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392851392851B003VXL0V6AW0WY0VEA5V4UJ. R. Veatch0051346198400"Breakfast in Bed" - Great, smooth, medium roast coffee. Confirmed: this is not decaf.This is our favorite K-cup at home. Mellow and flavorful.

Also, I wanted to clear-up the question of whether or not this is decaf - it is not. See the response I received from WP Coffee:

"Is Breakfast in Bed K-cup actually a decaf coffee?"

"Thanks for reaching out to Wolfgang Puck Coffee. The Breakfast in Bed is not a decaf blend...."

Mandy M
Customer Service
Wolfgang Puck Coffee
392852392852B003VXL0V6AZ70IOEOST19GJim0051345766400Hawaiian Hazelnut Always Out of StockThe Hawaiian Hazelnut is my favorite K-Cup flavor from any vendor, but it's ALWAYS out of stock on; it seems that all of the other Puck flavors are available for a very reasonable $16.54/24-cup price and sold directly by, but HH's price fluctuates wildly from 3rd-party resellers and hasn't been available directly from for months. As I'm writing this (8/24/12) the price of a 24-pack is $34.99 from the cheapest 3rd-party retailer, which is absolutely ridiculous. AMAZON, why can't you stock the Hawaiian Hazelnut the same way you stock the other flavors?? The fact that I would take the time to write a review about this should tell you how much I like the product...
392853392853B003VXL0V6AQDT7OY51SR4JC. L. Piper0031345075200Good taste, but seals are loose so they're busting open while brewingThe vanilla coffee taste is pretty good and mild, as I expected. But I bought it for a discount from the Amazon Warehouse (otherwise K-Cups are a little expensive). When Amazon does this, it usually means they are trying to get rid of this stock quickly.

As I expected, the expiration date is for a month or two from now, so they were trying to get rid of them. I also noticed the seals didn't seem as tight as they normally are. This also could be because it was sitting in Amazon's warehouse in the heat all summer.

As I expected, about half of these K-cups burst open while brewing. (This is not usual, and I've tried many different brands.) This made them leak (so clean-up was kind of annoying) and not taste as fresh, but it still tasted decent. Bottom line: When K-cups are discounted from Amazon Warehouse, be ready to pay in other ways! lol
392854392854B003VXL0V6A3H1EQD2PBC085jmc0051344902400yummythis is just the perfect thing to end a tired day. the taste is smooth and warm and creamy. i find that i look forward to having a cup while i read for a few minutes. what a treat.
392855392855B003VXL0V6A1USRA8MRKQ4WZMissy0031344556800This coffee is DECAF! Just so yah know does not say on page.This coffee is good and has nice subtle flavor. I am disappointed though because I looked at the bottom and it says decaf. I dunno bout you but I drink coffee for the caffeine. In the picture on bottom of box has text but it is so small I did not even consider looking on it. So just disappointed that is decaf and does not say on page when ordering.
392856392856B003VXL0V6A233FGJF65UXM7Stephanie0041344384000good vanilla coffeeThis is good vanilla coffee. I got this and the green mountain and prefer this one. It has a nice sweet flavor
392857392857B003VXL0V6A3NN3VV31VGXRCM. C. TAYLOR "Marie C. Taylor"0051344211200Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut K-Cup CoffeeWolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee for Keurig brewer. Good medium strength coffee with Hazelnut flavor. Full-body, enjoyable anytime of the day. I really like this coffee.
392858392858B003VXL0V6A30YTO7OKNNOKXgracie0051344038400The Sorrento is soothingly smooth good blend! No after taste!I really enjoy Wolfgang Puck's K-Cups, so far all the ones I've tried haven't left my stomach churning..and,

this was my first time trying out the Sorrento Fair Trade Roast and purchased it on a Warehouse Amazon price deal. I am really happy with my purchase. The taste of the Sorrento is what I would expect of a Medium Roast = A good, smooth blend. No bitter, acidic after taste, and leaves you wanting for more after that first cup! (At least, it left me)! :p It's doesn't leave you with the "shhhakes" either, it has that right "balance" you need with your daily cup of coffee.

Yes, I will be getting another 24-Count of this when I am finished with this pack!

392859392859B003VXL0V6A9NTRP272B3HTJudy0041343692800Close to expiration date.Coffee quality is as good as expected but, close to expiring. Next time, I will spend the extra few dollars and buy the coffee localy.
392860392860B003VXL0V6A3C29AIJ00KKH3C. Champion0041342483200Best so farI'm a relative newcomer to Keurig coffee, but I do know that I was generally disappointed in the drink produced. However, the Breakfast in Bed K-Cup produces a nicely balanced, not-too-thin cup without being too harsh. I still haven't achieved anything like what I can make either with my french press or with my drip machine, but it's definitely better than the at-work alternative, Community Coffee.
392861392861B003VXL0V6A2XXV7J8BICR0YKelly0051342396800Makes a great cup of coffeeIf you like a balanced cup of joe, this is a great choice. The coffee is smooth and balanced. There is no bitterness or bite. Thank you Chef Puck for this fantastic decaf coffee choice!
392862392862B003VXL0V6A1V6BPQW9D6LTUKaren S0051342310400Breakfast in bed!Smooth with a hint of flavor. Medium boldness yet rich in taste. Not a "wake me up" but certainly enjoyable!
392863392863B003VXL0V6A28IUU97YHYZSLDr. "Doctor Mac"0051342310400excellent tasteMy second purchase of this cofee & like the first cup it has been wonderful to wake up to. Not too bold or brash but a good drink to start the day with
392864392864B003VXL0V6A2HRXM964URLTLRocker540051342137600Best Coffee EvER!!!!The best thing that I look foreward to every morning . It makes my day ,the best tasting coffee ever
392865392865B003VXL0V6A97AF3CRCOYG3emy0041342051200Good coffee for strong coffee lovers!I really enjoy this one and I've tried many! In my top 5. A little pricey but will order again sometime in the future.
392866392866B003VXL0V6A5C0ZLGY1M2HUPaul D. "frontman"0041341964800Good, if you like flavored coffeeI too purchased this product thinking it might not be a flavored product, and before it arrived I looked it up to see that there was some rumor as to a coconut flavor.

So, lets get this out of the way. *********Do Not Purchase this is you do not like flavored coffee. It is flavored.

The first thing you notice is a deep coconut aroma, almost akin to Hazelnut in its presentation. The initial mouthfeel is good, a light roast but a snappiness to the roast which settles in nicely with the flavor, which
has a definite dark chocolate taste without the bitterness.

The finish is semisweet chocolate, Jamaican coffee and faint toasted coconut.

Bottom Line: if you like flavored coffee with coconut/hazelnut/cocoa profiles, you will like this coffee.
392867392867B003VXL0V6A1E0LHSBE2FQMEKathleen Benninger0051341792000Woflgang Puck Favorite !!Jamaica Me Crazy is an awesome smooth coffee, Light Coconut/Vanilla flavorful taste.
a good coffee if you don't like real strong coffee.Highly recommend.
392868392868B003VXL0V6A1I27UBHKLS1X9CEMA270041341705600Great, considering I usually prefer a light/medium roastI got one K-Cup of Wolfgang Puck's Colombian Reserve dark roast as part of a variety 35-pack that I bought here on Amazon. Since I'd always assumed that I preferred the less-burnt flavor of a light or medium roast, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the way this coffee sat on my tongue. It is sweet, full, and gently bitter. I brewed it in a 9.25 oz. cup in an effort to dilute it a little, but I may be gutsy enough to try a 7.25 oz. cup the next time around.
392869392869B003VXL0V6A2PSTA7LEQM6BVCherie0051341360000MMMMMSmooth, delicious, can't wait to wakeup with my coffee! I love all the Wolfgang Puck coffee flavors...never a dull flavor!
392870392870B003VXL0V6A1K8HDY3MA302Wtamimichelle0051341273600Wonderful coffee!!This is our first time trying the Wolfgang Puck coffee - so glad we did!!! It is a wonderful medium blend and great for any time of day! I would buy it again!
392871392871B003VXL0V6A3B1YVT7CWF07YArchie1230051341014400Best High-quality K cupThis is the best k cup coffee that we have been able to find. Very rich flavors and a medium + roast. We love this one!
392872392872B003VXL0V6A3LXOMANBRFQJGsuaimhneas150041340668800Smells amazing!I'm not a huge flavored coffee fan. Usually I prefer lattes with flavored syrups. A friend sent me a K-Cup to try and the smell was mouth watering before it even finished brewing. The flavor was strong enough to drink it only with milk
392873392873B003VXL0V6A2KORU7DW4A6TASandra A. Henry0051340150400Wolfgang puck coffee vanilla francaiseI loved this brand. It was the best vanilla flavor of others I tried. I would buy more if it was a better price.
392874392874B003VXL0V6A30YO350G5STNGLeanne0051340150400Breakfast in Bed is a treatFantastic taste, smooth "feel", no nasty aftertaste, pairs great with creamer. What more can one want from a coffee? This has become my favorite.
392875392875B003VXL0V6A3OCQKPHVDJBF5Mom of 20051339286400Love it!Best flavored k cup I've ever had! I recommend this for everyone. Great flavor! I've given it to all my friends and they get hooked.
392876392876B003VXL0V6A12UV0I45RJ6XHChristine Bierma "mommybrain4"0051339113600Amazing!I didn't know what this would taste like, but I'm so glad I ordered it. What a perfect cup of yummy coffee for a cool summer morning!
392877392877B003VXL0V6AIVJ4ZDNGL1O1Gloria0051338940800Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed coffeeWake up to a cup of Wolfgang Puck Coffe Breakfast in Bed (medium Roast) K-cup for Keurig. is a great way to start your day, or just sit down and relax. Try it and you will be buying more.

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392878392878B003VXL0V6A1NMKHIFGUZSMMsusan katz0051338595200Bold Great Taste!This is a favorite in the office and in my house. We burn through this coffee. I've tried a few of the other Wolfgang coffees and this one is by far the best. I've seen better prices for this at a lot of other places. This is an excellent coffee to start your day with.
392879392879B003VXL0V6A53FNA3QWZQXMCharles "Livin' La Vida Loca"0051338076800Great blend to get the day started =)I've tried a wide selection of k-cups including the big names like Starbucks, Tully's, Donut House, Dunkin Donuts, etc and they all have something in common.. either too watery (weak) or too bitter (strong). I tried Breakfast in Bed based on the reviews and I was not disappointed. It's flavorful without being strong or weak. It's hard to get a cup of coffee from a Keurig that tastes like it was brewed like a normal coffee machine.. this k-cup is the exception.. I'll be stocking up.
392880392880B003VXL0V6A3KEK9BZR3STMEmartha morales0021337990400A Loyal Wolfgang Puck Customerlove the wolfgang puck restaurants,cookware,brand endorsed products, all his brand products / cuisine are amazing, i am a loyal fan, yet this creme caramel coffee is tasteless, no real coffee flavor, no hint of caramel or creme, it brews like a bit of steamed milk, that somewhat pasty tasteless feel on your palate. soooo dissapointed as i am such a loyal fan of all his brand, products. sadly,a waste of funds, did not return because i think food items are none refundable.

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