me of my childhood during the Depression. My father insisted on true maple syrup regardless of our bank account. But I always accepted invitations to our neighbors' dinners of pancakes served with Mapleine syrup. I have preferred it over any other maple syrup ever since, and it is on our table along with the pitchers of Real Maple, Log Cabin sugar free, etc. Yum
392495392495B00168ABMWA3NDN2OVCVKHCAMildred A. Cort0051339718400I love Mapleine!I have used Mapleine for years and unless I can afford pure maple syrup I prefer it to the other store selections which contain so many unknown, unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients. Sugar and maple flavoring work for me. Recently I have been unable to find it where I live so was very pleased to find it on Amazon. Mahalo.
392496392496B00168ABMWA24ONZMXPUPXH3Commnder0041333670400Mapleine is truly wonderful``great stuff. We had a hard time finding it. Strangely enough WalMart carries. Use it for pancakes, and have for four generations in our family. Not a bad price, I don't remember the last case I bought. I'll never let myselt get that low again.
392498392498B00285DLS8A2T3BZ7OPQ8864J. G. Whitemyer1151290988800Classic dark chocolateThe title of this review says it all. If you're a fan of serious, dark chocolate, this is a convenient package for some of the very best. Great for gifting -- if you have the will power to avoid eating them yourself.
392499392499B00285DLS8A2FOXRMJA0T9M7kupres1151285113600ChocolatesAnother great example of this fine chocolate makers produce. Good service and fast delivery too
392500392500B00285DLS8A3BH49ZKESHDIDFred Camfield0051334361600Great chocolateThis is smooth dark chocolate when you just want a small bite, but Amazon is not the source to use. I can find it at Walgrens, Rite-Aid, and other stores for a much lower price. The recent price at Walgrens has been two bags for $6 (that's $3 per bag). Like other chocolate, it is heat sensitive and will not ship well in hot weather.
392501392501B00285DLS8A2X9GKP8LVEA7OMolly Nash Larson "Molly Nash Larson"0041301875200A convenient sourceWhen this product was unavailable in my town, I found Amazon to be a good source. THe product was as advertised and I would trade again.
392502392502B005HYH3F4A2TKTKB4W0LZ39Dixie Chick1151332374400Great on the go.Not much in each bag but I will definitely buy it again. This jerky is perfect for any low carb diet. It is great for eating on the run.
392503392503B005HYH3F4A3L69LH4ALPJ89Anthony Cirineo1151317513600Best Tuna Jerky EverThis is probably the best tuna jerky on the market. The flavor is exactly as the title describes. Not too tough, great texture and great flavor.
392504392504B005HYH3F4A3H4L7TJKQHW4QnotAyesperson "Always in search of good books"0031351123200okThis was just ok. It was softer than normal jerky which I was pleased. The taste was not especially delicious. I like canned tuna better than this. I wouldn't order again, but ok for a first try.
392505392505B000EXUB52AUPEU2IIULO11J. Bucklen4451175040000love these bars!I have been eating NuGo bars for almost a year now-all the flavors are wonderful and they really curb your appetite and fill you up. I eat them wiht a salad for lunch-healthy way to maintain weight without feeling deprived!
392506392506B000EXUB52A26IPZJ4OA05RUFood Fan4451165881600Yummy flavor and great textureI really like Nu GO bars, flavors I like best are banana & orange
392507392507B000EXUB52A19YL2WZZIUQ5marc pelletier6731299715200Jury is still out...I am a regular consumer of NuGo bars, and these Chocolate Banana bars in particular, due to the higher protein content. I would normally go to the local supermarket and purchase them individually, but found them online for a good price and could get a box delivered... I ordered 3 boxes and setup a subscription to get another 3 boxes in 1 month.

The first 3 boxes arrived in the next couple of far so good... I opened the box and had a bite of the first bar... it was very hard and tasted really stale... I looked at the lot number printed on the package, and it was still a year away. I opened the other 2 boxes, and the lot date was the same for all 3 boxes. I tried one bar from each of the other 2 boxes and had the same experience... hard, dry stale tasting bars... When purchased individually, I would very occasionally get one like this, but it was so rare it didn't really bother me... I would return it the supermarket next time I went.

I decided to try the next batch the following month, they were better than the first 3 boxes, but were still a bit stale tasting compared to the other flavors... Maybe NuGo changed the recipe for these...

I emailed NuGo through their website, but never heard a word back... Not good NuGo!
392508392508B000EXUB52A2B45RVFBNK4WUPerri Girl3351229212800DeliciousThis bar really tastes of banana and chocolate. A delicious, but not very high in calories, protein bar. Great for a meal on the run. Dense enough to let you feel like you are eating a substantial bar. I also find it quite filling.
392509392509B000EXUB52A2WCS90KU2NFQBRobert Hughes1151332115200Great tasting and good amount of proteinI've ordered mutiple boxes so far and both have been great with no stale issues that some other customers have complained about. When I first ordered the bar I was a bit worried about the banana flavor as I'm pretty particular about banana flavoring, I really don't like the fake banana candy flavors out there. This bar, while it still has a little bit of the banana candy taste to it, is actually pretty good and not over powering (natural banana flavor is the last ingredient). This bar is on my subscription list as well as the Clif Builder's Bar which is also great. I wish the PureFit protein bars were less expensive, they're also really good, but just too expensive.
392510392510B000EXUB52A1EFGUO2DM48RJJennifer1151302048000I love these!I have tried every protein bar around and these are my favorite. The taste is wonderful- chocolate and banana- and the protein level is great. The calories are low for a bar with this much protein. I cant find these in stores anymore (My local GNC stopped carrying them) so I order them here, on amazon. They come within a wk and are so fresh! I'm going to order another box now since i just finished mine. If you like chocolate and bananas, I would suggest trying these, Everyone I know loves them!
392511392511B000EXUB52A9043JGLRU8NAbklyn mom of31151284336000yummythese are great and have a ton of protein. great for my kid who refuses to eat.
392512392512B000EXUB52A31193YD5QJELQTracy Byrnes1151264896000tasty!I've been a NuGo bar fan for years. This special flavor is my new favorite. It's a great blend between banana and chocolate. Great texture and taste. And I love that this has such a high amount of protein compared to the other bars.
392513392513B000EXUB52A33UNABK2P7SOYLee0051349654400Protein BarI bought the NuGo Peanut bar and found it tasted very good, along with being hign in protein and nutrition. I will probably more again.
392515392515B000EXUB52A47CO12VBDWVXCM21260051340150400A staple of my dietI'm addicted to these. I go through two a day--sometimes more--and I buy them by the boxful for safekeeping in my office at work. I take them on trips (can't leave home without them!). I keep some at home in case of another New York City blackout. Most of the NuGo bar flavors are delicious, particularly Coffee, but Chocolate Banana is the most nutritious and highest in protein with no compensating loss of flavor.
392516392516B000EXUB52A18DEDW1E8HR2KJ. Winters0051335571200Fast and FreshI bought a box of these last week. They arrived quickly and I found them to be more fresh than the variety packs I've bought at Costco. Ordering more today.
392517392517B000EXUB52A3DRI3F4AVGJTUEat_Good_Good0041332028800High Nutrition , Low SugarThis nutrition bar has the highest protein content. The banana taste a bit strange. But overall it is a good product
392518392518B000EXUB52A23FEEQDHFETGTColleen S. Mccarthy "colleen mccarthy"0051298592000Excellent source of proteinThese bars are excellent for a quick on the go meal. They are a great source of protein and an excellent morning or anytime meal. have tried many flavors and loved most of them.
392519392519B000EXUB52A2K5HB6RP0X85UB. Kimmel0051203292800Bananas for NuGoI've tried the chocolate and the peanut-butter, both were delicious, but the banana/chocolate is simply... WOW! All the NuGo products are natural tasting - NOT fake, like sooo many other "nutritional/energy bars". These are chewy and moist, NOT crunchy and chalky. Try them. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. As long as they keep making them, I will keep buying them.
392520392520B000EXUB52AZMME7QXOOOF5D. Tyrrell0051193875200High Protein - Low Calories - Great TasteI've tried so many protein bars and these are absolutely the BEST! I"m a vegetarian so I'm always looking for protein and iron sources. With 17 grams of protein and only 190 calories I eat one every morning for breakfast. It's a great way to start my day. Also if I'm craving dessert or a snack I'll have one of these instead. It has just enough chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth without dumping empty calories into my body. Even my personal trainer gives it the thumbs up! I've tried several NuGo flavors but the Banana Chocolate is my absolute favorite. I highly recommend this product.

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