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392947392947B003VXL0V6AWU8B9JFO1BIEAmy G0051327276800My favorite hazelnut k-cup!I love this brand! The best hazelnut flavor ever! I wait for it to go on sale because it is more expensive than the other brands. Also, as another reviewer noted, it does say decaff on the bottom of the package! It really should state that in the product description. I've noticed the packages from Bed, Bath and Beyond did not state this but can't imagine both are available. I'll still purchase it because the flavor is so smooth.
392948392948B003VXL0V6A2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0041327190400An EXCELLENT hazelnut choice for your Keurig brewer...I've long been a fan of flavored coffees so when we got our Keurig brewer we jumped on the opportunity to sample as many different flavors of k cups as possible. Our first foray into the single-serve hazelnut world was Gloria Jean's Coffees,Hazelnut K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers (Pack of 50), which was absolutely awful. We've always enjoyed hazelnut coffee in the past, though, and vowed not to give up. I ordered a sample pack of Wolfgang Puck's hazelnut directly from Keurig's website and hoped for the best.

Thankfully, Hawaiian Hazelnut blows all of the other hazelnut k cups out of the water. It is smokey and delicious without being dark and overwhelming. The hazelnut really does taste like actual hazelnut, which you'd think would be something a coffee drinker could take for granted, but we've been disappointed in the past. I'd never tried coffee from the Wolfgang Puck brand before, but our positive experience with Hawaiian Hazelnut has definitely gotten me interested in trying other varieties.

The hazelnut flavor is pretty bold and full bodied, which is nice, but there is no bitterness or acidity to be found. This suits me just fine since I enjoy a milder roast, but people who enjoy their coffee strong and dark might not enjoy this blend as much.

We'll definitely be repurchasing this coffee when we run out.
392949392949B003VXL0V6A344NCOMEAF75IDaniel's Mom0021327104000Where's the caramel creme?If you like to taste the "flavor" in your flavored coffee, skip this one. I've struggled to taste the creme caramel flavoring that is supposed to be in here. The coffee flavor is also slightly bitter, but that could just be my taste buds longing for some flavoring! I'd recommend Green Mountain, Gloria Jeans or Van Houtte brands before this one.
392950392950B003VXL0V6AR92LPQMUOABQPinky0051327017600Best darn coffee :)I love this coffee - it's one of my all time favorites - it has the best flavor and I like the light roast.

392951392951B003VXL0V6A3MEI1AS9OXDMCjbs0031326931200Good morning coffeeI love my Keurig but haven't found my "perfect" cup of coffee yet, although this comes close. I prefer a medium brew, not bold or strong. Breakfast in Bed is my choice so far.
392952392952B003VXL0V6A3KM1QY47M8CUXBlondieGirl0041326844800Tasty but defective cups.I love Sumatra coffee and was excited to receive these K-Cups however was disappointed when I opened my Amazon box and found that the plastic wrap holding the two boxes of K-Cups was full of grinds meaning that there was a possible blowout of a cup... after carefully unwrapping the boxes and attempting to get as little coffee grinds everywhere as possible I opened the first box and all cups were fine, however the second box every kcup was covered in fine grinds and I had to clean each one and found that 3 of the cups were defective due to the top being stamped on at an angle and the grinds had spilled everywhere. I now see other reviews stating they had defective cups as well. However the taste of the coffee is good.
392953392953B003VXL0V6A2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0031326672000Sweet Coconut Flavor with A Mild Aftertaste. Mild to Medium Blend.Jamaica Me Crazy is a sweet, coconut flavored coffee that has a mild aftertaste. It is not a bold blend, but rather a mild to medium blend that leans more mild.

This is certainly not a first cup of morning coffee for die-hard coffee drinkers who lean towards the medium to bold blends. I would consider it a second cup of morning coffee, afternoon pick me up coffee or a dessert coffee.

Flavor is OK. I would like it better if the aftertaste didn't linger. For a flavored coffee, it isn't bad & if you are a coconut fan, it is a blend to try on for size.
392954392954B003VXL0V6A3M2ESK4WEGOCSP. Donahy0051326585600It's Wolf!Truly not much needs to be said because it's Wolf and to wake up to his coffee here at the house is fantastic!
392941392941B003VXL0V6A3ZCQOKZT8XO1Seep770051327795200Great flavorI've tried lots of flavors of coffee and this one is my favorite! Great taste, not bitter at all. A great flavored coffee for people who don't really like the taste of coffee.
392942392942B003VXL0V6A2NPYVLJ7XPKS3cas0051327708800great coffeethe aroma is awesome!! love the flavor, really gets you going in the morning. prompt delivery, this is definatly my husbands favorite single cup coffee
392955392955B003VXL0V6A21CZIJ7LXR1A1Olinda "Steady Shopper"0041325203200Good, not GreatI expected more flavor from W. Puck. Though this coffee does taste good, it didn't have caramel flavor as expected. This is my opinion. Someone else may feel differently. The price is okay, I would not discount this product at all. It's a good product. Try it, you may like it.
392956392956B003VXL0V6A3EATEAQ12T5CUJanie Hudgins0051324944000Best Vanilla K-Cup Coffee Ever!I've tried all Vanilla coffee K-cups and by far this is the best! Wolf Gang Puck Vanilla Francaise is a smooth vanilla experience that lasts way after the coffee is consumed. Try it you'll love it!
392943392943B003VXL0V6A1XPT6TAPFPPEMskier4ever0041327449600The BestAfter 5 years with the Keurig, this is the best . If you like a medium blend, it perfect. Its smooth, and has taste. Not watered down on either setting.
392957392957B003VXL0V6AMAAPF2CJN5TKpelk0051324857600Delicious!!I am not a huge coconut fan, so I wasn't excited about trying this, but with one sip it definitely won me over! The flavor is perfect and is now one of the flavors in our regular rotation. And it smells so good!!!
392944392944B003VXL0V6A3J0QAR99EITWTJ. Riggs0051327363200Yum!!I am not a huge morning coffee person as this seems to be the only time of day black coffee upsets my stomach. No idea why. My work got a Keurig recently and buy the Caribou regular and morning blends, which are ok but I can hardly drink them unless there's a creamer of some sort in them.

So on a recent trip to BB&B I perused their wall of K-cups and this one caught my eye. I am generally a fan of flavored coffees and this sounded good, so I bought an 18 cup pack. I have to say it is delicious! The coconut flavor is light but definitely there, and doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste like most black coffees do. It smells so good my co-workers have done a 180 walking by my desk to ask me what smells so good.

Obviously if you're a coffee connoisseur this won't be for you, but if not it is definitely worth a shot. And the best part for me, aside from the flavor, no stomach upset!
392945392945B003VXL0V6AIKS2Z0SGDQL9s.pugh0051327363200I would order again!Wolfgang Puck makes the BEST coffee! The package arrived on time and in perfect condition! I would definitely order this again.
392958392958B003VXL0V6A2T6J1XFG5O554J. C. Brown CSP0051324771200Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in BedThis is my daughter's favorite K-cup product. Mild medium roast it is the next best thing to having Wolfgang cooking breakfast for you in your kitchen.
392946392946B003VXL0V6AHRASE2UFPFKKTom T0051327363200Makes you feel like you are having breakfast in bed.Have enjoyed every single cup of Breakfast in Bed. Just the right kind of brew to wake up these old bones and get me started on the day's adventure. Also enjoy it while watching NCIS so I can join Gibbs enjoying a brew as well.
392959392959B003VXL0V6AVECXTQE87CGQKathy Shankle "Dachshund Lady"0051324598400This is the bestWOW! That's what my husband said when he tasted Wolfgang Puck's 'Jamaica Me Crazy' coffee for my Keurig. He is not a fan of 'Strong' coffees and he really liked this one - We both do. I highly recommend this one. Can you put it on the Subscribe and Save??Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Jamaica Me Crazy, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2)
392960392960B003VXL0V6A21QTXFX6USZSYRKB0051324598400My personal favorite K-Kup.I'm sure this flavor isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy your coffee on the sweeter and more flavorful side then you should enjoy this. It is not what I would call a "strong" coffee by any means. I would describe it as mild and flavorful.
392961392961B003VXL0V6A1DPAA6Y169RAWChelscutie0051324598400Delicious!!I just recently got a Keurig coffee maker & registered it online. Keurig sent me a coupon for buy 2 boxes, get 2 free. Awhile back, a local bagel shop had a coconut coffee that I fell in love with. So, I decided to try this coffee out because it has coconut in it. I brewed my first cup this morning & it smelled VERY strong of coconut so of COURSE I couldn't wait to try it. After it cooled down a bit I took my first sip. AMAZING!! It is quite delightful & I STRONGLY recommend it if you like coconut coffee. No bitter aftertaste, either & no soot @ the bottom of my cup. Awesome
392962392962B003VXL0V6ANOD28P22F3YOjazzy0041324252800good coffeeI was really impressed with this coffee, it has a nice bold taste, yet a smooth
finish. I would order this coffee again.
392963392963B003VXL0V6A1FOEVZC4O177KL. Merrick "My 4 Boys MOM"0041323475200So close to Island Coconut K CupsWhen I coulnd't find Island Coconut K cups anywhere, I found this and decided to try it. Although it is not exact, it is so close it puts a smile on face. The coconut is not over powering, but you can taste the HINT of it certainly. I love this and would order again and again...because THIS is available and Island coconut is not!!
392964392964B003VXL0V6AC7L448IWKJZVAngeleyes0051323388800Favorite!This is my absolute favorite coffee flavor out there! I'm so glad it comes in K-Cups! And I'm glad it is so inexpensive!
392965392965B003VXL0V6A1YRMZSCQJC6BLB. R. Feldan "Gucciholly"0051323302400Wolfgan Puck Coffee,Breakfast in Bed K-cupsI find this particular brand as good as the local coffee shop coffee (D.D.) which is a compliment to the maker. I have made this particular brand my #1 choice.
392966392966B003VXL0V6AYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"0051322697600One of the Best Mild K-cups MadeI have at least 4 dozen different k-cups at my house right now because we love to experiment with different flavors. My favorite is Timothy's Rainforest Espresso because I like a bold coffee. But others that prefer something milder say that Breakfast in Bed is their favorite. I like it to but only when made as a stronger brew. I have purchased maybe 15 boxes of this since it came out.
392967392967B003VXL0V6A1T0C6ONSQLGR9Debbie Cardenas0051322611200This coffee is very good.I normally drink only Donut Shop, but when I saw this on sale I thought I would give it a try. I was quite impressed with it and really enjoy this one. I have now added it to my list of favorite K-cups to buy.
392968392968B003VXL0V6A315FCBNG3XRNDWilliam L McHugh0021322179200DisappointedVanilla flavor is barely noticeable. Acidic taste, not at all what I expected. Breakfast in Bed and Hawaiian Hazelnut are much better choices.
392969392969B003VXL0V6A2ZM4BI08T884JIrvingwood0051322179200Love it!I really like the flavor of this one! It has a low acidity but still full of flavor! Now I have to have it every morning and I am having trouble finding another one I like this much.
392970392970B003VXL0V6A34PJZ5NWI628G49erinnc0051321833600Superb coffeeI'm actually suprised from reading some of the rants about this coffee. I have tried 20+ K-cup varieties and this is by far my favorite. Contrary to some reviews, I don't find it to be weak at all and in fact, is quite bold but with absolutely not hints of being bitter. Very smooth and leaves a great aftertaste. I prefer really strong coffee and this is a good compromise for a medium roast as it's not as bold as I would normally prefer but certainly strong enough to satisfy my preferences.

I typically drink Wolfgang's Jamaica Me Crazy but ever since trying Rodeo Drive, I haven't gone back.

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