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393301393301B001B0Y1S0A62YCC36M4BS0pinito2211332201600Does not workWas excited about this product for my ridgeback as she eats ger food in about 10 seconds! This was nice looking and well made but, after one or two feedings, she was right back to her old speed in eating. This leaves too much room between the bump and sides so a smart pup just eats around the bump as fast as ever.
393302393302B001B0Y1S0A1AYMW28GG6QT2Jennifer2241313971200slow feederThese bowls slow down the dog's eating habit. They are easy to clean and stack. I also like the way the rubber on the bottom keeps the bowls from skidding.
393303393303B001B0Y1S0AEIJ1XHAA7984Roberta K. Sweat2251309824000No More Barfing!This product is really great! Its design forces the dog the slow down; it also adds how to circumnavigate around the center to get the food, adding an element of thinking to an otherwise "fast food" experience. And it eliminates throwing the food back up. Thank you, DuraPet!
393304393304B001B0Y1S0A2JDEIPQ5O73HLJACKIE "JACKIE FROM PHILLY"4511237248000DIDN'T SLOW THEM DOWN ONE BIT!!!I have 2 miniature doxies and a small Sheltie. All three love to wolf down their food. I purchased 3 small bowls hoping it would help. The bowls were huge for the small size. They didn't change a thing. They inhale just the same. Wish I knew what the answer was, aside from feeding them a kernel at a time. I don't even think they taste it when they eat it. So if you have a dog that eats really fast, in my opinion, these bowls don't change a thing.
393305393305B001B0Y1S0AZ3N6KK8GIYZDProud Mom1151313798400Works great!!we purchased this bowl for our Vizsla puppy. I wasn't sure if it would work at this time because he was only 8wks old (at the time of purchase). We have been using it for 2wks now and are very please with how it keeps him from wolfing down his food. I would highly recommend this bowl to any owner of a "chow hound." It is great for any dog who has a potential for developing bloat.
393306393306B001B0Y1S0AY1KK5UPEJEQTKat0041345248000Larger size than you might thinkThese bowls are the dimensions stated, but not what may seem "small." That said, good quality. Wet food sticks, so need to clean frequently. We use these actually for our cats; it slows them down, but also tends to make a mess with scraps outside the bowl-- better than vomit, though!
393307393307B001B0Y1S0A2A86YUU6FIYX3spacedaisie0051343952000Good for a ravenous pugSince adopting a second pug (Henry), our first pug (Beatrice) suddenly became somewhat food aggressive. She'd eat her food as fast as possible then try to hoard in on Henry's dish. We started feeding her about thirty seconds after feeding Henry, but watching her shiver with anticipation started to feel cruel. This bowl seemed like a good solution - and it is. This bowl slowed down her eating dramatically. We now feed them at the same time and Henry finishes first! One thing to note, however: because Bea really has to get in there to get the food (kibble mixed with wet food), the wet food would get stuck in her wrinkles, requiring some post-dinner clean up.
393308393308B001B0Y1S0A9O2V66QQBFPMnhmtnbkr "nhmtnbkr"0041335139200Good product for a great priceI'm very happy with this bowl, fits my dog's feeding station and allows me to keep her eating more slowly to prevent bloat. Easily cleaned and seems well made and durable
393309393309B001B0Y1S0A24OPDLLXT6RL9Keith & Sunnie0041325289600Have a dog who eats too fast?With some reservations in my mind, I purchased this bowl for my dog who eat too fast.
This bowl is a big help slowing her eating, and eliminated flatulence from eating too fast without chewing properly.
I recommend this!

Keith and Sunnie
393310393310B006GIS3EAAS2ZEFO2OP2FPKelly Cannavale1151328227200Gluten Free bagel chipsWow! My husband has celiac disease and I'm always looking for different snacks that we both can enjoy. These are amazing!! I would have never known they were gluten free. I actually fooled guests at a party with these. Can't wait to try the other flavor.
393311393311B006GIS3EAA250FFYP8R4OMJCee H0011344902400disappointingI don't know if I got a bad box but mine did not resemble the picture & were toasted very dark (burnt in my opinion). I was also looking for something with more flavor. If you're searching for a GF alternative to Win Schuler's bar chips--this isn't it. I wouldn't buy again.
393312393312B006GIS3EAADT7O1C83DE53MiraWhit0051342656000The GF bagel chips taste like bagel chips!!Taste test approved by one GF and two non-GF! They are crisp and the texture is just like regular bagel chips.
393313393313B00474EQ1EA2STQ2OQ5NL4JGJ. Dubose "J.D."1111345248000Buyer BewareThis water is NOT New Zealand Alkaline Water! About 4 months ago the company started making changes to this water and to the bottle/label. It is now just regular Spring Water and it tastes horrible! The bottle no longer says New Zealand Alkaline Water 8.0 it just says Spring Water, yet they still charge the same price as if it came from New Zealand. Dishonest Company!
393314393314B00474EQ1EAKGQDWI4HJUV5Shannon McRae1251311984000Eternal Artesian WaterI like the water - but buying it in quantity was extremely difficult to handle. The box was very heavy. I thought I was buying twelve little bottles.
393315393315B00474EQ1EA2ATUK1C2R7AE3Dr. Seal4751306108800The secret energy source: Eternal water from New ZealandThis water is very nutritious because it is pure clean water from an aquifer deep under the NZ mountains. The water's actual age is 50,000 years old. Water with a low ph increases the acidity in your body overall. It causes loss of energy, increase in fatigue. But water with a high ph like Eternal Artesian Water from NZ is high in alkalinity. This is good for cell absorption and overall good health. I lost my right kidney and adrenal gland in a skiing accident. Could not get my ph level to the best level for my situation until I started drinking Eternal Water. Very easy to drink a few bottles everyday. If you are looking for a natural way to increase your stamina and improve your overall health significantly, then drink 2 20 oz bottles per day and you'll feel great. You really will! Good luck. Share what your reaction to it is.
393316393316B001SATXJUAPK3CPFA6CXAXMatts in Wisconsin3311256256000Very disappointed....Considering the candy only had to come from Texas, I thought a week,from order to receiving, was a long time. When I checked the wrappers on the bars, I found out that they are best when eaten by Dec., 2009!!I only got them on the 22nd of Oct.!!When I opened the first candy bar, i really found out how old it was. The chocolate had started to separate,turning a milky white in color.Next time I want some Aero bars, I'll pay a little more from another vendor, and hopefully get a better product.
393317393317B003FYMUZGAVGBRSZLP1MYRskidog "skidog"6651295222400yummy and hugeMy kids thought it was pretty cool to have a huge Gummi Bear. It actually tastes very good, ie, the 3 of 3 in our family polled thought it tasted great.
393318393318B003FYMUZGA1CG03EAL2OYKPK. Maddox91151291852800Perfect for a gift!Every year, we do a gift exchange for the holidays and I knew this was perfect for the person I drew. Really. It's a 4.5lb gummy bear going to a 14yo guy. What could be better? He can eat it, massacre it, share it with friends, or find a way to preserve it and turn it into a lamp or something.

I only wish that I had chosen the 3 pack of large gummy bears (smaller than this; 3 for same price) off the company site so that he could eat one, massacre one, and keep the other. Or whatever he wanted to do. :]
393319393319B003FYMUZGA2NE05SJRJ8R3GMichelle in NY2251323216000AMAZING!I ordered this for my brother for christmas because he loves gummy bears and I just know hes going to get a kick out of this! I was so excited for the bear to arive and when it finally did I was pleasently surprised, I couldnt really picture in my head how big it would be and when I saw it I was even more sure of how much hes going to love this...the thing is huge and I dont know how one person could ever eat the entire thing but it is great for those who love gummy bears I suppose!
393320393320B003FYMUZGA3LS01Q2CFOWH1Robert Walther "Patrick"1151349136000Best $30.00 I ever spent!What can I say? It's a freaking huge gummy bear! I mean, thats it! It's brilliant! All the calories of 90 gummy bears, and half the packaging! It's practically environmentally friendly! When I cut into it I feel like I've just gone hunting and caught a blue raspberry gummy bear in the wild and trapped it. Love it, will continues to eat it until my doctor advises otherwise. Also, don't drink water after eating some of it. It WILL expand in your stomach and become very unpleasant feeling.
393321393321B003FYMUZGAQHLFNB8MEDKJD. Alpural "Leila Alpural"3451325548800AWESOME!My friend got me one of these for Christmas, I was totally not expecting it, but I've wanted one for like, a year. It is so huge and fun to hold! Tastes pretty good, too. :D
393322393322B003FYMUZGA2W2ODLRQ2L8LEG. Max Gooding91341294272000An Up-sized Gummi Bear: The Gummi Bears Strike BackThis is the big daddy bear of the Gummi Bears. This Bear has come on the scene to take revenge on all those that have been yumming down too many Gummi Bears.

The Revenge takes place on several fronts so be warned!!!!

[1] Extra sticky portions are designed to stick between your teeth to give cavities and to try to rotten them out completely.

[2] If large bits are taken, the portion will attempt to make you choke.

If you are successful in getting this Daddy bear down into your tummy, the revenge continues on a new level:

[3] It will make you heavier, 4.5 pounds to be precise.

[4] It will make you fatter, 12,500 calories to be precise.

[5] It will increase your blood sugar and attempt induce a stroke or diabetes.

If you are successfull in digesting the Daddy bear, he has one last trick:

[6] Hint: take a very thick book the next time you go the washroom.
393323393323B001BVDMOIA21RRU66WFH8OZS J. Colkmire-Uthe "sierrajadeus"1151296604800Gum Arabic PowderVery happy with the gum arabic. Use it to make inks and for binding together an incantation talisman or herb incense better.
393324393324B0001TO8FIALRZBB393F38UI. A Harding333451171238400Really Great!This is the first protien powder I found. I thought it was OK. I tried others, they did not dissolve as well, had more gunk in them I didn't need, and tasted bad. Really, you can drink it with just water. It tastes like milk, mostly. Easy to get used to. I usually put it in milk.

Another thing, this is not just for bodybuilding. I had a nagging shoulder injury for months, after I started taking extra protien, it healed rapidly. It really does make a difference for soft tissue injuries.

I also find that it kills my appetite. It's 100 calories (180 with milk), but I don't feel like eating anything else for hours.

Check the nutrition info, and how well it dissolves; this is the only choice.
393325393325B0001TO8FIAXTYITAKQ81GCD. Trimble "book detective"181851227571200No Frills or Aftertaste Just Pure Protein!I love this product! I am able to use it in many dishes because it is unflavored. This is particularly important in my life right now as my daughter goes through cancer treatment. I have added this to smoothies, banana pudding and even pumpkin pie for her. She needs the protein and she wants comfort foods. I have also added it to my coffee and it provides and extra creaminess as it is milk based. Oh yes, I also added it to gluten free chocolate chip walnut cookies. They too were a success!This is one product I will not be without.
393326393326B0001TO8FIA14EF1PPKMSEPUE. Brown "EB"5551227225600Better than mostPure protein, no sweeteners or flavors but tastes great. It tastes like malted milk w/o the sugar. That most protein powders are sweetened flies in the face of trying to be healthy. You don't need the additives and you certainly don't need to train your body to always crave sweets. The best part is that, without any flavoring added, Jarrow's Whey Protein tastes delicious with plain milk.
393327393327B0001TO8FIA4SOWB6PDWFSTJoey The Squash4451219622400good stuffThis stuff tastes a lot like powdered milk, so if you mix it with milk you'll barely taste it. It's not too gloppy, either - give it a good stir and it dissolves easily enough. If you're looking for a protein powder without any artificial sweeteners, this is a good choice.
393328393328B0001TO8FIA1ITQ2KHREDQTTE3341298851200Great taste, Good for lean muscle growthThis is my go to source of a clean protein. It is comparably low in calories, carbohydrates, and sugars which makes it great for building lean muscle. This is not the supplement to take if you want to bulk up and gain mass. The natural-unflavored version that I always get tastes a lot like milk when mixed with water, and does not have chemicals or artificial sweeteners which a lot of other brands use to make their product taste better. The only complaint I have is that the powder doesn't mix very well with just water, and requires a lot of mixing especially if you follow the recommended amount- which to me seems like too much.
393329393329B0001TO8FIA2D5GYTSMH3XFKDanny Ly1131336348800Builds muscle? Yes. All natural? Yes. Delicious? Ugh, no!I wanted to buy a whey protein that didn't have artificial sweeteners and was all natural. Jarrow makes great products. This whey protein has 17g of protein per scoop. It's sweetened with Erythritol which is a sugar alcohol. It's in small amounts so it shouldn't affect people sensitive to sugar alcohols much. If anyone is wondering, the amount of sugar alcohol from what I understand, can give you gas and laxative effects. It's also sweetened with the sweet leaf stevia/rebiana which is calorie free.

My only gripe with it is the taste is horrible! Yes, I chug it down fast, but it tastes and smells like cherry cough medicine!
393330393330B0001TO8FIA2S8ODYC6F6JZ0Rudy1151331596800GREAT PRODUCT !This is a great product that normally is not available at nutrition stores or discount stores, given that it has NO flavor. The other Whey proteins on the market are either Strawberry, Chocolate, or Vanilla - and make your drink taste nasty. Having the option of no flavor is wonderful, your other ingredients come out of the drink when mixed. Outstanding product and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is actively needing to take protein for dietary or workout purposes.

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