Amazon Fine Food Reviews

392701392701B001EO7NS8ADN8MKY17P5HJAuntieM0051320451200YummyI bought this at TJ Maxx last week. It was so good I went back and got another one. Today, I decided to check Amazon to see if I could get a better price than $2.99 for a 5 oz bag. But, Amazon doesn't offer it yet. I don't expect to see it at TJ's after the holidays, as always. Looking forward to finding it here. It is a product made in USA.
392702392702B001EO7NS8A2YQF068C7W1OOMatthew S.0021239321600I've had betterThe popcorn was good, fresh, and well popped. The caramel flavor seemed a bit off. Although it started well, it left an unpleasant aftertaste. The Cashews were good, but sparse. I will not buy this product again.
392703392703B001EO7NS8A3MD700BQ7JEH2B. Sellers "Jay"0031237939200Decent, You may be better off with Crackerjack!The popcorn is good. However, I don't think it's worth the $$. In my opinion it compars very well to cracker jack caramel corn.
392704392704B001EO7NS8AD8Y84L4457LIR. Sedlacek0041229472000Delicious!This popcorn is really good, I would have rated it 5 stars, but they're a bit skimpy on the cashews, I suppose this is to be expected considering the great price.

I was a bit worried ordering this product due to some bad reviews on other varieties of this popcorn because of damage during shipping, but everything arrived perfectly. Perhaps it is best to order this during cold months where nothing will melt? Or maybe they fixed the issue, either way it arrived perfectly, with minimal damage to the popcorn.
392705392705B004W1HBSWAZ0Z7TEMQYJMBAndrew Remington Fox2241327968000Perfect GiftThis 5 piece oil set is a great gift for anyone who likes to cook. The bottles come in a tin filled with generous straw material for padding/aesthetic appeal.
Though the tin isn't all that well-crafted and can be squeezed, quite flimsy, the oils stand by themselves, excellent taste and aroma. None of the infusions are overpowering and will add a nice dash of flavor to anything you could use standard olive oil for.
Be aware that these bottles are very small, only containing 100mL of oil each but because they are pungent with flavor, a little bit should go a long way.
392706392706B0037B8YQGAYO6V1ACI0YATbasketmaker0051343174400K-cupsThis is one of our favorite decaf K-cups. It is not overpowering and does not have a bitter after taste. We have enjoyed this coffee for a couple of years now.
392707392707B0037B8YQGA1PC5TEDZPITWNT. LaPlante "Cigar1Retired"0051328140800Green Mountain Breafast decafOutstanding flavor without the bitterness. Great any time of the day or night. Can't tell if it's decaf or not. Wife fools me sometimes and gives me the decaf even when I ask for a cafiene boost. Great coffee! Thanks Green Mountain for a wonderful coffee without the American bitterness. About time someone made a great American coffee to match up to the Italian and French roasts. Not quite as strong, but almost equally as flavorful.(almost) LOL!
392708392708B004ERX95SA3UWXTGPB8NGA3PapillonLover0051345161600Unique Dog TreatThis treat is just like the pork rinds we eat without all the seasoning. I just pop it in the microwave and my dog goes nuts.
392709392709B0000AH3R1AFSXM0YYKBKIBlucylou4551321920000my dog luvs this foodFirst ingredient listed is chicken. Price is less then grocery and pet stores. Would recommend for older less active dogs.
392710392710B0000AH3R1A13F7HT095BDRHChris W. Watkins "Wayne"1151346889600My Peagle Loves ThisWe've used Purina One's weight control formula for years. Wally, our beagle/pekingese mix, was always somewhat indifferent toward it until it was revised as a Smart Blend. Now, as soon as it hits his bowl, he heads right over to eat. I guess the lighter-colored bits are especially tasty, as he'll dump the darker pieces on the floor looking for more of them.
392711392711B000EXUB5CA1B6C43JRSZ3YCS. Robinson4431187827200Favorites but...I have been eating these for approximately one year. The Orange Smoothie is my favorite flavor. In the past I have been able to purchase at Costco warehouse but have unable to find in the last few months. I turned to Amazon. I ordered 10 boxes so I wouldn't run out any time soon. That was a mistake on my part. The product came stale and hard to eat. I should have returned as it turned out all ten boxes were bad. (I opened each box searching for a fresh one.) Will try to find another vendor for these.
392712392712B000EXUB5CA3HGLNYQKKSFR6Rich H. Delaney1121249776000Not 17g of proteinI almost bought this from here because I have free shipping and they were out of the banana ones. Not to knit pick, but beware, Amazon has this item incorrectly labeled as having 17g of protein, it only has 11g of protein. The only NuGo bar with only 2.5g of fat and 17g of protein I'm aware of is the banana chocolate ones (that's pretty incredible protein to fat ratio in a protein bar), and as I write this Amazon does not have that item available.
392713392713B000EXUB5CA1VYHEP4HDGJ4CA. Lientz "lientz"1121194393600Sickeningly sweet.If you like sweet, this is for you. Sweetest of the nugo bars too much for me.
392714392714B000EXUB5CAPB7EY7VK8TJHCynthia Intile "busy mom"1151152057600very tastyMy husband and 6 year old daughter love these! He takes them to work for a quick snack. They are very good. It is hard to believe they are good for you. I like all their products. Plus they do fill you up.
392715392715B000EXUB5CA1Q6R11Q6WE42HA. Friedrichsen "tee2ski"0021346889600Change in recipe for orange smoothie?I have been ordering these for years and really enjoyed them. However the last batch of Orange Smoothie tasted very different from the past. Almost like sawdust. Hope its just a temporary thing. The other flavors were good.
392716392716B000EXUB5CANVC6BOGMV7HAgungalmama0051346630400Great for people with liver problems!Ever since I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver( a very painful condition where the liver is so filled with fat that it stops functioning right and can not process sugars, fats, and carbs correctly. So when you eat it causes a horrid cramping pain under your right ribs) I stopped eatting...anything. Which is pretty bad too. Then I started trying different bars and found that many cause my Fatty liver to hurt bad until I ran onto these. Many of the bars are based in chocolate which is not my go to food even before I was diagnosed. So I am always looking for tasty bars OTHER then chocolate.
The Orange Smoothie Nugo bar and the Vannilla Yogurt Nugo bars fit that bill well. The round rice things are softer and smaller then most bars which is better for me. They have a light sweet flavor that is very tasty and not alot of sugar substitutes/fat(which a low functioning liver can NOT process well). I think they are marketed to diabetics and I would totally reccomend them to anyone with that condition as well.
I wish they sold them more locally and maybe at a better price but hey you can't have everything!!
It is good with coffe in the morning(VERY hard for me to eat in the am but have to if I want to keep my blood sugar balance and metabilizum going all day) I add a piece of fruit or as a snack with water....or to replace a weak moment where you'd break out the candy just break out the orange smoothie bar!!

So if you are looking for a tasty nutritonal bar that is fruity vs chocolaty then this IS the bar to buy!!
I thank you for reading and I hope you have a happy healthy day:)
392717392717B000EXUB5CA9RJVKQXAXM56concrete_fem0031345420800This flavor is my least favoriteThe orange taste is saccarine and overpowering.

Try a different flavor instead. My favorites are the coffee and vanilla yogurt--which tastes like a rice krispy treat!
392718392718B000EXUB5CA1BYAM388FUNTXThillbilly0051329350400Yum Yum!!!These are great bars. Very filling with a nice orange taste. I would buy these again.I saw that some people were saying they did not get fresh bars. These are fresh. The boxes were still wrapped in the shrink wrap. They arrived quickly even after complications at the Post Office.
392719392719B000EXUB5CA3KJ3QMG0R1TJST. Clayton "T. Clayton"0051315008000Great for the PriceAlthough the price of these bars exceed $1 per bar, they are fantastic! Chalk full of vitamins, low in calories and sugar (compared to Clif Bars), I love ordering these via subscribe and save! These are not too sweet and taste great!
392720392720B000EXUB5CA1F70JXU9AD5GMgllp0051307404800middle school favoriteMy almost-14 boy has been asking for Orange NuGo bars for months. Apparently, he tried one at school - and the kids there allegedly love them. He says it is his favorite (although, vanilla NuGo must be a close second). Unfortunately, I couldn't find this flavor at any of the stores around the Mill Valley area. He has tried the chocolate and chocolate peanut butter - and various dark chocolate flavors. And he's tried many other major brand protein bars. It's tricky because he has braces, but he seems fine with these. They are - like others have said - like Rice Krispie treats! They are healthier than a lot of similar products on the market, too!
392721392721B000EXUB5CA24YGC7DAX5Y4Htechnosprout0051292803200TastyCalorie count is good. The orange smoothie is the best.

These bars used to be sold by costco. They are much moister than other bars.
392722392722B000EXUB5CAQGBBOGQL5E9DTomKattt0041283904000Good bars, great tasteFor a diet/protein bar, these ones are very good. They have a great flavor and good nutritional content for a bar. Lots of protein, not much fat, not too many calories. Good flavor and texture.
392723392723B000EXUB5CA315P5EMIQAPQEColeen Charbonneau0051283385600NuGo bars, nutrition on the goI have ordered the Orange Smoothie NuGo Bars for several years now.That is the only flavor that I like so it is great that I do not have to buy an assorted case of different bars to just get the one I like. I carry these NuGo bars everywhere I go. I have them in both cars and in my purse. You never know when you get hungry and this bar is very nutritious and satisfying. I am a diabetic and the carbohydrates are good for a snack (or meals) the calories and total fat makes it a good choice,too. My grandchildren like them, too.The check my pantry for them every time they come over, they are hooked on them too. I diffidently recommended them for an awesome snack on the go. That is the orange smoothie ones, you have to check out the other flavors for yourself.
392724392724B000EXUB5CA2HP3EHKBIN55UMichel0051265587200NuGo OJ is yummy.We love these bars. And love the Orange Smoothie flavor. Costco does not always have this flavor so we get a couple boxes. They go faster than we can order them.
392725392725B000EXUB5CA3LZJCWJGY25HIJose Izquierdo0051251417600Great tasting barThese bars are great during or after bike rides. Great taste! Easy on your stomach too.
392726392726B000EXUB5CA2TY5RHA9DQ17Kmichelle wheating "coffee nut"0051208131200low carb breakfast barLike a chewy smoothie. Good orange flavor. Lots of of volume for the calories. Dont stop making this one!
392727392727B000V2SUU4A23X105IJ30KBWsuteiquake3341306281600It's goodWhen the Senseo's first came out, we started receiving free ones to test various coffees. I admit I'm a bit of a coffee snob and come from a long line of coffee snobs. My Dad roasts his own beans and when you've had fresh roasted? From a high end brewing system? Heaven. We have the latest model and for Senseo coffee having tried everything out there, honestly this flavor is very good. But that's with the qualification of it's Senseo coffee most of which kinda is on par with crappy diner coffee or instant. This is about the quality of Starbucks. Mass produced and flavored, but drinkable. I bought this because we have relatives in town visiting our baby and honestly, they just want a cup of joe when they crawl out of bed and don't seem to mind what it tastes like as long as it's fresh. I don't have the time or patience with an infant to wait on them so this was an easy solution that each person visiting can do themselves when they wake up at various times throughout the morning without risking anyone messing up the fabulous coffeemaker my family gave me over Christmas (these relatives have broken two similar machines in the past....sigh!). I do like the greener pod factor over the plastic k-cups and with going through so much of these, I'd feel terrible filling my recycle bin instead of our compost pile. So an easy fix and a win-win. If you love the Senseo coffee, this is worth it.
392728392728B000V2SUU4A12A8LU93A132USteve1111339459200Doesn't work with my SenseoI can't seem to make a strong cup of coffee with these pods, even using two at once. The pods fit perfectly, but I think the problem is the pods are packed too tightly or the filter paper does not allow adequate water flow. They seem to swell into a ball shape and the water then flows around the pod and not extracting a lot of coffee. I'm going to try to engineer a fix and will update the review.
392729392729B000V2SUU4A1HQJUT8ZR4VAMJohn in O Town1131302652800Good cuppa joeYour never going to mistake this for your $5 Starbucks specialty but it is a fast good cup of coffee. It takes a little experimenting with coffee strength (1 vs 2 pods) but once you find your preference you will be happy with this coffee.
392730392730B000V2SUU4A23SAV66F745RIElizabeth Trudeau "Lizzzzzz"1151284940800excellent coffee podI really appreciate this one coffee pod, its not over filled (which makes my senseo POP and water fly out in all directions) flavorful and nice, a great cup of coffee, that i will continue to order!

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