Amazon Fine Food Reviews

393601393601B001ET5XVWA39CC8SWYBILWOLHK1241266796800Love this - great taste!Bought this on a lark when I was ordering tomato paste, but we absolutely love it. We like sauces with some heat, and this makes a plain tomato sauce into a great arrabiata.
393602393602B001ET5XVWAXO4PQU0XG3TGDwight11141177027200$15.28 for convenienceOur hot sauce is the Vietnamese brand but if we don't get to it soon enough, an open jar will mold. YUCK.
393603393603B000LR7V22A8CJUARD8NP02jennings0011324080000Do not purchasePurchased to make truffle turkey because it was recommended that I use white truffle butter. There was no truffle flavor or aroma & very few truffles in the jar and poor butter quality. I made my own truffle butter last year with black truffles that I purchased in my local grocery store & the flavor & aroma was incredible. Since white truffles were considered to be better I was extremely disappointed. In addition, the store that carried this product sent me an email asking me to rate it. When I replied they never sent me a response back. I had purchased 2 of these for Thanksgiving & one for Christmas. I had to throw the 2nd one away since the product was useless.
393604393604B005VIDHHEA2AU3BJPWB4TT8Yvonne T. Mcfadden "Mac in New Mexico"0051344556800Good FoodWow!, we can't buy Linguisa in New Mexico, this wasn't cheap but, very well packed ( in Ice ) and I would certain-ally buy it again Taylor Food a good Company!
393605393605B000F9NSR8A2393L0C6LRVVPLisa Liquori1151339200000great standing prime ribGreat standing prime rib. meat was well pakaged and fresh. Meat was delivered early. Prime rib was so juicy...followed this recipe from paula deen, yummy...[....] Thanks so much
393606393606B0036Z76VWA1PJQ9SA7P4ECKAli0051288396800soooo goodno thing better than this great testing Seasoning, you can put it every thing even eggs, mushroom rice, soup and any thing
p really recommended this one
393607393607B005534KWQA1XJG1MZN0EG7IMel0031330905600Triscuit Rye and Caraway CrackersI love rye bread, so the rye Triscuits were wonderful. They cannot be found anywhere in the city I live, so I ordered a 12-pack on line, 1/2 for me, 1/2 for my friend in Houston who introduced me to them. I was really disappointed. The boxes I have opened are mostly pieces. They are still my favorite crackers, but I hate serving them like this.
They were mailed quickly to me and I appreciate that, but I wish they had been packed better. Thank you.
393608393608B002HQK6HWA28V2WVBMTFNO5The River Horus2251339632000Superior ProductThis oil is far superior to Spanish or Italian olive oils and to many Greek. A First Cold Pressing, there are no additives or preservatives so the oil has a light, clean taste. I use it extensively in salads and over pasta dishes.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of this product.
393609393609B002HQK6HWA179LCI5DEGVRYThe Hipstones0051344384000Most versatile olive oil.This is by far my favourite olive oil. I used it in a restaurant i worked in, and loved it so much, i started getting it at home. It's fruity and perfect for salad dressing, bread dipping and finishing on you pasta/scrambled eggs/anything! I always cook with it too, and it's beautiful when making pestos. We go through the big tin quite quickly as we use it so liberally! It's great value at this price. GET IT.
393610393610B002HQK6HWA28MFJUXYCN3ZAfreeShippingFan0051340323200Iliada Extra Virgin Olive OilThis is by far the best olive oil I've had. I first tried it with bread in a local Italian cafe and I really liked the flavor so we asked the server for the brand name. I don't know how to describe it, I think it's more on the fruity rather than peppery side. I can't find it in my local grocery store, fortunately, I can get it from Amazon.
393611393611B001R598NWA37J3XRX1TENTSS. Richards3351304726400YUMI love Milk Trays. My husband is British and he says no one does chocolates like the Brits. I have to agree with him on this one. Right now I'm enjoying the box he just gave me as an early birthday present.

In this box, there are two trays of twenty chocolates which include (as described on the inside box cover) four of each type -
Hazelnut Caress, roasted hazlenut hugged by smooth caramel
Hazelnut Heaven, whole roasted hazlenut whirled in milk chocolate
Eastern Delight, exotic Turkish delight locked in milk chocolate
Caramel Heart, luscious soft caramel encased in a milk chocolate heart
Caramel Charm, luxurious chewy caramel
Strawberry Kiss, strawberry filling with vanilla flavour fondant cream
Orange Truffle, smooth chocolate truffle flavoured with tangy orange
Honey Love, honey-flavour caramel
Fudge Dream, vanilla flavour fudge drenched in milk chocolate
Nut Secret, hazlenut in milk truffle in milk chocolate

My very favorites, of which I am unwilling to share, are the Strawberry Kiss, Honey Love, Caramel Heart, Orange Truffle, and the Turkish Delight, which has a soft center of a kind of gelatin consistency. Most delights are rose-flavored, but these don't taste rosy to me.

These chocolates are so delicious. I'm not going to tell you to enjoy in moderation because what's the fun of having a whole box of chocolates if you aren't going to indulge? One piece will lead to another and another! You will also find that pieces will mysteriously disappear from the box (pointing the finger of blame at my husband) so I'd advise to hide your Milk Tray someplace safe. :)
393612393612B000F50PAAA2HVOEL7HL4RSDChein S. Su6651238025600Ferrero Rocher - crispy outside + caramel!!!This candy is AWESOME. At my local grocery store it sells for $1 for a pack of 4. I bought a 12-pack of 15-pieces (180 pieces) for $22 here on Amazon! That's a bargain! Instead of $0.25 a piece, it's just over $0.12 a piece!

This candy is a great gift because it's cheap and not very common. If you like ferrero rocher, but don't want to pay the steep price and enjoy a kick of caramel, this is the perfect candy for you.
393613393613B000F50PAAA12PIQ438BWZRDMumsi "Mumsi"4521282694400EVERYTHING MeltedMy daughter fell in love with Toffifee while in Germany this past summer. I found it on Amazon, but it was called Toffifay, instead of Toffifee, but made by same company. I decided to take a chance. Luckly it tastes the same. Unfortunately the chocolates did not look the same. I am embarrassed to serve it to anyone but my kids.

I'm sure it would have been good if the packaging were better. When I recieved the TWELVE boxes I ordered, every single one of them was completely melted. This was not the candy makers fault, but Amazon's packaging. I gave them packaging feedback, but they have not responded in any way.

So, lesson learned: Assuming Amazon will not improve their packaging of meltable food products, ONLY ORDER THIS IN THE WINTER !!
393614393614B000F50PAAA353H4TQK9Q74NSterling1151297900800Great CandyThis is by far my favorite candy the hazelnuts are delicious and the Carmel makes it taste even better BUY NOW!!!
393615393615B000F50PAAA1EL66SZ564GWKS. Folena1151296950400Crowd pleaserI love these candies and bought them to share with my office mates at Christmas. They loved them too; particularly the interesting combination of tastes and textures. This is such a great deal compared to buying individual packages at a local store, if you can even find them there, that is. The ads used to say "it's too good for kids." While I'm not sure about that, I do know the adults really enjoyed them.
393616393616B000F50PAAA1DK5QMUN24N67Canadian girl1151291420800Delightful!I bought these chocolate to give out as small gifts for Christmas but I may have to keep them all myself! So delicious, as only European chocolate can be! They do make great gifts as they are not easy to find in the States and most people haven't heard of them; just be warned that it's hard to part with them once you've tried them. I also ordered them in the fall to avoid having them melt in the delivery truck or on my porch
393617393617B000JRDF1AADER37NRH62BPatricia E. Smith0051213660800Fabulous for chicken saladI sampled the marinade at St. Jean winery in CA, bought a bottle ($1 more than at Amazon), and intended to make the chicken salad recipe on the label of the marinade. Eventually I asked my friend Jean, an excellent cook, to make the chicken salad for me. She doubled the recipe, and followed the directions on the bottle exactly. We both thought the result was fabulous. I'll buy it again even though it's on the expensive side. The chicken salad was terrific. It is definitely worthy of serving to company. I love the distictive flavor of this sauce.
393618393618B000JRDF1AA3RLHHQK3V2V9MRichard Kelly0021211155200Curry SauceI love a good curry sauce but this just wasn't what I call a good curry sauce. It was very thin and watery not what I am used to. Also it didn't have a very good flavor. In other words I wasn't very happy with it
393619393619B000CR1VU4A1HBR1R8J4R5T7DeusExMathias0031200787200Not my favorite flavorI enjoy the other flavors in StarKist's lineup, but this one only gets an "It's OK" from me. It always tastes as if it's slightly spoiled or just about to be. I like the hickory flavor much more than this one. The lemon pepper is great, too. :)
393620393620B000CR1VU4AVDM0ICCRC5BDTheresa B. Buckhout "Theresa Buckhout"0051169251200Del Monte Starkist Tuna CreationsFresh tuna. Great price. I would recommend this product.
393621393621B000CR1VU4A1XFKWAR5STF0John Woods "TObject"0031165881600Not herby or garlickyI am not sure if I just got a bad batch, or they all like that. But, the Starkist Herb & Garlic Tuna Creations I tried was very bland: no garlic taste and also not many herbs if any at all - just lightly marinated tuna. It's not bad; but where are herbs? Where is garlic?
393622393622B007FIIS36AVQZ0JG8OP8P7jade7 "jade7"0051350604800Excellent variation of the Ginger Chew!I bought these as well as the Chimes brand in this flavor....... they are so simular that I can only tell you that they taste great, a bit more of the peanut flavor than the ginger and these are a larger individual chew than the Chimes brand. Try them, excellent!
393623393623B002Q7ROV8A1OW164EJWFICVAnne2211330387200Stale Tea, Improperly PackagedI was excited about this flavor, but the tea did not come in a resealable pouch. It came in a regular brown bag. Though it smells divine, it is definitely old and stale. The taste is unpleasant even though I have played around with water temperatures and brewing times. Very disappointing and a waste of money; I will have to throw it away. DO NOT BUY!
393624393624B002Q7ROV8A1HEMB57CKGVNIpatrick1141325635200not in advertised pouchI really enjoy this tea and would recommend it to a friend. The reason that i gave this product 4 stars is that it didn't come in a resealable pouch as advertised, leading me to believe the tea i have is older and staler than it should be.
393625393625B002Q7ROV8A1A0DUC0MTZJR0Amazon addict "tea novice"2341311379200Light taste and smell. Great for summer white teaThe tea is light with subtle hints of blueberry and kiwi. I would recommend it. It would also make a good summer iced tea.
393626393626B000FEDHF6A7DJ2RMWFNA4BJody Foster "Homey"2251225238400Reese Anchovy stuffed olivesI love the Reese Anchovy stuffed olives. They are not too salty but salty enough. My mom and brother loves them too hence the purchase of two boxes. One for them to share and the other all for me:)
393627393627B000FEDHF6A2BY7MN6QQBCRCJ. Haas1151267056000These will make a Martini lover of anyone!A friend introduced us to these olives several years ago, and we have never looked back. They are the BEST in a Martini. We actually have a friend who eats them with or without the Martini...they are that good! While we have been know to share a few in salads, they are just difficult enough to find that we tend to keep them in reserve for cocktail hour. Thanks for having them in stock!
393628393628B000FEDHF6A3UGNCG3MVW8C2stagesoon0041346025600by far my favoriteI basically love all olives but these by far are my favorite! They are soft and just perfectly salted and don't have an overwhelming fishy taste.
393629393629B000FEDHF6A3I40HXM39GI8BP. Feakins0021272844800Not enough flavor for meI think there is a big difference between minced anchovy filling for an olive and a whole anchovey filling. The minced variety like this brand do not have the robust flavor of whole anchovies. The minced ones are not bad and are actually a lot easier to find, but I definitely prefer the whole anchovy variety.
393630393630B000FEDHF6A3FRVKCVZV9BAPC. C. Brown1251259712000Great Service!Anchovy suffed olives are very hard to find in my area so I was happy to order a 12-pack. They arrived promptly and in perfect condition. If you enjoy anchovy stuffed olives, this is a great way to obtain them.

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