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392971392971B003VXL0V6A1PSRW4LC7Z1BUItalianblend0031321833600A bit disappointedI Recently bought a 3 pack of this coffee at Bed Bath and Beyond. As its brewing, it smells great (if you like coconut). The taste isn't bad, but for me, it has that artificial after taste that many flavored coffees have. I gave it 3 stars because it's not terrible. But I wouldn't buy this coffee again. If you're sensitive to after taste, I wouldn't recommend. I'd Grab a dark roast and throw some fresh coconut in there instead if you want a coconut coffee.
392972392972B003VXL0V6A1AQYSKK4Z8A9Uj. cottrell0041321315200Surprisingly deliciousI am usually not a fan of flavored coffe or coconut for that matter and when I bought the sampler pack of Jamaica Me Crazy I honestly did not see that it was a flavored coffee. The aroma that it gives off while brewing transports me to a tropical island somewhere. The flavor of the coffee is very subtle and leaves no after taste at all. A great new addition to my coffee line up.
392973392973B003VXL0V6A2OZPL96MVDILYTimweerasiri0051321142400Best Coffee everThis is the best tasting coffee available on k-cups!!!! The flavor is amazing, it is more expensive than other brands, but for a reason. Definitely worth trying.
392974392974B003VXL0V6A2EH92EIGZ5RCCMisty0051321056000Excellent Good Tasting CoffeeThis is one of the best coffees I have ever had for my Keurig. It is a nice smooth coffee. And the price is the best price I could find. I will be buying more.
392975392975B003VXL0V6A21FD7O2HHT2ZSJackieD0051320883200Awesome FlavorMy husband and I are obsessed with this coffee...we take Kcups and hide them around the house because we wanna make sure it lasts a long time! Such a bold and delicious flavor!
392976392976B003VXL0V6A2DYTGGZK3JVAJMarlania Jones0051320796800great coffee!!I had tried this coffee before, it is wonderful. Smooth and rich, full flavored, but not too bold. I would recommend it to anyone.
392977392977B003VXL0V6A2WOS4V9Q66Y9AW. Wagner0031320624000Good but not a premium coffeeI tried this coffee, even though it was significantly more expensive than the Green Mountain (organic, free trade) Sumatra that I have been using for some time. Wolfgang Puck has the name and the rep.

If this were the only Sumatra dark roast on the market, I'd be really happy with it. This is good coffee.

It is not outstanding coffee. Compared to Folgers, this product is awesome. Unfortunately for Mr. Puck, I am comparing it to Green Mountain Sumatra.

The organic and free trade Sumatra from Green Mountain is better to my taste, and it is cheaper. Mornings are good.
392978392978B003VXL0V6A1VXKZFFKE24DCDaisybird0031320278400Good coffee bad packagingThe coffee is good,however the k-cup is not packaged well,the coffee machine barely streams coffee,more of a fast drip. The whole idea is it's fast,right?
392979392979B003VXL0V6ATRCNV6LIH9R6KyKy0051320192000LOVE IT!It was a bit of a risk to order this, I mean what are you going to do with 2 boxes of kcups that taste terrible? But this was delish, the flavor was really good, and it was still awesome after it had cooled down. It has a coconutty, vanilla flavor, very nice!!
392980392980B003VXL0V6A35OY2ASP1MP5MLyn Barr0041320105600Good flavor & strengthI like the Jamaica Me Crazy better, but when it's out of stock, this is my second choice.

It's got a nice flavor & strength, without being bitter.
392981392981B003VXL0V6AFBCIQXH9FLDMHarry Tuttle "Citizen"0051319846400I really like this one!Taste is a personal thing, isn't it. So I'll just tell you(as a gauge) my all time favorite K-cup is Timothy's Midnight Magic a "california roast" (which is dark). I'm partial to dark roasts and probably would not have even bothered with this Sorrento, but a friend had it, so I tried it, and lo and behold - I'm very glad I did. I find this blend even better than Puck's "Kopei Ray" which is his dark roast. There's a whole lot of good flavor here - the word "luscious" comes to mind. This one's not available every where and comes at a slight cost premium. I say it's worth it. These will be a regular for me. PS: A suggestion (which seems apparent); as with any k-cup, when you try a new blend, use the plain old 1 cup setting to check it out undiluted the first time.
392982392982B003VXL0V6A3LD9J2MJQ2JZKAnn0051319587200Love this creamy coffeeThis is my favorite KCup. I'd describe it as medium-dark, creamy and rich. And very consistent. A lot of k-cups seem acidic to me, so i'm really glad i found this one. :]
392983392983B003VXL0V6A27D1T38Z4XUVJMickycol0051318982400TastyVery delicious coffee, thankfully Amazon sells this flavor now. I have been waiting for it since I tasted this last year. I like the fact that you sell it in a 2 Pack rather than a single.
392984392984B003VXL0V6A2D1LPEUCTNT8XAli Julia0031318636800Not my favorite, but it came in secondMy hair dresser's salon bought a Keurig Machine, so I have been able to sample a variety of K-Cups. K-cups are about 10 times more expensive than a regularly brewed cup of coffee so I have never considered buying one for myself, but having a Keurig Machine at a hair salon makes sense! People have a variety of tastes and K-Cups can provide a nice variety and freshly made one at that.

The salon has a nice variety of K-cups: Folders, Wolfgang Puck, Timothy's, and Green Mountain (that owns Keurig).

Everyone's taste vary, but here is my assessment of the ones that I have tried so far. Wolfgang Puck was my second favorite. So far, I like Folgers the best.

Price per cup: 69 cents (package of 36 for $25)
Earthy flavor, fruity and nutty flavors come through.

Price per cup: 69 cents (package of 48 for $32.98)
A dark roast with caramel and earthy notes, slight burnt
and papery flavors.

Price per cup: 60 cents (package of 50 for $30)
A bit on the weak side, kind of papery, and less astringent than the others.

Ali Julia review
392985392985B003VXL0V6A2XV44TFMMFNI7Robert Adamo0051318550400DeliciousDelicious coffee, good medium blend. Its hard to find something that isnt too weak or too bold with K-cups, but this flavor was perfect. Will buy again.
392986392986B003VXL0V6A3QXXNPKKNKKVEmeadeweber0051318550400Good coffeeGood flavor. Coconut flavor is subtle and not overpowering. In comparison, there is another coconut coffee by Green Mountain in which the coconut flavor is overdone in my opinion.
392987392987B003VXL0V6A3H6IRPMRG40IAStallken0021317772800...While good quality, it was not at all what I expected. It smelled like caramel and vanilla, but it tasted like straight black coffee. I was pretty disappointed.
392988392988B003VXL0V6A1ZHT9MVWAH1VAThomas Mastracchio0031317772800Wolfgang Puck Dark RoastThe coffee is just OK, a little weak. The price is a little high and it is not worth the extra money.
392989392989B003VXL0V6A1Q8SW109EBWFNGloria Reed "gloria"0021317772800Very weakI was surprised to find out how weak this coffee is. It has a good flavor but even on half cup it is very weak.
392990392990B003VXL0V6A35OY2ASP1MP5MLyn Barr0051317340800My favorite hazelnut coffeeTo me, this has a good, balanced flavor. Some flavored K-cups seem too light on hazelnut, or too light on coffee. This one is just right.
392991392991B003VXL0V6A21M1FOE91J3UB. Jackson0041316736000Smells good, tastes good!This k-cup actually smelled up the office. And it tastes as good as it smells. I found it to be very flavorful.
392992392992B003VXL0V6A2SQ8N1KG3L7HUHappy Grammy0051316563200Jamica Me Crazy.....So Good!I was surprised to find out the coffee from my sampler had coconut in it. I bought a sampler of k-cups to try different flavors and would sit aside the ones that I liked to order in the future.

After drinking Jamaica Me Crazy not realizing the ingredients just knowing I liked it. When ordering, reading through the reviews realized it had coconut in it and that was what made the taste so yummy, leaving me wanting more. I was hesitant to buy but decided to go for it and am really glad I did. Everyone I have shared my coffee surprise with loves it too.
392993392993B003VXL0V6A2ODF71DQGA3QSRebecca Cooper0051316304000My favorite K-Cup yet!Light and flavorful definitely describes this K-Cup. I often find it hard to find flavored K-Cups that aren't either 1) so strong you lose the flavor or 2) so light you'd be better off drinking water. However, I have to admit I have found a new favorite in the Hawaiian Hazelnut!
392994392994B003VXL0V6A1SPFZ5BOIMIXRGracia K. Brailey "music lovr"0051316131200First but not last time to buy this one!!I LOVED THIS COFFEE. I just got my order a few days ago and I normally drink just one cup of coffee in the morning......Now I can't wait and have had an afternoon cup, too. I must say....I look forward to getting up in the morning just because I know I'm having this coffee!! TAHT SAYS A LOT FOR A LTE SLEEPER!! Try this one!! I like it on thenext to highest setting on my has an awesome aroma while brewing and the taste is smooth, never bitter and there is something that 'hints' of a slight fruitiness with the first sips......then the end of the sip is just a perfect brew, too. Never any aftertaste or bitterness. I am so happy to have found this!! Thanks Wolfgang! I have now ALL of your kitchen gadgets cookware and now the coffee too!
392995392995B003VXL0V6AB6G1LUA9TG2LLisa0051316131200Yum-oBest K cup around. A must try! Amazon ships quickly and in one piece. I'd recommend the coffee as well as going through Amazon to order this coffee from. Thank you for a great experience.
392996392996B003VXL0V6A20MY469I6A87CKelly Sain0041316131200On saleUsually do not get the breakfast blends but it was on sale and decided at price would try it out. It was not as weak as some breakfast blends tend to be. Not bad.
392997392997B003VXL0V6A1FFP0ORCC7YH9PCDogMom0041316044800Best CoffeeWolfgang Puck definitely has the best coffee for the money. I absolutely love the French Vanilla. The KCup actually makes a good full cup of coffee. it could be a tad stronger but overall it is really good. I still prefer the Senseo Pods to the KCups though.
392998392998B003VXL0V6A99S0ESOW9T1Mkrisbees0041315872000Jamaica Me Crazy is our favorite K-Cup so farJamaica Me Crazy has a slight overtone of cinnamon that is a very nice compliment to the taste of coffee. The flavoring is strong enough to taste, not just smell, without overpowering the flavor of the coffee. Very good.
392999392999B003VXL0V6A164CWVVCKKBOWEBBshopper0051315353600IMO, perfect.I drink my coffee with a splash of half-and-half. Other hazelnut k-cups are too bland for me. I much prefer Wolfgang Puck's excellent rich roast with definite -- but not overpowering -- hazelnut flavor.
393000393000B003VXL0V6A1HGXLP6WATS4BF. D. Gillett "Comparison Shopper"8851285113600Excellent smooth, light coffee. Good anytime.Definately not what I'd expected with the Wolfgang Puck name on it. To me, Wolfgang Puck has conotations of a heavy, dark-roast European-style coffee. I thought I'd already found my perfect coffee in Timothy's World Coffee, Breakfast Blend for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2) but this one edges it out. Smooth and balanced it really is great from the first sip till the last drop.

There will never be a coffee that all coffee lovers will agree on but if you like a light-medium roast, give the Breakfast in Bed blend a try. Very low in acidity, someone who can't tolerate the acidity in coffee may be able to enjoy this blend. But, be aware and contrary to popular belief, light roast coffee is typically higher in caffine than the dark roast coffees, the extended roasting to produce a dark roast burns away some of the caffine. This one will definately get you going in the morning in a good way.

Those who prefer a dark roast or extra bold should probably look elsewhere.

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