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393350393350B00176GY74A24DJO0LNB3RJDKale "Unwasted Words Reviews"1131302480000Little Bitz for your Little OnesI picked up these when the local pet store stopped carrying the thin bone shaped Little Bitz chicken and rawhide chews. The Beefeaters Little Bitz Small Round Chips are circular wafers of rawhide backing with a hard dried meaty topping. I was reluctant about getting these because they are about 1/4 of an inch thick though they don't seem to be more than an inch in diameter, and well I wasn't sure if it would be too big for my teacup's bite. My picky pooch seems to do ok with them though sometimes the cracking sounds she makes scares her but she cant get enough of these. I prefer the similar product by Beefeaters that are thinner less chunky. These are great for smaller breeds. But be warned they give my dog terrible gas. Only recommend these if you really love your fur babies and won't mind the smell.
393351393351B004YV7XECAAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"2211343174400INEDIBLE, DRY, BRITTLE PRODUCTI was greatly disappointed in this stuff. They call it cookies but it just dried out chips with little flavor.
393352393352B004YV7XECA14TGI0FW0GPU3Brooks G. Tish1111345420800Big disappointment from a favorite brandDry, tasteless. No carrot flavor. No spice flavor. Go Raw has some awesome cookies. This is not one of them. Stay with the lemon, chocolate or pumpkin seed cookies.Go Raw Lemon Cookies, 3-Ounce (Pack of 4)
393353393353B004YV7XECA2O97OHN8WSIYKRescue 10 "icd10"2341341360000Good, Takes AwhileI got these for my son who is overseas. He likes them but he mentioned it took awhile to acquire a taste for the cookies. He asked for more so I would say that was a good endorsement. They travel well but are a bit dry.
393354393354B004YV7XECAXITLJNHABOMDLady Ashford0051349222400GREAT!Very, very, healthy, tasty and filling. I can't have sugar and these cookies are a life saver. They're crunchy and really do taste like the cake!
393355393355B004YV7XECA1I48KI7CQCDQOch0051349136000Yum!I love these Go Raw chips! They are crispy and healthy. So far, the only flavor I wouldn't recommend is the Spirulina. I've tried 4 other flavors, all of which were delicious.
393356393356B004YV7XECA2AGCFP937Q3S2Sarah Cranston1211337644800maybe healthy, but not tastyThese kind of taste like dry crunchy sweet carrot chips with sugar on them. There is no added sugar, but really, the taste is not something that leaves me wanting to take another bite. It's too bad they only sell them 4 at a time. Not sure what to do with my other 3 unopened bags and the one mostly full one.
393357393357B004YV7XECA2BY3A7URABLIEduardo1251330387200My favorite flavor.There was a fair in my college and so I bought this for people to try out. I did this to show people that raw food can be tasty, to go RAW! They kept me asking me where I bought this chips. I also like the chocolate.
393331393331B0001TO8FIAYKRH41V98J60S. A. Sims1141269129600Surprisingly TastyI'll admit on the advice of my trainer I was not excited about adding protein shakes to my daily regiment. I was pleasingly surprised by the taste though. It's difficult to get the powder to dissolve in water but mixing it with soy milk and shaking it up did well for me. It also fills me up for a time between meals while providing me the protein I was lacking.
393358393358B004YV7XECA3RONLQHPFA9ZPA. Blanchard "Tea, Books, Heaven!"1251318464000Lovely carrot munchiesThese are all natural, raw, and crunchy! I usually hate crunchy cookies, but these are more like chips. All those words that usually turn people off, like raw, or all natural, these are addicting! Try some and increase your intake of organic sprouted nuts and seeds, Dr. Oz would approve!
393359393359B004YV7XECAM4L1DG09DC8Ociess0151341360000Crunchy and deliciousThese cookies are great! Of almost all of the favors, they are the only ones my husband, brother and his wife like...even over the chocolate! The spirulina ones taste mostly like banana, so they are good too, but my tasting audience thiught they looked weird.
I like the crispness of the carrot ones (spirulina often softer/chewer) and while there is no overwhelming carrot taste, there is no overwhelming any taste which is actually nice as all the favors simply mesh well together to create a tasty, crunchy "cookie".
393360393360B004YV7XECA1UTWWRVE4VG1PRock N. CA0151339891200Carrot CrazyWhen I ordered these, I was worried that the coconut would overwhelm the carrots, but was happily surprised when the shipment arrived. The mix of sesame, coconut, and carrots is the perfect combination for a sweet little treat. I don't think they taste like carrot cake, but for a newbie at raw food, these are my new obsession of the prepared snacks available until I learn in ins and outs of dehydrating. These and the pumpkin bars have made my transition so much easier.

I wish I could have the I star person send the leftovers to me. Maybe try returning them to Amazon, they have been awesome about taking back the things I didn't like.
393332393332B0001TO8FIA14EF1PPKMSEPUE. Brown "EB"1151227225600Nothing but proteinI love that this is pure protein. It tastes like malted milk w/o the sugar. I don't need to ingest additive, colors or flavoring. I don't labeling with, 'Yeah, brah' design, a million colors & veins popping out. That most protein powders are sweetened flies in the face of trying to be healthy. You don't need the additives and you certainly don't need to train your body to always crave sweets. The best part is that, without any flavoring added, Jarrow's Whey Protein tastes delicious with plain milk or water.
393333393333B0001TO8FIA2MWR05ECJBLLHSamdash0051350518400Value for money and healthyThis product contains no artifical colors or flavours.
All natural.'Even the cows are not treated with growth hormone or antibiotics

Best and healthiest protein ever.
393334393334B0001TO8FIAV5B0DX8W41MLBarbara C.0051344556800I just love the taste!I started drinking protein shakes about two years ago. When I went to my doctor he suggested that I drink the Jarrow Formula Whey Protein shakes as they are low in sugar content and high in protein. Once I tried theJarrow Formulas Whey Protein, Berry, 2 PoundsI found that I loved the berry taste. Usually when I try to find this flavor in the stores they are out or don't carry it, but I have had success ordering the berry flavor online at Amazon. If you like berries, I just know you will like the taste of this shake!
393335393335B0001TO8FIAXZEZF0HRCZL3yollaster0051338422400Going to keep buying!I just bought my second jug of this whey protein. Has no flavor but that is ok cause I take it with milk. The price is right and it helps me with my recovery time after a hard workout. When I don't take it I notice that recovery time takes longer. Good product will keep buying!
393336393336B0001TO8FIA270PPU3AVV331Elvance0051303257600Great "all natural" whey protein powderJarrow puts out one of the best line of nutritional products I have ever used. I know, since I have been taking many vitamins and herbs for about 20 years. And their totally natural whey protein powder is no exception. It also comes in some great flavors or unflavored. All are great tasting too!
393337393337B0001TO8FIA1WR2JN6DQ8QDGDeena Williams1241294185600mmmm MilkshakeI got the 1 pound french vanilla flavor. I haven't tried a lot of protein powders but the few that I have had either a very grainy texture, were chalky or just plain unpleasant. Not this powder though. I mixed mine with cold milk and threw it in the bottle shaker. It dissolved easily, no clumps or grainy texture. It tasted like a vanilla milkshake and along the same lines for consistency. There were no hardships trying to choke it down with big gulps.

The reason why I gave it four stars instead of 5 is because after I finished it up, it eventually made my stomach hurt a little from the sweetness. But I have a sensitive stomach so it will take a few more shakes before I'm used to it. I might try the unflavored next time but I'll wait and see what my reaction is after I've finished the whole pound. This will definitely be a second time purchase though.
393338393338B0001TO8FIA2NGKAG5NZFII1Jim Lockridge3621317168000YeachOk, yes, this particular whey protein doesn't contain artificial sweeteners or other stuff you don't want in your diet but it really tastes awful and I haven't found a satisfactory way to dress it up. I tried putting it in my just ruined my normally delicious cup of coffee. I tried putting it in juice but I had to make the juice (from frozen) really concentrated to make it taste ok..and then it still smells awful. Jarrows whey may be better than 30 others out there but it's still not good enough to make me happy to take it. I always like it when other reviewers tell me what's a better option so here's my advice. Buy a jug of Optimum Nutrition Solid Gold. It has fake sweeteners which I don't like but it tastes really good in a glass of skim milk! I'll probably throw the rest of this Jarrows whey in the garbage (unless I figure out how to cook with it or something).
393339393339B0001TO8FIA2LW8VNOXF5LVIBodhi Speaks "Bodhi Speaks"2751178496000love this stuff!goes great in a smoothie, with water, juice, milk buy it now and often. good deal too!
393340393340B001EQ54R8ASED4049Q2I6HMaureen Sturgis4451252022400you will never go backGreat coffe taste with a hint of cinnamon. Definitely agree with the previous post, when used with the cinnamon liquid creamer it beats any of the coffee house "specialities" by a mile. The only problem is now there is nothing I can find at the coffee shops that comes close to what I can make at home!
393341393341B001EQ54R8A1R48V8ZUK76RWJimmy "DrBalooba"4451250812800I LOVE THIS COFFEE!!!While I am not a big fan of flavored coffee, this Cinnabon flavor is fantastic! I love both dark coffee and cinnamon, and this brew offers the perfect combination of both. I've tried several other cinnamon blend coffee brands and this is by far my favorite! Add a little cream and sugar, and WOW, it makes a great desert :)
393342393342B001EQ54R8AT85476B56WQPRusty2221332720000WARNING - They Dropped Cinnabon Cinnamon 3/2012Warning - the reviews below apply to a previous recipe which used Cinnabon cinnamon - I agree it was fantastic. As of March 2012 the one they're selling (at least in the stores) has changed. This one is not nearly as good - it's still a mild (not candy-store) cinnamon but nothing special - definitely not worth the inflated price being charged here. They may still have a few old ones left but if you're reading this much beyond the date of this review and are looking for the old formula you want to be sure to confirm.
393343393343B001EQ54R8A4SABKZH3CMGCSandra Gurrola "Sandra"1151254614400Best CoffeeThis is the best. My local store stopped carrying it, so I now get it here, and am happy I can. It spoiled me for anything else.
393344393344B001EQ54R8A50KM0PY3MRUMDiana Mason0051285372800Cinnabon is tops for a mild smooth coffee.I'm thrilled with my order since my grocer stopped carrying this product.
The best coffee I've ever had and that's all I buy.
393345393345B001EQ54R8A1JZO8YDEVZLXVBarbara Tizian-baldini0051281312000excellentseattle is the best coffee. and the flavor cinnabon is great. anyone please try it.
393346393346B001EQ54R8A2YMS9UK1A9OF2Jeff0051279929600Rich & Tasty!One of my faves! This is a rich, dark, smooth, cinnamon flavored, premium coffee! It's great with breakfast and late desserts!
I love Seattle's Best coffees!
393347393347B001EQ54R8A1P1UQUUI8YFX0Kristina Wetherbee "Kristina Wetherbee"0051220313600Love it!For those of you who like Cinnamon, this coffee's for you! I just learned to like Cinnamon Vanilla creamer, and in this coffee, it's Heaven!
393348393348B001EQ54R8A2Z7FGJ2UCQV7TTOB9595 "TOB9595"1241218326400Just try this Cinnabon CoffeeI picked this up to try a different taste from my usual HAZELNUT. I was pleased with this taste.
393349393349B008D58GG4AK6RJS3QKHCNZJosephine M. Chambers0051347062400Ranch Style Beans with Sweet Onions thru Amazon.comI am a big fan of Ranch Style Beans; therefore, when I discovered I could order the same from I jumped at the chance. Am delighted to find that Ranch Style is still the very best "beans" on the market especially the ones with onions and with sliced green chile peppers. Am a "happy camper" and will order more in the future.

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