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393711393711B005QRPH3MA1E50L7PCVXLN4Colinda "L.S.W."1131323216000Benny likes it. But why Nutraceuticals in Dog Treats?My cocker spaniel enjoyed these treats. They do not contain corn or wheat, which is good because he seems to get itchy when he eats those grains.

Unfortunately, I could not give them to our other dog, a beagle mix. He tends to get seizures after he consumes chicken, and since these contain natural chicken flavor, I did not risk giving him these.

I received these treats as a sample. I would not bother to purchase them because of the cost plus the fact that only one of my pets can eat them.

I wonder if the price would be lower if designer nutrients were left out. I mean, do dogs naturally want green tea extract? I realize that studies are being done on possible benefits of this substance, but throwing some in dog treats is not the same as having a vet prescribe it. When I searched the web for research on canine green tea extract, one of the first that came up reported that some beagles died in a study using high doses of the extract, so now I feel that caution may be advisable. Of course, your dog would have to eat an awful lot of these treats to get enough of it to suffer any harm; a single treat is almost certainly okay.

Nutraceuticals have become trendy because marketers know that people are aware that certain nutrients have impressive health benefits. And including these nutrients give manufacturers a reason to charge more. You may want to ask your vet's opinion before paying extra for designer treats.
393712393712B005QRPH3MA5AY7AG514NPNJames R. Spitznas11213205376004 of 5 Dogs ApproveUpon opening the package, the two young Jack Russell Terriers began bouncing up and down --they could tell from the smell that this was a treat they were going to like. I was not at all off put by the vaguely minty, grainy smell but my wife did not care for the smell at all. The two youngsters ran to their crates where they immediately devoured the chews in less than 2 minutes. The treats were also given to a geriatric JRT, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an Australian Cattle Dog. The old JRT also polished his chew off in a matter of minutes, it took the CKCS about 10 minutes and the ACD turned her nose up at the chew -- she literally pushed it into a corner of her crate and sat in the opposite corner as far away as possible from the treat. The ACD is admittedly very picky about food and treats, but she absolutely loves bully sticks (as do all of the other dogs) which also last many times longer than these chews and cost less when one considers their staying power.

In summary:
+4: Number of dogs liked
+0: Smell (some humans and dogs liked, others didn't)
-1: Cost
-1: Duration

So, these chews get a score of two (2) given that all dogs in the house love bully sticks which provide much longer chewing enjoyment at a lower cost.
393713393713B005QRPH3MA3PIW7ZF4C5ZJLRhiana Jones1121320364800Ok but a bit smellyThe dogs liked these OK but they weren't terribly impressed. They each ate half of one and then left the rest in the hallway. Occasionally they go back for a little nibble. They're not so great for the humans either, they smell really really bad when they're chewing on them.
393714393714B005QRPH3MA10PEXB6XAQ5XFMichael Gallagher1141320364800Nice Dog Treat - The Dog Liked ItWhat else can I say except the dog really liked these treats? I didn't taste them, but after sniffing the something new for him treat and being a little skeptical he ran off with it and sat down to gnaw for a long time. A good benefit is there wasn't a nasty smell to the treat before or after the dog eating it like there is with other dental-type pet treats.

One thing I want to point out is the size of these treats - they are a lot bigger than a greenie and other similar pet dental treats, as well as a lot tougher which will take them longer to chew. I have a small dog that weighs a little over ten pounds, so I broke this one in half which seemed like enough for him.

See my tongue-in-cheek comment above about not tasting them, but I do believe there is a bit of salt in these, as a few hours after eating them he was extremely thirsty.

Overall, this appears to be a good treat for your dog - time will tell if it helps his teeth!
393715393715B005QRPH3MA1BR1IN6K4HG2Edogmomx30041343520000Very "tasty"2 of my lab mixes really enjoyed these chews. We have a shepherd/lab mix that is really picky with his treats and he wasn't interested in them, but we weren't surprised. These were not too messy-mine always lick any crumbs off the floor anyway. They don't have a really strong smell which is nice since I have a sensitive smeller these days. Overall I wish you got a little more for the price, but you know its good quality treats for our furry babies!
393716393716B005QRPH3MAYVU55XJK4S9PA. McDonald0051341360000Well Worth It!It's hard to find products that are actually good for our dogs & their teeth but these are. What a plus to offer a "low calorie" dental bone. Our gal just turned eleven and has arthritis, so we have to really watch her diet since she can't exercise like she use to. She really loves them. I wish they were less expensive also but unfortunately so much of the stuff that is offered out there has some ingredients that are harmful or cause stomach problems.
393717393717B005QRPH3MA2HUDNTDM361TXL. Crusing "USN Hsg Ret"0051337644800another great treat and it really works...My one aussie was starting to get a tartar build-up on her teeth when I found this product. They love them and I can notice a difference in my girls teeth. The tartar build-up is less and less. Thanks!
393718393718B005QRPH3MA2FVD05Z2FYW1PJ. Silva0041336694400Treats with a plusWe keep these treats on hand for friends who visit with their pets. We love dogs and have had them as companions ourselves, but sometimes that doggy breath is a little overwhelming -- one or two of these treats makes the pups happy and makes their presence a lot more fun. Of course, we always ask before treating, but our friends seem very pleased that we have a nutritional treat to offer their pet.
393719393719B005QRPH3MA1LHAXBM5GBJS2Scooter McGavin0041331596800Too Big for the Chihuahua but Perfect for My Medium Sized DogI have two dogs, a medium mixed breed and a small Chihuahua who has had a few rotted teeth pulled. I gave both one each and the mixed breed ate it right up and finished it off in a couple of minutes. The Chihuahua on the other hand chewed the end for a couple seconds before going into guard mode. The broke it in half in hopes that he could chew from the middle which is smaller than the ends. He was able to crew off a half an inch from the middle before giving up again. At the end of the day, I figured it was too big for him and tossed what was left to my other dog that was more than happy to finish it off.
393720393720B005QRPH3MAMPGRXQMO89X9Faye L. Bowring0031331164800These chew treats last but not one of our pup's favorites.If our pup's opinion of these small dental chew treats changes, I will update this review. I like these puppy dental chew treats because they keep her busy for a longer period of time than most chew treats. She chews on them but she is not that crazy about them because she will quit chewing and leave it while she does something else. I think it may be the mint flavor that is not her favorite because she has other mint flavored chew bones that she will chew on and then leave unfinished. However, I am keeping these chew treats for back-up and am not sorry I bought them.
393691393691B001PFC1A6A3Q0NM5XZUDYMJWerner H. Terjung0051324857600Curry powderThis is a great product! I have used Curry for decades when it was easily obtainable in the stores. That, unfortunately has changed lately, few stores seem to have it. So, for those still searching, do what I did.
393692393692B001PFC1A6A1MDCLFCYMRB3Ibklynchica441251335830400Curry favor with Sun BrandCurry lovers will enjoy this mixture. Not too "hot or spicy" and just right to mix with yogurt and fresh basil for a protein-rich flavorful treat. The 4 oz. package is the perfect size for gift-giving. Just right for friends who are new to curry. My great-grandson (age 13) loves it in his omelets and scrambled eggs.
393693393693B001PFC1A6A592SLIUWHN4SThe Minister1231277596800Beware the salt contentGreat tasting curry, superb deal by the 4-pack, but far too salty. Impossible to use with, say, canned tuna or anything else that's pre-salted. Too salty to cook for a really intense curry flavor. p.s. I'm *anything* but salt-averse in my cooking generally.

If this curry came with about 33% of the salt & allowed me to use more per dish & then salt to my liking, I would buy it by the ton.
393694393694B001PUHJSKAMKW801QVPPYRichard D. Jones1131306800000Desert Rose-Black KnightDennis, the Desert Rose plant you purchased will live, trust me! I've been growing these for years and when the leaves fall off I just cut back on watering. The Desert Rose is a succulent and requires very little water, which is another reason I love these plants. They're extremely hardy plants and will thrive if given the right conditions.
393695393695B001PUHJSKA34GKUZPEOJJE4Dennis S. Quinn "Dennis S Quinn"1111302220800dead plantI received a plant that had all yellow leaves on it and they all fell off. I wrote the company and they said well just plant it and see if it lives or not. I stated that no were in the description was it stated that I would receive a half dead plant and have to wait to see if it grows or not. This is the type plant if seen with my own eyes I would have never bought it looks like the kind you would see in a greenhouse dumpster I now have a stick in dirt with no leaves at all on it waiting to see if I get anything for my money very very unhappy
393696393696B001PUHJSKA1IZTAGVQP885ODesert Boy0051337126400Happy CamperI received my desert Rose within the time frame. the plant was carefully packed and looked good but the color was not what I ordered. After e-mailing 9greenbox and letting them know they shipped out the correct Desert Rose within the week. Great coustomer service - Thank you.
393697393697B000QAVBAWA26Q7SRGGYJDJ6Calvin W. Hines0051259971200FANTASTIC FLAVORThis is the best meat rub I have ever used! The maple undertone really adds a taste never experienced before and a small amount on both sides is all that is needed. It really helps hold in the moisture too. This would be a great gift for any cook but especially those who do outdoor grilling.
393698393698B000HP5GGGA36GJHIK0CKOMGDeborah Samson1151284422400Really GoodI've never had this before - it got great reviews from my family!

I added the following, because I love to mess with recipes: a little carrot, potato, sweet onion, two chicken bouillon cubes (Wyler's brand) and a handful of extra lentils and macaroni I had hanging around.
393699393699B000HP5GGGAXORN6QFM937CTed Deems115125470080024-tubes24-tubes of one verity is a little much. If there was a 24-tube verity mix you'd get my attention.
393700393700B000HP5GGGA2FD1921TYZS5TBenedict "Benedict"1151247875200Very, very goodI had a bit of this soup mix laying around the house for years, so I thought I might as well use it.

I was entirely surprised how good it was. In fact, I ate the whole amount. It has a lot of protein. I cooked it in my rice cooker and it went fine.

I was going to get a lot of it at Safeway when I discovered it was $2.75 per package, which simply does not fit into today's budget. I am tickled to find it relatively inexpensive on Amazon.

As I say, I was taken by surprise by how good this product really is.
393701393701B000HP5GGGAWF68K4MCVTUFBrandon Ryan1141235001600Tasty vegetarian alternative for those love love meatI really love this soup mix. I am such a carnivore that I feel like something is missing without meat at every meal. This soup mix satisfies my protein cravings when I make it for lunch. It goes really well with cornbread muffins.
393702393702B005QRPH3MA1YQB7RMH8L1RWshake ade6621322870400really really expensiveWe have two large dogs and are always looking for high quality treats. The dogs really liked these chews, but there are only four in a pack when you purchase the large size. The chews were not long lasting (about five minutes). I have purchased other high quality chews for a lower price so I can't really justify the high price of these treats. We spend a lot of money on our pets but this is the first treat/chew that I felt like they might as well have been chewing on my wallet! (I think my wallet would have lasted longer)
393703393703B005QRPH3MA1GW7V6S6XSXX3Christopher Mayo6651321401600Best I Have Tried So FarI was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Zoe Anti-Oxidant 8-1/2-Ounce Dental Chew Treats, Medium actually worked really well. We have a medium-sized lab + something mix and she really enjoyed these. I'm generally not a big fan of dog treats, because they stink,, they don't help her breath/teeth much, they have funky things inside, and she has powerful jaws that enable her to go through just about any treat in a short amount of time.

As far as the smell goes, this wasn't bad at all. In fact, not only did it improve her breath, but there was a noticeable reduction in plaque. I didn't expect the treats to actually accomplish this, and was glad to see how well they worked.

All natural and healthy.

Unfortunately, the treats didn't last long. She finished each one in just a few minutes. I suppose I shouldn't expect treats like this to last too long (hence, the five stars), but it would be nice if they did.
393704393704B005QRPH3MA3GPW9NANH6WF2Melanie3331321401600My Dogs Were Not Very EnthusedI tested these treats out on three dogs, a schnauzer mix, poodle mix, and a terrier mix. They all got very excited when I opened the bag, but the terrier was the only one who seemed very enthused about the treat itself. The other two kind of chewed on the treats for a minute or two, then just kind of stared at them.

The treats are a little messy, especially near the end. My dogs left tiny crumbs on the floor, so that's something to watch out for. They're a good size, perfect for medium build dogs.
393705393705B005QRPH3MA3N4CUW4UYC9I3MH2251321315200Quite the hit!!When I first received Haley's (my dog) package of Zoe Anti-Oxidant Dental Chew Treats (medium size), I took Haley and 3 of the treats to my neighbor's house to visit and share with her dogs. All 3 dogs LOVED the treats and got very possessive of their own. The dogs range from about 15 pounds to 30 pounds. It took the boston terrier the longest to eat. There were no crumbs leftover at all. Haley normally carries bones around for awhile to protect and guard. She started eating her Zoe bone right away.

These bones are similar to Denta Bones in style, but they have much better ingredients. I've given Haley natural dental bones before, and these have a similar smell. I'm not sure if it's the rosemary or what other ingredient.

I am very impressed and pleased with these bones. They seem to keep the dogs busy for a while longer than denta bones, so that is definitely a good thing! I will be purchasing these for Haley in the future. I doubt I would give her one every day because of the calories, but maybe she will get them as a special treat a couple times a week.
393706393706B005QRPH3MAMYTL79JMGQ6DMary Ann2231320192000Short life, strong odorOn arrival, I distributed a chew to each of three dogs under 20 pounds who do like chews. They each went at their chew with a will, and in 15 minutes the chews were gone. As the chewing was in progress, and lingering, was a distinct odor similar to horse weeds and other strong herbs. I cannot say how "dental" the experience was, for such a quick gulp. If one of the purposes of the chew is to occupy a pet for any extended time, this choice is a flop--but it must have been tasty.
393707393707B005QRPH3MA3RGN75LHYAG8UM. Lu2251320105600Dog Loves It and Perfect SizeMy dog has been using Check-ups and Greenies for a while and he loves this new addition to his dental chewies routine. The medium size is perfect for my 25 lb. cocker spaniel. The bone is roughly the size of a large chicken drumstick bone. When I was opening the bag, my dog followed me around. I suspected he knew this bag of bones was for him. He grabbed the chew bone immediately after I offered it to him found a nice corner and went about his chewing. It lasted a good minute or two. This stuff is made of quinoa, gluten free, and touts anti-oxidant benefits. And I assume it tastes good because it actually smells pretty good. 5 stars for Zoe Anti-Oxidant Chew Bones and I would buy again and recommend to others. When my dog is happy... I'm happy.
393708393708B005QRPH3MA30NHJW3YCRKGUCat1121327104000My dog loves themBUT I should have thoroughly gone through the ingredients before I purchased them not after. I wasn't happy. Too much grain and other stuff, including chemically sounding things that I didn't like the sounds of. I won't buy these again. Mea culpa, I didn't read the package until three days and three half-bones later. He defintely likes them but I've got to be responsible about what he eats because I want him to be around for a long time.
393709393709B005QRPH3MA28V2JYBYLDUV5Reecia Thompson Stoglin "Re'"1131324512000Ok, not greatMy Iggy eats them as a last resort. I read the ingredient list and was happy that it seemed healthy. However, my picky Iggy doesn't rate it as high as I do :-). Maybe if it was bacon flavor it would get a higher rating from him.
393710393710B005QRPH3MA3I2WE58OUUEXGfigaro "jacoba"1141324512000Fairly safe dog chew-treatsThese are the kind of dog treats that take the dog a few minutes to chew up. They break into safe pieces so they won't get lodged in the throat or further down, but they still take a few minutes to eat as they are kind of hard. I thought they smelled sort of medicinal, but my dog seemed to like them a lot.

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