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393166393166B003VXL0V6A25SQ33WVST1HVBrant L. Rusch0121327708800Not a fan of this blendCoffee is a very subjective thing. Some people like coffee that borders on tea, others like the stuff that a certain national chain named after a famous Battlestar Galactica pilot serves. For the record, I love the slightly-sour taste of Dunkin Donuts coffee and I find the stuff made by "that other chain" to be akin to re-hydrated cigarette ash. For many years, we still percolated coffee...with most big-name brands of pre-ground coffee, you needed a percolator to bring out the flavor in it, but again, your tastes may vary.

With my Keurig, my favorite coffee was Paul Neumans Extra Bold....because it didn't seem Extra Bold. Until you buy 80 of them and get tired of the flavor. Then, my favorites were the Caribu's....but something happened to that brand (see reviews) and I agree, they did something...either they don't put as much in the cups or they changed the blend, the sourcing of the beans, etc......wasted money on Caribu and wont go back to the brand.

So Wolfgang Puck got the nod, tried 4 different flavors. This one, Sorrento, is not my favorite of the bunch (currently Colombian Chef's Reserve). It has a bolder strength (which I believe hard core coffee drinkers would consider Medium), but to me it has a simple burnt flavor to it. Cream and Sweetener don't correct for this, and thus I'm a bit disappointed....but again it was a stab in the dark.

I think if you prefer a slightly bolder, slightly more burnt flavor in your coffee...this may be for you. I like the character of the Colombian Chef's Reserve, but it is not as strong, and perhaps that is just what my taste is slanted towards. I don't believe you can get a bad cup of coffee in the Wolfgang Puck line however. Can't say the same for some other K-cup brands.
393167393167B003VXL0V6A3D4W0Z1B4P2Q0borderchick "borderchick"0111325808000WORST COFFEE I'VE EVER HAD!This Wolfgang Puck Coffee Jamaica Me Crazy is the worst coffee I've ever had!
I threw it out right away after one sip! It taste like all coconut flavoring.
Hard to believe someone thought this taste good and was marketable. They should be fired!
393168393168B003VXL0V6A2BUR03REASIKQNathan M. Scaparotti "crankywanker"0111320019200Hazelnut?!?Ugh... no where on the Amazon page for this item did it state that it was Hazelnut flavored. I have been choking this down for a month just trying to get through it. Thought it was going to be a Blue Mountain-like Jamaican coffee...
393169393169B003VXL0V6A3UROAHZHOIMTRMaria "andrewsm51"0121318896000MediocreThis coffee is only mediocre in quality. I do not like a highly acidic coffee nor do I like it when the coffee outdates within 6 weeks of the order date. The only reason I am not more dissatified with this lousy coffee is that I paid very little for it by using a credit I had at amazon payments. I do not recommend this coffee.
393170393170B003VXL0V6A35OHTADORNP7Nnoname0141316476800good coffee, good dealIt is a medium roast pleasant coffee, comparable to green mountain's breakfast blend. I bought it with a very good deal though.
393171393171B003VXL0V6APYN2VSN3C9PMLoveMyKeurig0111311465600Simply - It's terribleIf Keurig brewers were evaluated by this particular K-Cup, Keurig would be out of business. Wolfgang Puck - French Roast Melange Francais is inexcusably terrible coffee. Aroma hints of singed oak leave and the top note is simply bitter. Mid taste is like the bottom ounces of a days old Kwiki-Mart carafe. Mouth feel is harsh and leaves an appalling coating. The after taste leads one to immediately brush ones teeth. I simply couldn't believe my Keurig was capable of making such a bad cup of coffee, so I tried again a week later with same results. I use average-to-good filtered water and have no problems with other brands like Green Mountain, Tulleys, nor Emeril's. Everyone I know that has a Keurig learned of it via word of mouth or a shared cup. Usually the results are stunning, and the Keurig invasion lives on. When I share I'll stick with offering The Coffee Peoples' Black Tiger or Jet Fuel. Now I have 22 more WP/FR K-cups sitting in the bottom draw of my china cabinet to get rid of. Let me know if you want them, as I'd be embarrassed to even give them away. Sorry Wolfgang, but what the Puck - your French Roast is unpardonably horrible, and at K-cup prices I'll not be duped again. I'll stay away from any of the other WP offerings.
393172393172B003VXL0V6A1SZG52GFZYEUXJ. W. Walker0111307836800HorribleThis stuff tasted like pipe tobacco smells. My Son didn't like it either and I ended up throwing it out.
393173393173B003VXL0V6A1MJFZ975LIEHETHE REAL REVIEW "Only 100% truthful Reviews"0151307577600Terrrrific!!Simply Awesome. I love bold coffee and love French Roast Brews. This is a truly wonderful FR blend. Dittos for Deidrich FR, both are awesome.

I also tend to like the BOLD COFFEE PEOPLE KCUPS...Most all I've tried have been bold and flavorful, each with it's own distinct flavor.
393174393174B003VXL0V6A3SFS8R1T6JJM9PolyOWannaCracker0151303171200Just got the coffee... LOVE IT!!!I got the coffee for 12.50 per box. Ordered 4 boxes!! Such a great deal, as the coffee is a great blend.

If anyone is upset because of the website having issues when they were trying to buy it, they shouldn't review the product poorly, as it is not the product that is the problem.

The problem is that you're jealous you didn't get such a great deal on the coffee. Grow up kids, this coffee is great!!! Will buy from, LLC again for more K-Cups for my Keurig.

393175393175B003VXL0V6A3K0OWGS5G12L4Cecil B. Lee "mtmynd"0141289865600Satisfying!Highly recommended for those who appreciate a good dark roast coffee, Wolfgang's Sumatra Kopi Raya excites the flavor buds and ignites one's morning... always a good start to any day.
393176393176B003VXL0V6A194XR1O94JG3TS-LY1311302825600Never got a chance...and still climbingOk...TODAY 4/15 this company decided to put them up for sale at 12.50 per 24pk... This advertisement was on SLICKDEALS.NET

Well... Went to order and refreshed the page and in my cart was now 1 at 36 dollars???? so they sold one out of my cart.
Next.... I waited 20 mins to see if it was a fluke and SD.NET started claiming dead link.

Well upon refreshing again... they were now 44.95 for one 24 pack...

393177393177B003VXL0V6AD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome1321286323200Bitter w/ overtones of cardboardNo thanks. Kind of bitter and has slight overtone of cardboard. Organic Bold and Donut Shop are still our faves.
393178393178B003VXL0V6AGDLI9B52XZYCRuth A Henry0211329868800The WORST coffee !The worst!!! it is just plan awful bitter and strong and you cannot taste the Hazel Nut flavor at all!!!!! Do not buy this product save your money!!!!!
393179393179B003VXL0V6A1XF1C7TEHCFTKjim0231296259200Wolfgang K-cupK-cups are marginally better than good coffee that I can buy at the store for 1/2 the price or less. This product was offered at $19.95 and I was willing to purchase it but it immediately went up to $26.95. It is not really worth $19.95 and is certainly not worth any increase. Additionally, what's the deal on offering INSTANT COFFEE in K-cups for $15.99 leaving us to think it's a good deal on REAL coffee. Do you want to lose our trust (business)???? That's a good way to do it!!!!!!!!!!
393180393180B003VXL0V6AY2K56GDX6CBDDenise M. Guthrie1411292371200Taste like old socksI thought this coffee was really horrible. Had one cup and will throw the rest away because it can't be returned.
393151393151B003VXL0V6AJZ41FI5FK2CHC. LaRue1211300665600What a waste of money!Unfortunately, I'm much too frugal to throw away something I've spent perfectly good money on, so I'm continuing to use these suckers until they're gone (hopefully in a few weeks). I thought I was buying a decent brand of coffee, given the Wolfgang Puck name, but alas, I was wrong. Using the middle cup size on my Keurig coffeemaker, these k-cups make a weak cup of coffee... more like brown water. No taste, no nothing. I switched to the smallest size cup and it's marginally better, but still barely drinkable. I wouldn't serve these to guests EVER. I can't wait to be done with these boxes of junk so I can order something with some taste. Please don't waste your money.
393152393152B003VXL0V6A3KQVZ95S7AX0Pjeaniemarie1211296000000bad tasting coffeethis was terrible coffee Wolfgang Pucks Jamaicamecrazy, I received a partial refund but felt I should have gotten a full refund as I can't drink the coffee and had to throw it all away. Also had to pay shipping and should not of had to. I would like a response to this.
393153393153B003VXL0V6A336QIZU3I4C3ZWalter J. Keegan Jr. "Avant1963"1251294099200A pleasing cup of coffeeI found the taste and strength of this coffee just right for it to gain the honor of one of my "go-to" coffees for my Keurig. Not too strong or bitter, I rather enjoy the flavor. Sadly with the recent "K-cup coup" staged by Green Mountain Coffees, it looks like Amazon isn't carrying the Wolfgang Puck coffees any longer and my Subscribe and Save (and my business) will need to go elsewhere. Definitely give this coffee a shot if you can.
393154393154B003VXL0V6A37FXNMMRY5YN6B. ODonnell1221291766400Nice flavor, but very weakThe aroma is pleasant, and flavor is nice and smooth, but it is very, very weak. I really wanted to like this one as there are very few available on subscribe and save, but I just cannot recommend it. Even making smaller cups it is very weak. I'm going to stick to Newman's Own Organics Extra Bold as my go to k-cup for now.
393156393156B003VXL0V6AQ6SHOW0VMZGFK. Padgett "familyof5"1231286236800Meh...Okay, Not GreatWe love Hazelnut coffee, but this just didn't have enough coffee flavor in it for me. Kind of on the weak side in my opinion. I'll keep looking.
393157393157B003VXL0V6ABDYDR7003IROT. Palmer1251284768000Great find!Love this coffee! The aroma is as delicious as the flavor. My husband would typically have a cup of coffee once or twice a month, now he's having a cup several times a week.
393158393158B003VXL0V6A1Z94P94HPWOU0M. Williams "Lucasmommy"4721283558400crazy flavor combination.I admit, I am not terribly fond of flavored coffees. But, this one is not for us. We both love the Rodeo Drive. I have a good freind that loves this coffee. I sent her ours.
393159393159B003VXL0V6A1D3S3KH6T7206gtl32411297123200Overpowering flavor and watery- Coffee lovers bewareI found this coffee to be great at first, but as I started having it more and more I came to detest it. On the large setting the coffee is WAY too watery. Also, the flavor is very, very overpowering and kind of tastes like bananas.

It is a pretty good mid-afternoon or evening desert coffee, but other than that it is kinda gross.
393160393160B003VXL0V6A853R31RZEA9AKimberly A. Pernia "Kim P."2411293840000What a disappointmentI am definitely not a coffee connoisseur, but this stuff is bad. It is a disappointment because I expected a Wolfgang Puck product to have more "class." This tastes artificial and it can't stand alone without tons of cream and sweetener. Will not buy again!
393161393161B003VXL0V6A222AGYJ4N33F7Greg Keats2411292976000Ewwwww!!!!Really? Who blends this stuff and decides that it is good? Ugh. I can sum this nastyness up in one quick phrase. Stale airline coffee! If you like that flavor, then you will love this one, if you don't like thin cardboard soaked, never washed the pot out, and the water came from a tin canteen, flavored coffee, then you won't like this one either! I would give this zero stars if I could. WOW, likely the worst cup of coffee that I have ever had. I hope Wolfy reads this as his name is on the package and I expected more, now I know not to buy any of his signature products, awesome, thanks for saving me $$ next time! The package says Extra Bold, but it doesn't taste extra bold. It's almost like they put some ground instant powder in the mix to make it stronger.
393162393162B003VXL0V6A1KJDUS91L5OOEbears226870111343952000not goodThe coffee tasted bitter and like it was burnt. I cleaned the machine and it still tasted bitter and burnt. Will not order this again.
393163393163B003VXL0V6A1AOCVNFLPJVUVPagancat "pagancat"0111341964800Really???I'm amazed that people are happy with this product. I'm not a drinker of the dark brews, French roast or anything, but even for a drinker of a milder cup of coffee, this is completely tasteless. The initial scent is delicious, too bad none of it shows up in the actual coffee.
393164393164B003VXL0V6A3P84TZX9X1B3XKIMBUYS "kimbuys"0121339286400No flavor - very weakI got this through a Decaf Keurig assortment pack (also from amazon) and while I have enjoyed all of the flavors - thisone was so weak - I had to post a review.
393165393165B003VXL0V6A26NFIQ7KWI8Y7kt rose0111329696000bitterTo me this coffee was extremely bitter. I dumped it out and made a different cup. It made me afraid to try other WP coffees but I did like the WP Sumatra Kopi Raya.

For reference purposes my in store drink is a Starbucks Americano.

My favorite k-cups are:
Starbucks French Roast
Starbucks Caffe Verona
Starbucks Pike Place Roast
Green Mountain Xtra Bold Sumatran Reserve
Green Mountain Double Black Diamond
Green Mountain Revv
Green Mountain Dark Magic

Other k-cups I've tried: Coffee People Jet Fuel ,Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf, Emeril Jazzed up Decaf, Starbucks Caffe Verona, Coffee People Black Tiger, Starbucks House Blend, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Sumatra, Wolfgang Puck French Roast, Green Mountain Lake and Lodge, Green Mountain French Roast, Caribou Mahogony, Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya, Emeril Big Easy Bold

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