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393061393061B003VXL0V6AU82LJJJ1KYXXSylvia0021302825600Grounds for not ordering againI love the taste of this coffee but in my last order of four boxes about every other K-cup has a tear or rip in the internal filter and thus the grounds flow through into the cup of coffee which wastes the value of the coffee as drinkable. Wolfgang needs to correct this flaw in packaging. I will not order again because of the waste.
393062393062B003VXL0V6A3LHXT1TZ1ZYOWcurt bishop0051301529600K CUP WOLFGANG PUCKI bought this coffee for my Keurig coffee maker and I really like it. Smooth and the best thing it is an organic. Wolfgang uses the the best beans for his coffee's. Buy you will be pleasantly surprised.
393063393063B003VXL0V6A1JFOQKALAXP4Pmagab550051300838400Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Vienna Coffee Housegreat tasting coffee. strong, but not obnoxiously strong and no nasty aftertaste. too bad, it cannot be purchased on subscribe and save anymore.
393064393064B003VXL0V6A2Q3D0OM8JNJNGDonna0051300752000wake up to deliciousnessThis is the best all around 1st cup in the morning coffee ever! I love it. Perfect flavor.
393065393065B003VXL0V6A274OIG0K3Y411Cathy Mahaffey0051300665600Breakfast...By far the tastiest coffee I have purchased from Amazon. Sorry it isn't in the Shop and Save any longer. Delicious!!!
393066393066B003VXL0V6A1UCF02ZD1ML5Mhaplu0051300492800Fave K-cup French RoastLove this blend, so was delighted to find it on your "Subscribe & Save" program (at a better price
than w/Keurig. So REALLY disappointed to learn today it was no longer available on said program.
Shame on manufacturerer!
393067393067B003VXL0V6A1J1XVORAUYTTVRobert Fleming0051300406400Very nice tasteI have tried about 25 different K-Cup flavors, and this is my favorite. It has a wonderful aroma, and just the right amount of Hazelnut. Use the subscribe option, and this is a deal that can't be beat.
393068393068B003VXL0V6A3KSV9A3PE3M3MPNG0031300406400Not as sweet as other French Vanilla coffeesI admit, I like my French Vanilla coffee to be heavy on the vanilla side. This isn't. It's a much stronger coffee brew, meaning more sugar and creamer is needed to tone down the coffee flavor. On the other hand, it's a reasonable alternative if my preferred brand (Van Houtte) isn't on sale or when it's occasionally out of stock. I like that it comes in a 2-pack because our family goes through a lot of k-cups and I don't have to order quite so often.
393069393069B003VXL0V6AA10EFTRAL2CKMrsHomeEc0051299974400Great Coffee, Great PriceI buy these with subscribe and save. I like the flavor and aroma. Going on month two and I am not tired of them yet!
393070393070B003VXL0V6A3POR4Z3ZVKGMEZenNana0051299801600What I've Been Looking ForI was very excited when I received a Keurig coffee maker as a Christmas present, & couldn't wait to put it to use. However, in the three months since I've had it, I have struggled to find what I think is a good cup of coffee. Most of the brands I've tried have either been too weak or too strong.

I am not a "Starbucks" kind of coffee drinker, or fan of fancy flavored coffees. I just like a regular cup of coffee that smells good when it's brewing, & tastes smooth when I drink it. Finally, just like Goldilocks said, this one is "just right".
393071393071B003VXL0V6A2ZOVHKYDH4UOJark76 "Annie K"0041299715200Yum but weakOne of the weaker flavored coffees but a yummy one. Almost no need for milk as it is already creamy tasting.
393072393072B003VXL0V6A38TAEK5BQ0L8ZKaren0051299456000For true coffee loversThis coffee is awesome. Kinda bold, with a sweetness. Excellent my son says with International's Carmel Macchiado creamer you can find in the dairy section.
393073393073B003VXL0V6A31LWRGL7B9Y7PLinz0051298937600great coffeeThe coffee was great. Spent some time in Jamaica and got to love the coffee. Nice to get in back home as well.
393074393074B003VXL0V6A2LNPSDCRPQ1DWC. Bartholomew "C. Bartholomew"0051298851200Very Good CoffeeI got this with the purchase of 24 different bold coffee k-cups to find the ones I like best, and so far this is my favorite. It may not be bold enough for some, but it is not supposed to compete with the 'extra bold' varieties. This was smooth and not nearly as bitter as many bold coffees. So many bold blends have a 'burned' flavor, leaving a bad taste in your mouth, this one was strong without the bad aftertaste, perfect for me!
393075393075B003VXL0V6A2GYDZ6RN1UWJMGWP0051298764800Good k-cupI like full-bodied coffee and to try something different to supplement the standard one I use. This coffee was perfect for that purpose. Timothy's Rainforest Expresso is still my standard one...but I will order this again.
393076393076B003VXL0V6A26OE2P0ESL9PHgrjudy0051298592000Rich and wonderfulCreme Caramel is by far my newest favorite! Great coffee flavor, not too weak, with a wonderful caramel aroma!
393077393077B003VXL0V6A2RB1UIF3W1G8CBeckmayo0051298505600Great Coffee !I drink alot of coffee and love hazelnut coffee, this brand has the best flavor I have ever tasted. I have bought several different brands and this one is the BEST! It may be a few dollars more but it is worth it. I absolutely love and enjoy it every morning.
393078393078B003VXL0V6A3T4UQRGKU4SPGCherlin "Artist"0021298419200Can't find the perfect Creme' Brûlée Coffee!
393079393079B003VXL0V6AQMVY521YJDBEgg0021298246400Yummy coffee, not a fan of coffee grinds though!!I REALLY like the taste of this coffee! My only complaint is that the coffee grinds end up in my coffee. Not a huge fan of that and even though I really like the taste of it I will not order again, bummer!! =(
393080393080B003VXL0V6A1NLRUENKRUX3ETIM LINDEN0051298246400My Favorite CoffeeMy favorite, I have it auto shipped through Amazon. The only problem I have is I drink way too much coffee now because I like it so much.
393081393081B003VXL0V6A3KWN5WDEUEJ9VBrian K James0051297900800One of my favorite K-cupsThis is one of my favorite K-cups. It's a rich dark coffee without the bitterness of some. Highly recommended.
393082393082B003VXL0V6A2ZDOLIADXFMZXCathy0031297814400OKI thought the coffee tasted fine. It was not strong enough for my husband. Several of the pods burst during brewing. I probably won't purchase this again.
393083393083B003VXL0V6A38WQC8XIEVA64Lisa0051297728000Scrumptious!This is my favorite of the flavored coffees. I am not usually a fan of coconut but this coffee is deliciously coconutty-chocolaty! Love it!
393084393084B003VXL0V6A1T5M4BXCFNUNJCoffee Bean0051297641600My New FavoriteYummy, mild, and delicious. My new favorite! Mild in comparision to coffees called "rocket fuel" and taste like motor oil, but truly a medium roast. Pleasant in the morning. Makes you glad to have a good cup of coffee.
393085393085B003VXL0V6A5CEPNXXOSOSJD. Scott0051297555200Great flavored coffeeWolfgang Puck coffees are great and the Creme Caramel is one of my favorites. I would recommend this coffee for people who like a mild flavor.
393086393086B003VXL0V6AVWTLFMCTFKW1Crazy Mama to 30041297296000Decent coffee but I wasnt wowed!I thought that because of the name attached that I would be wow-ed...its just a good average coffee nothing spectacular.
393087393087B003VXL0V6ATQCO4O4U8E78Toriac "Tori"0011297123200Horrible: did something happen?I bought this coffee because several people who also liked my favorite (Jet Fuel or Emeril's Big Intense Bold) liked this one. Typically Sumatra is one of my favorite coffees as well.

I am wondering if they made a bad batch or gave it the wrong label.
It is **NOT** bold. It is extremely mild and smoky tasting. Not a single member of my family liked it and that's very unusual.

I'm going to contact the company to see if they'll exchange it or refund me. It is THAT bad.
393088393088B003VXL0V6AD7SKPC2E4FBWJulia0011297036800Misleading Flavor NameAs coffee in general, this Wolfgang variety was alright. However, I was expecting a "Creme Caramel" taste, or something similar, and I don't feel this delivered. I tried multiple cups at different cup sizes and this coffee just didn't do it for me. It is marketed as a flavored coffee, yet I could not taste anything beyond the flavor of coffee.
393089393089B003VXL0V6AYHH3IL637HZJbacacre0051296864000yummyI prefer mild to medium coffee and I've tried so many different k-cups but I'll stay with this one the other reviews were right on , smooth and not any bitterness. Just a great cup of joe. With amazon prime it came super fast, if you're not a prime member I strongly recommend it.
393090393090B003VXL0V6A1KE7XXXLYIXLPatricia0011296864000Cups Can Be DefectiveThis is a good French roast coffee, although it could be a little bolder. I've never before had a k cup dump the contents into my cup. It's extremely irritating to deal with grounds in the cup and machine when deliberately choosing a system that avoids the mess.

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