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393871393871B0033P1WZQA1W32IYXPZWSDHGrammyCat2251336867200Wonderful!These Bob's Red Mill Dried Blueberries -- 8 oz are great--not sugary with a real blueberry flavor. Am having them with my cereal every morning. And am not tossing out fresh blueberries that have spoiled. Next time I make pancakes, I plan to toss some in each pancake--am guessing they won't be as mushy as fresh blueberries are sometimes. Plan to always have some in my pantry.
393872393872B0033P1WZQA5ZZB7D6ENC1IJminity070051348358400Just what I was looking forI was searching for dried blueberries that didn't add sugar or oils etc... This was the only product I could find, a little higher in price but I think you will find it worth it. I saved a little by ordering more bags
393873393873B00416MT0IAVJNECJRSMR1JLP "LP"1141315958400interestingI liked these better then the choc cherry but my husband like the choc cherry the best. They r both a little 2 sweet and they crumble apart easily but do not feel like wasted money on them
393874393874B0059JXK2MA14ZTUL1511SLPA. Verdi0051351036800Very GoodCan't believe these are sugar-free, they really hit the spot for a snack and you can feel good about not eaing all that sugar in a candy snack.
393875393875B0059JXK2MA2QR1TVJ8KDB1NNulliemoon0021349222400Ingredient and caloric list?I just received my bag of sugar free candy..but I find no mention anywhere of the ingredients and caloric value.
It tastes good..but no info is given at all? Is that legal? They did brag about the packaging. I like the product and would like a list as other food processors give.Thus the 2 stars
393876393876B0059JXK2MA7FK8LA23EH1MMary Margaret Walker0051342569600My favorite Peanut Butter candy - YUMMY and SUGAR FREEEver since the day I learned I couldn't eat sugar I have looked for some sugar free yummy treats to enjoy from time to time. I almost fell over when I found Atkinsons Peanut Butter Bars SUGAR FREE and available in small and large quantities too! I had the option to spend $18.48 for a 2lb bag. I really don't need to spend over $100 for a 25lb bag of candy.

The only thing I would want to know before I purchased and still want to know because it didn't come with the packaging is the ingredients and the Nutritional Facts (size of serving, calories in serving, fat, etc.)

Thanks so much!!!
393877393877B0059JXK2MAL4BJE7WTGLJRMillie S. Wilson0051340755200Yeah for trying again...We ordered these same peanut butter logs a couple of months ago and were so disappointed. They were hard and stuck together. But, this batch was delicious! Wish we had ordered more. Love them and will definitely order again soon.
393878393878B0089PN8KMA373TQQQK9769Dsirbudley0051351123200Top notch ScotchI have been home brewing off and on for about a decade. I am truly impressed with
the quality of ingredients and was amazed with the final product. Great balance between malts and hops. If you are patient and allow for proper fermentation, you will really enjoy this ale. Has a potent kick without a strong alcohol taste. Will definately brew this one again!
393879393879B003ULE1E2A1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"5651296000000Golden Chai Must Be Experienced!*****
Numi Tea's Golden Chai Spiced Assam Black Tea is a premium Numi tea, both certified organic and kosher. The ingredients are fair trade certified organic Assam black tea, organic cinnamon, organic Chinese ginger, organic green cardamom, and organic Turkish anise. There is nothing artificial in this or in any Numi tea.

On the box, the manufacturer writes: "Throughout India, chai stalls are a meeting place for provocative tea and conversation. From its homeland in China, chai has journeyed as chai, thé, and tea, recreating itself in every land. Numi's golden brewed, organic Chai fuses rich cultures in a complex and hearty Assam black tea. Indian cinnamon and mild green cardamom evoke a warm balance with the vitality of Chinese ginger. The peaked, sweet aroma of Turkish anise exhilarates memories. Reminisce in aged tradition with an inspiring cup of Golden Chai."

Although this is a "chai", note that it contains no sweeteners...I prefer this, and the anise gives a certain type of mild sweetness, but commercial chais often have sugar added, so be prepared for a wonderful no-calorie indulgence that is beautifully flavored but not "sweet" in the same way that sugar is. Golden Chai is also caffeinated; if you want a caffeine-free chai, try Numi Tea's Ruby Chai Spiced Rooibos Herbal Teasan instead.

The price is perfect, a big savings over single boxes. If you like Numi teas, get it---you won't be sorry. If you are new to Numi but love chai, this will probably be the best you've ever had.

Highly recommended.
393880393880B003ULE1E2A3MVUYR2O99RRBlaforgester1151339545600Best Chai I've ever had in my life!!!!If you've never had this Chai before.. you need to buy these 3 boxes now, cause your chai Tea world is about to change!!(So for the good) If you've had Numi Chai before, you know what I'm talking about!
393881393881B003ULE1E2A1K9FG7IA08ICPDavid Lence1141329004800Finally a great chaiI think the title sums it all up. I have tried many chais but this, to me, has the best combination of spices.
393882393882B003ULE1E2A3SCZZ77JI9304Dallasb28 "dallasb28"1141318464000Great FlavorThis is a great flavored Chai Tea, and the fact that it is organic makes me even happier. I like this topped off with some soy for a chai latte, not a pretend Starbucks version which is sugar and a little flavoring.
393883393883B003ULE1E2AL8MX2JPHZDK3Vanilla Girl1151308268800VanillaGirl rates Chai tea...enjoy enjoy!Oh my for Chai! Love the rich full bodied joy that this cup of tea is. Sultry, spicy, a true come-hither of the Chai realm. Steeped per instructions it is the best of the Chai's I have tried. I love to add a wee bit of Stevia or Splenda to sweeten it to my taste, but it really needs NOTHING but your own sense of appreciation as you savor the flavor.
393884393884B003ULE1E2A3EO2PZBLK89JBbret0051317513600Great TasteFrom all the black teas that i have had, this one is the best. I just wish it was comparable to Yogi's tea in price
since Yogi tea uses every organic and cheaper.
393885393885B003ULE1E2A30ZWUSFFXPYNGLaura Lichterman0051301702400Yum!I love this delicious tea! It is a perfect combination of spices, and even if I forget to remove the bag right away (like I just did now) it does not get bitter. I do also really like that this is just the tea and spices without anything else, so I can add milk and honey to my taste or drink it straight as well, depending on my mood. I love this chai! High quality really makes a difference with tea, IMHO.
393886393886B005GRBD08A2NLQGR5LNBRPS4 STAR II For The Win!0011320192000RIPOFFLook elsewhere for a better DEAL on Amazon by buying bulk than this ripoff OVERPRICED item.
Besides, these contain stems/partial stems, which not only cheapens the price but wounds up with uneven done-ness. If you want best quality, your best bet would be to look for stem-free (caps only) variety even though they tend to cost more. From one gourmet chef to another, hope it helps.
393887393887B003ERA9V6A3F8JQ5J29GWUVqv2401111335052800No ingredient listThese actually taste fine, and the texture is ok, though mine may be slightly stale. My issue with this product is that the bag they sent is a bulk item, and there's no ingredient labeling on it...anywhere. I have absolutely no idea what's in these things. Literally the only thing on the bag was a small label that said, "5lb".
393888393888B003L4BM3GA2S9H5DWTCNAL9Naomi Hong6621298419200Unpleasant chewy textureI bought this product yesterday, safety seal was intact and expiration date is dec 2011. With three different batches made three different ways, including the directions on the bottle itself, the texture of the popcorn came out the same: chewy and sticks to your teeth as if it is stale. The look of the popcorn was nice, they did come out big and fluffy, but unfortunately everyone was unhappy with the texture. In our opinion, it was not edible.
393889393889B003L4BM3GA356V3JU6LGGBTJ. M. Jackson "Smilely J"5551293580800So goodUsed my grandmothers old hot air popper! It did an amazing job! I left the popcorn with her I need to buy more! It is amazing! Huge fluffy and you don't need a lot of to make a lot! Yummy!
393890393890B003L4BM3GA2UZOYXCXUVK1SChristine4451300492800Best pop it yourself popping corn EVER!I love popcorn. I've tried a lot of different "gourmet" popping corns, and even have gone generic (Wal-mart's Great Value) and this is by far the best. It totally beats Orville. Tried Orville once, and that was it, even tho it's cheaper than Pop Secret; you get what you pay for, sort of. The "gourmet" types are more expensive per oz, but don't pop nearly as fluffy or as crisp and crunchy as Pop Secret. I use the Whirley Popper, and abt 3 handfuls of Pop Secret overflows the popper. No other popping corn I have tried pops that big. Love this stuff!
393891393891B003L4BM3GA21TFK5OB5V0Q2John2251311465600The best for carmel cornThe jumbo popping corn is perfect for making carmel corn. The popped kernels are more rounded and fluffy rather than the convententional popping corns. Most of the kernels burst into the mushroom style, rather than the irregular sharp edged popped kernels. This is my favorite. I get many compliments on the carmel corn and inquiries on the kind of pop corn used.
393892393892B003L4BM3GA29MPST1N9I8OEJohnG2251288742400The Best Popping Kernel!So...I have tried 5 other popping corn. This bar none pops all but 3-4 when I add a whole cup.

I use the WestBend popper

The trick is this

1. Plug in popper, let it get hot for 1 minute.
2. Add vege or peanut oil, 1 tablespoon
3. Let that turn for a minute and get hot too.
4. Now, heres the option, add 1/8 stick of butter, its really not that much, let the rotating arm spin it around for 30-45 sec.
6. You'll see the kernels mesh and swim around as the arm goes around.
7. In 2-3 mins, you'll see 'em pop, wait till the pops have slowly ended, by then your bowl should be full.
8. Flip the whole popper upside down....and VOILA, the popcorn is amazing.

If you follow this, you will never buy another kernel manufacturer or bag popcorn again
Im salavating at work just thinking about it.
393893393893B003L4BM3GA9D4IC6NEUP07K. Weik4521295222400DissatisfiedI purchased this 'Premium Popcorn' about one month ago when the store in which I was shopping didn't carry Orville Redenbacher products. The 'Best By' date on the bottle was 22-Sept-2011 yet every attempt to pop this corn produced the same unpleasant result--difficult to chew with a tendency to cling to one's teeth. The bottle cap was tight at all times during storage in a dry kitchen cabinet at room temperature (nominally 68 degrees F) and the freshness/safety seal was intact when the cap was first removed. The corn was popped in a heavy bottom pot with the recommended amount of popping oil. After the first attempt to pop this corn did not turn out well, I decided to try slightly higher and slightly lower temperatures ranging above and below the recommended medium high setting. I also tried an air popper without oil. In each case the result was about the same. Was the corn stale? Had it been on the grocer's shelf too long?. The answer to both these questions should be 'No' according to the Best By date. Our local squirrels will enjoy the remainder of this product while I go shopping for my preferred Orville Redenbacher popcorn.
393894393894B003L4BM3GA2IC7NW2NRLRLKD. Clewell "snoco26"4551292630400finally!!Ive been waitin' for this forever- this is by far the best popping corn. Fluffy and huge in an air popper.
393895393895B003L4BM3GA20C1E3XNPCE5ARon B "reb52"1151343088000Really Great PopcornThis is really great popcorn IF you pop it right. I tried to pop it in a typical stove pan like I do other popcorn and I had no luck. Then I used my presto microwave popper. WOW nervana. Big fluffy kernels and almost every kernel popped. What a difference. I was shocked. Microwave is definately the way to pop this stuff. Just search for presto microwave popcorn popper and get some extra concentrators (little cardboard things that concentrate the microwaves onto the popcorn). You can use each one at least 3 times, either with or without oil. I used about 1 teaspoon of peanut oil and sirred it so every kernel was coated with a thin coat. Its night and day difference than trying to pop this stuff in a convential stove top pan. Enjoy.
393896393896B003L4BM3GA2VYLXYG3H6TYNAundrea1151343001600My favorite out of all I've triedSo far to date I've bought Jolly Time, Pop Secret and a store brand of pop corn kernels and this is by far my favorite. I'm not sure about the "Jumbo" aspect of this, but either way it's great. The kernels honestly look the same size as the other brands in the store, but the taste was much better. I use the Prestor PowerPop Microwave popper by the way, throw a little olive oil in with the kernels and end up with delicious popcorn! I wish there was an organic variety from Pop Secret!
393897393897B003L4BM3GA1ALD09SAYLVYISwilli "Swilli"1151320624000Good PopcornI got this and everyone was sealed perfectly, the freshness is good, i love popcorn!!whatelse to write about popcorn?? lol
393898393898B003L4BM3GAADD0IQION23OBrenda1141307836800My favorite popcornAddictive. I used to use microwave popcorn until I discovered this. Stove pop with vegetable oil. Add salt and parmesean cheese while still warm. Makes it worth the effort.
393899393899B003L4BM3GA3F3E4X11IV9URhk0041349222400pop the best popcorn !i haved tried probably 20 brands and types, pop secret is by far the best for hot air popping !

very few unpopped kernels .

very large popped kernels .
393900393900B003L4BM3GA1JAZDRZXBDY64Glenn D. Taylor0021345939200STALE!STALE! If Redenbacher is a 5 this popcorn is a 2. Won't buy it again. STALE STALE STALE STALE STALE

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