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392881392881B003VXL0V6AEZAWUB14ICW8lkjljlkj0011337731200Hated it!Didn't realize it was flavored and thought, when I had my first sip, that it tasted like chemicals. F-. Gave it away the next day at work.
392882392882B003VXL0V6A9HY20STY69X4Parker Brinson0031337299200Good but not perfectGood, but the Green Mountain reserve Sumatra is better by 1- 1 and a half stars. Sort of tastes a little stale.
392883392883B003VXL0V6A3FXMBMYVO6LPWallison0051337040000wolfgang puck k cup breakfast in bedWonderful flavor would purchase this blend of coffee again light flavor not bitter at all and price was great the best I found anywhere
392884392884B003VXL0V6A3FLB2I0FYHWWAK. Pereira0051336780800Smooth coffee tasteI find many of the K cups are a bit bitter for my taste. I want something simple and smooth. This coffee is wonderful!
392885392885B003VXL0V6A1PJX7Y2V3SICEAndreaF0051336694400Delicious Colombian coffee!Wolfgang Puck's Colombian coffee is delicious! I find it to be a smooth and flavorful dark roast with a lovely aroma, yet without a bitter or acidic quality that might leave an unpleasant aftertaste. It is a bit expensive, like all k-cups, but I think it's worth it due to convenience and exceptional flavor. I definitely recommend this coffee to others!
392886392886B003VXL0V6A2JQFUFU3ADIV8C. krenkel0041336176000This is very good!Not much of a coffee drinker but this Wolfgang Vienna brand is good. Not strong but a mellow taste. The flavored coffees are getting on my nerves and this is just a good everyday coffee flavor. Everyone in the family and visitors like it. Would buy again.
392887392887B003VXL0V6A12UZWJ6N3JBGORuth Brandy0051336089600A great cup of coffeeI truly enjoy a good cup of coffee. It does give me a lift in the morning. Wolfgang Puck really knows how to produce a fine cup. Thanks.
392888392888B003VXL0V6A64D484BZKW7Cmai nomura0041336003200thanks!!!great service and delivery for a really good product. i am constantly looking for a good hazelnut coffee and so far this is the best, along with green mountain...
392889392889B003VXL0V6A2UQQU7EZCUEAJoan M. Arbach0051336003200Best coffeeMy family is full of coffee snobs. If you like robust coffee and use k-cups, this is the product for you.
392890392890B003VXL0V6A370EX6FWFL8NEHollyb212151287532800YUM!While I love flavored coffees, I had never tried any of the Wolfgang Puck line. This moved to the top of my favorites list with the first cup! Not only is the aroma delightful, the flavor is excellent as well. I drink my coffee black and this one has no bitter after taste and the flavor isn't overpowering. The flavor is a very light coconut and the coffee is a medium body. I must admit that I was a little hesitant about a "coconut" flavor. DON'T BE! Everyone around me wants a cup....I refuse to share!
392891392891B003VXL0V6A2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""192041281916800Bold, but Not Teeth Jarring Bold. Nice Flavor and a Nice Cup of Coffee.Wolfgang Puck French Roast is a nice, bold (not too bold), flavorful cup of coffee. If you like Coffee People Extra Bold Organic, Dark Roast Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2), then you should like Wolfgang Puck's French Roast.

This French Roast has a deep flavor with a hint of sweetness and a smooth finish - a good choice for a morning cup of coffee.


(Note to Manufacturer: as a consumer, I wish you would use real coffee descriptions(i.e., hints of xxx, smooth finish) rather than fluff advertising like "Bring the aromas of France home with you and "Profitez des bons moments" (enjoy the good moments)!" - what does that really mean? It took me awhile to decide to purchase this coffee because the description gave me zero idea of what to expect).
392892392892B003VXL0V6A2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""232551282435200Solid Medium Roast Coffee with Just a Hint of Bold. Good Flavor. Not Acidic.Good choice for your morning coffee if you like a medium, slightly bold flavor. Vienna coffee is not a real bold coffee, so medium roast coffee drinkers should like the flavor.

Vienna Coffee House has less of a kick than Wolfgang Puck French Roast (Dark Roast), 24-Count K-cups (Pack of 2)), but a little more than Coffee People Donut Shop Medium Roast, Extra Bold for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2).

Good flavor, slightly sweet with a good bean taste that isn't tough on your stomach.

To the manufacturer: please revise your coffee descriptions - they are terrible and give the consumer no information on the flavor/style of coffee featured. If you want us to buy the coffee, be forthright on your descriptions.
392893392893B003VXL0V6A17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley141541282176000Another great dark K-cup coffeeI love the rich, full-bodied flavor of a dark-roast coffee. When I bought my first Keurig machine I wasted no time in ordering all of the dark roast K-cups that I could find. I initially settled on Newman's Own Dark Roast as my "go-to" coffee, but I didn't stop there. I like to keep experimenting and looking for something new. I happened to find Coffee People's Organic Extra Bold blend and was blown away. It has been my favorite ever since I first tried it. Last week I saw a listing for a Colombian dark roast sold under the Wolfgang Puck name (it is processed and distributed by Van Houtte) and decided to give it try. Here is my impression of it:

After brewing a cup (I used the 7 1/2 oz. setting) the first thing that I noticed was that it didn't have that freshly-brewed aroma that the Coffee People X-Bold does, however the taste was another story. It hits your palate with medium acidity and a nice, sharp bite that gets your attention right away. The finish was surprising clean with a hint of spice (nutmeg or cinnamon?) and just a slight, lingering, pleasant bitterness. I really like this coffee but I think that I will stick with Coffee People's Extra Bold and this will be my back-up brand. However, I will keep looking for something new. Who knows what I will find?

Newman's Own¿ Organics Special Blend (Extra Bold), K-cups For Keurig Brewers, 24-count, Boxes (Pack of 2)
Coffee People Organic, Extra Bold K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]
392894392894B003VXL0V6A2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""101031281916800Not Outstanding. Light to Medium Roast. Smooth, Not Acidic.I love the names Wolfgang Puck gives to their coffees, but the coffee descriptions leave a lot to be desired.

In this case, with "Breakfast in Bed", I expected a much more flavorful cup of coffee than delivered. "Breakfast in Bed" is on the light side of the medium roasts and has a mild, but not very memorable flavor. On the plus side, it is a smooth coffee and not acidic at all.

A better choice, in my opinion, is Coffee People Donut Shop Medium Roast, Extra Bold for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2), which also comes in the 50 pack.

ADDED: Another nice, smooth medium blend is Timothy's World Coffee, Kona Blend for Keurig Brewers, Medium, 50-Count K-Cups

ADDED: for those who prefer a lighter smooth blend, try Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters 80 K - Cup Colombian Fair Trade Slect Medium Roast Coffee (link for product description only, not for best pricing).
392895392895B003VXL0V6A3A50F3ZWJ6V68John Passarella9921326844800This coffee is now DECAFF!One reviewer mentioned that this coffee was decaff and said it was listed as such on the bottom of the box (in small print). I checked my current box and saw no such labeling information. HOWEVER, the new boxes I received are a different color, with a slapped on label for Hawaiian Hazelnut and NOW the bottom of the box says it's made from 100% decaff coffee. While I like the flavor, I do NOT want decaff in the morning, which is when I drink coffee.

Unfortunately, I am unable to return this item to Amazon because of their return policy, which is why I'm writing this review, to make sure others know the coffee packaging has changed and it is definitely labeled as decaffeinated now. I would give more stars for flavor, but the lack of official notification in the product description that this coffee is decaff makes me feel as if I tossed my money out the window, buying something I would not have otherwise ordered.
392896392896B003VXL0V6A1PCB6OXKWKLBLRaymond Arzounian9941316476800Great Cuppa...exceptOk, now on our third box of Breakfast in Bed. We had become fans of Donut House and Coffee Shop, looking for that balanced smooth "Dunkinesque" brew. We found ourselves coming up just a bit short in the strength/flavor area. Corrections were made in brew size and eventually adding in a bit of Emeril's Bold or various dark roasts. Well problem solved with the B in B. Smooth and flavorful and a good eye-opener. (Was worried the name somehow implied less caffeine)Based on our experience in these areas, 5 stars. The "except"? On three seperate occasions out of two boxes purchased seperately, we had "exploding" K-cups! A small pop during brewing that sent coffee grounds spewing over and in the Keurig, counter top, and coffee cup. This at our home brewer AND our vacation house. Messy. Very messy, requiring unplugging and careful cleaning inside cup holder and area. Minus 1 star. Umm, exactly who makes these things and where...hopefully a road bump on the way to sucess. Peace.
392897392897B003VXL0V6AQQ79QLD9K4OFBrenda H. Moore "BAM Moore"9951285977600our favoriteI have this flavor shipped automatically now, along with several others. This happens to be our favorite, and I have to remind my husband the two boxes need to last until the next shipment. A slight coconut aroma and flavor is so amazingly delightful in the morning. Not overly strong, and perfect for our taste buds. Our favorite part of waking up in the morning!
392898392898B003VXL0V6A3R7R8ARVN2P3DA. Kehoe Jr.121351285891200Outstanding, Bold, Lively Sumatran. best of the K-cupsFirst you must know I am one who roasts my own green beans at home, including Sumatran, but also many African varieties. I like a STRONG cup of coffee. I use K-cups at work because we have no facility for rinsing/cleaning/getting water for a regular machine.

Sumatran coffees generally have a very rich, earthy taste; some would describe it as being "tangy" almost. Having tried the two other main brands of Sumatran for K-cups, the Puck is by far the best. It is not as bold as something you would get from Starbucks or from roasting yourself, but it has all the flavor elements of a good Sumatran cup. It especially has that nice earthy taste. Even the aftertaste is rich.

IMPORTANT: If you are looking for a k-cup that you will use on any other than the smallest cup setting, this coffee is not for you. In my opinion you get a Sumatran because you love strong coffee. Watered down it loses its distinctiveness. Get a generic french roast if you want weaker coffee with some flavor. I make mine with 2 k-cups, at the smallest setting. By camparison, I would give a Starbucks Sumatra mandheling a 10/10 rating for boldness. The Puck is about an 8, the Diedrich is a 4.
I highly recommend this coffee for bold coffee lovers, provided you use the smallest cup setting. You will not be disappointed. Best K-cup I have had yet, and I have tried many- Newman, Timothy's, Donut Shop, Diedrich, etc.

Addendum: I have since tried th Green Mountain Sumatran, and gave that a one -star. Stale and bitter. I will definitely stay with Puck's.
392899392899B003VXL0V6A8M42EXA7NB5L-- "Jane Eyre lover"121341282694400A very nice, smooth, Americano style coffeeI bought a Wolfgang Puck sampler and this was certainly one of my favorites, so I ordered a bigger box and have truly been enjoying it. This is a classic, medium-roast cup of coffee. It's very smooth, with no bitterness. I would say that if you enjoy Donut Shop, Tully's Kona, and Caribou, you will like this blend. The label is adorable and makes me smile when I pop it in the Keurig each morning.
392900392900B003VXL0V6A119HR3WKJPKDCarrie H0051336003200My favorite k cupMy favorite Flavored coffee!!! This is not available in any of my local stores. Better price than I have found at any local stores as well.
392902392902B003VXL0V6A1XLT6SJ6VRGBBRon Diefenthaler0051335312000Coffee Makes Me a CrazyIf you liked flavored coffees, this one has a hint of coconut to it. This is my favorite coffee by far. I look forward to my first cup every morning.
392903392903B003VXL0V6AI4EITBWO8R9JDaxi0051335225600Awesome CoffeeI love this coffee. Great taste and great way to start your morning. If you like flavored coffee you will like this.
392904392904B003VXL0V6A34JVMWYGY74QEashersmom0051335139200My Favorite K-Cup so far!These K-Cups are great! The coffee is mild and yummy, but still very flavorful. I love this, cant wait to get my next shipment!
392905392905B003VXL0V6A35UWJL3AGIHBMAdam N. Rubenstein0011335139200Not good at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!This flavor is horrible. There are many other flavors much better. Hawaiian Hazelnut is great! Breakfast in Bed is AWesome!
392906392906B003VXL0V6AGWU5LPTJHRYXJ. Beckmeyer0041334966400Good Coffee - Great PriceI caught this as a "Warehouse" deal. $18.09 for 48 K-cups. This was my first experience with any Wolfgang Puck coffee.
The Rodeo Drive Blend is good, average coffee. Nothing exceptional. I prefer a little stronger, bolder coffee, but at this price, it works for me. There's other brands that I like a little better, but with K-cups, cost per unit is always something I have to factor in...
I'd buy it again @ $0.38/cup, but I probably wouldn't @ full price. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can always find a good deal... just have to be patient and stock up when the deals arise.
392907392907B003VXL0V6A29NA3RIZT5CH8M. Anderson "Manders"0051334188800YUMMO! I am a coffee puristThis is great coffee. I am a coffee purist. I don't add cream or sugar (unless it is weak or bitter). I truly enjoy coffee. I have tried many different types of coffee for K-cups. This is my new favorite. The price was amazing too. Very smooth and subtle hazelnut flavor, not overpowering.
392908392908B003VXL0V6AVZO61Y9E8EQMrmb925850051333843200Great CoffeeWell we were looking for another coffee that would meet or exceed the k cups we were using and this has far out tasted the coffee cups we were using, I have bought almost 6 packages of these and used just about all of them and will be ordering a few more boxes here soon. Great coffee, from a regular guy point of view.
392909392909B003VXL0V6A1KSCAV1FE0OLTFrank J. Ohotnicky "Frank"0051333670400Great Coffee!Take it from someone who was tried a lot of different K-cups, BUY THESE! The "Breakfast in Bed" blend is full of great flavor, roasted perfectly, and more importantly I have been choosing it over Green Mountain, which says a lot. It's true to its name, perfect for the morning.
392910392910B003VXL0V6A1S4QFFW5DSC6CCoffeelover4eva0051333584000Outstanding!Reading the previous comments people have stated they did not know this was a flavored coffee but it clearly states that it is. Atleast it did on the sight I bought mine from. I was only brought to Amazon for the secure payment feature. It's a delightful flavored coffee, (depending on how you brew it), and is a pleasant wake up any morning.

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