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393181393181B003VXL0V6A2CR1R7VU63YPTgbosco "band mom"0331284163200Can't offer much guidanceI ordered the vanilla coffee for my college age children. Unfortunately, there were shipping delays and it did not arrive until the kids had returned to college for the Fall semester. Update to come when they finally come home for a break -- it may be a while. The other coffees I have ordered have all been tasty and a very good value, I have no reason to believe this will be any different. I can say that the k cups and the Keurig have been delightful. I enjoy having a freshly brewed cup every time and like that I save a bunch of money by brewing at home into a travel mug rather than stopping to drop $2.00 for a cup on the way to work. Saves all those styrofoam cups too!
393182393182B003VXL0V6AMEEXXHSFDS3ZTito Lover1511287360000Yuk! Twangy aftertaste and weak coffee make this one to avoid.I bought both the Creme Caramel and this Hazelnut kcup and I couldn't tell them apart even if my life depended on it... The flavor is pretty weak and the coffee itself is too and unlike the Caramel one, this one has a nasty bitter aftertaste like the flavor is artificial. Yeah, I know it's artificial but I hate that it actually tastes like a chemical! Yuk...

This is one of those coffees you can serve to company who doesn't know good coffee or people you don't want to have come to your house any more as one cup of this and they won't be your friends after it! It really is quite bad.
393183393183B003VXL0V6ABQN42N7ICNZQT.O. Perspective0441284076800Not Extra BoldDefinitely not extra bold...medium roast at best. Not particularly memorable...doesn't have a good coffee aroma...but it's pretty decent tasting. At this point I'm not sure if I would reorder.
393184393184B003VXL0V6ATXHMAP3ED09FStephen J. Lewan0511322179200horrible coffeethis coffee has a very funny taste to it not good you would think wolfgang it would be good dont buy this coffee this is a review of 6 people there are 6 people in my shop we all hate it not good
393185393185B003VXL0V6A230IB6KZBNHZYAndrew "Andrew"3351344556800Great balanceI'm not a coffee snob. If I was, I doubt I'd own a Keurig. I just want a decent tasting cup of coffee with little cleanup.

I've tried many of the flavored coffees, but they're too gimmicky for me. Starbucks brand tastes burnt to me, even their blonde roast -- in stores I mean, I have not tried the Starbucks brand kcups.

I like this breakfast blend because it's not too dark, not too light. It tastes like what no-frills coffee should taste like. I order the biggest size to get the best value.

Update: I just tried to create a review for the "Jamaica Me Crazy" coconut flavor, which I thought was terrible. (And I *love* coconut.) I should specify that the original review was for "Breakfast in Bed."
393186393186B003VXL0V6A31GKRAQW2HT4ZS. Moreland "#1Sinner"3331304035200Disappointed, this is not BOLD coffeeI was so excited to try a new BOLD coffee.....needless to say, I am disappointed. I would rate this coffee as a MEDIUM. If it would have been listed as a MEDIUM, I would have given it a higher rating because this is truly a MEDIUM strength coffee in taste and flavor. I will still drink it from time to time- flavor is smooth, not bitter. Overall, I wish that I would have ordered some more Jet Fuel or Black Tiger.
393187393187B003VXL0V6A1H703P9ALYVM6Lisa972253341297814400Good stuff, but overpricedI do like this coffee, but even with Subscribe and Save, Amazon's price is higher than K-cups at Bed Bath & Beyond. Convenience is one thing, but since there are BB&Bs all around me, it's pretty easy to pick up my coffee there and save a few bucks. I wish Amazon would price their coffees more competitively - I'd buy here exclusively if they did. But this is good, medium roast coffee. Not quite as strong as I'd like, but a little stronger than the Breakfast in Bed version. I may need to try Sorrento and see if it's a little bolder.
393188393188B003VXL0V6A29BHW9YT2FZ77JackieTH3331296432000Average offering from Wolfgang PuckSo here is another example of a 48-pack of k-cups I bought "untested". I figured, well, I really enjoy Sumatra's bold, smooth and rich with a bit of bitterness flaver, so why not? Wolfgang puck has a few restaurants, so maybe he knows coffee.

So, this is utterly average in all departments. It's not very bold or rich, although I can say it does have the bitterness, which is a bit unbalanced as it lacks the richness. Purchased only because it appeared on the Subscribe & Save at a great price per k-cup. That makes two WP's that have been run of the mill at best [Sumatra & French roast]. Next time I'll be more discerning.
393189393189B003VXL0V6A29BHW9YT2FZ77JackieTH3331296432000Average quality French roastI really like to mix things up with k-cups and rarely buy 50-ct boxes of a single flavor. Exception to the rule would be for dark, bold coffees such as French roasts, which I really enjoy. So when Wolfgang Puck's French roast turned up on Amazon's deal of the week, even though I have never tried before, now I have 48 units.

It's fairly non-descript for a French roast. Decent aroma, but taste is muted compared to, for example, a Diedrich French roast. I don't hate or even dislike it, it's 'okay', and for the price I paid, is acceptable without complaint. It may make an acceptable guest coffee for those wanting something a little bolder without being over the top rich.

I'd call it mildly bold, average, and I won't be going out of my way to keep it on hand.
393190393190B003VXL0V6A15281ZG5VT4GAMarci A. Day "Marci"3351295654400Great mild cup of coffeeMy favorite K-Cup so far. Absolutely NO aftertaste, which in my book is a huge plus. It's not acidic, not bitter, just a great MILD cup of coffee, which is exactly what it purports to be! I wish other people would read the description before they give a bad review based on their own stupidity. Don't buy a MEDIUM roast coffee and complain because it's not bold! Also, as a general rule the ones with "Breakfast" in the name are milder. I don't care for bold, dark roast, slap you awake coffee so I wouldn't buy a bold coffee and then complain that it was bold.
393191393191B003VXL0V6AB0EQA6NXOYZAKaren Solomon Dunn "Homebody"3341287964800Well-rounded but weakI've read so many reviews on the many brands and varieties of K-cups... coffee preferences are so subjective. I did like the flavor of this coffee -- bold but not bitter. As to "strength" I wish that there was more coffee in each K-cup... I am accustomed to Starbuck's strength, and I have to set my Keurig to medium-cup size to get the strength I need. This is not as cost-effective as -- say Jet Fuel (but I found Jet Fuel too bitter.)
If Wolfgang Puck would add more coffee to its K-cups, this would be a perfect coffee for me.
393192393192B003VXL0V6A33KM1JMS3TTXSJBCinSD3321287878400nothing specialWolfgang Puck's "Breakfast in Bed" is a much more flavorful and robust medium roast than this one.
393193393193B003VXL0V6AQ88ZVCT54QIPIsabel E. Averill3341285804800Best Iced K-Cup I've Had!This coffee has a very tropical taste to it, so it's perfect for iced coffee on a hot day. The flavor is not bad when heated, but it just seems a little odd.

You don't usually think of tropical beverages being hot.
393194393194B003VXL0V6A3IR834T7AROBTEd3351285286400Pleasant, smooth and flavorful cup of coffeeWe have been enjoying our order of W.Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya dark roast coffee K-cups for the last week. We find the delicious flavor very satisfying...not so strong to be bitter, and not so weak as to taste like colored water. The coffee is perfect. There is just the right amount of heartiness to make it an enjoyable coffee experience, and it carries a nice lingering pleasant flavor and aroma. It is not as strong as an espresso, but maybe one step below. Like we said, "pleasant, smooth, and flavorful!"
393195393195B003VXL0V6AWB6OLPRMCLDMLucky Dog "Paula C"3351285286400pretty good for decafI am not a fan of any of the decaf k cups I have tried but this one is probably the best.I like strong coffee and his comes pretty close to what I would expect although it says medium roast.
393196393196B003VXL0V6AQQ79QLD9K4OFBrenda H. Moore "BAM Moore"5651285977600Wonderfully yummyI was intrigued how this particular blend got such an exotic name, and I wasn't disappointed. There is an ever so slight coconut aftertaste that makes this so delicious, I don't like strong coffee, and this is perfect for my husband and I. I get it send regularly now and it's one of our favorites! Second only to Jamaica Me Crazy by Wolfgang Puck. Wolfgang is much tastier than the other brands.
393197393197B003VXL0V6AYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"5651284249600Exquisitely Flavored Medium CoffeeI tried this coffee on a half dozen quests this weekend and they all loved it. For those that like their coffee mild, I brewed 7 oz cups. For those of us that like it bold, I brewed 5 oz cups.

As an earlier posted noted, it does have a slightly flavored quality to the taste that makes it stand out from other coffees. The taste isn't obvious enough to turn off drinkers who want their coffee "regular and black" but strong enough to note for those of us that pay attention.

I plan on trying all of Wolfgang's line. Wish he'd offer a variety pack.
393198393198B003VXL0V6AAFRCVB8XENT1nqss7911296518400WARNING... this is a strongly FLAVORED coffeeThis is not regular coffee as the description would lead you to believe... it's artificially flavored, and it appears from the other ratings that you either love the flavor or hate it. My household hated it. Of course, that would be my problem if the description was accurate, but it's not. Amazon refunded my money and said someone would check the information on the product page.
393199393199B003VXL0V6A12DVG1FD6DEQEChickLitLove2251338940800Dee-lishI just got my box today and brewed a cup after work. It's one of my favorite k-cups yet!! I recommend it. Smooth, doesn't taste watered down, and no bitter aftertaste. The cups also look pretty in my k-cup rack :-)
393200393200B003VXL0V6A28R88QFHN203BSean T. Martin2251337558400The Best Hazelnut K-Cup!Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut is the best K-Cup Hazelnut and I have tried them all. We ordered this large pack, because we sadly found out that Wolfgang Puck is discontinuing many (not all) of their K-Cups, including this flavor. Buy this while you can!
393201393201B003VXL0V6A1F5ZNMJV28M6XJ. Stanwyck2251337472000great coffeeSo far, of all the decaf Kcups we have tried, this is our favorite. Wish it were on the automatic ordering system. Coffee is such an individual like or dislike but when we use it with an 8oz cup of water it is great.
393202393202B003VXL0V6A1PMJ9FR4X1CP4Mare172251332892800Best K-cup Coffee!I bought the Kuerig because I love the Dunkin Original and Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. Rodeo Drive has now become my favorite. It is very delicious and smooth.
393203393203B003VXL0V6AJXVOY9PS5UUPDelores M. Wadick "Ms Dee"2251332115200Wolfgang Puck Decaf can't miss!When I feel that I do not need more caffine, I have found that the Wolfgang Puck Decaf is a great substitute. I really can't tell the difference, taste wise. I had been having trouble finding a good decaf. I think this one is it.
393204393204B003VXL0V6AHTACNRCJ00CGbluebird602251331596800What a great cup of coffeeSometimes I feel when I reach for a decaffeinated K-cup that I'm going to settle for less flavor. However, I'm completely happy with this product. I don't feel I'm missing anything. Everyday I treat myself to a relaxing cup of coffee after work before starting dinner. This product just fits what I'm looking for.
393205393205B003VXL0V6A27YKN5IIUEILYMom F2251329782400Enjoyable flavor!I got a 5 k-cup sample box of this coffee from Keureg, and I find that it is my favorite decaf coffee. It brews a smooth tasting cup of coffee every time. I add some 1/2 & 1/2 and a bit of Equal, and it is a treat any time.
Glad to have found this coffee.
393206393206B003VXL0V6A36HUF7VGTJZ8MDHopewell2251329177600great decaf coffee!Wolfgang Puck coffees are very good. This particular flavor of decaf is delicious - doesn't taste like decaf at all, very rich & flavorful. Also, this was a very good value for the price. I've recommended this product to several friends.
393207393207B003VXL0V6A3CTXFPNJCCUVOKeith Corbin2251328486400My Favorite K-CupMy wife and I have decided hands down, this is our favorite K-cup. We've tried a lot of others, and Donut Shop and Caribu Daybreak are certainly still up there. However, this has a very solid body flavor with a medium roast. Almost a bold flavor with a smooth finish. Excellent flavor versus strength. Really nice to get up on a lazy Sunday morning and have a nice cup of Breakfast in Bed!

Also, I see another reviewer had problems with messy K-cups. I can say after about 6 boxes of theses, I haven't had any issues. Very unfortunate for the other reviewer, but looks like it was rather isolated.

Give it a try, you'll certainly enjoy it, the wife and I sure do!
393208393208B003VXL0V6A10H24TDLK2VDPWilliam Jens Jensen2231309824000UnremarkableFirst, let me say that I prefer extra-bold K-Cup coffees and only occasionally drink a medium blend, and never decaf. I bought three Wolfgang Puck coffees several months ago: Rodeo Drive Blend; French Roast; and Sumatra Kopi Raya. All three are quite drinkable, though they do not measure up to a few of the extra-bold blends from Coffee People: Kona Blend; Organic Blend; Jet Fuel; and Black Tiger. Even better than these, though, is my new favorite, Green Mountain's Revv. Those who prefer a strong, dark cup of coffee (even at the larger mug setting) should try that brand.

Previously, I had found the dark-roast Green Mountain coffees rather boring, but Revv lives up to the hype, both in strength and flavor. Another great Green Mountain coffee is their Espresso Blend (though Amazon doesn't stock it, so the prices tend to be higher here than in brick-and-mortar stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond). Finally, a favorite regular over the years has been Emeril's Big Easy Bold. It's a very nice coffee, though don't expect the New Orleans experience of chicory flavor.

Bottom line: You won't go wrong with the Wolfgang Puck coffees, but for my taste they do not stand out among the available bold coffees.
393209393209B003VXL0V6A31W55J90T8NFFD. T. Socci-Brown2241305936000Light Coconut Flavored Coffee.I am usually a non flavored coffee drinker, but I do like to mix things up every now and again. This is a lightly coconut flavored coffee. The coffee itself is a medium brew and it goes well with the tropical undertones of the coconut. It is a nice summer drink.
393210393210B003VXL0V6A2H74FIBDN5NMRM. Prieto "Havanese friend"2251305504000Rodeo Drive - delicious coffeeI love quite a few coffees but this one is grabbing my whole households attention. It's not bitter but it's not light either. It's perfect. I love it.

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