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393811393811B004M0ZX2EA30SLY6N6WKV5WK. S. Shifflett "Sourdoughnative"0051332806400sourdoughnativethis is a delicious, and nutritious cereal. Even for me, and I am not a typical cereal eater. the only thing I noticed is that it does seem to be too sweet, but I think that is a personal taste issue. My husband and daughter love it, only wish the boxes were bigger.
393812393812B004M0ZX2EA3EMYNIHK4BMJQSheldon Weiner0111331596800The WORST cereal I have ever tasted.I never tasted a cereal this bad, It was impossiable to eat. I do not remember how many boxes I ordered, but they all went in to the trash.

What a waste.
393813393813B0000D9541A22ORFCRZ2ZCLHT. E. Wilfong "Loving Life"0051310774400Wonderful Candy!What a great product!! I used to buy them at the store but for some stupid reason they discontinued the candy. I have a sweet tooth but I can't buy regular candy but this was the best sugarless candy I ever had. I give it very high marks!!
393814393814B0000D9541A2I1LIRSL9T02BE. Dickstein "MaestraEva"0051291507200They're gone already!They arrived on time and I couldn't stop eating them, so I need to buy more now. The price for the product is right, but the shipping is too high. Any chance that will change?
393815393815B0000D9541AL541XC7589P6James R. Michaels "Sr. Rav"0051286236800A sweet dealThis candy is very tasty. If you want or need to reduce your intake of sugar, you'll love the flavor. I keep a big dish full in my office. Officially it's for me and for visitors, but co-workers stop by to ask something, and grab a handful!
393816393816B0000D9541AH3AK72ZGRMXBTeresa M. Mckinsey0051268352000Love this itemI really love these candies and have a couple every evening after dinner. They satisfy my "sweet" cravings without the calories.
393817393817B0056AZ25MAUSA0GJBP192AMyahsgma1151342051200perfect Fathers Day giftMy dad loves lemon drops and had been looking for these for several years. Picked the right ones and he said I hit a home run with these.
393818393818B000GBYZYUAHN86VFJIJ2JPChicago Book Addict1151232928000Luscious and full flavoredI am an avid tea and coffee drinker and this is one of my favorites. In only 4 minutes you get a cup of black tea that is well balanced with a pronounced flavor and aroma of vanilla beans. Everytime I make it at home I feel like I am getting high end tea shop tea in my own kitchen. I love that there is enough natural sweetness (and little natural bitterness) that I can enjoy this without any milk or sweetener, unless I really want to. It is a fantastic flavor so much so that I have repeatedly bought this tea despite the price.
393819393819B000GBYZYUA1S9BGKDIAEZFDMr. B "1st GradeTeacher"0051276387200It's vanilla. It's Mighty Leaf. It's delicious!Of course it's a matter of taste, but I'll join the small chorus in singing the praises of this wonderful tea. To date, I have not been disappointed by Mighty Leaf (the Organic Breakfast is another favorite). However, I should issue a warning: If you serve Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean to guests after dinner, be prepared to pour a second cup!
393820393820B000GBYZYUAE1ZME0QHI8UL. Johnson0041224374400Good vanilla flavor - a bit pricey though with the 'special' bags.I think this is the best vanilla tea I have tried. I thought the tea bags made it pretty pricey - so I'll try the loose leaf next time.
393821393821B000GBYZYUA31YQ1TRJPMRNAAmazingAmazonShopper "Super Sweet"1251201132800Mellow And LuxuriousI loved this tea when I tried it at a restaurant. The tea bag itself is made from a silky, shimmering material not unlike a pair of sexy panties. The flavor of the vanilla is lovely against the black tea. I sent a box to my mother and it arrived quickly and she loved it although she did not mention the tea bags similarities to sexy panties.
393822393822B004F8VY76A2ZGWT0RQDLCAAJonathan Hunt1151341705600Lovely teaWe need some new loose-leaf tea for work and so after a quick search I chose this. It is a lovely tea. The vanilla is a significant component of the flavor of this tea so it is quite different from a traditional Earl Grey, but not in a bad way. I would buy again.
393823393823B004F8VY76A7TFMB7WYELTIjodie1151311897600My Favorite Tea!I fell in love with this tea when I first had it at Espresso Cielo while I was visiting Santa Monica, CA. It has to be one of the most delicious teas I have ever had! Art of Tea - you have won me over.
393824393824B004F8VY76A1XRA99G70IALTM0041341360000Really favorable, a touch smallReally good tea. It's got a rich set of flavors that are unique from other Earl Grey Cremes I've had. I thought the amount was a little small, but it does have a really nice taste, so I'd probably get it again. If the size was a touch larger I'd definitely get it again.
393825393825B004F8VY76A3TV1WWP9ZV6WKLoves to shop...0051333584000Best earl grey ever!My most favorite Earl Grey ever! Used to get at Whole Foods in Santa Monica, but they stopped selling it. Now get it on line. Smells and tastes heavenly.
393826393826B005ZWCEJIAX6NK8D5CFDR6M. Miller "M. Miller"1151334793600Beautiful PlantI'm very happy with this plant. After relocating from NYC to SF and not being able to bring my plants with me I was missing them. So, one lonely evening in my new apartment on I ordered this plant not expecting much but when she arrived I was shocked by how big, full and lush this plant is on arrival. She's growing very nicely in my window. Thanks!
393827393827B005ZWCEJIA2WJXR8MS43UHLMichael S.1151334016000Live Spider PlantI have purchased this item for my kitchen. THe plant came all full and lush just like the photo shows. I would definitely recommend this product to any/everyone!
393828393828B005ZWCEJIARRXWSZ5OCS6Pval0041346198400Beautiful healthy plantLovely plant, no brown spots or dead leaves :-) The only thing that bothers me is that it is all growing to one side, and trying to move leaves over to balance the plant is not working without risking it is hanging kinda lop sided. If anyone has a suggestion, please tell me.
393829393829B000E1DR2SA1Z54EM24Y40LLc23351203206400Great pie!If you're making a chocolate pie, be SURE to use this one! Oh golly! The chocolate is so good in this pudding that you can barely get it into the pie crust. Drizzled with a little chocolate syrup and served with fresh strawberries on top, wow! Highly recommend!
393830393830B004G5ZYU6AVWY5QFL19H4EBrittany O.4451302739200My dog loves this!I bought this almost a month ago and my dog, a small Corgi mix, still chews on it every day. He seems to like antlers more than rawhides and I like that they are much healthier for him. I would definitely recommend antlers for anyone who has dogs that are big chewers!
393831393831B004G5ZYU6A3CW0ZLUO5X2B135-year Technology Consumer "8-tracks to 802.11"2251327795200Long lasting and QUIET entertainment for our dog...After many years of calm, geriatric dogs that were long past their chewing (and playing) days, we added a 15-month old Weimaraner rescue to our house as 2012 started. He's adapting to life outside of the rescue home, and we're adapting the double-barreled threat of a high-energy breed and what can only be described as lingering puppy brain (in the full size body of a grown dog).

There are toys for exuberant play (such as the Kong Wubba), and there are toys for quieter times, and to fully satisfy a dog's need to chew.

First, the dog loves this chew. And when he engages with it, the result is an extended period of time when we does so in one place (very much unlike other toys, which generated motion and noise!).

Second, it's odor and splinter free. We don't find pieces of it laying around, and it has no smell (at least to us two-legged critters).

This was recommended to us by a local dog specialty store, and the research I've done indicates far fewer concerns about its safety compared with other chew options.

Makes our dog happy and lets him turn down his motor a bit. What's not to like?
393832393832B004G5ZYU6A3SL6WZ6H81M8YIbuyeverything2251322870400Amazing ProductI decided to get this item for my new shelter dog. He went through dog toys like mad and most dog chews would be swallowed whole, only to be puked up later on. I was trying to find a product that he would get excited about chewing on and wouldn't be destroyed within minutes. Boy did this fit the bill! He has had it for well over a month now and has not even made his way through 25% of it yet. It doesn't have a smell and it hasn't broke off into pieces. I recommend this product to all my friends who have dogs and will be buying another one when the time comes!
393833393833B004G5ZYU6A1WFO3L0BWLLECbrenllin1151338076800Perfect for Agressive Chewers!I bought this antler chew bone for my daughters dog who chews up just about any chew bone almost instantly! The dog is a Corgi German Shepherd mix. My daughter says these antler bones are the only type that just last and last, and her dog gets a lot of chewing satisfaction. These are natural antler bones which are "harvested" from the forest after being shed by a moose. Recommend highly, especially if your dog can chew most bones up in minutes. These antler bones last for weeks!
393834393834B004G5ZYU6A1HJPH1DKEY9NMNurseSmartyPants1151326499200A bit pricy but great for extra large dogsThis thing must have weighted 10 pounds or so. It was huge and my mastiff has been working on it since it arrived. He really likes it and I like that fact that there is no yucky smell like some dog treats have (bully sticks, etc....) THis is the first Moose antler he's had. The elk antler seemed to be less dense in the middle and didn't last quite as long as the deer antler before it did. We've yet to see how the moose antler will stand up to time. For the cost, I hope it lasts at least 1 1/2 months. :-)
393835393835B004G5ZYU6A37V4MEAMIWDOOJohn A. B. "Coach"1151322956800Well, I don't love it, the dog doesHave a crazy hyper dog? Want to get some time alone? Give them this moose antler. A few hours later you will have to wrestle it out of their frothing mouths and hide it. Lasts a really really really long time (several weeks of daily chew). Our 75lb beast of an Australian Shepard lies around panting for an hour after we take it away. Her jaws have to be sore.
393836393836B004G5ZYU6A14Q0HNK3UOO6OWilDip1151317340800My Puggle Pup Loves It!My puggle pup is only 6 months old and he loves this antler chew. He's on his second one. The first one I think I bought like two months ago. It was a medium antler. The one he got today is 7-10 in. He stays on these antlers for a long time. Really keeps him busy. And It does not splinter as, from what I've read, other antlers do. I know it's up there in terms of price, but if you love your pup and don't want to give him garbage, then by this antler. I will update this post in the not-too-distant future with info as to how long it lasted.
393837393837B004G5ZYU6ALWG81EUEPFLNreader2311324512000Expensive and dogs don't like itBased on the Amazon reviews I purchased 2 of these for my 2 shih tzu's. They sniffed if for a couple of minutes and then walked away from it. They love to chew on bully sticks, beef bones, etc but were not excited by this product. I bought the small 4-6 inch "chasing our tails moose rack snack, 100-percent naturally shed moose antler chew."
393839393839B004G5ZYU6A1E5N6AYSBYAROTESS0051341360000Thrilled with this!Our Black Lab, Moxie, LOVES to chew. We are thrilled with this natural chew. She loves it. She gets it for an hour or so each evening and you can tell she looks forward to it. Can't say enough good about it. Would highly recommend. Great quality,got it in two days. Overall, VERY satisfied.
393840393840B004G5ZYU6A9MRRG3DYYS6AWilDip0011329091200Too smallI've been buying antlers from Chasing Our Tails for a while now and never had a problem with the size -- that is, until now. I purchased a 5-7 inch antler and the one I received was like 4 inches. And darker than the other ones. My puggle chewed it down in two days. I'm disappointed of the size and quality of the one I just received. I'm going to buy another one -- 7-10 inch -- and if the quality is the same and small I will not buy from Chasing Our Tails Again. They're expensive.

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