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393799393799B0006TVGO4A78GC1QB74V3ZLittle Wing "LW"0011345939200unedibleI had great hopes for these - I even spoke with the makers of the bars, they called asking me some questions. I can't find the info to call them back and let them know, but these tasted like they had gasoline in them, an incredibly chemical taste, blech. I've had lots of sugar free chocolate so I have a good amount to compare to. These tasted horrid to me. I hate to say don't buy them because I'm sure they'd taste different to different people, but they're definitely not for me.
393800393800B000HKJJGEA1GDE4346B9DIMAnn M. Shullar21211235520000DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS CO. NOR AMAZONWe ordered them, the box we rec'd said they were fig bars, when we opened them they were cranberry. Amazon nor the manufacturer have contacted us to replace.

393801393801B003CIHTBUA1JYP7C0TIA534Yonghee Kim8851318550400Great product!I bought this because my local international market was going out of business. I wasn't sure how the quality of this was going to be, but the pods were in great shape, no impurities, and aroma was intense. Would highly recommend this if you can't find any quality ones nearby.
393802393802B003CIHTBUA1WP7NVMBZV7R9P. A. Pla-davila "Corsairian Pirate"3321332633600Sub-parI bought these seeds in the hope they would be what I'm used to. I'm sorry I did. The seed pods are EXTREMELY small, they're a re past prime, and somewhat bitter than normal cardamom. Disappointed with this product from this seller.
393803393803B003CIHTBUA188F3JGOBEZX1Mary3351331856000Beautiful Aroma!I made Chai tea - as well as a home made chai ice cream and just a chai milk without the tea + cloves, star anise and a few other spices. But you have to have the cardamom pods and these were wonderful.
393804393804B003CIHTBUA1CITHAQ9R2GSSD. Gutierrez "D. Gutierrez"2351329609600Yum! Delicious cardamom.I couldn't find whole cardamom at 3 of my local supermarkets and the ethnic markets were too far. Luckily, I found whole cardamom here and it was perfect. First time I've ordered a spice online, and I'll admit it felt a bit odd at first... but after my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
393805393805B003CIHTBUAT2TNVSA9P60Ynikki0051346025600freshThe cardomoms where very fresh , the shipment was very early and the package was also good and the aroma is also nice
393806393806B003CIHTBUA2BWP427FOP4V5R. Heck0051345766400Hard to find item at great priceOur local Indian restaurant always uses cardamom pods in their rice and I LOVE it! I decided to start using them when I cooked at home but couldn't find anything but ground cardamom. I was delighted to find the pods here and was happy to find them reasonably priced. I will order again!
393807393807B003CIHTBUA3DHS97DOBZDBWAdriana V.0051343260800Fresh, aromaticThese cardamom pods were very fresh and aromatic. I have been keeping them in a ziploc bag to keep them fresh. The amount and quality of cardamom you get from this seller is excellent. I would highly recommend, as I could not find green pods in stores!
393808393808B002F5L4IUAVYNYPVAODV1JSkip's Mom3341285459200sugar free soy free treaTIt is difficult to find soy free candy of any kind, much less sugar free and soy free. This is both. The taste is mildly sweet with no sugar alchohol side effects.
393809393809B004M0ZX2EA6LMD2JCX435SLaura2221314489600Very flavorfulThis cereal has a very nice taste if you like blueberries. It has huge blueberries and lots of crunch from the different kinds of cereal. I wasn't sure how I would like it when I ordered originally but I couldn't wait to eat more once I tried it. I actually looked forward to having my cereal in the mornings. This is one I will order again.

Update 3-2012
I lowered my rating on this cereal because the last couple of times I've gotten it there have been fewer and fewer blueberries. This time, there might have been 6 blueberries in the whole box. I'm not sure how they can call it blueberry pomegranate anymore. I won't be ordering it anymore.
393810393810B004M0ZX2EA2N9Y04UFXIN8BKAREN K. "MamaBear"0051350691200Peace Cereal Blueberry PomegranateMy family loves this cereal. I mix it with my generic wheat-o-type cereal
393781393781B00473U3BMA3JY0IUZH8VN8JMercer Wells "book lover 67"4451306195200Fantastic Chocolate CakeI have a wheat intolerance, but wanted to have some cake on my birthday. I tried this cake mix expecting it to be the usual odd-tasting substitute for regular wheat flour products. Wow, were we ever pleasantly surprised. This cake had a very chocolate-y flavor - better than any chocolate cake I've ever tasted. The texture was excellent - moist and dense. We spread some Nutella between the layers and made some frosting for the top. My 2 boys and my husband all eat wheat and they raved about this cake. My son has asked for it for his birthday. I sliced up the leftover cake, wrapped it, and put it in the freezer. We let it thaw (covered) on the counter for a couple hours and it tasted just as delicious as the day it was baked. Thank you, King Arthur - this is a winner!
393782393782B00473U3BMA2T6XQ17BQRGJEV. Soucy-Beck3351301184000Definitely worth the priceThis product rates ten stars in my opinion. I must cook just about everything from scratch because of celiac disease and multiple food allergies. Another large company sells a chocolate cake mix, but it has soy in it, which I am allergic to, so I was estatic when this product hit the market. I had a slight problem with the mix climbing up the beaters of my hand held time I will use my heavy duty stand mixer like I should have the first time around. My cupcakes were better than the "regular" cake mix that I used for my husband who does not have a gluten problem. I live at 4400 ft. above sea level, and these cupcakes were so good I ordered more mix on line, with free shipping since this product is not sold in my home area.I'm sure my local Kroger supermarket would special order it, since they carry the KA flour, but it was faster to do it online. My first package was purchased while I was traveling and I'm so glad I bought it. Definitely a keeper!
393783393783B00473U3BMA8O7W6MQNOZH3Susan3351299628800Excellent!This is an excellent cake that tastes as good as any other chocolate cake I have ever had. I made cupcakes to freeze and remove individually as needed. They were moist, but not soggy the day after. They also froze very well. The directions are slightly involved. Not difficult at all but it does take a bit longer to mix up than the typical cake mix. The results are definitely worth the extra time though. Tastes great with peanut butter frosting!

Many gluten free mixes contain soy; this one doesn't. Nor does it contain any of the other 8 common allergens. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is the cost. Limiting the servings per person helps compensate for the cost of this product.
393784393784B00473U3BMAZXMLRVNJ8BWOA. Moore "EKU Moore"3351287532800Seriously good Chocolate CakeWe had our first official gluten-free holiday, my Mother's 70th birthday. She wanted/requested a chocolate cake. I found this mix and was hopeful . . . it went way beyond my expectations! This cake mix produces a spongy, moist and flavorful cake. No one knew it was gluten-free! Our little one ate it like there was no tomorrow . . . and he is very picky. I will definitely use this mix again for future birthdays -- highly recommend. Don't hesitate, buy this product, you will not be sorry.
393785393785B00473U3BMA3RFA96GJRQCZ8Jennifer Hinkle2251319155200SUPER AMAZING WONDERFUL CHOCOLATE CAKE MIX!!The first time I made this cake was for my chocoholic brother's birthday. I made a NON Gluten Free cake and a King Arthur Gluten Free Chocolate Cake for his birthday party. When we were at the party EVERYONE wanted the Gluten Free King Arthur Cake. It smelled so good. The color was rich. The taste was just wonderful, with a rich chocolate taste, and very moist. I have been Gluten free for 11 years, and i have never seen a reaction like this. After the party, my non-celiac brother said i could have only made the King Arthur Gluten Free Cake, it was so good. My son asked for this cake for his birthday. He doesn't normally like Gluten free items.
393786393786B00473U3BMA1CMXPKSXZIXH5K. Johnson2251305676800HOORAY FOR GOOD CAKE!!!Not grainy. No strange texture going on. Excellent products. My family really enjoys it, even my husband, who is not gluten-free.
393787393787B00473U3BMA1XB104ZGI3WSIclr242251295740800Great!This is by far the best gluten free cake mix I have tried. It was a delicious cake, easily as good as most gluten containing cakes. It was moist and flavorful and no one knew it was gluten free. This is now our 'go to' cake mix!!
393788393788B00473U3BMA36W5KJTVB60EHironicfury1151310169600AmazingThis cake is sooo good that I had to hide it from my gluten-loving family! My mother says she never wants to eat another type of chocolate cake again. It's amazing with homemade chocolate frosting, too. Thanks, King Arthur, for making one of the best GF products on the market!
393789393789B00473U3BMA3PBE97N3O6KQWMargaret Clegg1151309564800Great cake - freezes wellMy dad requested chocolate cake for Father's day and I thought I would try this brand for the first time. I failed to read the box first and make the cake in the steps it called for. It was a little dry, but that wouldn't have happened if I had read the instructions first. I made a two layer cake and everyone thought it tasted great. I still have a quarter of it in the freezer, and it thaws well. I am looking forward to trying some of their other products now as well.
393790393790B00473U3BMA13V6E5XPTGY6HEllen Turnock1151301443200AweomeEven those of us who don't need the gluten free loved this cake. I made it into cupcakes and they were gone very fast. Very moist and rich.
393791393791B00473U3BMAM6BW221F7JQ4Anna Burgess1151297123200A new fave in our home!Didn't know what to expect when I picked up a box of this yesterday for my son's 10th Birthday. I cringed at the $7 price tag but new I needed to try a new brand this time around. As as I was mixing I could already tell this was going to be a much better experience than years past. The cake did not disappoint!!! I just can't get over how moist it was!!! All the kids loved it and asked for more. This is going to be our go-to mix from now on.
393792393792B00473U3BMA33VPERB8JU1LKLasciel0051336176000Best GF mix or recipe I've triedI can't say enough good things about this product. I've used King Arthur flour for all of my wheat baking, and have struggled to find recipes to bake for my GF family members. I made this cake mix for my niece's b-day last week... paired with Duncan Hines GF frosting... and got rave reviews from everyone (GF and non-GF). The GF folk were astonished the cake was from a box mix. The batter is a little challenging to handle due to thickness mid-way through the mixing, but better than many GF batters I've worked with. Make sure you mix well and aerate the batter so the cake will not deflate after you remove from oven. The other great thing about this mix is that, unlike other GF mixes, one box will give you two 9 inch rounds. I will be stocking my kitchen with King Arthur GF products from now on.
393793393793B00473U3BMA2OVYOC0OQVR92K. Wells0051332806400Yum yum!Love this product! I substituted the butter for coconut butter--definitely not a mistake. So delicious. Adding Pamela's Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix (also using coconut butter instead of butter) makes this entire cake so delectable. It is definitely pricey online, but if your neighborhood grocery store will order it for you it goes for $4.50-$6.00. Its worth the cost though.
393794393794B00473U3BMAENXIWV564YZA. J. Bennett0051332288000Awesome gluten free dessertYummo! Just made these into cupcakes and made a powdered sugar/crisco based icing. All of us ate them and loved them. As good as any other boxed cake we've had. I didn't pay attention to the directions very well and just dumped it all in and turned my electric stand mixer on and it baked up without any issue.

We've been trying to stay away from gluten and sugar but got this in a sample pack so decided to go for it. So glad we did. What a treat!
393795393795B00473U3BMA39I2XBL6NCKR1Dana S "DanaS"0051330732800Far better than any recipe I've tried and it's boxed competition.This boxed mix makes 2 round cakes, unlike the Betty Crocker that only makes one round cake. The texture and flavor are so good. I need to use EnerG egg replacer due to egg allergies and this mix came out the best I've ever tried. I highly recommend this product. The price tag at $6 is high compared to the wheat cake mixes, but the quality is worth the price because I don't have to spend $50 on spendy flours trying out recipes that fail.
393796393796B00473U3BMA2XH9TINWOC469Willow310051328140800Love this cake!I've made this cake several times and it always turns out beautifully. I served it at my daughter's birthday party and none of the guests could tell the difference and I didn't tell anyone it was gluten-free until after they'd tried it. Some people even commented that they liked it better than regular cake mix. It's very rich and moist. I've made some GF cakes from scratch that had a strange texture and was so happy to stumble upon this awesome mix!
393797393797B00473U3BMA3HKZ0ROFNTUKMT. Sullivan0051323216000Best Gluten Free cake on the market!This is by far the best Gluten free cake mix on the market and I've tried them all. You or your non-celiac friends/family will be able to tell the difference between this and a cake with wheat-flour in it.
393798393798B00473U3BMA1HC0OJ5SBPHRRKimberly R. Stagliano "Stagmom"1421321142400GREAT product - terrible priceI can buy this at my grocery store for $6 a package. It makes the BEST Chocolate cake - you'll never know it's gluten free. But this price is too high.

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