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392651392651B007PA34CEA3WOFZ0N16XJZK. WRIGHT "jlw617"1151333843200mmmmmm tulleys!My favorite out of all the k-cups! We fell in love with the kuerig in our sunday school class simply for its convenience unfortunately though I honestly am a major coffee lover and somewhat of a coffee snob so when we traded our aeropress (which I recommend 100%, I just want something faster these days)I had a hard time finding a k-cup that was bold enough for me-if you like dark french roasts, you know what Im talking about, well to this day, Ive tried many different k-cups, I even have the eco cup where you can put your own coffee in and nothing matches tulleys french roast...the only one that I would drink besides it is jet fuel but its def still not numero uno like tulleys!
392652392652B007PA34CEA3N4DE54QPFIVTRoger "milkman"0051351036800Tullys french roast K cupsMy wife tried quite a few brands of K cup coffee, and finally decided on Tully's French roast as the one she wanted. Saw the great offer on Amazon, and couldn't pass it up.
392653392653B007PA34CEA2JPJ907CB4X9JGrandma0051350950400My Perfect JoeOut of all the K-cups I've sampled Tully's French Roast is the tastiest, no bitter after taste, a good waker upper!
392654392654B007PA34CEA2ZQ59H3VX0TDIDoe0051350777600best coffeeIf you enjoy dark roast, full flavor coffee, this is the best I have found. And, my husband agrees. We have tried numerous brands and find Tully's to have that "something extra".
392655392655B007PA34CEA4YZGZZSO8QBMDouglas Lang0051350691200My favorite CoffeeThis is my favorite coffee. I like a strongly flavored brew and this fills the bill and the "smokey flavor" is an enhancement I like.
392656392656B007PA34CEA2MI0ZF22TCVI2Thoress0051350604800So strong, so goodI didn't think I was a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters fan - I usually think their coffee is mediocre, at best - but this is excellent. I make one cup per "small" Keurig serving - and it's almost an espresso. I love it, and I am very fussy about coffee.
392657392657B007PA34CEA3GY1GAP3HC3HHSylvia0041350518400tully's scores againI ordered this coffee because we were having guests for a week from out of town. I knew they liked French Roast coffee. Well it was a total success. Great coffee and conversations. Thanks.
392658392658B007PA34CEA3NNO8EU8BZJQ0Mr. T0051350518400Great bold flavored K-CupThis is a great option if you are looking for a bold roast K-Cup. This is my new favorite. Coffee People Organic used to be a favorite but they seemed to have quit making it or the new replacement is not as good.
392659392659B007PA34CEAFD0EX0DHCO14Patricia Baumgart0031350432000good taste but a little stronghaving trouble finding a k kup with right strength, either too weak or too strong, but this one is better than most.
392660392660B007PA34CEA2PVCBYJOTHJUTM. Lewis "stardust weaver"0051350432000Great robust flavor!!I love this coffee. I love my coffee strong and rich tasting and this fits the bill. I will definitely purchase this again.
392661392661B007PA34CEA2QKQ34YSBEQFOAllen0051350086400Good French RoastTully's French Roast is a solid choice and one of my staples. This is my favorite French Roast currently available in a K-cup. Maybe someday Peets will come in a K-cup, sigh. One trick if you find it isn't as rich as you normally get in your favorite bistro, is to make a smaller size portion.
392662392662B007PA34CEA2GDTF5XZFVW2GKirk Henry "old school"0051350000000LUV This Coffee!I'm a big time coffee drinker and I tend to like my coffee strong and Tully's French Roast blend delivers! I'm not going to go into all the details about how it taste like "this or that" because everybody's taste are different. But if you like a strong, not bitter, cup of coffee that will get you going in the morning, then this is for you.
392663392663B007PA34CEA298SSMYTNS2JYGOOBHEN "theresa"0051349913600Yum yumWhen I want a nice strong cup of coffee, Tully's French Roast is my choice. Strong but not bitter.
I will buy it again!
392664392664B007PA34CEA2DY6N28XW98EWeshap20021349654400NO FLAVORstrong, not much flavor, very little aroma. I tried it once, will not purchase another time. I have other similiar brands that met the standards i expected.
392665392665B007PA34CEAPVTYBBSEZMH9Marcia L. Royce "MLR"0051349654400awesome tasting!Best tasting coffee. Love dark roast with a bit of a bite. Can't go wrong with Tullys. Well worth the money.
392666392666B007PA34CEA3EFA2GQ6QSN6RA. B. Vaughan "44"0051348963200Tullt's K-CupsExtra Bold and Smooth ! Great coffee. I'll be ordering more of this. I like an extra bold cup and this certainly fits and it is just a little better than the Tully's Italian Roast !
392667392667B007PA34CEA260XY28R4NLO8John McDermott0051348704000French Roast HevenI prefer my coffee to be a bold Flavorful roast and this Tully's French Roast does that, and then some. I've tasted a number of different K-Cups and Tully's seems to satisfy the boldest tastes, their coffees always seem to be a little bit of heven.
392668392668B007PA34CEA122EFVIPYPSO1sue says0051348185600Waking up with a hot cup of coffeeFor coffee lovers who enjoy a strong cup of coffee in the morning then French Roast is the coffee for you. It has a rich bold flavor that will kick start your day.
392669392669B007PA34CEA3EKFXA6827YAMDallas0051347926400k-cupsGreat coffee. I love this k-cup flavor. Delicious full bodied coffee for bold coffee lovers, doesn't disappoint. I always buy in bulk, because the price per cup decreases, but also because I KNOW I'm going to drink a lot. Love this coffee!
392670392670B007PA34CEA3GDYVCSYEW1SNBlazing Tartan0041347840000Bit stronger than the wife likes.We normally get Deidrich's French Roast but it is no longer carried in "Subscribe and Save" so I thought a good alternative would be Tully's French Roast. It's a wee bit stronger than the wife would ideally like, but it's O.K. Personally, I like it! (My real favourite is Tully's Italian Roast.)
392641392641B000CRQ2KIA2P00L8ZU3AVLWHoneyMaven0051295913600Best Dog Bone!When Petsmart quit carrying this product I was very disappointed. This was my favorite product they had on their shelves. The N-Bone is the only edible dog bone my havanese boy does not finish in 3 minutes or less. If I get him the Jumbo he chews and chews and chews. Keeps him busy for awhile. Then I take it away from him and put it aside for another time. One giant N-Bone gives him a lot of enjoyment for several chewing sessions before he finishes it. I get him the jumbo size because it looks cute when he carries it. He's so tiny and the bone is so big! But more than that because it seems harder for him to finish than the smaller sizes for some reason. My girl havanese gets a smaller N-Bone since she is intimidated by the larger sizes. Even though I get my little dog a giant bone I don't recommend everyone do so. You must supervise them and see what is best for your little one. Please excuse any typos in this review.
392642392642B000CRQ2KIA1ZO9D554VQO9FJadecat0041289865600Nice ingredients, but doesn't last long if your dog is a chewerBased on my experience, this is a 3 star item for me, but I know my dog is a chewing/pooping exception, so this could be a good item for a lot of other dogs.

My dog, a greyhound, loves to chew bones, antlers, rawhides, stuff like that. I don't like to give a lot of rawhide, and the antlers are good, but I thought I would try this one out for something different. I gave it to her and in 15 minutes she was halfway finished with it. I really did not expect that at all. It feels hard like it would take her awhile to grind it down, but she was able to bite off small chunks of it at a time. Being that she has a delicate constitution, I took it away from her after she ate half of it. Needless to say her nighttime deposit was pretty loose, but hey, I can't be sure it was from the bone. And to be honest, my other dog (who doesn't like to chew) can eat stuff she can't and have no troubles. Still, I won't get her these again, I have yet to find anything that beats the chewing power of an antler!
392643392643B000S4DD7KA26CTWD1MODX9Fvera0051349568000Tasty treat!Growing up with this tasty treat, I was really excited when I found it on Amazon. Great little calorie overload with your afternoon tea or late night milk/cookie snack. I have no clue how many calores one of wafers will "provide" and I don't care. I love it, I treat myself to it from time to time without guilt. Life is to short to bother with calories. Wafers are packed with flavor, crispy and tasty. Rum is fake, just for flavor, no alcohol in it. Enjoy it and then work out next day a bit harder. I do!
392644392644B000FDP5TIA2NYK9KWFMJV4YMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"0051334793600One of my three favorite brands of couscousCouscous is a staple to me and the size of this package - about enough to serve five - is perfect since I live alone and fend for myself.

This, and most other brands without flavorings (which contain too much sodium in my opinion) are heart- and lifestyle-healthy. Not only is the plain couscous itself fat free, but at 190 calories per serving it provides 7 grams of protein (pretty impressive for a gain-based dish.) But that does not distinguish this specific brand from the others. What I most like about Vigo's couscous is that consistent in preparation. What I mean by that is if you follow the instructions to the letter each serving of couscous is going to be identical to past ones. I have used brands that I will not name that are not as consistent or as repeatable when preparing it.

Plus the size is perfect for families that don't often eat couscous, meaning no waste and for most families the 10 ounce package can be used in its entirety in a single meal without having to worry about storing it and keeping it fresh.

For the record, the other two brands I consume are Marakesh Express Couscous Plain Can, 25.2-Ounce Can(Pack of 6) and Sadaf Couscous, Original Flavor, 13-Ounce Boxes, (Pack of 12). Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but each is of the highest quality and are the ones I recommend to friends.
392645392645B000FDP5TIA37J718KKMLUGDon Hud "Muggins"0041171238400Easy CouscousLove to cook and this pre-measured couscous is perfect for salads, side dish or added to a main course.
392646392646B007PA34CEA1QIXPV1XB7GL4Saltchuck7741312070400Good dark, rich coffee for breakfast timeAfter trying lots of different blends in K-Cups over the past couple of years, I've settled on a mix of Tully's French Roast and Newman's Extra Bold as my go-to choices for morning wake up coffees. Both have a strong, deep flavor that pairs well with weekend waffles and other "sweet" goodies. It's a shame that the price has gone up so much, but it's not the fault of the coffee. I'll keep drinking this one -- it's one of my simple pleasures and still much more affordable than picking up a cup at the local espresso stand.
392647392647B007PA34CEA1CHIC782V0N8JB. Murrell "Shopping Mom"4451297814400Good coffeeThis is a rich, full flavored coffee If you like a full bodied taste but not too strong this is the one.
392648392648B007PA34CEA2BGJ0ROH8FQ76Norm4451297728000Tully's French RoastIt seems like I am always sampling new coffee for my K-cup brewer, but for consistent good taste this is one of the best. It makes a quality cup of coffee with real coffee taste.
392649392649B007PA34CEA1NK0Q5XRUOFWRLibrary Lady - CA1111347580800Not what expectedTully's French Roast is my favorite morning coffee. This supply is unusually bitter. Since I have been buying locally in smaller quantities, I feel I have been dumped upon with old product in this purchase - and will likely toss it. Advice: buy nearer home and check "use by" dates. This box comes with loose K-cups inside and no date whatsoever.
392650392650B007PA34CEA3IFAVOS3KUUDRdocbel11131342224000Not All French Roast KCupsWhen I was opening the boxes I noticed there were some Tully's House Blend KCups included in each box. Besides that issue - I enjoy the Tully's Frnch Roast.

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