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393031393031B003VXL0V6A3QDKPAWB7GDL2vem0051309392000Jamaica Me Crazy K-CupsAs always, I LOVE this coffee, it's about the only kind I buy for myself. The turn around time is terrific. When I have about a week's worth of cups left, I order and have the next batch in perfect timing. Very happy with everything about this product.
393032393032B003VXL0V6A32INVETIKMDB4Bonnie Sommers0051309219200Wolfgang Puck Keurig Cup CoffeeThis coffee is a smooth, yet robust taste that does not have any bad after
taste. Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Rodeo Drive Blend (Medium Roast), 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2)
393033393033B003VXL0V6AHOLU32W82TZQJohn R. Drillock0051309132800Just Right Anytime of Day!I have tried many brands of medium roast coffees however, this is my favorite. Some I've tried are bitter; some are too light; some are too strong; but this one for me is just right! Some brands more than others come in all puffed up and when punctured, the grounds filter out into the needle of the Keurig coffee maker and has to be cleaned which isn't difficult, just annoying. Never had a problem with these. Breakfast in Bed k-cups are smooth, not too light and not too strong, right smack in the midddle. No bitter after taste either and perfect any time of day. Enjoy!
393034393034B003VXL0V6A10SVA00I7XVZFPrudie0051309046400Great, smooth-tasting coffee!Sometimes we have a problem ordering the k-cups because they are way too strong for us--even if you order medium blend. This coffee was great--just right! It was a smooth blend, and was perfect for a morning cup of coffee--or anytime! Would definitely order again!
393035393035B003VXL0V6A7CTIXDLF8I5WLawDogg0021308873600Either I got a bad batch or.......or the good reviewers' taste buds are weak. This is some disappointingly
weak coffee. I'm not some crazy "gotta have my jet black sludge to get
through the day" coffee drinker - I'd say my favorite (and my wife's) is
Caribou Blend. This blend is WEAK, it can't hold half-and-half or even
just whole milk without being wiped out. Now, I will say I brew it on
the "large cup" (9.25 oz, I believe) setting on our Keurig, so maybe it's
a bit better on the 8oz setting, or even the small setting. But Caribou (we
also like Donut Shop, Green Mountain Kona Blend 10%, etc.) can be easily
brewed on 9.25 and hold a good bold taste. This coffee doesn't
hold a CANDLE to any of those. Now I'm stuck with 40+ of these. Blech...maybe
the guests won't mind it! :)
393036393036B003VXL0V6A3GD4JHMSUMQRFSCOTT & JUNE0051308614400Great flavorGood description of this product. Has the over roasted popular coffee flavor, but, not overpowering. One of my favorites so far.
393037393037B003VXL0V6AS7RBXW90EGRQLippy0051308614400Wolfgang Puck SumatraI ordered this by accident and I'm so happy I did. This is a new favorite of mine. It's nice and strong without being bitter.
393038393038B003VXL0V6A3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer0041308268800Not Bad! Smooth, Not Bitter, Plenty Strong But Not Too Strong.NOTE: This one is better for me at the smallest cup setting, which makes it stronger.

This is my first time to try Wolfgang Puck coffee. I have mixed feelings about it so far. The Rodeo Drive Blend is a little more 'bland' than I'm used to, which is great for people who prefer that. It's just a different taste, which is good or not-so-good, depending on each person's preference. Personally, ever so often I take a sip of Rodeo Drive Blend and think that it almost tasted like dishwater. Then that goes away and I enjoy the rest of the cup of coffee. I think that reaction is because it isn't as strong and bold as I'm used to, but it's pretty good. I can see that some people might make this their favorite because it is different.

Will I buy this again? No. It's good, but it's not my preference, and I might as well buy the ones that make me rave on and on about how good they are, usually Tully's French, Kona, Italian, and House. Those may be too strong for some people, and the Rodeo Drive Blend does have its own unique taste which may really appeal to some coffee drinkers. As with most things, actually a little more than in most things, with coffee, it's a matter of taste and probably a matter of what you are in the habit of drinking. You may want to try this one, especially if you can find it in a sample packet, or do like I do, keep the rest for guests to try.
393039393039B003VXL0V6A12BJ9GOL0T54EAndy L. "NC_Andy"0031308182400Great coffee, problematic k-cups!I really love this coffee, great tasting and bold. However, on about 1/3rd of the pods, the foil separates from the cup and blows grounds into the brewer and my coffee cup. I can usually predict which ones will do it because the foil on the k-cup is not puffy like it has pressure, but flat and wrinkled.
393040393040B003VXL0V6A12BJ9GOL0T54EAndy L. "NC_Andy"0031308182400Didn't say anywhere it was coconut favored!It's coconut flavored, either you'll like it or not. I was actually surprised since I'm not a big fan of coconut, but I liked this coffee. Not my favorite, but nice on occasion.
393041393041B003VXL0V6A8T336KRVSKG9Cheryl L. Snyder "Cheryl Lee"0051307836800bought this for a friendMy friend says she loves this coffee and has never been able to find it in the local stores where we live. Aha, she did not know that Amazon sells just about anything you could want - no tax and free shipping. What could be better.
393042393042B003VXL0V6A3VQALR1NOYTL5R. J. Haley "bn2it"0041307836800yumhazelnut being the household favorite favorite, I thought I'd give these k-cups a try. The flavor is smooth and delightful. I suggest trying this brand for your k-cup machine!
393043393043B003VXL0V6A33W4H88UWCIJGNola Brech0041307145600Wish I were in HawaiiThis is good, but could be a bit stronger in the Hazelnut flavor. It is good though and I would purchase it again.
393044393044B003VXL0V6A1TG50OP3GC5W6M. Hirsch0011307059200Poor quality KcupsI love the taste but have found that many of the cups explode!! The glue on the side of the cup becomes undone and then the cup explodes. Very hard to clean up. Do not think I will buy this brand again!
393045393045B003VXL0V6A2WBPNC46MMHYVCeil "ceilmary"0051307059200Great coffeeI love Jamaica Me Crazy coffee. This version is flavorful, the price is pretty good, and it sure beats the office pot coffee that sits on a burner for hours. Fresh coffee, fast!
393046393046B003VXL0V6A2VBTN6ZR67YOFMike Jacobs0031306972800A little too much bitterness & acidThis is less of a "bold" flavor and more of an acidic and bitter coffee. My wife is easy to please and she's not a fan. I'll finish the box but I reach of others first.
393047393047B003VXL0V6A38S7IRMROBB9CBostonFrankG0051306713600A Good Daily RoastThis coffee has become one of my daily favorites. It's not quite as strong as many of the french roasts, but it's also not as bitter. A good way to start the day.
393048393048B003VXL0V6A1GX3GDJJI18WPP. Thorn0051306368000One of the best for Puck k-cups.This is my favorite so far amongst the Wolfgang Puck K-Cups. The word that comes to mind when i sip it is "Bright". It has a natural sweetness and good flavor, without being overly heavy. The packaging lists it as a Medium Roast, but i'd put it more towards the light end of the spectrum. It's a very enjoyable cup, and i'd recommend if you are looking for something to switch up with Green Mountian's popular Vermont Country Blend or Breakfast Blend.

I generally haven't been impressed with the Wolfgang Puck flavored varieties (Vanilla Francaie, Jamaica me Crazy), but this regular cup is quite good.
393049393049B003VXL0V6A2TIGI9VK33WPQhazeleyesjudi0051306281600One of my favorites!I have had all of the various Keurigs since they came on the market for home use. Thus,I have tried pretty near all of the various k-cups. This is one of my top 5 favorites. Love the coconut in it, and the wonderful coffee flavor. YUM!!!!
393050393050B003VXL0V6A3FC2JIO6T7US1Shorty0041306108800Very satisfied with my purchase as always with AmazonThis coffee was not what I expected but enjoyed it greatly. I was looking for a stronger vanilla flavor but after trying it I enjoyed it a lot. It was light and smooth and left no aftertaste. I would recommend this to others.
393051393051B003VXL0V6A32B6XWNR55SRLJames W. Durney0041305590400A bolder ColumbianI like Columbian coffee and this is above average with a good dark color with a nice smell. The taste is bolder than average but not unpleasant or bitter. This is my "strong" Columbian coffee combining all the good things of the type with a bolder taste.
393052393052B003VXL0V6A18Y2ULJ1RPJNWIt's me0041305590400I liked itsmooth. I normally drink dark roasts but purchased this on a lightning deal (or maybe a friday sale). I like it.
393053393053B003VXL0V6A2XKR4VRZCKX55Work of Art "L P Art"0031305331200Just OK coffee.The coffee is just OK. It's very mild, almost bordering on weak. Would buy it again if the price was right.
393054393054B003VXL0V6A2OLLSGJNOCP9AAnthony Foti "tonyfoti"0051305158400Great CoffeeI've tried every bold k-cup and this is one is one of my favorites. Very nice flavor and strength.
393055393055B003VXL0V6A26RIJE57A1XZEgigip0031305158400Jamaca me flavorfulBought this on the recommendation of my son. Not a big fan of flavored coffee, but a cup a day of this lightly flavored coconut coffee puts me in the islands. How can you go wrong with Wolfgang Puck?
393056393056B003VXL0V6AD161NMNO166DC. Stine "Stiney"0011304985600Wolfgang Puck SumatraThis coffee says Dark Roast & Extra Bold and.... IT ISN'T! It's weak and barely beats out a cup of Folgers.
393057393057B003VXL0V6AQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson0041304294400Above average K-cup coffeeWe have a Keurig coffee maker. One of the side benefits is the opportunity to experiment with different K-cups. I have already tried half a score. Some seem pretty tasty at first--until one taste something that is even better. Some early K-cups that I graded highly don't compare too well with later brands that I have tried.

Wolfgang Puck's Columbian Dark Roast Noir is one of the better products that I have tried. It has a bold taste, although not strongly so. It is also smooth tasting.

It is now on my short list of possibilities for my first morning cup of coffee. So, I am pretty happy with Wolfgang Puck's product here.
393058393058B003VXL0V6A3DRMWICV8EU16kh0051304208000Jamica Me CrazyThis is my favorite coffee flavor and I have not had it in a long time. Forgot how delicious it was until we ordered the k-cups. Love them, already ordered more.
393059393059B003VXL0V6A39T5KIOR3VBEPCarl Schwartz0041304035200Nice rich flavor, good cup of coffeeWe've only been using the k-cups about 2 months. Both my wife and I like our coffee bold. I've been guided by amazon reviews and started out with Coffee People's Jet Fuel. Although that is still my favorite, I got this French Roast on a Friday sale and would say that it's my new second choice. I have also tried Coffee People's Black Tiger (a close third) and Kona (not a fan). This is a nice, well-rounded every-day cup, more on the bold side but not wincingly so.
393060393060B003VXL0V6A2H4VXPVPO9V4XE. Andresen0031303344000Good flavor, but bad pod qualityThe flavor of this coffee is good, it has a nice balance of Vanilla without being too strong. It's not the boldest coffee, but it's a nice afternoon treat.

That being said, I have had problems with several pods. When you hold them up to the light, you can see that there are grounds outside of the filter portion of the pod. This causes a cup full of grounds when you brew the coffee, and also clogs up the pin at the bottom of the pod chamber. I'd say about 1 out of every 5 or 6 pods has this problem.

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