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393541393541B003EMQGVIA1K8RJMZMIRC1LFocal Laoch3351337990400Healthy and DeliciousI'm about to place a second order for this chocolate -- I love it! The chocolate is high quality and very smooth. I noticed only a very slight aftertaste when I first tried it, but that quickly disappeared. For me, this is the best sugar-free option out there, and it fits in perfectly with my eating plan. You have to be a dark chocolate fan to enjoy this, but I've always preferred dark chocolate, and I seek out those chocolates with the highest concentration of cocoa (at least 87%). If you love dark chocolate but want to avoid added sugars and sugar alcohols, this is the ticket. The company shipped the product very quickly, and it was well packed for the journey. With expedited shipping, they include ice packs and insulated wrapping.
393542393542B003EMQGVIA2EFCPGXTMOC9JJay Dean3351311379200Best dark chocolate ever!I was skeptical about how tasty a healthy dark chocolate made with no sweetners other than the purely natural stevia, could actually taste. Well let me tell you if you have an appreciation for dark chocolate you are going to be pleasantly surprised at just how rich,delicious, sweet and creamy these bars actually are. They taste better than the ones with sugar! Please don't go out of business. We low carb people need companies like you that know how to make low carb taste great! Keep up the good work. I would like to see you come up with different varieties however like dark chocolate with mint oil, with chili peppers, orange peel etc. like some of your competitors who don't even know how to make a chocolate bar as good as you guys.
393543393543B003EMQGVIA1XPMQNS96REUGSusanne "Wyoming Diva"3351308528000Best stevia chocolate yet!I have been testing various stevia-sweetened chocolate, looking for a brand or supplier that would provide a dark chocolate without all the sugar.

This one is excellent! Very dark but smooth without being bitter and no weird stevia/metallic aftertaste. I will order again!

By the way, if you are not a dark chocolate fan OR if you are still eating/using products that contain real sugar or other artificial sweeteners, you may not like this product. The sweet taste is different from sugar/AS!
393544393544B003EMQGVIA1U1A5YB7JOF3BEJT, NYC "EJT, NYC"2251333238400Addictive!Oh. My. Gawd! This is the most delicious, addictive chocolate I have ever eaten. I will be ordering TONS more of this!
393545393545B003EMQGVIA2TSTALYL5XTWS123 "sfgirl"1151347580800Delicious!I was a little skeptical about the use of stevia as a sweetener in this product but as my nutritionist suggested I stay away from sugar but also that I have a little dark chocolate everyday, I thought I'd give it a try. Boy, this chocolate tastes just wonderful. Can't say enough good things about it. I thought maybe it would taste bitter, with some weird aftertaste or like baking chocolate - nope! Just creamy rich dark chocolate goodness. Seriously, as good as any I've tried. The folks at Dante's are really nice too. I had emailed asking if the stevia they used was pure or with additives like erythritol. I got an actual phone call back from a nice gentleman the next day with the answer - pure stevia.
393546393546B003EMQGVIA1R0OO5SH7NC3Pa10fjet1141346889600Great taste, packing is a jokeThe chocolate is great, smooth, almost too smooth because it melts too fast and i dont get to enjoy it for too long. They contacted me warning that it would melt in the heat where i live but i said send it anyway. I thought, hey its in foil packing, so if it melts i will just refreeze it, but when i got it I was worried it would be soft but it was still solid. But then i opened it and it was just wrapped in paper! I have never heard of such a packing method for chocolate. I would have been screwed if it had been hot enough, probably would have been dripping out of the box. I suggest they upgrade their shipping method, but leave the recipe alone, the chocolate is delicious!
393547393547B003EMQGVIAAQYMKSXX0KTIRW1151343779200Chocolate I can eat on my super strict diet! YAY!Just got these bars today. Pricey but well worth it - FINALLY chocolate I can eat on my restrictive low carb no sugar diet - I can't have hardly anything on it, but these bars caused no bad reaction in me. Pure chocolate liquor, stevia and vanilla are the only ingredients! The only weird thing is the packaging, I wish they would come with wrappers. Also - I don't feel guilty about my kids having a taste of these zero sugar bars.
393548393548B003EMQGVIA27X750TSCLBDNatasha Fletcher "Earth Worm"1141339200000Once you get used to it...I have been living a low carb lifestyle for years and never eat candy bars or sugary snacks. Also, I steer clear of artificial sweeteners and only sweeten things with KAL brand stevia so, when I saw this I was excited due to all the great reviews. Initially, I hated this chocolate, but after a couple of times I got used to the taste and now I like it. I eat it with peanut butter or almond butter, one square does the trick for me. Very impressed!
393549393549B003EMQGVIA14HOS00JRF6YQS. M Mix1151337472000After all these years a chocolate you can really enjoyFirst of all this company has amazing customer service. I had a question and my email inquiry was answered almost immediately. The chocolate arrived promptly and it was well-packaged.

I love dark, bittersweet chocolate. Keeping that in mind, this chocolate is the only one I've ever tried that really "works" for me. It does have a bittersweet aftertaste, but I don't mind that at all. I'm always watching my sugar intake, and I can't handle the side effects of the sugar alcohols in so many of the other chocolate products.

This chocolate is creamy and satisfying. I find I don't need a whole bar. That would seem like too much. I keep it in the freezer and often eat it with a handful of almonds.

I highly recommend this products and this company. I will be back.
393550393550B003EMQGVIA2AEBH3O9EKFV4David Dosch "IB Dave"1151337299200Chocolate at it's best.This is the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted. The richness and complexity of it's flavors is absolutely stunning. Anyone who likes chocolate needs to try these.
393551393551B003EMQGVIAFCUNB4UOTXCMT1151336003200The Search Is OverThis is the best chocolate ever. Just chocolate and stevia and it is creamy and delicious. I have been trying to find chocolate sweetened with just stevia and this fits the bill in every way. My nutritionist says that stevia is the only sweetener I can have, no glycemic index, no calories, it is actually good for you. The only way it could be better is if it was organic.
393552393552B003EMQGVIA10M7UUQS79AM5Roma G. Rowland1151336003200Great Dark chocolateFor those of us who are sugar free, this is a life saver. I'm not big on chocolate, but incredibly thankful that I can eat this whenever I just want a little taste.

If you don't like dark chocolate, then you won't like this. Don't blame the stevia! Dark chocolate is naturally bitter!

That said, I eat this plain. I also just made some awesome gluten, sugar, dairy free cookies, The Cravings Place Create-Your-Own Cake & Cookie Mix, 19-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6), and used one of these bars all crushed up to make chocolate chunk cookies. They baked well-- didn't melt all over the place, but with the extra stevia-sweetened cookie dough, they went over well (even for people who eat regular chocolate chip cookies).

Thanks! I'll be back for more!
393553393553B003EMQGVIAW5U0Q2T6AMBWJ. J Malone "xxcxxioxxqwxx"1141334361600Contents?They taste great. I like them.
It would be good to know more about the ingredients. Do they contain soy? Are they gluten-free? I would like to know.
393554393554B003EMQGVIAJMKFACPHUSTTVanice3421331596800Bitter tasteI got this product because I was on the HCG diet and wanted a special treat for Valentine's Day. I was really hoping it would be good, but it wasn't.
This chocolate can be used in cooking I suppose, if you add some additional sweetener to it. It did not relieve my craving for chocolate. It is very bitter tasting. When I tasted a tiny bite, it was just a little bitter. The bar is divided up into blocks. When I put a block in my mouth, it was awful and I ended up spitting it out. It made me think of taking a spoonful of bitter cocoa and trying to eat it.
Also, you have to order such a large amount that it is a huge waste if you don't like it. They should sell individual bars so people can know if they like it before buying such a large quantity.
393555393555B003EMQGVIA3M9YL7O260UH7J. Hann0051349913600If you love dark chocolate, this is as dark as it gets.Can't get enough of this 98% chocolate! Sure, it's intense, but it tastes so much better than other high-% chocolates.
393556393556B003EMQGVIA1M63D900L3TTBHummingbird0051347926400Love itI love this chocolate. The ingredients say "chocolate liquor, stevia" -- not sure what the "liquor" refers to, I'm hoping this is healthy because I eat a lot of it. Whenever I am low on energy or have a headache or am feeling a bit down I have a couple of pieces of this chocolate and it helps.
393557393557B003EMQGVIA21GHQ44G66I0CThe Examined Life0051347494400You DO Get Used to the Stevia Taste. This is Great!I knew when ordering this that stevia has that strange licorice taste, so I was prepared for this to not taste like regular dark chocolate, but since I have to eat a low glycemic diet, and I can't tolerate chemical sweeteners or questionable substitutes like maltitol, I decided to order it. I ate about four little squares per day for the first week and to be honest, I didn't enjoy them very much for the first two days. All I could taste was the stevia. But a strange thing happened which other reviewers have noted. After day three I stopped noticing it and now I'm on my 6th bar (I am a chocoholic) and I LOVE THIS CHOCOLATE! The stevia doesn't bother me at all anymore. I highly recommend this chocolate, especially because it is made with a high cocoa content which provides antioxidants.
393558393558B003EMQGVIA2NP9CGUSFP22ERobert F. Gontarek "Bob G"0051346630400Dark chocolate with SteviaI was pleasantly surprised at how good the chocolate is. We ate some straight up and put the rest into the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I'll be a regular buyer.
393559393559B003EMQGVIA3IDTN9VPZVR4Lmandyb0051343088000Amazing!!i'm on a low calorie diet and I love this chocolate!! I have ordered it twice and I am ready to order it again. It is so good and I have not noticed any weight gain. I highly recommend it!
393560393560B003EMQGVIA385V2O3UQUOS7ADDISON1251337904000Perfect for meThis chocolate is absolutely creamy and delicious. It is strong but balanced. I am used to stevia and love this very much. The ingredients are made up of pure chocolate liquor, stevia, and vanilla extract. Natural and simple. Just a couple of squares will do and doesn't mess with my blood sugar. There are 7 g of fiber and I think 7 g of protein as well. If you are the milk chocolate with sugar or sugar alcohol type of consumer, you probably wont be happy with these but if you like real dark chocolate and like stevia, I think you will be pleased. I will definitely order again.
393561393561B003EMQGVIAWBMGLP57SAGKCobe "Cobe"1411343952000Worst chocolate I have ever triedFirst off, let me clarify that I LOVE dark chocolate and I also LOVE semi-sweet chocolate. However, this chocolate is so uneatable that I threw it away.
I ordered these because I do not use any sugar at all (ex long time Candida sufferer) and the only sweeteners that I consume are either Stevia or Xylitol. Never mind how much I tried to like this chocolate, - and trust me I tried!- I ended up throwing it away. I would have given it zero stars.

(On a side note,I was not happy to see the bars wrapped up in common paper and shipped in a common USPS carton box with no extra protection)
393562393562B003EMQGVIAUKX5LRTYXE95S. Morgan "Shari"41121313280000Orange chocolate barsI purchased the orange chocolate bar and was disappointed. They were were almost bitter tasting. I gave them away to a health nut friend of mine and she couldn't eat them either. Unless you are very fond of carob, I suggest you skip these. I am so desperate for someone to make a really good tasting chocolate candy using stevia. I've looked all over the internet without luck.

There is big opportunity here for an enterprising entrepreneur to make some big bucks. I know there are thousands of people like me who need to eat less sugar (or none at all) who are very aware of the dangers of all the other fake sugars out there. I'd do it, but I'm too old and don't have the ambition.

So until someone out there gets rich by doing just that, I guess I'm stuck with trying to make my own - so I bought a stevia cook book on Amazon.
393563393563B003EMQGVIA2IVO6H30VNC25Paul Hearn "Woodworker"117211287360000Counting Calories? Think again...Compare the content and price of this bar (see above) to a Hershey Bar (no almonds). The Hershey Bar has 50 FEWER calories per bar. Also, for the price of one of these bars, you could buy five regular Hershey bars. 24% more calories and FIVE times more expensive. Unless you are diabetic, why would you ever buy this product?

Hershey Bar (no almonds) Bulk price (36) - $25.59
Serving Size 1 bar (43 g)
Hershey Bar
Amount Per Serving %DV *
Total Calories 210
Calories from Fat 110
Total Fat 13 g 20%
Saturated Fat 8 g 40%
Cholesterol 10 mg 3%
Sodium 35 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 26 g 9%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
Sugars 24 g
Protein 3 g 6%
393564393564B005QKH4L2A3VWUAGY8DMXX9Big Guy0151340668800I LIKE THIS STUFFI don't know what it is about this stuff, but i cant stop eating it. i never saw it before and thought it would be interesting to try. I'M HOOKED!! The combo of all the nuts and sesame chips or sticks works great and now i am addicted. 2 thumbs up!! AWESOME!
393565393565B001ET5XVCADQGF68CXJOTXMaxine "Max"2241260316800Mild But Great On Meat, Fish & PoultryI agree that this paste has a mild garlic flavor, however, I have spread it directly onto fish, meat and poultry before cooking with delicious results. I would recommend that you test varying amounts of garlic to use even though the flavor is mild. I love the taste of garlic and undoubtedly use more than most. I have given a few tubes to friends and am already planning to purchase my second order.
393566393566B001ET5XVCA2W90SLO3PQIWRJ. Harrell "Contessa, Villa Beona Appalachia"2251215475200this stuff is wonderful!A breeze to squeeze when you want garlic! Good taste and texture. Not harsh, no mess. Especially economical for the occasional chef, since it doesn't go bad in the tube. If you love quality products that save time, this will be a favorite.
393567393567B001ET5XVCA69AEN6O2DDR1Nomerce "Chad"2251212537600Great GarlicThis is some the best flavor from garlic that i can find. I have tried the jar garlic and fresh garlic and it still hasn't had the flavor that the garlic that this garlic has. chalk one up for the Italians they know how to grow the best garlic.
393568393568B001ET5XVCABAYJ9296GJRGJoseph D. Sorbello2251192060800great garlicthe amore garlic past is the greatest thing since sliced bread, mixes easily into sauces and gravies or just plain spread on beef chicken whatever . if you are a garlic lover you will love this product
393569393569B001ET5XVCA245IQHY92UBN6Rita1151257897600MagnificentThe Garlic paste is very good. I made some garlic butter with it for garlic toast, it was Great!
393570393570B001ET5XVCA3E4Y33AFFG8PPD. Costello1151238716800Great ProductI use this all the time. It is a great time saver and has an excellent flavor.

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