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393241393241B003VXL0V6A3K9YKYVGEENPIBeth1131317772800Okay but not greatThis coffee is okay but certainly not as good as Green Mountain's Breakfast Blend. It just doesn't taste as good.
393242393242B003VXL0V6A19P6UUJKZYC6GDr. Donald A. Hawley1131317772800Tasty but ExpensiveThis is a great flavored coffee nevertheless, K-cups are getting too expensive for everyday home use. I am now using the filler and using my own ground coffee much of the time. It's also helpful to look for other price alternatives.
393243393243B003VXL0V6A3R7R8ARVN2P3DA. Kehoe Jr.1141313020800Great, but not perfectI roast my own Colombian beans at home so I have a perfect "10" for reference. Right off the bat let me say that just like their Sumatran reserve, this k-cup is not bitter, but smooth. The aftertaste is also smooth. My chief complaint is it does not taste like a Colombian bean. It really is missing the deep flavor of a columbian coffee, while the Sumatran Puck K-cup definitely has a Sumatran taste. The "8 oclock" brand you see in many grocery stores has a more distinct flavor than this k-cup. That being said, my final recommendation is that I would recoommend the Puck Sumatran over this if you like a distinct coffee flavor. However, if you are looking for a not-too-stong-but-not-bitter coffee, this Colombian is a great choice. I would buy this again just because of the smooth taste.
393244393244B003VXL0V6A1XAUZ08A5EXJAMing1141303689600Spicy sweetness!I've always been drawn to K-Cup varieties with out there names (Jet Fuel, Black Tiger) and distinctive flavors (Golden French Toast, Spicy Mayan Chocolate). This offering melds those two features into something I'm happy to wake up to!

To me, Jamaica Me Crazy's definitely got a pervasive coconut taste fairly similar to Dunkin' Donuts coconut flavored coffee, but it's also got a lot of the flavor characteristics I've come to expect from K-Cup chocolate brews. Barely any of that acidic aftertaste that's almost inevitable with artificial flavors, and definitely not as watery as many other K-cup varieties. Sure, the name's pretty corny and the taste is hardly subtle or sophisticated, but that's what makes this cup of joe so fun!
393245393245B00743SFTEA2XKWYASCYHBUIDawn Blum "Eielofview"0051350950400Better Batter cakes are wonderfulBetter Batter cake mixes are amazing! my friends and family can not tell it isn't gluten free, they are tasty, have low fat and vegan options and are naturally gluten free. I love being able to eat cake again!
393246393246B002M55LKUA23ZJB9M46R8SSGenipher Oswalt2251259712000FANTASTIC!We bought these locally a couple of years ago and they have been hard to find since. They are THE BOMB! If you like mocha (you know, coffee/chocolate) and you like M&Ms - these are incredible. They're a little harder than the traditional shelled chocolate candy, but they still melt in your mouth. They're like little mocha drops for your tongue. Wonderful, YUM!
393247393247B002M55LKUA16YNNT757JVUEnotrhj0031315958400Not so MuchThe bomb. Well these bombed.
Put these out next to the M&M's. The M&M's were gone and this dish was still full.
Extra Extra Extra hard shell with a mild coffee taste.
Since its several pounds it should last for a lifetime.
393248393248B0000E2YA1A1AX1O8T7SDRGBMichael J. Malaspina6641205712000Proof Your Parents Loved YouSeriously? It's flavored sugar with candy that you lick and dip in the sugar so as to eat sugar with your candy that is mostly pressed sugar.

That said. It's sooo good. And if your parents let you have it they obviously loved you because no one ACTUALLY wants to hand a kid a bunch of sugar and say, "GO FOR IT!"

At least that's my take on it.

393249393249B0000E2YA1A1YF58YLZIGABUHapa Chick1151245456000Fantastic!This ended up being exactly what I was looking for! I purchased a slew of nostalgic candy for my 30th birthday party. When I came across Fun Dip, the only ones I could find anywhere were the individually packaged flavor packs. Amazon actually had the big packs (that I grew up with) with the two sugar sticks and three different flavored sugar packs. If that's what you're looking for, this is your product!

(On a side note, the candies were a big hit!)
393250393250B0000E2YA1A3PA4NEEEZSV0LL. Henderson1151220832000Great candy! Super-fast delivery!This yummy candy, which is hard to find in our area, was delivered super-fast -- much to the delight of my child (and my inner child).
393251393251B0000E2YA1A3F95CADYVQW60SD. Cody Walker, MA Esq0411306886400Best Nose candy ever!it burns a lil. but if you can hold it down, its legit. makes your nose feel like its on fire. in a good way. holla
393252393252B002ZI5E2EA2R4XX3EUAUXDEFullofjoy0041325548800So far, so good!This was my first starter ever, so I am a newbie. I felt like the process was a little long to get the starter going (and my husband did not enjoy having to keep the heat up) but so far I have made two loaves of bread and they have been good. Skip the pancakes... A little too sour tasting. But, so far, the start is alive and well and living in the refrigerator!
393253393253B001KWZHD2A2E6EGW2QPNMUFDCLawyer0041348099200Solid addition for a lazy man's pantryYes, it's not an authentic Indian curry. It's a nice addition of flavor to an otherwise bland meal though. If you're low on time, throwing a packet on top of some chickpeas and frozen veggies and letting simmer for a little while yields a surprisingly good backup meal. I keep a few around for nights when I'm too lazy to actually work.
393254393254B001KWZHD2ALPM19VI2HW2LCACTUSmango0141270944000i liked iti mixed mine with store bought rotisserie chicken (hand shredded) and poured over calrose rice.
393255393255B001KWZHD2A2PY5ED630H0QJreluctant techie1311269907200Over the top? Whatever - maybe for tomato sauce!I was excited for this product as I LOVE tasty bites - punjab egplant, madras lentils and bombay potatoes are awesome. Poured it over my jasmine rice and it looked good. Took it out of the microwave and tasted like...lightly spiced tomato sauce. Gave it to the dog and after a few licks she gave up too.
Look elsewhere for "over the top" flavor. Tasty bites used to be waaaay better/spicier. I suspect their popularity is causing them to "bland" the products for a wider audience??? Typical.
393256393256B000VBZVFCA2MI982ZSAIG89D. Thompson2251303689600Wonderful MayonnaiseThis is an amazing product.......just like I remember as a child. After receiving this, my boyfriend went through 2 bottles in no time. He spent time in Belgium as a child and says this is just like the mayonnaise he was served then. I had to hide the leftovers from him so I could enjoy them for special occasions.
This sure beats the frankenfood that passes for mayonnaise at the local stores.
393257393257B000VBZVFCA38TFOC0O6FUEPJoanne Hall "Joanne Hall"3441249430400Gluten Free MayonnaiseFor anyone who has allergies to corn products, soy, & guten this is an wonderful product. The price was pretty spendy, but we could no longer locate it in the local food stores. Only complaint is a jar of tartar sauce was in the order instead of the 8 mayonnaises I had ordered. Of course, we will stil try to find locally the product due to the price.
393258393258B00539GDIQAVS7M9JK2S361Michelle S. D. Hansen0051350777600Best Li hing muiIf you are looking for a li hing mui that doesn't have the nasty nutrasweet taste to it, this is the li hing mui for you. Great quality and it is sour and salty, but not salty seed.
393259393259B000C06GNSAKTPI898M7CTZTracy D. Arrowsmith9951139961600The best blue I ever tasted!I fancy myself a blue cheese aficianado. I have had some good blue cheese before but I have NEVER tasted a blue so great it prompted me to actually write a review. A friend of mine who works at Cow Girl Creamery gave me a hunk of this stuff for my birthday. I am forever greatful. So, there you have it. If you like blue cheese, you have to try this one. There is no other blue cheese out there better! Take it from me. I have a hook-up for free cheese and believe me, I have tried a lot of them. This one is the best yet!
393260393260B000C06GNSA1AT0GONN4A9NAJohn P. Morgan "Light Coach"6751160438400Kind of BleuI love Bleu Cheese...I really do...I'm not a big fan of Bleu Cheese dressing, but if I make a salad I will make a light dressing of lemon, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar and then crumble blue cheese in with the salad. Oh, is like heaven...well, I hope not, because even though I really like bleu cheese, it kinduv smells like dirty feet and it would be a drag gettin' to Heaven and having it smell like dirty feet.

So buy a block of this cheese and put it on some really good crackers...or better yet, barbecue a tri-tip at a real low, even heat for a few hours and then slice it real thin and put the meat on hot, garlic infused ciabatta bread drizzle with olive oil, top with fresh rosemary and sliced bleu cheese and eat with sliced hot house cucumbers and a frosty mug of a light ale...that's good eatin', right there.

Oh, dang...I'm hungry now and all I have is Velveeta. Is this some kind of sick joke?

Peace and blessings, people...

393261393261B000C06GNSA14G5ZATY2JU02Glen A. Ritter1151296432000Smokey Blue Cheese is the bestWe love blue cheese and had purchased this cheese while on vacation. Can not get it in our home town. We found it to order and it was just as good as we remembered. Order came quickly and the price was great.
393262393262B000C06GNSAW75L8CTHTJ0Bskeeterville1151245196800Amazing cheeseThis cheese is amazing--lightly smoked, mildly blue. It's a little like and bacon and blue cheese combination, one of the best cheeses I have ever tasted. The only problem is that the cheese difficult to find and rarely in stock. So PLEASE don't order it.
393263393263B000EI1VL0A2EP2LABE0UQTYJ. J. Rosenfeld3351162944000THEY MAKE GREAT WAFFLESI make these into waffles, since it is easier than pancakes - just pour into the waffle iron and wait for the light to come on. the only thing that surprised me was that the first time I couldn't get the lumps out of the batter, and then i realized they were the apple pieces. The only thing I add is a bit of vanilla, but then I put vanilla into every mix anyway.
393264393264B000EI1VL0A32RWGJEWFUABSAJL1221162684800OK, if you're not thinking pancakeYes, these are gluten-free and allergen-free. So based on that, I tried to give them grace. They taste ok, but they don't feel like pancakes in your mouth and they don't cook like pancakes. If you look for the bubbles, you'll have hockey pucks. They work better, once cooked, like slices of bread. My sons liked jelly on them and I liked apple butter. My oldest even made a pbj. We'll finish them up, but won't buy them again.
393265393265B0076OMM5YAOQ2IB802NXAQIrishlawlass1151348012800YUM -- Just like they make itThis stuff is really good. I picked up a box at my local grocery store (they also make salted caramel and toasted marshmallow but I haven't tried them). This tastes just like the stuff they serve at the stores. You mix it with one cup = 8ozs of milk (I used 2%). I just warmed mine in the microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds and it was perfect. I'll be buying more of this, especially around the holidays, because it's much cheaper than getting it at Starbucks. Would make a nice little add-on gift to someone or stocking stuffer.
393266393266B001DKA7HMA1HRNKQQEC8AKXDebD333611293494400Not what I orderedThe basket that I ordered (Something Sweet & Savory Gift Basket) was not what arrived, none of the listed items were in the basket I received. Very disappointed in this product.
393267393267B001DKA7HMA39R9T7W3B0ULEDarlyne Koretos344411295136000Stubborn retailer refuses to correct errorI thought I had found a perfect Christmas gift for an out of town sister who is allergic to chocolate. I ordered and shipped a gift basket called "Something Sweet & Savory." It contained no chocolate. I was on vacation when the basket arrived and did not hear that my sister received a gift basket containing primarily chocolate until I returned home January 1. I contacted immediately. They replied that she should return the basket and they would ship another one. My sister had tossed the packing box by that time and had no way to return the basket. I again contacted and they gave the same reply. "Return the basket first." She cannot use the contents or return the basket. Stalemate. offered NO OTHER REMEDY. And -- to add insult to injury -- my sister never did receive a package of Harry & David chocolate covered nuts. I will never order from this retailer Something Sweet & Savory Gift Basket
393268393268B001DKA7HMA3DZ248WTWQLM4bizeebee6651292544000Great Gift For All!Gave this to my neighbor and her family. She loves sweets, but her husband doesn't. And then the kids are very picky eaters. I wasn't quite sure with this gift, but turns out they LOVED it! There was something for everyone, which made them all happy. Believe me, you can't go wrong with this one!
393269393269B001DKA7HMA3C9SSFQDBRWXJazz Girl "Jazz Girl"202751261612800I liked it, I hope they will like it too...I like the idea of food gift basket. Most people are able to find some items that they like in it. And, I am always avoiding the food baskets that contain all-too-sugary stuff. So, this one had some variation, as its description lead one to believe. I like the presentation and it arrived in good condition. Tomorrow I will give it to my parents-in-law and I have no doubt that they will like it.
393270393270B001DKA7HMA5ZUGS64276NFlovemyboys3331320192000Okay, not as much as it looked like onlineI do like this gift basket, my husband and I gave it to my sister-in-law as a gift. We did feel that it needed a few more items added to really give it a "full" look. We added some local chocolates and other treats. The packaging was very pretty and I do think that it would be a good gift for someone who you have trouble buying things for or to be shipped. I will consider buying other baskets from this company, but I may end up adding other items to make them a bit more personalized. :o)

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