Amazon Fine Food Reviews

393271393271B001DKA7HMA39UU3WKDDX73Acelticsfan342211335484800basket caseIt seems mean-spirited to criticize a basketful of goodies which I got for free (courtesy of Amazon Vine), but every item in this basket is so stale as to be virtually inedible. It's an attractive woven basket stuffed with what I'm sure were delicious goodies way back in 1812, which is when, I'm guessing, this basket was assembled.
393272393272B001DKA7HMA1TPMYLNWKXOMKAnnoyed2211323302400Something sweet and SavoryThis basket of products is a complete waste of money. It costs about $35.00 and there is not enough food in it to say so. I could have went to the market, bought a basket and filled it with a lot more and better products. When I went to see about returning it I found out that it is not returnable. I will never buy a basket like this again. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
393273393273B001DKA7HMA364Z8P1YEV5NSK. Pollock1121338422400Sweet and Savory BasketI sent this as a gift. My sister, the recipient, said that the packaging was lovely, but that was the best part of the basket. The food inside was scimpy and not the quality you would expect from a gift basket. I would not send this to anyone else or purchase it for myself.
393274393274B001DKA7HMA2F4RPMM0W2MY7Jwill1151337126400Great Gift for Mothers DayMy mom loved this basket, she has eaten about everything in it and loves it. I ordered this on the Thursday before mothers day and used Amazon Prime two day shipping and it arrived promptly on Saturday, I had to keep my mom from opening it after I told her it was her mothers day gift.
393275393275B001DKA7HMA2X7HZFBBZNELOMargaret Davis1151319414400Great GiftThis was beautifully put together and made a perfect Christmas gift. It was hard to decide who to give it to, but I ended up giving it to my neice and her husband. I was sorry I didn't buy more!
393276393276B001DKA7HMA2LPAHART1Z0PFJoyce1141293840000Bizarre but yummee!There were a few items in the basket (Peppermint Popcorn) that were items no one had ever had before, but they were good! My favorite (and everyone else's too) were the butter cookies. Yum!
393277393277B001DKA7HMA3Y0IB3VYLD6ASoaping Diva0031338422400OkIt is a small basket, well packaged, looks nice. There just isn't a whole lot in there, and what is in there are small amounts (ie big box half full). I have ordered/received other baskets from and been very pleased with them. I suppose for under $20 it is not a bad buy/gift.
393278393278B001DKA7HMA2G0RFRMB3VSZKToni Stastny "Long time Amazon shopper"0051337472000Great Mother's day presentMy mother was so pleased with this basket. So I would use this service again to send a present to someone that has everything.
393279393279B001DKA7HMA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.0031336435200Sweet and savoryThis basket was filled with a decent assortment of sweet and savory items. The basket is a lot smaller than it looks on the web site. This would make a good gift with a bottle of wine.
393280393280B001DKA7HMA1D9V11QUHXENQBig Al "Alan Rivière"0051336262400Sweet and savory snacks in a nice gift basketThis Something Sweet & Savory Gift Basket comes with a variety of sweet and savory snacks in a well crafted and sturdy basket, wrapped in cellophane, and topped with a red bow. The packaging is slightly different from what is depicted in the main picture of this web page. I have uploaded a couple of pictures of this basket as it was just out of the shipping carton, the way the gift recipient would have seen it. It looks good. The goodies are in nicely printed and well-designed boxes and match exactly what are described on the web page. They are delicious. I like the Partners toasted sesame crackers especially. I ate them with a sliver of the Sonoma pepper jack cheese. The crackers are fresh and crunchy and the cheese flavorful - yummy! The basket is oval and measures 11" X 14" at the widest points and 3-1/2" deep with crescent handles. The rim and bottom are made of wicker and the sides are woven out of ropes. (Yours may vary.) After one eats up all the goodies, one can use this basket for oven-baked hot rolls or silk flower arrangement on the dinning table. This basket will make a nice gift as a token of appreciation to my friendly neighbors who collect my mail and watch over my house while my family is away for vacation. I wouldn't give it to my little woman for our wedding anniversary, however. For that occasion, a brand new BMW Z4 roadster with a giant bow on the hood would be more appropriate.
393281393281B001DKA7HMACVDL5QRCOPE1D. H.0031336089600Nicely put together, but taste of the products wasn't so great.This gift basket was extremely nice looking. It was packed with snacks and cheese. What I liked most was the smoked almonds. They were a little on the salty side, but they were pretty good. The butter cookies were kind of stale, and I didn't care for the cheese that came with it. The crackers tasted a little stale as well. The trail mix wasn't too bad, but I just don't think it was worth the price. The boxes of snacks were pretty small, and if I had to purchase what was inside this gift basket, I would say that I would only spend about $13.00, and that would include the basket itself.
393282393282B001DKA7HMA39XAXOXLQODNCPhilly gal "phillygal"0041335916800Reasonable price, contents a little differentAs gift baskets go, this one is OK. The price is reasonable and the contents are a little different than usually seen. The presentation is also good. It is hard to be positive about the gift baskets as it is so easy to put one together yourself for about half the price but if you have to send one this is a good one.
393283393283B001DKA7HMA31HO6KB5H5PL9J.P. = Reader "Me"0051335398400Attractive Package, Good ValueThere is nothing to dislike about this gift basket. It arrives in an attractive package with a basket that is easily reusable for other things such as a table centerpiece. The food items are nice - a good assortment and all quite edible and delicious.

I definitely recommend this gift basket for anybody looking for a good value gift to send for Mother's Day, a Thank-You present, Employee Gifts, or any other numerous occasions.
393284393284B001DKA7HMA1MWGB6W8O3MZ7Margaret Smith0041326931200smittythis was purchased as a gift and the receipient stated it was very good and would like to have another next year!!!!
393285393285B001DKA7HMAMZ6UZOTK1HBSTricia0041324598400Great gift idea!I bought this for my boss. I liked it particularly because there was some unusual stuff included, which makes it a little bit of a better gift in my opinion. It's a great gift for someone you aren't close to or aren't sure what to buy for.
393286393286B001DKA7HMA13013LOG2KQUURKC0041307664000In-laws loved itWe sent this to my sister-in-law and her husband and they loved it. They ate it all in a few days. They loved the fact it had both savory and sweet stuff. It's hard to buy them stuff but we knew they liked to eat. They said they forced themselves to pace themselves and that's why it lasted a few days versus just one or two days. As it was a gift I don't know who it looked or what it came with but they seemed to like it and that's all that matters to me.
393287393287B001DKA7HMA189CGNYNT0G3HLin Ching Chang2411323475200very poor packingI am very disappointed about this gift basket. I will probably keep it for myself because it looks so cheap. They packed it FLAT maybe for easier shipping. The basket just looks too far from what I see in the picture.
393288393288B001UHQRQSA24FM7IY3NS2JSone real guy "one real guy"0011345680000picturesnothing like the pictures and in fact a lessor product.....will not order it again..
not in their best interest to do such....
393289393289B001EO5Q5KA1F530BC3IW58GC. A. Tori "readsalot"8851173052800Excellent productI was looking for a pancake/waffle mix with natural ingredients and no hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fats) and tried Canterbury Naturals Old Fashioned Pancake & Waffle Mix. I followed the mixing directions, added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and these pancakes tasted very close to my Mom's homemade recipe but without the fuss. The pancakes have a tender texture and great taste. My family loves these pancakes and so do I.
393290393290B001EO5Q5KA352J9XQXER3SPKim M. Read1151252454400Best pancakes from a mix....ever!I had gotten a box of this mix in a gift basket for Christmas, but couldn't find it in any store. Everyone that tries these, loves them. They are great for a special breakfast, the box is a little pricey. We have pancakes less often, but prefer this kind and can't go back to any other. I don't think anyone would be able to once they have tried them.
393291393291B001EO5Q5KA2IWQ9M5LCCZOPDerricka Hawout0051334620800A Family FavoriteThe first time I made these pancakes they were flat. I probably would not have tried them again, except I bought a six pack to begin with because I absolutely LOVE many of the Canterbury products. The second time I made them I added less water than what is called for, and they turned out perfectly! They were very fluffy. And now my kids ask me to make these for them all the time. Definitely has become a family favorite and I make them over and over. I would highly recommend trying them. Don't be disappointed the first time because you do have to find the right variation for you. Our favorite way to make them is with chocolate chips. :)
393292393292B001EO5Q5KA30M6EZIUFSYSVMary Jane Bradford0051309392000Canterbury Naturals pancake mixI received this product as part of a gift. I loved it so much
I ordered it online because it was not available for
purchase anywhere.

It's great with honey.
393293393293B001EO5Q5KA1J2W6G51PJ6VZBetty Fisher0051207785600A super productI was disappointed when I could no longer find this excellent product on local grocery shelves, but was delighted to find it on Amazon. It makes great crispy waffles and pancakes without using eggs or milk. Finding good buys in groceries at Amazon is simply wonderful.
393294393294B001EO5Q5KA2QQYXVRJ25OOKN. Carpenter "Antique Nancy"0031198972800Too salty!I like many of the Canterbury products. But the pancake mix is too salty and not as fluffy as I like.
393295393295B005DVIK3AA1RNJL5CGU60A0HiTechCharles "anything is possible"0051340150400mmm...beef jerkyThis beef jerky is so good! I used to sell it in my snack bar but all the places around me (Flushing, Michigan) don't sell it anymore. I bought a box to have at home, and they're as good as I remember, spicy, with a bit of sweet thrown in.
393297393297B006IT0MPAA2I322RAHWX6PWJ. Miller0051349913600Absolutely love thisI love Cappuccino and this is a really good purchase every time I make it. It tastes great and lasts a long time. I like to add the caramel flavoring to it and makes a yummy warm drink for those cold mornings.
393298393298B007FO15C6A3D064ZZ78F7I3RiversRhapsody0051344124800Reminiscent of Childhood Breakfasts in Southern FranceBonne Maman is a great line of preserves, and finding out they made Fig Preserves absolutely made my day. I had found their more traditional flavors at my local grocery, but happened upon their fig preserves at a boutique cafe in my area. However, they were charging $6.99 per jar. I love fig preserves, but $7 is a bit steep. I grew up with a French father, and spent lots of time visiting family in Southern France. I remember having my Aunt's homemade fig preserves on fresh baguettes and croissants for breakfast in the morning throughout my life. I developed a taste for preserves made from mirabelle plums, figs, and still love strawberry as well. And, while Smuckers Strawberry Preserves are fine for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it's just not the taste or quality I love for breakfast. Bonne Maman also makes a great strawberry, and Four Fruits preserves as well, but fig is by far the best in my opinion. All their fruit preserves have more pieces of real fruit in them than your standard American brands. I love having an actual strawberry or fig turn up on my english muffin rather than just more flavored corn syrup. When I found the fig preserves, in particular, here on Amazon at a more reasonable price (around $4.25 a jar) I was sold immediately. I will definitely use 6 jars of this within several months time, and certainly before they go bad. The irony of this find was that the day after I finally had ordered and received my first 6 jars I stopped by a grocery I don't frequent. There in the jam and jelly aisle were Bonne Maman Fig Preserves on sale for $1.99/jar. I had no idea. Needless to say, I will be checking there first, but will absolutely be buying these again if a $7 jar is my only other option. These are great preserves, and the only better ones I've found come from my Aunt's kitchen. They're a little harder to come by these days.
393299393299B007FO15C6A2J0GY3O9E1205Sam0041340064000Great tastingVery good fig preserve. In my opinion, one of the best in the market. A buy though the price is a little high from local grocery stores.
393300393300B001B0Y1S0A2MSOUKNU4RN1Bnightowl5551246320000Slows down my dogI bought this bowl for a black lab who inhales his food. It's definitely slowed him down. After hearing sad stories of dogs who died from the Bloat I was anxious to find a bowl that would slow my dog down. What I like about this particular bowl is that it's not made of lightweight plastic, the weight of the stainless steel helps it to stay put, along with a non-slip rubber grip on the base of the bowl. It stays in place and doesn't end up tipped over or pushed under the cabinet toe-kick. Plastic bowls get scratched up on the inside after so much use, you don't have that problem with stainless steel. And you never really know if there's bacteria on the plastic, with stainless steel it's easy to steralize.

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