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392611392611B001E5E38AA8D0R2PBV7HMJLynne W0051314144000Great stuff!I make Uncle Lee's White Tea all year round in Florida. I seep 8 bags per gallon jug and drink probably 4 gallons per week. It is great to have plenty of inexpensive and tasty tea always handy with the auto delivery. I used to get this tea at my Sam's Club but they no longer carry it. I was glad to have found it on Amazon!
392612392612B001E5E38AA2H2CFJYBRHMGHAl Pine0051304553600Great product, great price.I had a hard time giving up drinking soda, I had decided that I didn't need all that carbonation,
sugar (or artificial sweetener), and all the other things that are put into soda.

I brewed 8 bags of the Uncle Lee's White Tea and use enough water to make 3 quarts. I then add
1 quart of Orange Juice to it to total 1 gallon. It tastes like weak Orange Juice; but still tastes
good to me. I recently tried something different by adding one of those "green tea, orange-mango"
flavored tubes made by Crystal Light, it is intended for only one glass, but I added it to the
gallon container and it gave it a nice perk to the flavor.

It tastes great, is cheap, and is supposed to be good for me with all the antioxidants and all that
the White Tea has. Give it a try.Uncle Lee's Tea Organic White Tea, Tea Bags, 100-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)
392614392614B001E5E38AAX82QYAX17AODon0141298505600Very good teaEach bag is individually wrapped but not like other White Tea from the same company. Prior to this order I bought white tea from a local store. Each bag was SEALED in a wrapper. Each bag here is in an envelope. I like the sealed wrapper better.
392615392615B000H153V8A4LDL09P8KYDSD. Wallace1151323129600Great ChiliesIt's hard to find canned, whole green chilies in my area. And the ones I've been able to find in local stores are randomly pretty bad.

But these from Chi Chi's are great. Maybe only 1 or 2 cans out of 12 aren't up to par, and by that I mean they're overly...strong, I guess is the word? under-ripe? Anyway, I can easily live with 10 great cans out of 12 considering how hard they are to find. Highly recommend.
392616392616B000H153V8A28QY1W6Y7I3J1roy n. emanuel0021349481600Not Up To SnuffAfter waiting over a year for La Victoria Fire Roasted Chilies to be offered again on Amazon, and not being able to find them in any local market, I ordered the Chi-chi's. Although I realize that they are not Fire Roasted, I figured that they would be a suitable substitute. Wrong there. After Googleing for La Victoria, I found them at and ordered a bunch. The price was higher than offered at Amazon, when Amazon had them, but they are worth the extra price.
392617392617B000H153V8A32BOYSUV4PRBCNancy K. Dugger "NKD"0051341014400Satisfied.The chilies come in small cans and are perfect for me, a single woman. Also, it is so hard to get whole chilies in the town I live in. Thank you.
392618392618B007EFRIK4A2N5MAN3P7PLNNSue0051340323200Rich and Robust!I have been searching for a rich robust French Roast Decaffinated coffee forever! Now that I can make delicious fresh coffee every time because of the K Cups, I am in heaven!
I have devoured more coffee since Green Mountain's Tully FRENCH roast decaf in the last few months then I ever drank in all my life. That is saying a lot for a 76 year old!
392619392619B001E5E38KA1E8EGIVPGB913DMG92 "DMG92"5551262563200Best Green Tea AvailableMy mom is an avid green tea drinker. I have bought her just about every brand of green tea available including Lipton, Twinings, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow and probably a dozen others, including some of the fanciest and most expensive. Her favorite of all green teas is Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea. She will drink others if she has to, but she doesn't enjoy any other tea half as much as this one. I have made it a habit to buy the 4-pack of 100s from Amazon to keep her in stock as she drinks 4-6 cups of this stuff every day. For taste, nothing compares to Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea. And the price here at Amazon is really good too! Give it a try. I think you will be glad you did.
392620392620B001E5E38KA2YGF9YC5CVHSPamck154451283385600You will not be disappointedI have tried hundreds of green teas the past couple of years and there is NOTHING better out there than Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea. I've never reviewed a product before, but could not pass on sharing how wonderful this tea is. Smooth but good depth of flavor. Not pungent. Great with agave nectar, honey, milk, or lemon, however you like, I dare say you will not be disappointed.
392621392621B001E5E38KA340QYUS4YCZZMKate3351208995200Uncle Lee's Green TeaUncle Lee's Green Tea is the best tasting green tea I have ever had and I have tried lots. Better yet, it's organic.
392622392622B001E5E38KA1EM5MAPCHT4E6M. Wilson2251269993600This is really good stuff!I bought this based on the current reviews. Wow! This is really good stuff. Very authentic flavor. And, a very good buy for the price.
392623392623B001E5E38KA3B1HFF2NIOUA7Rusk Reeder2251244160000Just about the best.You're right Kate, this is just about the best green tea I've found. I rate it right aside Tazo. Dynasty green tea is also good.

It isn't bitter and doesn't have the deep orange discoloration that is an indication of "old" green tea. It is much better than Lipton, Bigelow, and Twinnings. They make decent black tea but not green. You'll never go back to them once you try this.

I got my Mom to try this and she won't drink the other brands now.

And it is very inexpensive. Highly recommended.



P.S. I thought I already wrote a review of this, but maybe it is on one of the other packages.
392624392624B001E5E38KA1NQLZHWZ4FVZSCharles J. Bauer "Thistle #1717"1131294704000A Bit BitterWell, I am going to be a bit contrary to the higher ratings given this tea. By no means am I a tea expert, but I drink more cups of green tea in a day than the law allows. I have tried a large variety of teas: green, black, oolong, white..... the list goes on. The vast majority of my tea consumption is green tea, definitely my preference over black teas, though I do like oolong. I tried my first cup of Mr. Lee's Organic Green Tea today, it sits to the left of my keyboard at the moment as I type this review. When I removed the teabags from the box to put in my air tight canister, out of habit I sniffed the collection of tea bags, curious of the aroma. It was a familiar smell, basically the same "fragrance" as I have noticed in many previous boxes of green tea brands such as Lipton, Salada, Carrington, Prince of Peace, etc. I popped my cup of tap water into the microwave and while waiting for the water to heat up, I admired the tidy plastic wrapper which had enveloped the tea bag. I dropped the tea bag into the hot water, allowed the tea to brew, a familiar aroma arose from the cup of tea, again the same aroma as the previous mentioned teas. The first sip, BITTER, what a disappointment. And the bitterness lingers, objectionable bitterness. I found the tea to be quite bland, void of any nice flavors that would elevate this tea to nice aromatic status. But, hey, the price was right and I liked the individually wrapped teabags, that's why I gave it three stars. But price and clever wrappings do not a good cup of green tea make. To date, my favorite affordable everyday tea is Sencha, Japanese green tea packaged and marketed by Yamamotoyama Tea. Give it a try, you might like it too! I prefer the loose tea style as opposed to individual tea bags, loose tea is a bit "greener", more earth friendly, omitting the tea bags and wrappers.
392625392625B001E5E38KAZM0J5FRIPFRWTheresa L. Brogan2351257120000I love it every morning!Uncle Lee's green tea is really good. I drink it instead of coffee now. It's packed with antioxidants and the flavor is wonderful. I use a little Truvia to sweeten it up a bit. It's good tea.
392626392626B001E5E38KA3LTDLLCPYLA68LifeHub0051347235200Great tea!I want to confirm the other reviewer that mentioned that this tea is better than Bigelow's green tea. When I have the time in the morning, I also drink the loose green tea sold in vacuum bag in Asian grocery stores. This product is about as good as those. Highly recommended!
392627392627B001E5E38KA42QN9MM6LKKMLee in Kansas City1221299196800You Get What You Pay ForDue to the rave reviews here, I ordered this tea. Now I wonder what quality of teas these reviewers have been drinking. Many of the opinions seem inflated.

My report is that for the super reasonable price of this four-box package, you get a bland, undistinguished, OK green tea. Because I drink a lot of green tea, I'll be periodically opting for Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea, so I can make my other tastier (more expensive) organic selections last longer. For those purposes, the tea is fine.

There's nothing abjectly wrong with this tea, but there's nothing special about it, either. Its biggest asset is that it's organic and very low-priced. If that's what you're looking for, you'll be satisfied.
392628392628B000OZV2H6A2JNXM7L3BLNPSBonnie R. Valiant0051339372800Yummy rollsReally like the sweet/salty taste of product. It is a great snack that keeps me filled up for a long time so helps with the dieting. I really love this nut roll.
392629392629B0040BHK62ALBOP2X3X10MHFrustrated Dan1141320796800Angel eyes makes for a happier faced Persian kitten.I bought the Angel eyes chicken flavor for my white faced Persian kitten. She doesn't like the flavor very much at the recommended strength so I reduced it a little. There is no doubt the product works and her face is clearing up nicely. Her eyes are clear and no longer runny. If I had to make a suggestion it would be to lessen the artificial flavor so the pets don't recognize that it was added to their food. I recommend this product.
392630392630B0009F3PN0A33REC3J2JU2ELD. Figueroa4451206489600Hard to find product, excellent herbal remediesEdit to original review:

I just noticed the warning not to use while pregnant or breast feeding. I have no idea if this applies to all the teas or only one of them, but you will want to take note of that. I'm not in that group, but don't want anyone buying this if they are and use my recommendation as the basis for buying it.

Original review:

I originally purchased this because they were out of the plain 'throat coat' and I couldn't find it locally.I was suprised to find that the sampler is actually quite good.

Now, keep in mind that this is MEDICINAL herbal tea, it's not made for taste, but it works amazingly well.

I bought it in a rush when my husband had a miserable cold and was out driving every day in 40-degree weather. He was really suffering.

I made him the throat coat and the cold remedy versions, heavily laced with honey so it was palatable and put them in his Oxo Travel Mugs.

They really reduced his suffering and made his long days a little less tedious.

Throat Coat is by far the best product. Be sure to steep it quite a while as recommended. The name says it all. You'll feel as if your throat is lined with velvet.

And there are no chemicals or drugs to interfere with the ability to drive or even think (antihistamines make me a whirling dervish & make the hubby pass out cold).

I sent a box of this over to my sister in law when she came down with a bug and she raved about it for weeks.

6 of them is a lot, but if you have a lot of family and especially kids who tend to get colds a lot, you'll use them.
392631392631B0009F3PN0A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"3351301529600Comforting Tea RemediesTraditional Medicinals makes some very comforting teas. I keep a box of this tea sampler handy in case I get a cold. The "Throat Coat" tea is good to use when you first start feeling pain in your throat. The "Gypsy Cold Care" has hyssop in it which is antibacterial and antiviral. The "Echinacea Plus" tea also has echinacea which helps with sinus infections. When you are congested you can drink the "Breathe Easy" tea which has peppermint and eucalyptus in it. Some of the other ingredients in the teas include: licorice root, calendula flowers, ginger root, slippery elm, marshmallow root, wild cherry bark, fennel fruit, cinnamon bark, sweet orange peel, lemongrass leaf, elder flower, yarrow flower, rose hips, safflower petal and cloves. The teas all taste good and are very soothing.

~The Rebecca Review
392632392632B0009F3PN0A2OMK1PHK5J85BCarl T. Cahill2241277596800Good quality product, worth every centime"Throat Coat" is the best of the bunch with a nice licoricey flavor and "Breathe Easy" is my second favorite. The others could be served at a Klingon tea ceremony with no apologies. However, I mix in a little honey, well a lot of honey, and this makes for a rather pleasant tasting beverage. Since consuming the TM herbal brews twice daily now for two years, I have avoided contracting Rigelian Fever despite several outbreaks as well as the common cold and flu. Be sure to follow brewing instructions.
392633392633B0009F3PN0A24VJT6E73CU9KJvoss0051348617600really like the tasteDespite what some people are saying, I really like the taste of these, but I also like licorice. These all have a licorice/anise taste to them. The "Throat Coat" instantly makes my throat feel better and relaxed when it is sore. The "Breathe Easy" also works quick relaxing my throat, lungs, and allowing me to breath when I have a cold. Remember that the tea needs to steep for 15 minutes before drinking.
392634392634B0009F3PN0A2P15CYSWV6YKDJ. Weeks0051347408000Can't Live With Out This Stuff.So I know there is a warning that you should not drink these teas if you are pregnant or breastfeeding but I want to remind you that just about every product out there has that warning on it for legal reasons. Even their Mother's Milk tea has that warning and it is made specifically to help women increase their breast milk supply while breastfeeding. With that said...I am breastfeeding and have been for a long time. Before I found these teas I would suffer through a sore throat, stuffy nose, cold, etc with out taking medication because I didn't want my baby/toddler to get any through my breast milk. Herbal remedies are much gentler on your body so I feel very comfortable knowing that these herbs will be passed to my child instead of a strong chemical remedy like DayQuil. I make my teas very strong and add some local raw honey for even more health benefits, and it makes the teas taste even better. I do enjoy the taste of the teas much more than I thought I would since they are after all medical remedies. The teas are not miracle cures but they really do help and you don't get a doped up feeling like you do from a lot of the OTC meds out there. I'm not sure I have a favorite, I find they are all really nice to have on hand when you need them. I also enjoy just drinking them, mainly the Cold Care and Echinacea, as a nice cup of tea on a cold day.

Buy one box and see what you think, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


I just wanted to add that while in general herbs are pretty safe when breastfeeding you do not want to take them as supplements or eat/drink extremely large amounts of them with out first making sure they are safe. You would probably have to drink an entire box of this stuff in one day for it to really cause any problems with breastfeeding so if you drink the typical 1-6 cups (using 1 tea bag per cup, 6 cups steeped with 2 tea bags each might be a little much) you should be fine.
392635392635B0009F3PN0A1K7KX3ZQW41QAA. Crandall0051338163200EXCELLENT PRODUCTI have always been a fan of these teas, the throat coat is especially nice when I have a sore throat. I feel healthier just drinking the echinacea tea which boosts your immunity. Gypsy cold care tastes the best to me. I save a BUNDLE on amazon.
392636392636B0009F3PN0A2QRG8YTISPOH2sally sue0051331942400Quality TeaI love these teas. The Throat Coat is my favorite. I keep a supply in my desk at work as well as in my kitchen every winter!
392637392637B0009F3PN0A2EZDIBE06FPWNpolska0051323561600Love this stuffI've been sick with God-knows-what for a few weeks now and I've had a terrible cough and congestion.....this has helped me sooo much. This stuff will definitely relieve your symptoms. One note of caution....if you have high blood pressure it tells you on the package not to use the "throat coat" and the "breathe easy". I have borderline high blood pressure but I still went ahead and used it anyway. I think it's the fennel that raises the blood pressure but that's just my guess. Anyways I still highly suggest buying this stuff, its awesome and it even has a pleasant taste.
392638392638B0009F3PN0A104BMR0QRIDSZVanessa0051323216000Love these teas!Traditional Medicinals has by far the most potent herbs in their teas. I love the throat coat, breath easy, all of them! Whenever I feel that I was short of breath I would take these and they totally help! The gypsy gold and the echinacea plus is amazing if you feel your throat is becoming sore they both coat your throat really nice! You cannot go wrong with these!
392639392639B00517503OA1WQ3UGXPT15VIJavaJewel "It's all water under the bridge..."2211326240000Terrible! Stale! Yuck!This popcorn is TERRIBLE! It tasted very stale and was soft and mushy. Even my perpetually hungry firefighter coworkers wouldn't eat it!(and they'll eat ANYTHING) I could be more disappointed. sigh
392640392640B000CRQ2KIA28UCAKCWT8QY0Dog Lover1151231200000Great bonesSuper price for these great bones. They are wheat free, which is good for dogs with allergies. They last a long time and keep my dogs (chihuahua's) very busy.

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