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393391393391B000E3FKYOA1UYKK9HTOUWS3Ryan McMickle0231338854400There's better...I was really excited to try this brand as I've heard good things about it. I appreciate that all of the ingredients are organic however the overall taste of the product (to me) isn't that great. The chocolate "flavor" itself reminds me of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup that you'd put on ice cream.

The "Endangered Species Otter, Smooth Milk Chocolate (48%)" tastes more dark than this, and much more "chocolaty".
393392393392B000QUZADGA1EO1LW2SVNB32Bubble1141341964800Bubble Machine Single Stand Vending MachineThis is my second time ordering from Amazon. I love the fact that my machine is already in one piece. I am just having issues with the stand it seems as if I am missing a piece from my stand. I can see on the computer that it looks like its a black flat piece holding the bottom of the machine and that is what I am missing.:( What do I need to do? Or is there a number I can call please help. I need some feedback. I was really exicted I have got my stuff before the date. Just having missing equipment is making this harder than I think.
393393393393B000QUZADGA24X2IZNN20KU8cgwatkins0151330560000Loving the gumball machine!!!It came in already ready for use and ALL I had to do was install it on the stand and it was ready to go!!! The children that come into the hair salon I work at absolutely love it!!!! A++++ thank you so much!!!!
393394393394B000QUZADGA3ORTTURKTAFYAHarry Ganer "Harry"0551189296000Gumball machineI really liked the way this company took care of me and shipped it right out.
393395393395B000H25SO4A2YMGG5USELU9JR. Dunbar4441259539200Quick and easy taste of New OrleansLuzianne Gumbo Dinner, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

When I was in New Orleans for the first time twenty years ago, a friend recommended this product, which is made in Louisiana, as an easy way to get the taste of gumbo. Since then, I've used it many times, although I can also make "real" gumbo. Don't worry about it being too spicy--the red pepper is in a separate packet and you control how much you want. You supply the meat and water, they supply everything else. You can supplement it with your own sauted peppers and onions and make it with chicken broth instead of water. But even if you just make it "as is," it's a great, economical, and warming meal for lunch or supper. If you have the time, serve it with homemade cornbread.
393396393396B000H25SO4A2HAVKUYAWUVBDTony Jaeger4451201564800I like it! :-)It seems to have more peppers and other vegetables in the mix than other brands of Gumbo mix and I really appreciate the seperate packet of red pepper which allows you to regulate the spiciness to taste. It also seems to be less 'gooey', for lack of a better word. Could this be from a different (better) roux recipe?

Some other brands tend to have their powdered ingedients "clump" together when cooked, necessitating your making a pre-cook mash in order to insure even distribution....not so here. Even an admittedly inexperienced "chef" (chortle) like myself was able to have it come out perfectly the very first time....if I can make it come out well, anyone can!

The directions are very easy and at the same time more helpful and specific than those included with other brands, but there's one thing that people unaccustomed to spicy foods might wish to consider....the directions call for you to add 1/2 of the red pepper packet contents into the pot at the outset, and the rest later on to your taste. If you are particularly sensitive to spicy foods you may wish to consider adding a little less than 1/2 of the packet the very first time you cook this. I didn't find it overly spicy when cooked according to the recommendations but the red pepper was definitely noticeable, and so I'm including this little suggestion for people who are more used to very mild foods. I loved it when cooked just the way the directions called for, however.

Please be advised that this review is biased due to the fact that I'm happily eating Luzianne's gumbo as I write this review! :-)
393397393397B000H25SO4AZJ2HBKV8JHVTH. Ramsey4451169078400gumbo mixbetter than most gumbo mixes, great flavor and color.

you have the option of heat control with this mix!
393398393398B000H25SO4A2NOAMD2F7B4CWV. Lemons1151214784000Best gumbo mix ever! Yet soooo hard to find!This box makes the most delicious gumbo. No other mix has ever compared for me, yet local stores never stock the Luzianne mixes!! I'm so glad that I can at least order them from Amazon - I've enjoyed this mix for about 12 years now.
393399393399B000H25SO4A1PH1WGM3NUM0HJennifer Grant0051296345600The best prepackaged gumbo mix I've triedThis is definitely the best pre-packaged gumbo mix I have ever tried. It has an authentic taste and consistency, and you can regulate the seasoning. Sadly I haven't seen this around in my area in a few years. Thank goodness for being able to order online.
393400393400B000H25SO4ATT8X89P6VTN5K0051293408000tastes authenticThis mix gives great results, both flavor and color. You control the heat.

It is good "as is," but can be truly great if you take the time to make a stock to use instead of water. Another nice touch is to start by sauteing a fresh vegetable trinity in the pot. I tend to use 1 1/2 - 2 times the suggested amount of meat or seafood.
393401393401B000H25SO4A3H2T4EENKISJ3R. Mooney "Rick"0051246665600easy cajun mealI used to get these in the grocery but they are no longer available locally. These are great one box meals with the addition of sausage, seafood, and extra vegies. I usually make up two boxes and have great leftovers for weeks. The one box dinners that are still available in the local grocery stores are terrible in comparison.
393402393402B007Y8MJPAA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0051340064000What a great combination!Blue Ridge Jams is fast becoming one of my favorite companies. And I'm fortunate
enough to live close to one enough of their retail outlets in St. Augustine so I
can always sample something new.

My whole family grew up eating pepper jelly on a cracker with cream cheese so of course
thats what I tried first...instant bliss. The habanero is a perfect compliment to the
natural sweetness of the pineapple, and delivers a nice long but very mild burn. But
the real treat was finding out I could make pineapple shakes with this stuff, probably
the best thing I've had in my entire life! This stuff is addictive, very addictive.

This is a company that prides itself in quality and creativity. And accounting for the
fact that they only make their products in small batches of 18 jars at a time, they have
developed a product line that is very extensive and includes jams and jellies, pickled
products, chow chow, relishes, and even 13 different kinds of salsa. Check out their
website at blueridgejams(dot)com for the complete line including high res photos.
393403393403B001NCGJKOA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"1141304985600Y U M M Y...........B U T......I ' V E......T A S T E D.......B E T T E RI waited quite a while before following my impuslse to buy SMOKED SALMON AND SPINACHE MOUSSE, manufactured by GOURMETFOODSTORE. Of course, it's expensive, and I ahd to save up for it. And it's quite caloric, as well. However, the picture of this gourmet treat finally DID get to me, and...after returning to this picture and this product several time.....couldn't resist it any longer. For me, it was my "royal treat", to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Well, my package arrived a bit after the wedding, (today, actually) --but that's because I ordered it a bit after the wedding, (May 6, to be exact.) I kept reminding myself how expensive this really is, and how even the Queen saves money whenever, and wherever, she can....but it was no good. I had to at least TRY this least once...

The package, marked "Perishable", had stood out in my hallway for a few hours, as I was out this morning. Upon opening the outer cardboard box, then the inner styrofoam box, (repleate with cold-bags, to keep the pershable food inside fresh), I came across a small brown-cardboard box which held my Smoked Salmon Mousse. Inside, was not one big package, as I had expected, but, instead -- to my delight -- sixt small black plastic tubs! It seems, happily, that no matter how much you order of this Somoked Salmon Mousse, it will always be packed in these elegant little black plastic tubs. The black contrasts nicely with the Smoked Salmon Mousse peeking through both sides of the large yellow label, that almost -- but not quite -- covers the food within. The label says "Terroirs d'Antan" in big letterss, and I take it this means "land" of Antan, (and not "terrors" therefrom),
as "terre" means "land" in French. Three ducks on one side and one rabbit on the other side of the central "Terroir's d'Antan" are "inhabiting" the yellow label, and we can see, in the far right distance, a huge building that looks like a French chateau -- and, indeed, right below this, in smaller letters, are the words,
"The selection 'Terroirs d'Antan' revives ancient recipes from the vearious terroirs of France. Enjoy." But further down the label, it is revealed that the product was 'Made in USA - Distrib by Optimus, Inc., Miami Fl 33138.

The larger box in which this individual serving, (actually, containing 3 servings -- 7 ounces), black plastic box came, described the contents as being "Packed in Aspic". And so it is. When the vaccum-packing, transparent plastic covering is removed, there still is another transparent layer to be removed. My own experience with "aspic" had heretofore been, mainly, with learning of the title of a movie, "A Dandy In Aspic", starring the late, (and really great), Laurence Harvey. I have yet to see the movie -- and have never, really, known what 'aspic' is, exceptthat it is some sort of foodstuff. Well -- I discovered, upon taking what must be aspic off the top op of the salmon mousse, that it is similar to the temporary, plastic 'dots' that are sometimes used to keep products on cardboard backings, but are (somewhat) easily removed. A type of transparent jello, actually -- about 1/8 inch thick.

Well, finally I had the mousse in front of me, and it was time to eat it!

The flavour was milder rhan I had expected -- perhaps because "Cream Cheese" is the first ingredient. The smoked salmon flavour DOES come through, on occasion, and it is a nice, dark, smoked salmon flavour, indeed! But there is far too little of this wonderfully rich smoked salmon flavour here. (Maybe my taste buds came upon a "pocket" of the salmon that had not thoroughly mixed with the cream cheese. In any event, this product should have been labled as "Cream Cheese and Salmon Mousee", because "cream cheese" is the first ingredient listed, and "smoked salmon" is the eighth ingredient listed, (out of 17 ingredients), and "spinach" is the fourteenth. (This product was made in the USA, remember -- and if I remember correctly, ingredients here must be listed in descending order. But -- does this
"in size" order apply to titles too? If not, it should...

The smoked salmon mousse has, again, a very MILD flavour. it tastes very UNsimilar to the NY-type "lox" I had hoped it would. Here, the amount of cream-cheese SO overwhelms the amount of smoked salmion, that it ALMOST tastes like exotically spiced, and flavoured, cream cheese!

The little black "tubs", however, are definitely re-usable. Of a size similar to restaurant trays for artificial sweetner, they are happily made of "No. 5" plastic. According to an "Organic Gardening" article I read a while back, ONLY No. 5, or No. 6 plastic are safe to reuse. So, these little black tubs can be used to hold sugar and artificial sweetener packets, stray coins, business cards, tea-bags, or any other similar object(s). They can also be used as "portion-control" containers, as they hold not-too-much, and not-too-little of any food -- including, (for reference), about five rounded tablespoons of tuna spre
trays for

"Vita" foods, (available in New York's Waldbaum's supermarkets, and probably other areas as well, sells a someked salmon and cream-cheese spread, at 8 ounces for under $3. Ir does not have spinach, chives, eggs, tomato, or many of the other ingredients in this Smoked Salmon Mousse, sold by GourmetFoodStore. It comes in a white, round plastic tub. As it has more smoked slamon in it, it tastes more like smoked salmon to me. As it's kind of inconvenient for me to go to a land-based store, I certainly hope Amazon will offer this VITA product, and others, (like their herring in wine sauce), soon. otherwise, I'll save up for, and load up on, this Vita product when next I go to Walbaum's. The 'Smoked Salmon and Spinach Mousse Pate - All Natural," being reviewed here, DOES have more "snob" appeal, and DOES come with those nice little space-saving black tubs. But, unlike the Vita smoked salmon and cream cheese spread, it has more smoked-salmon taste. And that, when all is said and done, in the end, the main thing that matters in foods, doesn't it?

P.S. One More Plus: The "GourmetFoodStore" catalogue which is included with every pruchase is an education in gourmet food, all by itself. Did you know HOW MANY types of smoked salmon there are? HOW many types of caviar? Whether you buy anything (else) from "GourmetFoodStore", this catalogue is not only mouth-watering...but very educational! Made on fine "slick" paper, and filled with beautiful cloured photos, (and also high gourmet-food prices), it is a "gourmet" catalogue in more ways than one! Thanks, GourmetFoodStore!

One More Minus: Sadly, my food came packed in "peanuts". No -- not the edible type of peanuts....the STYROFOAM type of peanuts! It's impossible to open ANY package packed in styrofoam peanuts, without getting at least some of these innocuous-looking, but incredibly annoying little pieces of styrofoam, all over your floor! GourmetFoodStore is not the only manufacturer/ seller who does this of course....but one would think, with the wonderful, (and espensive) gourmet products they sell, that this up-market marketer would pack their food with something less annoying to the customer? Of course, there IS the TINY advantage in having something packed in gets forced excercise picking up these small, but aggravating, strofoam peace-of-mind-destroyers, off the
floor. OK -- a few calories are used in this way, and, if you are female, you can imagine yourself to be Ruth, (from the Bible), doing some gleaning. However, I prefer to have MY fantasies when I desire to have them, and to excercise when _I_ decide to excercise, and NOT have these things suddenly and unexpexctedly forced upon me when opening up a package -- especially from such a luxury-goods emporium as GourmetFoodStore truly is. Perhaps a $1 charge for having one's goods "not to be packed in peanuts" might be applied? (PLEASE don't make it more than $1!) Bubble-wrap and similar plastic space-fillers are SO appreciated by customer! And less aggravation leads to less buying of calmatives and pain-relievers....possibly allowing for MORE money to be spent at GourmetFoodStore! Please consider these "suggestions for happier custumers", dear GourmetFoodStore. Thanks!
393404393404B0006OCZ4EA3F7WHZDCEMHQZM. Moore7751330992000Great for bread!Regular bread flour is missing some of the elastic wheat protein that produces a better quality bread. By adding Vital Wheat Gluten to your home-baked breads, you will produce a better quality of bread--better texture, less crumbly, and more like bakery-quality bread. Experiment with amounts; I use 1 teaspoon of Vital Wheat Gluten per cup of flour. However, even just 1 additional tablespoon of Vital Wheat Gluten per 1.5 lb loaf of bread turns out a better loaf. For the amount of gluten used, this item is certainly worth the cost. Keep your gluten in the freezer to extend shelf life.
393405393405B0006OCZ4EAREOC3C9WSI74Thomas R. Massart "Tom"3351347840000Big improvement with my breadI like to make bread (breadmaker and by hand). For the breadmaker loaves, the added gluten has made a world of difference in the texture. The directions say to use one tablespoon per cup of flower. The bread came out too "chewy" witht hat much added gluten (I am using "bread flour". I cut the gluten addition in half and have had wonderful results.
393406393406B000ALDC1SA12LG1RWN9OABSF. Dunn0051330819200Good teaThis tea is very delicious and flavorful. The aroma is very inviting and doesn't really require the use of sugar to drink it, that is if you require sugar in your tea. I usually have to have something but the natural sweentness of the tea makes it palatable to drink it without sugar. This goes for all the teas I've tried from Adiago Tea that are of a fruit mix.
393407393407B000ALDC1SA17XZ3BLTBJ9JLarheart "arheart"0051280707200Adagio Teas RockAdagio herbal teas are some of the highest quality and best tasting products in existence. The Sour Apple is probably the one that is least like its name but is tasty nonetheless. Pina Colada, Berry Blast, Blood Orange, Dewey Cherry all live up to their names and are simply delicious.
393408393408B0002LDBVMA36DPEEIY651TXJ "J"0041296691200Gummy and FruityThis is a great little after dinner gummy- these guys got it right! They captured the lychee flavor without being too sugary. The fact that each gummy comes individually wrapped is also a bonus- I keep these in a bowl in my kitchen and they can be enjoyed at any time!
393409393409B0002LDBVMA36UERRW6ZE0NHjulienne "plano mom"0051209945600Great lychee flavorThese have a terrific lychee flavor, not too sweet, and the gummies are addictive - you can't eat just one.
393410393410B0002LDBVMAXXQKKSH45YWTG. Parker "Anime Fan G"0051209945600Good taste!These weren't exactly what I was expecting but they are good non the less. They really do taste like the Lychee fruit!
393411393411B0002HBN0MA191G1FA15CD1IH. C. Melnik "SciFi Engineer"3351249257600Excellent Treat - You can't go wrong with these!My dog (and every other dog I know) loves these treats. They are small enough for small dogs as a treat, and serve as great training treats for larger dogs. Not messy, no residue, etc. For small dogs, won't make them gain weight and won't spoil dinner for them. You can't go wrong with these!
393412393412B0002HBN0MAWR7YOZ6VLBW1D. J. Lee "fivespd"3351230768000Great tasting and good for the dogAll natural and not made with a lot of fillers like corn or corn meal and is the perfect size for small dogs.
393413393413B0002HBN0MA3N3VMG71J2L1MVreni B. Collier3351217808000Dog TreatsI use these treats for the training of my puppy. They are not messy and the variety is apparently delicious!
393414393414B0002HBN0MA2LKOJDXLW4219Liza2241293408000Dog loves themMy dog really likes these treats. I use them for training and they are pretty small. I actually wish they were a bit smaller. I like that they are dry, not messy, and not too stinky. I also like that there are different flavors - hopefully that means the dog stays interested in them.
393415393415B0002HBN0MAIUIDNKS9DD1OHeidi S. Mcdade "heidimcdade"1151212883200Great treat for trainingWe have used these treats for years for training or dogs. We like the small size that allows us to give them a reward without giving them tons of extra calories. We also put these treats in their Buster Cube when we go out for an long period of time.
393416393416B0002HBN0MA3LLBYHI12PZC2wakulladog0051350950400Perfect size for training treatsI've purchased these Bitz in 20# boxes twice. I have a large pack of dogs and also work with a rescue group. These bite sized treats are perfect for training rewards or as 'just because' treats. The size is appropriate for the smallest to the largest dog. The quality is good. The dogs seem to enjoy them. The price is right in the 20# boxes. The only down-side to these purchases was that on both occasions, the large plastic bag that contains the treats was not closed with a twist tie or anything of the sort. It could have been a major mess and I would guess that the treats would have stayed fresher.
393417393417B0002HBN0MA2K2BWL8PYPV3SSue Briley0041344384000Great treat!Price is okay but shipping sucks don't count on Prime's 2 day delivery ordered July 31, rec. I'm sure the product will be great and my dogs will love them. Not saying I wouldn't purchase again from this seller, I just now know not to expect the receive it in two day statement. Order early and wait. They got 4 stars as I was rating the ITEM.
393418393418B0002HBN0MAFHZ9TX5T01GRgunnar the elder0051302307200ALL 5 OF OUR DOGS LOVE THESEMy dogs for the last 14 years have loved these. easy for portion control (dogs from 11-50lbs) fits into any treat dispensing toy we've ever come across. My dogs wont eat any other mother Hubbard products.
393419393419B0002HBN0MA11QKD8EOBIT7GK "K"0051282953600Tiny Training TreatsTwenty three pounds of tiny treats that all the dogs love equals months of good behavior without multiple trips to the pet store. Tired of breaking up biscuits into small portions for training without weight gain
393420393420B004J4BHAKA3KGRP1UHFICNSHeart0051319500800GOOD QUALITYI am so glad I chose Candy Mafia for my wedding candy. Fast delivery. Quick order process. It looks pretty, new ,and clean. Taste good as expected. The seller replied my questions by email quickly. Highly Recommend!!!!

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