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392521392521B000EXUB52A1NPEPZYBCA0CYIsabella Longoria0051182902400DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUSI have been looking for a nutrition bar that was high protein but not high on fat and sugar, and after many months...BINGO this is the one! I could live on these things!
392523392523B008Y5NCRQA28FA5IJ5PWGJHP. Rose "IsZatSo"0051267747200Jelly Bellies for a Jelly BellyJelly Bellies the best Jelly Bean only gets better when buying a ten pound box. Price per pound drops real low. I just particular like the A&W Cream Soda ones. The free shipping helps.
392524392524B000F70Y86AF51KJB3W1YI6Ellay "light"0041225929600A Fine Gift ...I took a chance on this gift basket because it was on sale and I was not disappointed. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys smoked salmon. There is a nice variety of sizes. The salmon comes vacuum packed, canned, and as a spread with a nice package of water crackers all in a very clean and crisp basket.

Good value. Nice gift.
392525392525B001H9XOEWA2SZWFJX0783BFWillow2221310256000Weird Flavor, Expensive PriceI ate a Berry SoyJoy bar the other night, and it wasn't that good. It had an odd taste. I have had other SoyJoy bars before, so the dense and dry texture wasn't an issue.

The berries used aren't your typical strawberries or blueberries, but rather hawthorn berries and wolfberries (goji). I don't think they carried that much flavor into the bar, though, because it didn't taste that fruity. And despite the high sugar content (12g in a 30g bar) it didn't taste that sweet to me.

I wouldn't buy a whole box unless you've tried it before and liked it. Get a single first because it really is an odd taste and I disliked it.

I can say the ingredients are good as far as nothing artificial, so that's always a plus.
392526392526B001H9XOEWAHN86VFJIJ2JPChicago Book Addict1121246320000Not as flavorful or generously sized as other snack barsIt's hard to review something like a snack bar because a lot of time it comes down to things like personal taste and preferences, but I'll try to do it as much justice as I can

The strawberry soy joy bar has a texture that reminds me of a dense version of a nutrigrain bar, minus the filling. It's full of fruit chunks and has a strong, fruity floral flavor.

What I like most about these bars is that their 130 calories make them perfect for a snack, unlike many bars that are higher in calories and fat and more of a meal replacement. It also has 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein which I consider sufficient for a snack. They do a relatively good job of tiding me over until the next meal or beating the afternoon munchies.

That said, there are some things I do not care for, which are the reason I give them 3 stars. The first is that visually they seem incredibly tiny for the calorie count, which makes them less satisfying in a way. I compared them to my typical Luna bar and was surprised to find it was only 50% bigger (weight wise) than the Soy Joy bar. Visually it looks much bigger but I'm wondering if this has to do with how dense the Soy Joy bar is. The second is that I didn't really care for the flavor. It was too sweet compared to things like a Luna, Odwalla, or Lara Bar, but probably on par with something like a Nutrigrain bar. I also couldn't really tell that the flavor was strawberry. It mostly just tasted sugary. There were also a lot of ingredients in the bar that I couldn't taste at all. The label mentions chocolate chips and pineapple but I couldn't taste these at all, just a generic kind of sweetness.

Another thing worth noting is that it is not enriched with any vitamins like a lot of meal and snack bars. This isn't a concern to me since I attempt to eat a varied and balanced diet, but does make this bar different than something like a Luna Bar that is typically enriched with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Overall this just wasn't a bar I cared for very much. It seemed so small for the number of calories and just tasted generically sweet and dense.

The bottom line is that taste is subjective and you may like these bars even if I do not. However, in my opinion I find the flavors of bars like Luna and Odwalla to be closer to what the description says and more satisfying overall. However if you don't care for those bars and are looking for something different this may be closer to what you are looking for.
392527392527B001H9XOEWAS6SH2JM2YY3HR Schmidt1141224547200Chewy, earthy... you probably develop a taste for these (or not...)SOY JOY (berry) is an "all natural fruit and soy bar."

What does this mean? The first ingredient is "whole soybean powder" (doesn't this mean that it should be labeled "all natural SOY and fruit bar"?). Then there are raisins, sugar, butter, dried hawthorn berries, dried wolfberries, brown sugar, eggs, beans, yada-yada. It is gluten-free.

What exactly ARE hawthorn and wolfberries, anyway?

A bar (approximately .75 in x 4.0 in x .60 in) is one serving size, with 130 calories, 40 of which (about 30%) come from fat. There are 12 grams of sugar (see the ingredients.. raisins, sugar, brown sugar). A bar has 3 g of fiber.

This Soy Joy bar had a "really baked" look and texture, and is not real hard, but not crumbly either. I liked the texture. It looked like it had been baked then sliced into a bar, not pressed together in a milling machine. It was chewy, with a slight "berry" taste, but overall the flavor was one of light molasses.

It seems expensive for what you get, but we are, as the CDC says, in an obesity crisis. Keeping those snacks below 130 calories may not be dollar efficient, but it probably won't put you over your daily caloric needs, especially if you exercise at all.

There seem to be dozens of energy/breakfast/power bars. This one adds to the mix, and will be especially welcomed by those people looking for hawthorn and wolfberries!
392528392528B001H9XOEWA3UWN2RSSNXXAQsandped0051348444800Perfect snackI love these bars..they are a great snack and not real sweet like other types of bars. I use them for a mid morning pick me up. Great for diabetics.
392529392529B001H9XOEWA3T0OTH5072YREM. Reynard "kairosdreaming"0021337558400SoyJoy Berry BarSince delving into the world of Nutrition bars I've come across some good ones, and some not so good ones. This was one of those not so good ones.

Berry was the title of the flavor and while it tasted like berries, it wasn't that good fresh berry taste. In fact, even though I know there is real fruit in this bar, the berry taste was almost artificial. The rest of it didn't really taste like soy to me, but it didn't taste like anything else either. It was kind of dry and crumbly and the texture left much to be desired. It was like chewing on nothingness with a hint of sickly sweet berry.

The ingredients in this bar really weren't too bad. They were whole ingredients without a lot of additives. But I was surprised to see butter and egg in a shelf stable bar. Makes me wonder how they did that. The berries were Hawthorn and Wolfberry, both dried and they also included some natural flavors, so maybe that's where the fake berry taste came from. The sweetener was brown sugar and perhaps the raisins that were included.

This bar is gluten free, which is something, and it uses whole soy. But for the bar being so tiny (it definitely didn't work as a breakfast substitute for me) it still had 130 calories in it. Which seemed like too much for how little and unfilling it was. There was also 12 grams of sugar and a few vitamins, but not many. I would hesitate to recommend this bar as a snack, just due to the high calories, but it definitely can't be a meal replacement.

I'm glad I didn't buy more of this brand. I think I'll stick to the other, better ones. This one just didn't satisfy.

Review by M. Reynard 2012
392530392530B001H9XOEWA22R17YPXEULEZLiz Wong0031334534400n/aI like the product and tried it before I puchased it. However, one of the boxes arrived have only 10 in it instead of 12.
392531392531B001H9XOEWA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0031254009600Like a bar cookieThey were passing out samples of these the other day and so I took one and brought it home to try.

It looks like a bar cookie, browned on one side, and smells sweet and fruity. It tastes a little bit like a cross between a cookie and bread pudding with coconut flavor while the papaya, mango and pineapple combine to taste just about like dried apricot to me. The flavor combination is not bad at all. I wouldn't guess that it had soy in it instead of another type of flour and the texture isn't bad, just the right amount of chewiness.

However, the bar is fairly small and a little dry so I probably won't be buying any. People who like this sort of snack or have some special reason to choose them like avoiding wheat products will probably enjoy them. If I were offered other flavors to try I would taste them so my rating is neutral.
392532392532B001H9XOEWA3QZR4K65CL1KIPhyllis H. Pajka0351234310400Soyjoy Mango barsI thought these bars came very fast. I like them a lot and will order them again.
392533392533B001SB3XR2A3LFZ77WA9XVYTexcentric2351281916800Geraldine's Cheese StrawsGeraldines Bodacious, Cheese Straw Trdtnl, 4.5-Ounce (6 Pack)

I hope these are available soon. I've only tried the Parmesan Rosemary flavor, but they are excellent. Great with a glass of wine. Addictive flavor. I recommend them.
392534392534B001SB3XR2A16JNISA24CGMORadar1251349740800Yummy!Love the cheese straws as always. When we serve them, someone always wants to know where to find them! They are available occasionally at a local grocery store, but I have given out your website to lots of folks.
392535392535B001SB3XR2A2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson1251314316800Excellent old fashioned cheese strawsGeraldines has been a favorite of mine for a long time- it's nice to be able to order the cheese straws, and have them delivered- especially when the weather is lousy or gas prices high :) They taste like homemade cheese straws- are very cheesy , and have a decent protein content :)
392536392536B001SB3XR2A1BFPW6FP0DPNFPetite Fleur0151345593600Everything You Expect from quality Cheese Straws!I am a "cheese straw connisseur," and have purchased many brands before. These are by far everything I expect from a quality product. First of all they have "ALL NATURAL" ingredients, with real Cheddar Cheese being the first listed ingredient. The taste bears it out. The other thing is that they have just the right amount of "bite." A bit of cayenne pepper to make the taste terrific. I can't stand real hot foods, so this is perfect for me. The last time I had cheese straws this good was from Sam's Club (a Christmas special), and Geraldine's taste equally delicious. The price here on Amazon is really good. Other brands are more expensive in the store and the quality is not quite as good. I'll definitely be back for my cheese straw fix!
392537392537B001SB3XR2A1LV6LMUHV3DNSC. Bauer "buccaneer"0151344902400Outstanding!!!These are without a doubt the best cheese straws on the market. Only homemade is better and making good cheese straws is not easy. So buy Geraldine's instead. I love all the flavours. Chedder is dreamy and my favourite. But all the flavours are excellent. I could go on and on but instead of reading my review, just stop and go order some right now.....
392538392538B001SB3XR2A3QLS4UG11LJ0Pdottie120151330992000So glad to find these againI found these when I lived in Biloxi, MS. After moving to north Alabama, could not find them here. A friend
suggested I try Amazon - and there they were!! They are the best ever - in fact, they are addictive.
I don't plan to ever be w/o them again. Thanks, Amazon!!!!
392539392539B001SB3XR2A3IYBPCZ78PSI7Nancy D. Little "ndeetx"0151316995200best strawsthese are the "best" cheese straws ever, cheesy, crisp, tart and just the right amount of heat
i will buy these again and again, always great
392540392540B006FXW0VSA3OGU79CV3295Mklpcupid "klpcupid"0051347235200it is very nice!!it was really rather awesome popcorn. it really had a banana flavor which was really sweet. my only problem was that they really don't sell the amounts that make it worth ordering for this provider. the variety that is offered is really mind blowing. if the flavor you choose is sweet, my experience is crazy sweet.
392541392541B000U9V59GA23C53YDH11QCSBrittysalt2211299542400Didn't taste goodYou really do get what you pay for. I got this when I ordered the pineapple extract for a family member so that it would make my order above $25 for free shipping. It's pretty bad, not a good rum extract. It has a weird fake flavor and its not good for cooking.
392542392542B000U9V59GAMDH9WZHBLCDBRETIRED FOR GOOD "TJ the Grouch"2211260316800HIDEOUS!This is actually a flavoring agent that starts with an aftertaste. Is is the hideous taste of cheap candy, maybe OK for a three-year-old but an assault to the palate of an adult. After the flavor develops it gets worse. I bought two bottles and threw them away after the first taste.
392543392543B000U9V59GA2V9TCIGHMDM2ZDoctorgunner "Doctorgunner"0151325462400Rum Flavor ExtractWas a gift - could only find dinky bottles at local stores. according to giftee item is required fruit cake.
392544392544B000U9V59GA1KKB3KFBWHJGFShelia D. Moore0151257120000would order again!!!Family raved over the icing I used this on a pound cake. It was also shipped extremely fast, too.
392545392545B005P20SL4A1YRTU8SA14JRZWood Smith0051348876800Awesome Cookies...SOOO MANY OF THEM..lolCookies were many of them..only problem i had was with Amazon shipping process...they poorly wrapped the tin and it got completly damaged. Other than that my coffee has some awesome butter cookies to share with. AAAAA++++++
392546392546B005P20SL4A2OMQC3MSA2D2Nsivadnoner0051329264000Danish Butter CookiesWe have loved this particular brand of a truly delicious Danish butter cookie. They have other products, but the "Kelsen" Original Danish Butter Cookie is by far, the best! The Tin itself is awesome! We love it all!! You get a true buttery taste in every bite! Also sold at Costco, around Christmas time. If you miss the chance of getting them through Costco, you can rely on Amazon!!

Thank You for such a quick delivery!!
392547392547B005P20SL4A6PBZ5PD7ROB6C.A. Sitthiphap0041324857600These cookies are sooooo good!!!!!These coookies are sooo good!!!! especiallly the pretzel sprinkled one. But the circle one that has no sprinkles on them taste different... it taste like nuts and peanut butter. Its a little pricey but its worth it since it has a lot of cookies in it!
392548392548B005P20SL4A1BKX9MC3YAKF8L. Torres "titililly"0041323734400Great CookiesWe ordered a couple of these tin cans butter cookies for a work event. Taste as expected, they were fresh. My only complain is that they are a little expensive.
392549392549B002QT1GW4AIXUZAA8JQQDICandinse0051339718400Dog FoodVery good,,,my dog loves it!! Just wish you could get it in a larger size for less. Ingredients elevated above big store brands
392550392550B002QT1GW4AWZAT8HI9EB7HSara M. Wisely0051281225600lamb and riceLove this stuff! My dog had the most AWFUL gas before I switch his food. He was getting pro pac mini chunk, I think it's because I got the corn out of his diet. I mix his food with Earth Bourne Holistic primitive too.

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